Is it Treason?

The bill has a *lot* of bad stuff in it, from limitations on the wall's construction material to the kneecapping of ICE to the de facto amnesty/sanctuary to the billions+billions given to foreign countries.

So, given that the non-enforcement of the border and immigration-law for so long has created a state of invasion – does this rise to Treason?

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Yes. The ruling elite are traitors.

Next question

Your imagination dwells in a perfect world. Filing any such charge will see 99% of DC personnel and 100% of mass media rallying behind the accused, and even if they're convicted they will not face one drop of consequences.

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Want to help build a [legal] case?

Perhaps it does – but I'm tired of nothing happening; I'm tired of the corruption, I'm tired of the non-accountability, and I'm tired of being screwed by people who are supposed to be on my side.

The US isn't a dictatorship, Trump can't draft the bill or make the law. It's either sign, or extend an already longest shutdown in US history, and likely lose his election chances in 2020. It's retarded, but the shutdown made his approval go down because of the kike media. Honestly Trump isn't the one to blame here,.

I didn't say it was.

That's all irrelevant to the question at hand: *are the contents of this bill legally provable to be Treason?*

Again, irrelevent.

He is, in part, if he signs it: by signing it he becomes party to it – therefore, if it *is* treason and he's signed it, then he, himself, has committed treason. (As have all the aye-votes in Congress.)

It's *that* simple.

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Love how the shill doesn't even state what is supposedly wrong, just bait to try and get #mejews!


next stop escalating violence, national breakup, and then outright civil war

this is it, boys, no one lives forever - time to grow a pair

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The fuck are you talking about, he signed the bill with zero push back you imbecile, he did nothing, to stop any of it. How the fuck is this not 100% his fault. He let them do it to him, and then rolled over. Fuck this Migapede defense of Trump, 'he had no choice'.

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Trump is a traitor who works for the jews and wants to destroy the white race. If you can't see what's right in front of your face what can you see?

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Your nose.

I'm going to kill your family. Bet on it.

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Ok, the question, though, is: how do we prove this legally?

You don't. The time for political solutions is past.


You'd have to rewrite the law defining treason. It should encompass all zionists, but it only applies to US citizens who attack our military.

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Laws aren't made for the elite/jews. They are made for the average person.
Once you get enough political connections the laws no longer apply to you.

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No I don't it's already written:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The nice thing here is that the signature and vote-records bear witness to the guilt of the aye-votes & signing-into-law its own treasonous materiel.

No one gives a hot gay fuck about government shutdown and half his base enjoys it as they hate big government anyways.


He's making a bold play thinking a childfucking paradise, and full amnesty bill is more important to his base than an extra week shutdown. It would be funny if it wasn't the literal end of America


dammit all.

They are not traitors. Traitor implies they once had loyalty. These people are foreign enemies whom hijacked all western civilizations for the sole purpose of killing white people while enriching their people.

Can someone go to Nevada and roof the 8 chan server and the
Trumpniggers working there

Thinking I live in my imagination. Thinking I am not aware.


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Just like the leftists say I don't need an assault-rifle.

Because he backed down and re-opened it like a spineless coward.

A traitor need not have had loyalty to the nation they betray. They simply need to pretend to be loyal to it to be traitors.
Thus, they are indeed traitors.

And Johnson’s recall of these American jets cannot be explained away as a mix-up or a misunderstanding in the heat of the moment. This action of Johnson’s was deliberate. It was consistent with his behavior in every instance involving the Liberty. Johnson even checked with the Israeli ambassador a year after the attack to see if the government of Israel had any objection to Captain McGonagle’s receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor, and then he refused to present the medal himself. That sort of behavior goes beyond outrageous, even for a politician. It is nothing but the basest treason.
~Dr. Pierce


We'll have to first establish the "Enemy" as defined in the definition. This requires first-hand credible testimony on the part of the "Enemy" declaring such status or declaring intent to harm or cause deleterious instability in the United States.

After that is established, it is a matter of putting the facts to the law. This will be when a list of legislators and their corresponding voting record/drafted legislation will be provided.

Applying the facts to the law will show such legislators and their related records are using their powers and responsiblities for the purpose of an adherance to "Enemies" and a provision of "Aid and Comfort" to the same. This could be a strong case showing that these legislators are guilty of the charge of Treason.

I'm willing to help.

Attention everyone. The (((mods))) are deleting threads that call attention to how treasonous this bill is. We are getting the r/The_Donald treatment by our masters.

If you were on last night you will remember the 250+ reply thread for criticism of Trump, it had an OP of Trump with glowing eyes or something I believe. It is completely gone now. If you want to find shills, look no further than the moderators of this board who are in full damage control mode.

