Incels: This is a rapefugee that married a German woman

Incels: This is a rapefugee that married a German woman

Fucked up teeth, faggy hair style, looks like a tranny in some pics, totally not a gangster - young and broke as well.

Get some confidence and produce some white babies ffs. If these gremlins can do it so can you…

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That woman is a kikess user…

Straight up gobbokike

dark hair = eastern euro or italian blood

first post JIDL slide post these days it seems…

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no she is not, she looks german/scandinavian

eastern euros are quite light haired

She's 40 years older then him.

Everything turned out better than I expected.

That retarded woman is his lifetime visa. He'll either divorce her later or simply knock up some other whore.

Because they love each other. He is not male version of gold digger.

Both of them look like menopaused 50 year old women.

Yeah, no - he's gay and married her for the visa u retard.

this is your typical czech woman

hungarians have dark hair as well

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What the fuck are you talking about.

Yeah, sure

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Ewww…can any of you imagine kissing either of them? Bigg ol' half nigger nappy haired purple lips and saggy NON-GERMAN breasts? Whaddaya think is their kid going to have a half nigger nappy black fro as well…I think 'yes' is the most likely answer.

user, THAT ain't European…that is a mongrel.

You forgot option C rape her, murder her and dump her body…all is fair in 'love and war'. He is Islamic after all.

You’re not on reddit.

nope. black hair and brown eyes are rare here

you have to be heartless person user. this poor muslim boy finaly found love of his life. if you think he is in germany for easy money, you are wrong.

nope. black hair and brown eyes are rare here

Can't wait to see the half-breed downie spawn she has.

he's clearly a 12 year old child.
someone report her

Tits or GTFO


She looks about 50, if anything came out of that dried up gash, it would have a double dose of the down.

They can have our used up roasties. At least they aren't going to be able to have children.

I reckon that woman is probably still capable of giving birth its just that the kids will be all fucked up and spasticated due to her old age.

He'll use her money to fuck other roasties on the side

It never fails to confuse me how niggers want to fuck anything from baby to granny.

Once the bitches hit a certain age they just go cock crazy. If you don't have them on a leash they will fuck anything that moves before their eggs dry up.

she looks kind of old. probably and hopefully she's as barren as a brick.

so your average paki.

Only a faggot uses buzzwords made up by /r9k/

Hmmm, what do we have here?
That woman is some serious and complicated mutt.
She is mix of:
- Asian Alpinoid - 25%
- Slavo Baltic Baltid (Tavastid) - 25%
- Turkic Turanid - 25%
- Atlanto Mediterranid - 25%
Summa summarum, triracial (Caucasian, Mongoloid, semitic.
Plus, on top on that fucking mish mash - Fetal Alchocholic syndrome.
Fuck. He can have her and her mother
t. classifier

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This is the same type of woman that gets a three legged dog. Whenever she walks the dog, you can see what a nice person see is because her dog has three legs. So the uglier the dude the better.


Kurganoid + North Atlantid

Well that's an succinct analysis if I ever saw one.

she's a coal burner of questionable lineage.

Hehe. Yes.

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There's nothing wrong with race mixing because by doing so you wear a mental illness equivlant of a yellow star.

That the faggiest looking mutt i ever seen

That woman is at least 50, or she has aged very, very poorly. She's not giving birth.

t. gen-x in 40s, can tell when people are older than me

Fuck, he even knows he didn't get a good one, look at that gap between them on the couch. He doesn't even want to touch her. I can see a goddamn pillow behind them. She's grinning, his face is a contorted grimace. Look at his eyes.

Pic related

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Why? Animals don't make any distinction about what they fuck. No male in the animal kingdom will ever refuse to fuck something from infant to grandma. That is the main reason so many niggers (again animals) a caught after they rape, rob and murder a 90 yo White woman. They should not have raped her, should not have stolen from her and should not have murdered her afterwards, but they lack any higher reasoning skills (that of human beings) so they do all these things.

