Pregnant Women Smoking and Drinking in Secret to Avoid “Moral Judgment,” Says Study

Researchers at the University of Cardiff did a study involving 10 pregnant women from low-income areas. Five of those have smoked during pregnancy. But there’s a twist: apparently, the smoking pregnant women are the victims and we should stop stigmatizing them.

Women have no moral compass. They have no built-in notion of good and evil. This is why they operate based on community consensus instead of logical and objective facts. If the community reacts negatively to something they do (their fear of being judged) then they’re likely to avoid doing it.

This is why shaming works so well with women and why the Jews are pushing hard to fight shaming and bullying.

They’re attacking both fronts: corrupting society to neutralize the community’s gut reaction to women’s depravity, and until that’s accomplished and the community no longer reacts negatively towards depravity they condition the community to avoid shaming and bullying women when they’re confronted with their depravity.

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They're not likely to avoid doing it, they'll just do it behind your back and pretend to be good people in front of everyone.

Waaah! Waaah!

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this uk thot took drugs while coal burning and now campaigns for others to lose the right of free speech because it might hurt the retards feelings.
Yes, the deviant whore is kissing her son on the lips.
would spoiler for posting as we used to, but we both know this is board is pozzed beyond repair with feds and redditors. sage for old times sake

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this uk thot (Katie "is always a cheap" Price) took drugs while coal burning pregnant and now campaigns for others to lose the right of free speech because it might hurt her retard son's feels.
Yes, the deviant whore is kissing her son on the lips.
would spoiler for posting as we used to, but we both know this is board is pozzed beyond repair with feds and redditors. sage for old times sake

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I had a buddy a few years back who knocked up some kike and they decided the best way to go about the pregnancy was to smoke and drink as much as they wanted with total disregard for the child.
The child was born and has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and they act surprised as could be. It's sickening to see first hand

Why post Marie? She's someone who would keep her body as clean as her home.

Kondo-san teaches basic life skills that her generation failed to teach their children. Ten bucks Ehrenreich doesn't even wash her hands after taking a shit when she's at home.

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These stupid whores in the webm make me fucking sick. What stupid bitches

It's like a cartoon of what Leftists think of Rightists. Deprivation of affection causes retardation, not an exaggeration.

Saw some white trash whore who was clearly deeply pregnant tell a nice lady to fuck off and mind her own business when nice woman told her not to smoke while preggo

Inspiring. Thanks user.

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Imagine what beautiful kids the blonde one could have. She sounds unsure enough about her thottery to be easily redpilled too. I see hope were others dont see it.

What should more men do? How many would need to join in to invalidate the 80% of betas who won't?

i had never been kissed on the lips by my parents and i never felt less loved.

So is this essentially UK speak for non whites?

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Britain is a strange place. The underclass is shockingly degenerate, but then once you see the upper middle class women, they're gorgeous and feminine. Most I've met hate niggers, pakis, and the rest of the assorted filth flooding into the nation.

@1:11 when the nigger is looking around and trying to speak - realizing he fucked up.

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pedos get rope


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is this a "transgender" child? is there any other story here?

That's incest, you retard mulatto.

Their children might come out retarded, but at least they aren't speaking German.

How quintessentially Weimar. At least the half kike progeny is damaged, though.

so because of this broad's terrible choices she is now made her and her tard lifetime welfare recipients.

Betting later on she will kill her retarded child and herself out of guilt for making such an abomination.


left one isn't attractive and one on the right is already thick on the way to obese.



I am angry, depressed, saddened by our culture, society and degradation.

But i am so fucking weak to do anything about it.

Storm tard can't get a White woman to fuck them.

I guess I'll start fucking men and forget about having white babies.


They don’t realise that smoking while being pregnant will mean they will have hard time with raising the children with disabilities in the future.

Yet another way in which women are mentally similar to niggers. They have no ability to internalize morality into a code which they can then autonomously live by, all of their decision making must be externally enforced, frequently by social pressures. The fact still stands: if you're not the moral arbiter in a woman's life, someone else is. It will never be her on her own. Women are functionally feral and must be broken and domesticated.

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What can I say, Asian girls likes bees.

This, and the fact people are responding seriously to this fucking thread really makes me lose faith in this shit board.

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That's a convincing sample size.

Pedophile Women Raping Babies in Secret to Avoid “Moral Judgment,”
poor girls, we should worry about the feelings of adult females more than the health of minors

Damn look at the downvotes on those comments.

At least she has a normal second child. But Jesus Christ, this Weimarian "don't judge, goyim" is the biggest cancer the kikes have ever perpetuated upon us.

Some of them seem to really absorb the kikery more than the men. But both sexes are heavily kiked.

How new are you? CPS supports this degeneracy.

Same here. All I do is watch Léon Degrelle's "We Dreamed of Something Marvelous" speech every single day, and weep in silence as humanity sinks further into the oblivion of negative darkness.


Yes, goyim. Just ignore the degeneracy at the lowest rungs of society, certainly it won't (((spread))) further, oh no.

I bet those two met in church.

Stopped there. And remember anons unless they have a STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT number of people for their data(at least a couple thousand unless looking at a small population) then the study is immediatly irrelevant for forming an opinion on the subject

Why? Is it because she lists all these virtues you don't have?

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Plato approves. Based.

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Psychology wins again. Best and only real science.

No It's just a retarded kid. Really make you think about transfaggot.

David Irving said that the British are very class conscience, and can tell where one is from by their accent, up to where they can tell by which street almost. Though, I have to wonder how much this dynamic has been distorted/destroyed by the (((mass immigration))).

Who are these two girls anyway? I don't understand the context.


there is a jew and there is the tools of jews. the difference is clear.

now, that's the spirit!

it's wimmin being wimmins.
they want the whole package, while not being exactly the whole package. nothing new under the sun.

only someone with irredeemable character flaws could be capable of such malicious behaviour. people like need to be hung in public and disembowelled.

neither are attractive

Indeed, we used to have such people hanged, drawn and quartered, but the Judeo-liberals tell us that that's "barbaric."

Was that a .22? Jesus


right but you're missing the point that the post is about the efficacy of shaming tactics and the propaganda aspect of the article, not that the findings about smoking/drinking are statistically significant.