Already done – Trump's own SOTU and references to invasion could, legally speaking, trigger 50 USC 21:

Additionally, the news-hyped caravan from last year proved it was invasion and not refugee by (1) rejecting MX's offer of assylum, and (2) declaring its intent to enter the US regardless of legality and/or restriction.

226 reply thread disappeared by the damage control kushner shill mods.
Don't laugh at T_D for living under shill mods
You also do.

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Doesn't really matter anymore if they are or if they aren't. Trump has signed his irrelevancy. He's being bypassed.

Bury your guns/ammo - that's the first thing the Dems will target when they retake the White House.

After gun confiscation, the next item on the deepstate agenda is war with (Russia!). Expect the anti-Russian propaganda to come even hotter and harder now than before - for no logical reason. Maybe it will be because of Syria, or Venezuela, or even China/N.Korea. They want America to start their nuclear war, and they will go to any lengths to have it.

This shit has moved passed the meming stage. Now it's just a race to the finish line, and nothing else.

Good God. There is a clear legal standing to remove the filth that has invaded the country and to hang all of the legislators complicit in providing "Aid and Comfort" to the same.

It's all treason and it's always been treason. The question is are we going to, like our Boomer parents and their parents before them, going to just continue to let this happen to us and our children? Or are we going to stop it?

Indeed so – and that is my purpose.

I say NO! – Let us stop them and their evil plans to replace us and our children!

I will do my best to stop this evil; I will NOT be a 'good' man who did nothing and so let evil thrive!

Let's do the job that Trump's staffers are too incompetent to perform, let's go through and total up all the money given to foreign nations like ((( ✡ )))

Then start building a militia otherwise accept the fact that that will never happen.

Who says I haven't?
Preparing/striking in one area does not necessarily preclude doing so in another area.

What part of Zionist Occupational Government don't you ZOGbots understand?! With jews the entire west loses.

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What part of "I want to see traitors hanged" don't you understand?

Testing to see if I'm banned

Not banned, fren.

Actually yes it does when you only have so many resources to begin with.

THIS is treason!

Does it matter when you won't ever use it?

Nice try FBI.

No, no, shlomo, you don't even have your own fucking script straight. If I tell people to fight back, you call me FBI. If I say no one will fight back, you call me a blackpill. Tell your boss to fire you.

Look, I know how to use it, and when; but saying I'M GOING TO USE IT!! on the internet is… well, stupid.

The point is that you won't ever use it, anywhere.

No. This needs to be discussed.

if anyone is going to do anything serious do you think they would make the announcement here?



Plus, this thread is about ripping the fucking mask off these traitors so damn hard their goddamn face comes off too!

Heres a discussion: How are you going to "deal" with "the ruling elite" ?

Public execution is the traditional response.

In times of treason, what is the obligation of the average American citizen?
edge lords need not reply


But it also would behoove us to have *EVERYTHING* laid out w/ legal justification. Our bastard enemies love to use lawfare.

I'm sure the Founding Fathers have some good fed posts

To bring us out of times of treason and bring justice to the traitors.

Peacefully if possible, through revolution when peaceful options are exhausted.

That is the duty of good men in times of treason.

Treason started as soon as a private bank started.

Doesn't understand what a "cloaca" is. Posts anyway.
Do you understand "tranny"?

Do we meet up in DC or just Shoot nigger from our porch until the Militia shows up and Fall in ?
Seriously though
This shit is bad and the Republics Future is at Stake It's Happening
Deus Vult

trump signed the bill
he owns it now
he could have vetoed it, sent it back to the senate, and if they re-voted and got a 2/3 majority then THEY would own it, if they even had the balls to go against the president and their own constituents
we would still have the NE but trump would not be the one taking flak
but he signed it, so fuck him

The correct term is front hole.

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Good! Trump Declares National Emergency To Pay For Border Wall


How does this happen? I want to meet the parents.
Was it porn addiction? Drugs? Both? How were the high school years?

If ICE and border patrol aren't going to do their jobs than what justifies their existence?

all this anti trump shit sounds like an infiltration attempt by shareblue.

looks like it's working too.

Not only did Trump fail but he did the opposite of voter's expectations.
He might as well have been Hillary.
I don't think the USA has a president. It has been taken over by globalists.
Open borders is in full swing.
Anti-gunners are making progress.
Israel is vacuuming up money like never before.
Miscegenation propaganda is in full effect.
Chinks, Pajeets, and refugees are being flow in for cheap labor.
They keep pushing shit like TPP, TTIP, etc. Don't really know what's going on behind the curtains but that's the shit we don't get to vote on.

If military aren't going to secure the borders and prevent invasions, then what justifies *their* existence?

I hear this; that's why I want to pull the mask off, expose the rampant corruption and foreign loyalties.