Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support The Trump Approved Budget Deal


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(((Faux news)))

First off,

Says the shill wtf

At least you tried.

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Nigger no one cares about your pathetic tranny raid

It's a shit deal, hymie. Read the fucking ting yourself. And on this one, it's not just a small group of autistic Zig Forumsacks who have bothered to read it. Even Coulter and Buchanan are saying it's trash and ushers in basically open borders for ZOG.
I'm seriously thinking about seeing if I can get enough shekels together to move to a White area of Brazil or Argentina. It seems like there, they don't have the same level of hatred for the White man and they understand the natural order of things. This place is fucked.
Keep in mind, I got a 4 month and 1 month ban from Imkikey back in 2016-17 for saying I thought Trump was way too close to the kikes, and as David Irving said of him and his chances to run things differently "you can't jump over your own shadow." I hope he gets booed at his next fucking rally. Family has been here for 416 years years now, and it's never been this bad. My ancestors who settled south of the Kennebec in 1603 had a better fucking life than whites do here today. At least they knew who their enemies were and had a chance to fight them off.
I want out of this ZOG.

Look, paranoid le magapedge Israel firster– oldfags REALLY don't like it when new vermin crawl in here wo 2 years of lurking and start telling the people who have been the longest and essentially kept the place going how things work.

Even if this was true (it is not) I doubt more than 1% of those read more than a single line of that bill

This just shows how stupid americans really are.

wowie the coal burner and failed nazi think it's trash? WTF I love open borders now.

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totally organic post my fellow MIGApede. This term has been shilled like crazy for three weeks now, I wonder (((who's))) behind this…

Standing next to a nigger doesn't make a woman acoalburner you absolute kike.

Hi Jared.


Another kikey damage control thread.

Pat Little 2020

Love how they tried to set up the military families against Trump with the wall spending.

>>>Zig Forums

All the more proof democracy in ineffective

Trump support is dead and there is nothing you can do about it

is he even running for pres?

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Remember how all the polls said Trump had a 1 percent chance of winning? It's almost like TV polls are just completely made up numbers to support whatever the kikes are currently trying to push.

inb4 Trump gets reelected just like Slickwilly/Dubya/Mike's wife did

In Commiefornia we already have proof people literally vote on any Prop solely based on the title and brief description.

Reminder that 78% of statistics are made up.


They didn't ask me the realest american.


But Americans are retarded, so does it really matter?

Yes…you do…that's exactly what was in the bill you're parading around…

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Yes, they should be Storm fags for the Jews.

I don't know so many Americans were in favor of protecting human traffickers from ICE. Then again, maybe they're also in favor of America's collapse as well? That's probably giving too much credit though.

doesn't matter, not a bit

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Not effective.

You mean like that rebbit thread where mods silenced opposition?