I keep telling you guys that shitskins are niggers (from the islamic slave/rape trade from Rapefrica). They literally can't tell that something is wrong with this pairing because they are only capable of nigger (animal) reasoning now that they have mongrelized with niggers. It is one of the 'great joys' that parents have to look forward to when they have mongrel part animal children, no ability for anymore higher reasoning because they no longer have a human soul.

I suppose that passes for a 4th-grade troglodyte understanding of biology. Probably as good as it is going to get on Zig Forums with all the semites on here…


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Scaly hands typed these posts.

Blond hair and light eyes come from Western Hunter-Gatherers, before the mass influx of properly Arian Eastern Hunter-Gatherers-turned-Nomads who had brown hair and brown eyes. Although with light skin, in comparison with darkish WHG. Still not a single blond or blue-eyed man among verified Aryan remains. Nope, not even a red-head nor green-eyed.
Then again has black hair, still not present among Indo-Europeans. Which leads to Early European Farmers coming from the Fertile Crescent via Anatolia to settle in the Southern and Central Europe, with black hair and black eyes.
Majority of Europeans have WHG, EHG and EEF genes simultaneously in their autosomal DNA, although in varied proportions relative to their native regions and bloodlines.

Educate yourself before screeching about who's huwite and who's mutt, you plebs.

No matter your qualms with a countries power structure, this should never be admissible, no matter what.

You would know…
Stop looking in the mirror while you type user.

mystery solved

also german women are extremely brainwashed and will probably race mix with muds just because of the liberal indoctratination, they think it's the right thing to do because it's pushed by the highest powers in society and the german psyche is to follow the herd


Both women have black hair and dark eyes though user. Neither of them are 'European'…nor is that nappy headed half nigger. I laughed when it said that she was German…she is german by kike birth certificate but she will NEVER BE GERMAN. So it is sort of a non-issue. If the mongrels are DTF let them fuck (I don't really want to be forced to look at it since it is UTTERLY REPULSIVE)…they are going to do it anyway and the only way to eliminate it is through ethnoglobe.

She is not 'German' user and never will be…that is like saying that mongrel half nigger she is with is German. We don't give a fuck about these people…or do you think Nat Soc is trying to 'save a mongrel'? 45? Those are some hard fucking miles she has put on that body.

still fertile

I'm 99% sure that blond hair doesn't come from WHG, but light eyes do.

You're confusing PIE with ENF. Early neolithic farmers had dark hair and dark eyes.

PIE were a mix of dark/light hair and dark/light eyes and introduced light hair into Europe. ANE may have had light hair/eyes too, but I don't know enough about ANE to say.

Not that it matters, eyes and hair are purely aesthetic and massive D&C fracture points.

That's the root of the psychology behind leftist females support of immigration. Post-wall harridans who've spent their lives whoring about and end up lonely and bitter hoping someone, anyone, will love them enough to fuck their used up old holes. There's also the other negative disposition of leftist harridans who've spent their lives belittling their beta husbands and berating their own male offspring just because they're lazy, jealous, power-hungry weakling little tyrants.

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God damn, I don't know!

Also, that is one beat old skank.

brittany venti kek

It would appear that this mentally ill whore treats his rapefugee husband less like a husband and more like a pet/fashion accessory. Not even sure if they are fucking or is he just for showing how (((tolerant views))) she has. Honestly, there are even trannies on hormones with more masculine sex appeal than this faggalo.

This reminds me of something..something filthy with a vile stench…

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I'm 65 and I'm telling you that boning the hole of a woman that old is like fucking the cardboard tube from inside a roll of paper towels.

That woman is not German.

I fucked a loose girl once (and never again). It was like swirling my dick in a glass of warm water.

