I was one of group of Americans and Israelis who "hacked" primaries + election for Trump AMA

tl;dr - I now feel remorse but do not wish to sell the information or turn into FBI revealing myself and earning me an accidental overdose.
I however wish to see this spineless cuckold punished for betraying all the goys that got him there for the sake of the kikes. I was in with Flynn and out after being put on Jared's growing blacklist. Zig Forums is the furthest point up the stream of culture to dump this information.
Here is basic flow chart of what was done on behalf of Trump to get him elected:
I'm not going to mention the media time and jew gold because that is just comically obvious to anyone with more than 2 neurons to rub together.
Primaries -
1. bribe/blackmail evangelical megapastors
2. social media blitz
3. other controlled opposition candidates making trump look like outsider
General Election
1. social media, Q, R_Donald, & why Trump sucks off Jared to this day
2. emails and the enticement/disposal of Seth Rich (black cube)
3. Israel lobby making sure no one ever released the real goods on Trump before the election (not including info that would also implicate the tribe like epstein); most of this relates to Trump's dealings with organized crime in NYC and Atlantic city. Also a bunch of degen sex stuff but everyone into power is into sexual power over others so once again you run into mutually assured destruction with that.
I am white American former glownigger who got on the Trump train and was okay working with the jews because I despised Clinton and want an end to all immigration along with destruction of present 2 party system. I initially was OK working with jews until my life depicted a A. Wyatt Mann cartoon.
Ok anons AMA and I will answer with all the detailed information I know; I was only a mid level goy so I won't know everything

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Go RP somewhere else, manlet.

I should have also stated qtards and anyone dumb enough to still believe this carnival barker are only welcome here if they are willing to suck on the end of a loaded shotgun and pull the trigger with the same joyous abandonment they go through life. Pics or it didn't happen then you can ask your question lemming.

Q predicted this

And what are you going to call yourself. Maganiggers need new tshirts. I believe Q is taken already, might i suggest the F for faggot?

Unlike Qushner I'm here for the next 3-6 hours not to kike the goyim into following the pied kikers plan. I'm just hoping some journofag browsing this place for content picks up on this and digs to expose the kikery that elected the worst president since LBJ. Mueller is just as kiked as Trump he will never expose it he already could indite Trump if he wanted to over Israel and also Trumps dealings with the Gambino, Genovese, and Bonano families from the late 70's to the early 00's.

This board is owned by Jared Kushner and Jim (((Watkins))) is a literal CIA contact for the CointelPro operation with Mossad

Jim Watkins does glow but the NSA is not monolithic; just like any organization there are different factions in it. Plus it's the NSA not CIA who sponsors the chans bud.

Also to set this straight the CIA is for literal ivy league wastrels and people who suck political dick. Unless you are talking about the office of special programs and subdivisions within it is largely an organization of incompetents who only succeed in most cases because they have the biggest piggybank thanks to their drug operations.

Any relevant questions would be most appreciated.

Example: who/what is Q

Answer: a creation of Jared Kushner and some alumi of the talpiot program who uncle Bibi detailed to Jared for duty. Several of them own their own private cyber security firms. Jared provides central direction along with Ron Dermer for long term strategy. Initially people composed it now it is a program that is jokingly referred to a Brostradamus by the people who wrote the code for it.

Why would the NSA sponsor the chans?

How similar are intelligence agencies to organized mafia?
Can you provide any proof that you aren't bullshitting/LARPing?

Can you elaborate on how their blackmail gathering racket works?

Imageboards. Initially it was a racket to bag people for CP possession. If people migrate away from here, how would you think it best to counter fed attempts of takeover or control over administration?

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The CIA manipulates journalist through bribery, blackmail, and assimilation. The NSA does so by investing money and sending alumni to start/work for certain companies. CIA has in-q-tel but it's pennies compared to what NSA has spent doing this. Remember NSA has a SIGNIT collection mandate that extended to American citizens long before 9/11. Forum culture is viewed as SIGNIT. The disruption operations on different forums are largely privately sponsored by individual advocacy groups. Some disruption operations are however CIA/Mossad/GCHQ operations I would say those are the big 3 disruptors.

Fuck off tranny.

Tell us more about Kushner. Why does he make so many bad business deals which somehow don't bankrupt him? Does he have a secret funding source? Is it Israel?

