If you won't believe former presidents, high ranking politicians, former heads of the CIA...

If you won't believe former presidents, high ranking politicians, former heads of the CIA, astronauts and five star generals then you won't believe in UFOs.

was to launch weather balloons and to show they were the source of UFOs. Ridicule was an essential part of the
process to silence any person, especially prominent persons, from speaking out. The same people that raided and stole Tesla's post-mortem secrets are behind the suppression of new energy technologies. The reason being the transfer of wealth and power to a global elite would be spoiled by the democratization of energy technology.

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The guy in the picture is a jew.

The problem isn't intetdimensional shapeshifying reptillians. It's fucking jews.

And what disclosure is this if tjey don't even mention the army exraterestrial corps. Ever wonder what qualifications you need to wear one of these. Do some research.

Yes the government is lying about space but when they put out these show they give you basically shit.

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"UFO" means an earth faction launched it and we're not sure who - probably CIA.

Advanced alien ships, if they reveal themselves at all instead of hiding in space that makes stuff effectively invisible just miles away, would not bother talking to governments especially the US government. They'd go to Microsoft/Google/Amazon/Apple and trade them priceless treasures in exchange for subservience.

Interestingly, recent discoveries have shown that 'Goldilocks' planets are far more common than we were expecting even ten years ago, even nearby. My outdated understanding of astronomy held that metal-rich stars weren't likely to be found near Earth, and that the ones we'd visit first would just be glowing gasballs with maybe enough asteroids to build a shitty habitat from. If humanity manages to travel more than 1/3 c (there are actual plans for this but it would take ages just to set it up once started) then TRAPPIST-1 could be reached by the children/grandchildren/etc of the people who left earth. And if time dilation proves correct, or with advances in medicine, maybe the first generation would live to see the destination.

With all of their CE-5 experiments, none of them had ask a blueprint of energy device, and they say they want to help humanity.
What a fucking joke.
Those guys are shills, maybe they have some insight, but far from the real truth.
Anyway, at any moment all of us should be ready for a false flag alien invasion.
The card is still on the table

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And this how you know it's all bullshit, call me when Netflix dies a documentary on the Israel lobby

Stating you don't think humanity has interacted with ayys and probably still does is a proclamation you're retarded and uninformed.

Look up coanda effect, thats the classic 1950's ufo. Just good old USA tech.

I think that most of those craft use electrostatic

That pic…

this usually implies we shot it down, not that they crashed for no reason

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Is a super obvious liar. if 5% of the bullshit he spews was true, he his whole family friends and anyone he spoke to would be disappeared over night.

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Why is the jew staring at the alien's crotch?

And therefore they don't exist

That's a retarded statement. UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. I do believe those are an actual phenomenon, hence the term. I even think some of them might actually be some mysterious and spoopy shit. I don't believe Greer, 6 gorrillion star generals or astronauts, and I don't believe in ayylmaos.
Is there a point to this thread except to slide?

Greer is the biggest shuckster fag. He has some dumb iOS app that can incur UFO visits. It just emits a high pitched noise. His last documentary was a big tease for some dumb mummified mud person.

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no, this guy is a regular guest on art bells coast to coast (I listen to this while I sleep for background noise) the same art bell that has bigfoot/ghost hunters/time travelers/alien abductees on his show every day

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coast to coast is a radio talk show


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US isn't to east Asia as a galaxy-faring civilization would be to US.

US government is to east Asia as the old lady is to pigeons in the park.

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