>Haak et al. (2015) studied DNA from 94 skeletons from Europe and Russia aged between 3,000 and 8,000 years old.[33] They concluded that about 4,500 years ago there was a major influx into Europe of Yamnaya culture people originating from the Pontic-Caspian steppe north of the Black Sea and that the DNA of copper-age Europeans matched that of the Yamnaya. The genetic basis of a number of features of the Yamnaya people were ascertained: they were genetically *tall* (phenotypic height is determined by both genetics and environmental factors), *overwhelmingly dark-eyed* (brown), *dark-haired* and had a skin colour that was moderately light, though somewhat darker than that of the average modern European
Brown eyes, brown hair, tall, light skin. Fact. Blond hair and light eyes come from Corded Ware brown haired brown eyed peoples assimilating blond women of locals on their bloodlines. Also wiping out or outbreeding 70 to 90% of local men, what a coincidence.
The blonds of Persia, India and China come from Andronovo peoples, pre-Proto-Indo-Iranians migrating from Central-Eastern Europe after already assimilating some local blond people into themselves. This is why North Indians and some Persians have specifically Western European genes while Europeans have zero specifically Ancestral Indian genes.

Nordicism is a XIX century hoax, basically a way for splintered unimportant Germans to LARP as We Wuz Aryans Gib Colonies while simultaneously dismissing the real Aryan phenotype of the Slav. What is worse, it is a D&C from XIX century.
While the most blond light-eyed peoples in Northern Europe, Balts and Finns, have the largest WHG ancestry in their bloodlines in whole of Europe. What a coincidence.

And what I am trying to convey is that fapping to blonds is precisely such a D&C of We Wuz tier. Nordicists need to fuck off back to the void of Blacked Egyptians fairy tales they belong. Last time Nordicists played We Wuz card on Slavs they got the Rape of Berlin, one would think those guys would learn.

doesn't count.

There are no incels outside cripples. You can always lower your standards. If you don't want to do that, you are voluntarily celibate.

That bitch ain't German.That's a quintessential turkish bitch.

Women must be replaced with artificial wombs. No respectful man would have children with modern women.

That's a gypsy

My standards are fine, I have no issues when not being brigaded against by the liberals.

ugly bitches need love too, he's working overtime for his german visa

Women often die their hair. That picture doesn't say much about what her natural hair color is. It could just be brown. Eyes also can be alterered with contact lenses.
Anyway whatever, this is dumb slide thread.

Kegels you dumbass. The only way I'm fucking a woman that old is if she's also a yoga instructor. Mind you most women past 50 can't handle it, but kegels can give both partners mind blowing orgasms if done right.

This is how the deal works:

I wonder if she has any young sons…


Most of the WHGs were dark skinned, blue eyed and dark haired
Khvalynsk had dark blonde hair however and Kalash people have no WHG related ancestry (they seem to be Yamnaya + Pakistan) and have light hair (not very commonly since they have also Indian ancestry)
Blonde hair was found in one purely WHG example (Romania MHG I4607) it was more commonly found in Anatolian and Greek neolithic farmers

Nice meme. For particularly hideous people there's nothing to lower their standards to because even a woman like pic related can find a reasonably attractive man nowadays.

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more white knighting for traitorous white vagina on pol. so much for that "red pill" bullshit huh.

then why the fuck am i blonde?

No she looks like a fucking 50yo gypo. Fuck off rabbi.

Women are as always, dumb. If they wanted foreign men to marry them as the only option available for them, foreigners did it easily for a european passport. When they can just use the refuge route, they wont care about old used whores, when they can just rape teenagers.

Plus she looks like a jew, so its all fake.

The thing is, I don't know most "incels" are actually "involuntarily" celibate because I think a lot of them wouldn't want to fuck this woman. I know I'd be very hesitant about it, even though I am a 31 year old virgin who is moderately curious about sex and hypothetically willing to try it with someone attractive enough to arouse me.

you know, if a woman is sterile (menopause or other reason) I actually don't see any problems with racemixing in private, so long as they don't publicly display it (like these two are) which might influence non-sterile women to do it.

Getting sterile white women out of the mix (so they don't cockblock white men from impregnating non-sterile white women) is probably a good thing. Occupying non-white men from potentially pursuing fertile white women is also good. Although I bet this guy will try to fuck this woman's daughters/nieces in private so I don't know if it's any sort of reliable guarantee.

Gosh, I wonder WHY do German women go into the arms of 3rd world foreigners? I don't understand it…

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