Depends which one I would say CIA is an organized crime syndicate top to bottom while others the root is only at the top of the pyramid.

Sure, basically since the 90's Israel has been manipulating the evangelical community in the US in order to swing public opinion for Israel further after the anti apartheid movement wrecked South Africa. The Mossad saw how important religious leaders were to ending apartheid in Africa and pursued with far more vigor than before access and control to/over certain religious groups. Billy Graham was Israel's point man in the US on this. I could write a short story on this topic so can you ask a more specific question about this or a series of more specific questions I am after all autistic.

CP has always been an FBI thing as all the elite are into literal child fucking so the FBI being one of the lower agencies on the totem pole hasn't got the memo yet and also likes to plant CP on dissidents so it became self serving endeavor for FBI.

There is nowhere you can hide from intelligence service unless you want to use courier pigeons or some shit like that. Depending on the FEDs you are dealing with different options are best. Just accept the NSA they are largely harmless, ignore the CIA when they attempt disruptions, and mercilessly mock the FBI when they attempt entrapment. Forums/chans have gotten good about trying to educate their members about opsec and things are a lot better than they were even 5 years ago.

nice IP hop

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Jared is being groomed to be the next Ronald Lauder/Kissenger i.e final boss lvl jew just below banking families. He will be given position as Sec of State if Trump wins 2nd term. Notice how Kushner runs all "bipartisan" efforts it is because Kushner is the power behind the throne. Kushner came to Trump with an offer from uncle Bibi to help make him POTUS using Israel's existing network of friends/influence. Jared makes bad business decisions because he is a silver spooned cunt who has never worked for anything or suffered a consequence in his life. To be fair he made some average business decisions too and was making them as a 20 year old running a multibillion dollar real estate empire. Jared is the source of all the cancer killing the administration from within because he is global jewry's point man.

More detailed/specific question are helpful as I am autistic.

Yeah OP I have a question for you.
What the fuck do you think tl;dr means

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Are these fellow glowniggers shilling for Trump now every thread?
How long was the operation planned (for the alt-kike movement) and when did this start?

Nice delusions.

When will kikes start WW3?

One of the most juiciest pieces is Seth Rich.

Seth Rich was enticed by a Mossad operative claiming to be from wikileaks who had previously volunteered on the Sanders campaign where Rich was approached and assessed as a potential target to infiltrate the DNC server organically. Rich collected data and transferred hard copy to individual claiming to be from wikileaks who then terminated Rich and sent the data to wikileaks via their anonymous submission method on one of his devices posing as Rich. Rich communicated with the person who claimed to be from wikileaks as if the person was his drug dealer so when Rich wanted to meet to talk it looked like he was buying drugs. This is why cops think it was robbery gone wrong because according to Seth's phone he was in that park to "buy drugs" they assume he was robed for drug money which is why they ignored his personal belongings not being taken. In reality Mossad killed Rich after enticing him to plant a collection device on a terminal with administrative access to the DNC servers.

I am interested in the structure of the organization. Those who are handled, handlers up top and those that handle the handlers. With that in mind, questions:

You still haven't given our proof that you aren't LARPing, but posting style suggests that it's good to at least read replies properly and filter info as it comes.

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WW3 will be taking a backseat to the global economic collapse and one world currency push but that's just my opinion I don't have personal insight into that high level of kikery. The economic collapse has to happen in next 10 years as western governments will be unable to make interest payments on their national debts unless a massive currency devaluation or restructuring takes place.

I thought that the kikes will try to fight before the collapse because when the west falls, it will be much harder for them to defend themselves (from Iran)

Nothing in your post is related to hacking.
For instance Seth rich was a leaker. A leaker is an insider who publicises information they already have access to. Usually because they dont agree with what the company they work for is doing. Leaking is totally different to hacking.

Can you at least post a badge or lanyard or something so I can enjoy the larp?

Conspiracies don't work like a phone directory or big box store. The names and information of the people involved isn't open source information even to other aspects of the organization. This is known as compartmentalization and is kindergarten lvl opsec. Basically there is not a TV pastor with over 100,000 parishioners that these people do not completely control some via blackmail most by simply keeping the gravy train running.

People who do the most backhanded shit like corrupt entire religious communities do not work directly for governments they are often people who begin work for governments or are recruited by them and then after their potential is realized are then brought out of actual governmental organizations into the real deep state. No employee who collects a paycheck does the dirtiest dirt. They love to take unstable and greedy people with aptitude or borderline psychopaths like myself. For example I have extremely high IQ but failed the personality test for a high level clearance because of potential psychopathy. After this I was approached to work on a non government project.

