We Should Just Build The Wall Ourselves

I'm sick of all of this waiting for beaurocrats to get their shit together. Let's just take some volunteers to the border and start digging tank ditches and barbed wire fences.

A Mexican took my job and I have nothing better to do.

We'll do like the Spartans did except without all of the gay sex.

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a few problems

money/property rights/enough people

what to do about that?

Enjoy being arrested.

worse things have happened,would be good p r for people that want the wall a grass roots movement so to speak


Kickstarter or some shit collect Bitcoin. Maybe get a donation from the one rich person who actually gives a shit about America.

I haven't hammered out all of the details yet.

I think there are enough people who will volunteer. Thousands of people will show up to football game and watch niggers chase a ball that isn't round so you know people have nothing better to do than pound some pickets.

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No, we should start killing politicians until the government does its fucking job and protects our nation from invading hordes of barbarians.

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shuuu sam we can't do anything that would actually work

now be quit we are doing a gofundme to save america

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Get out.

Take defeatist bullshit attitude back to stormfront

adults are talking

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If fucks are too stupid to get a joke no wonder we are losing.

You buying the private property too? Without that job I mean. Fucking retard.

Listen guys. It has been proven way more affordable and efficient to build a virtual wall. You could keep track off illegals entering the border, and arrest them up to 20km from the border.

I don't give a god damn how many shekels the wall takes.

I think the wall would be too far south. AZ, CA, NM, and TX are all beyond saving, it'd be better to retreat to the north then make an enclave and build it.

San Diego user here. It's a good idea, but not for the reason you're thinking. If you attempt to do this, you will be attacked by cartel soldiers. All of the cities along the southern border are de facto Mexican national. Your deaths will highlight just how bad things really are down there. That is, if the (((media))) fails to suppress your martyrdom.

Bullshit. That virtual wall thing is an excuse for pork belly spending.

The Great wall of China was finished in 1644 and not one fucking illegal Mexican has ever snuck into China. Not one!

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You post sent me looking for a picture of chinese Mexicans. But i found this gem instead:
Looks like mexicans had no problem kicking out the chinese when they were done with them.


You are forgetting the fact that once they so much as put one toe on US soil, they are entitled to due-process and a hearing because they will, without a doubt, make an asylum claim once apprehended.

This is not at all about the cost of the wall. They call for a "Virtual Wall" so that the invaders will overwhelm the system entirely to the point where either illegal entry will have to be decriminalized or citizenship will be made meaningless. The courts at the south are already overwhelmed. Either the wall is built, or the US is finished.

All people who clog shit like this, with all its importance, will be hung.

Agreed. We can't call ourselves a superpower if we can't even keep beaners from shitting on the sidewalk.

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Trust the plan bro once the wall is up all our problems are solved

Thrust the flan, goyim! Besides, deportations are impossible because we say they are.

Not only about the wall, but about every single spic immigrant. Mobilize a massive voluntary mob to build the wall and to kill immigrants, and kill everyone that tries to prevent you from doing it.
Never bow to bureaucrats. Never bow to the (((law))).
The land is yours. Make the whole world bow to your will.

I think this user has the best idea. Seeing as we're a bunch of disconnected autists, it would be best to smart small and start by protecting a single area and extend outward.

I'd like to add that an ever-expanding wall around an enclave isn't really a practical idea either, instead it would be better to go for a castle system where a storehouse and living area is fortified into a defensible position and surrounded by farmland. You don't even really need walls around the stockhouses either, if you get enough warning before a raid just get some snipers and sandbags on the roof to pick off anyone in the fields. Hungry spics might be armed but if you've got 50 BMG rifles and cover they can't really do anything until they get within 500 yards.

Mass famine within 30 years, calling it now.

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No we should go there and grab a hundred thousand bullets.

Anti-white shill detected. Kill yourself.

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If He doesnt bounce back from this than I think I will truly begin considering Sabotage of critical infrastructure once again.

64d chess my ass…This was all about deporting them all… I rather be dead than abide by a Multicultural new world order.

why waste time energy and resources building massive walls for an already dead country when we could be founding a new nation for ourselves and our posterity in the carcass of the old one.

You don't need a wall if you have armed patrols with orders to fire. I can't believe you retards actually get hyped over this.

Will Americans ever learn?

What's more is a wall is fucking useless if you don't get to decide who can come through it. A wall will do literally nothing for us, and probably just deflate our will to make changes for the better, because many will feel as though something was accomplished.

This is the best idea in the catalog. It would force Trump to deploy the military to stop them. That has a better chance of stirring people into doing what needs to be done than helping a democrat win in the next election or going fundraising for the Zig Forums party.

The picture is very spooky. I can understand why many burgers choosen to live in the innwood and become self sufficient with food etc.

Odin wanted a wall around Asgard and so he had the lesser race of Giants pay for it. He also had it built by a Giant who was trying to pretend to be of the race of Aesir. Once this Giant finished the Wall, Odin got the Giant to reveal that he was in fact a Giant in Asgard and so his son Thor killed the Giant because Thor only judges on the basis of race like when he kicked that Dwarf into Balder's funeral pyre and so Odin didn't have to lower himself into paying a Giant and the wall still stands. Sadly though someday at the time of the end of fate one of us, of the race of men, whom Odin trusted to be in his Einherjar will open the gates to the monsters, and that is why Odin will ride out of Asgard to meet his fate instead of sitting behind the wall, when the time comes.

A wall will not stop white death in North America. The enemy is already in your territory. They benefit off of every tax dollar, they benefit off of your work, they benefit off of everything you purchase. The law protects them and attacks you. A wall will not stop white death.

I volunteer

You'd be better off setting up camp on the Mexico side of the border with a high-precision rifle so that you can pick off any human traffickers and drug smugglers.

Despite all the ass-to-chair-rooted people in this thread trying to dissuade from this idea, it is actually exactly what has to be done.

People shouldn't be a problem, that you can get easily with just the right words. And by going and starting, people will join up and help, if the resources are there.
Resources/material or "money" is the most important problem to solve.

All of this nonsense could be avoided by just arresting those who hire them. The wall idea is funny but won't be effective so long as there are economic incentives for coming here.

If two million Whites trimmed their cost of living by 15-20k: voat.co/v/AskVoat/3026350/16680004/ there would be enough to pay for the wall. If 100 million contributed, it'd be about $250-400 each.

The jew lives rent free in your mind, way to propagate jew propaganda terms.

They gave my job to shitskins as well 'because they didn't have a use for productive people anymore' and they can hire two spic subhuman non-productive trash people just out of college for the cost my American salary. Never mind that all they do is surf social media ALL DAMN DAY and don't work on anything…they are warm 'new american' bodies.