What makes Trumplettes tick?

Seriously. I can't understand how rightwingers support Trump, especially the ones on this incredibly pro-sixgorillion board. If you look at him critically, he's obviously a Jewish blatant puppet and a Jewish shill. His entire staff and cabinet are Jews, his family is virtually all Jewish, his publicly known (((funders))) are racial Jews and staunch Zionists – and he's even connected to the fucking Rothschilds and Soros. He's in bed with them completely, and therefore he's by definition our enemy. There's no way around that. Supporting him is indefensible. He's basically the Platonic ideal of the Judeo establishment vampire.

If you want to go full conspiracy, or pump your intuition, for just one second, consider this. More and more people are waking up to the JQ. Culture of Critique is almost a household name… almost. And, obviously the Jews know this. Even cursory net searches prove this. So, what better plan than to start launching giant red-herrings, at the masses, who are essentially little more than fake-right shills? If my hunch is right – Trump is perhaps one of the biggest psyops in history and that perfectly explains why even so called red-pillers are still under his spell. They're over-intoxicated, actually to the point of being unable to even think properly. They see Trump, they hurrr in excitement. What's more, these are the classic symptoms of psycho-trauma from severe psyops.

Now, that should get the ball rolling. And countdown from 30 until those lobotomised victims start rolling in.

(Proof of being a giga-kike. Can't embed because file already exists. invidio.us/watch?v=iib8m45CnL8)

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Constitutional Convention III when?


How is pointing out the fact that you voted for some boomer, who is basically the biggest neocon Jew-shill in the universe, a slide? Oh, right. Their psyop hit you so hard that you're still in denial. Keep preying for your wall; it doesn't stop (((legal))) immigration which is the bullet you don't see.


They serve the state and only care about the state, they don't care about white people and don't want revolution

I'm voting for Trump in 2020 and I still hate the jews, what ya gonna do about it OP nigger?

From what I've witnessed, personally, most Trumpers are some variation of liberal, like Libertarian. A problem is, we've allowed ourselves into being fooled by some of them that their is such a thing as a right-wing libertarian (oxymoron). They're little more than racist liberals. Of course, being leftwing doesn't make you a cuck as NatSocs prove but NatSocs aren't liberals and neither are they commies. That aside, Trumpsters are dumpsterfires of faggotry.

There are literally multiple threads every single day with your same angle, who gives a fuck shill.

Shabbos goyim love poz jewcock, more news at 11

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Op gets it

The shills are Jews

Everything is as it should be

The Jews have full spectrum dominance over the political system and all you need to do to get the more radical whites in line is to dangle a small bit of hope infront of them and they'll fall all over themselves.

Hope is being used as a weapon to control us.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

Says the kike from behind his keyboard.

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You must be new here…

You still don't get it.

What the brainwashed majority thinks doesn't matter. They will always be the brainwashed majority. Stop thinking in terms of democracy.

That being said, intentionally being a turbo edgelord for attention is even worse.

Also, I'm not sure you have a 5th grade reading comprehension since I never said any of that.
I'm going to bully and purge the stupid off this fucking site if it's the last thing I do.

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I wonder who could be behind this post.

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Yes, the brainwashed majority matter.

They will either be your army or the army sent to kill you.

Brainwashing and unbrai washing is a legitimate tactic we NEED to learn if we.have ANY hope of victory.

are you even trying moshie?

+1 internetz 2 u

You tell us. You're the one with Trump living rent free in your head 24/7/365

Pissing off (jew)

You will never be white, Levi.

People are reading "Culture of Critique"


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Don't be a stupid cuck. If you allow kikes a free pass then you get hourly zognald general threads and other blatant propaganda kikery.