They tie up several loose on occasion but for most people involved the pay or the literal high from having actual and I mean actual power over other people is too corrupting an influence to ever turn back.

The money i.e a group of about 300 families that own the central banks about 50% of them were kikes initially another 15-20% have now been mischlingnized and some lines have gone extinct. Most families are same ones who held power after end of Napoleonic wars.

Most people recruit and train their replacement to fill a detailed position and non specific/leadership positions there is just a constant flow of people who like money and power more than their own dignity. There are now a lot of shit tier goy families that fill these roles of interface between the actual elites and the people; the Bushes, Clintons, and now Trumps are all examples of this. (Ivanka will be made POTUS one day if she isn't exposed). These families are fine with crumbs i.e a few billion/hundreds of millions and the perception of power/status among the prols.


I'm a bit autistic but how autistic to you have to be not understand the ""/sarcasm as reference to Russia who had nothing to do with this aside from several very prominent Russian jewish oligarchs with links to chabad like Deripaska helping to fund it. The extra bribes to the evangelicals was over $250 million of liquid cash in 2015 alone.

What about actual election rigging?

thanks Q

Is Elon Musk connected to any of these players? I have a feeling that Tesla is just controlled opposition to the petroleum companies, same with SpaceX to the Military Industrial and Defense orgs.

Also, how kiked are the large (and small) defense contractors? You've spoken a bit about NSA/CIA, but what about the contractors who actually do most of the grunt work? Are there splits in the allegiances?

Only a literal retard or someone with a death wish would display "proofs" these are not the kikes in LA and basic bitch lvl anti-piracy watermarks we are dealing with kiddo. How fucking dumb do you think the people who run your world actually are. Unfortunately the police returned Seth Rich's personal effects to his parents otherwise safe proofs would be on his phone. When one journalist sacks up and calls DC PD to confirm if they believed Rich was victim of drug deal gone wrong and texts from person police believe was his drug dealer are exposed then you will have proofs otherwise someone else can risk their life for free.

Also, there seems to be some kind of "talking points memo" sent out every day at around 4AM Eastern Time which gets everyone on the same page for the morning news. Do you know anything about how this is handled or what agencies/companies are involved?

No they hate and undermine Musk constantly because Elon is an idealist who wants to build a better world that the real elite just can't let the goyim have. Elon is a comical character I sense that the real elite have fun playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse before killing it. Tesla is part of the player base thanks to funding from the Gulf monarchies.

CIA/GCHQ special access programs have been manipulating daily media talking points since WW2 it never stopped. It also takes less benign forms like access/information in return for using their talking points; most journalists don't even actively know what they are doing the editors and owners do though.

I thought the entire post was sarcasm TBH.
Im not sure if that would make me more or less autistic in your view?

observe a shill has taken bait and is attempting to redirect topic while making no meaningful contribution to conversation.

most forum shills are low wage pajeet farm lvl workers or smelly yids under same conditions in Tel Aviv. Forum shills are given scripts the people who write those scripts are the ones who actually glow which is why the shills seem so retarded most of the time.



idk autism isn't the best at gauging autism

cool story bro
go fuck yourself and we will gas the semites to a gene

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Yes, that's you. You provided zero evidence, no content, and are spamming the board.

Unfortunately my dick is not long enough to do that even if I was a faggot like you pal; most of you will never do anything IRL and when you do it's always the most comically meaningless target instead of a person/people who matter. If one of you ever actually did it would rustle their jimmies hard enough to push them into some desperate actions in their own defense like mass censorship or confiscation of weapons that would actually spawn the "great awakening" you love to larp about.

Is Trump's health really as good as they claim? How stable is he mentally? All of his pictures look photoshopped to shit, and the few ones that leak out (like that one of him in white about to go golfing) make him look like death warmed over.

Related to this, what is the order of succession? Will they really let Pence rule? He is the least understood of the administration to me, aside from his Israel fellating. Is he supposed to abdicate and let Pelosi rule, or appoint Kushner/Ivanka to usher in family rule?

He's officially obese now. And he's a jewish shill. Other than that, you know.
Mike "Israel should dictate US policy" Pence is exactly who they want in charge.

Trump takes daily amphetimes for "weight loss" which is really just weight maintenance and because he has been on them so long he is addicted. He has all the problems one might expect from his size and diet but Clinton had very similar health problems. I would actually say Trump is healthier than Clinton minus the amphetamines.

Trump serves 2 terms, democrat president for 1-2 terms then President Ivanka. They are not attacking Trump with intent of actually removing him from office but to continue his image as an outsider fighting the system.

Has there been a sharp uptick in astroturfed calls for violence against the left in the last year, or is this just organic or my misconception? Is instigating street-level violence between extremist political factions in the US and elsewhere part of the "currency collapse" plan, or is it just a pretext for more surveillance/gun control/censorship?

Fuck, accidentally posted this as a reply to another comment:

Has there been a sharp uptick in astroturfed calls for violence against the left in the last year, or is this just organic or my misconception? Is instigating street-level violence between extremist political factions in the US and elsewhere part of the "currency collapse" plan, or is it just a pretext for more surveillance/gun control/censorship?

they do not like any street violence other than antifa who was created to counteract rightwing grassroots nationalism. obviously some of the alt-right are shills and charlottesville was a setup organized to make street activism as unappealing as possible to people. The currency collapse isn't just a plan it is a necessity as service on interest for the debt alone will be 1/3 of all US tax receipts within 10 years. This is same for many other western nations and is why currency must be devalued. They will also use ensuing chaos from that to clam down like they did after 9/11.

What's trumps end game? Will we ever get our revolution?

I doubt it's astroturfed. Violence is the only thing that will save us. Zero problems–AT ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT–are going to be solved without political violence. We've proven this. Voting in a new mayor won't change anything locally. Voting new state government is literally meaningless since the federal government has all the power. And the federal government is 100.005% jew-owned. There are zero people in the federal government in any office which are not traitors. Not just seditious, but traitors. Even redditors are waking up to this shit. Even the_donald is waking up. I'm not even joking. Long-standing accounts on that board are now calling for grabbing guns.

White genocide. He publicly stated that he wants it.
No. Whites won't rise up on their own, no matter what happens, and jews won't allow a "sharp" collapse.

Biggest shill in all of alt-right is Daily Stormer who knowingly takes money from Kushner's hand; notice how unappealing those fuckwits have made street activism.


They sure would like to, but for some reason the entire system is offline. You've got the gift, don't ya?

Trump Dynasty just like GWB he was offered an upgrade to dynasty level. Trump's betrayal is the worst case of daddy I want a pony now in all of human history. Trump was actually on the fence about fucking his supporters over immigration. Trump was always a jewish shill but actually meant to follow through on his immigration promises till Jared brought him a sweetheart deal to make his favorite daughter President one day.

There will be a sharp collapse in the next 10 years which is why they are clamping down so hard on censorship and weapons possession. They will try and mitigate it but it will completely fuck over every single person on fixed income savings at the very least.


And they say Zig Forumsacks are LARPers. I'm surprised you have enough creativity to even imagine a future that I'd deny you even if it was a possible one. Tell me, what did they teach you about X-factors?

Jared is literally manipulating the most powerful goy on the planet at this moment you underestimate that effete kike at your own peril I know I and many others like me did. We thought we could get what we wanted slowly Jared with Bibi's help got rid of every single fucking non-kiked voice in Trump's ear.

You forget that I'm the arbiter here

There's no real evidence of that. By the sheer mathematics of our system, you're absolutely right. Theoretically, the entire global financial system HAS to collapse before 2027, which will erase all bank deposits and hyperinflate the currency. But this WON'T happen because they control all banks the world over. It's not like previous crashes that were regional or limited to a single nation. They're going to erase all debt and start over with a single global currency. They have total power here, user.

Oh, I see you. I get it. You don't have the gift, you just look at the surface of things. Your efforts are no longer needed here


So what's all the bullshit about this national emergency for the wall. I knew trump was a kike all along. You just seem to be somewhat legit, or entertaining at least so I'm asking shit. I always figured was a pressure relief for whites. And hes worked fantastic so far. Will Ivanka be worse than a democrat?


If you want to keep existing I suggest you learn to recognize your superiors

Nah, I don't worship jews.

ROFL jews forgive debts and that is officially the least likely thing I've heard today. They will not forgive the debts they will wipe out savings and offer parity to the wage slaves by providing and immediate balm in the form of a singular worldwide digital currency. If people fall for this bait and switch they are fucked but personally I think there will be enough financial loss to initiate revolutions in the first world which is why they are working so hard to fill it with the 3rd world who is already used to the shitty new living standards they have in mind for the serf class in there technocratic version of neo-feudalism.

Post the cartoon

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ok, but only because you told me to
irl shitposting is the best shitposting glowanon

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Ann Coulter's twitter feed pretty much summarizes the truth of the matter that it's for the rubes in his base. If Ivanka ever wants to be POTUS and Trump never wants to be impeached a functional border wall can never be completed to any large extent.


You're powerless. We will never stop fighting jews.

Ahh, the sweet taste of my opponents being slowly terrorized and tenderized. Your fear will keep growing, I hope you know, and that's gonna cause demons to swirl closer and closer to you. Eventually you'll be flayed and laid out for my inspection. I'll find you unworthy, and then into the Pit you go. It's just information, shrimp, do whatever you want with it

you know the one; I didn't even get the job in policy I was promised. Eventually I said something about Jared and got completely fucked over for it like anyone else who has spoken out against him among any other jew in the room.

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Yo bore me and your shitpost thread does too. I'm going to look real close at you and figure out if you exist or not

Just filter this insane kikery.

Forgot to mention Ivanka will be the one you get WW3 and death of the west with most likely because as a kike with a branch to swing to she is one of the only people that can be put in that position who would actually preside over end of the west. But WW3 is not the war you are thinking of WW3 is the massive population bomb and global famine that will be introduced in the 3rd world to bring large parts of their populations to the 1st thus finalizing the mud soup recipe global jewry has been pushing for world conquest since the fall of the 2nd temple. Imagine le 56% and a lot worse everywhere that is now a majority white country. Even the chinks will be flooded with the Indians but thankfully the chinese might actually do the world a favor and reduce the dravidian population forcefully. Ivanka will be like Mutti Merkel cubed on blotter acid and HGH.

Are you saying all the pedos, heebs, freaks and criminals will win no matter how hard people try? Other than being a tentative black pill, what was the point of this thread?

How do the money men determine the best future courses of action? They seem to self-sabotage quite frequently so it's clear there's some shit tier analysis somewhere in that process.

Not that I'm complaining

You're powerless. We will never stop fighting jews.

We could have another ant-trump thread and instead we get this larping autist.

LARP most likely.

No they will loose once the average person is persuaded they need to be patrolled; you are fighting the good fight and the kike is scared which is why they have accelerated so rapidly over last 20 years.

Think any social club, group, or fraternity there will always be factions with differing opinions no organization is monolithic unless it kills all dissenters

What can you tell me about Trump's bloodline (history, present, future, everything)? I wonder if your observations as a mid level goy jibe with mine.

Here's my questions.
How are comms done? just over txt msg/email? Do they use the network they funded aka tor?
Chain of command? How many middleman leeches do we see? Is there a clear divide between proxies and the originators?
Is Q really a org or just a larp that caught on and repurposed?
Know anything about the 9/11 leaks?
Know anything about assange?
How is blackmail material gained? How do they cover their tracks?
What are the deciding factors to get someone like seth rich killed?
I am also interested in their neural nets they have been testing, know anything about botting on social media? company names would be great.
What hurts the israeli influence the most? aka what do they fear/work around.
Any good leads on vote rigging?
What should diggers look at in your opinion?

I like to think I have a good idea about how the social media shit went down, I also agree that the 2 party system needs to go. You don't have to answer all my questions, also fuck you for not throwing them under the bus with all the data you can get in a .zip from a far away country. Gotta larp fast faggot unless you are being truthful in which case thx.

I already revealed the secret of Seth Rich which can be verified by law enforcement as they have not disclosed their suspicions Rich was meeting who they assumed was his drug dealer.

This whole thread is a distraction, Herschel. I'm only disappointed the JIDF sent a level 1 troll who doesn't even know basic internet slang to pose as (((our agent)))

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his father was 1/4 kike ; Ivanka's children who the power of the family will pass to are 60%-75% kike depending who you ask.

You seem to imply that only financial corporations and media are involved in this conspiracy. What about other industries such as the energy sector or manufacturing? Do they have any sway, or are they at the beck and call of the financial shot-callers?

ama? is this fucking leddit?