National Socialism wiki

Though it's name has been rebranded as National Populism since it was thought that the word "Socialism" would scare people off, espite the name change, it's going to be the exact same thing.
It needs researchers, contributors, editors, peer-reviewers, mods, and admins.
Let's make the blueprints for a perfect country by listing all of the systems, laws, and policies that produce the optimally desirable effects when implemented together.
There is a perfect society out there for the Straight White Male, and there is only one, what's more, we all have access to the data required to know which combination of systems, laws, and policies will produce such a Utopia.
Only we possess the bravery of heart required to seek and speak the truth, and the clarity of mind required to recognize the facts when we see them and the lessons that can be drawn from them.
Once we write out the vision for the perfect country, every part of it informed from the conclusion drawn out of records of real-world observations, each of them sourced, cited and reviewed, we will have a document that gives Zig Forums something it has lacked for so long: a goal, a clearly defined list of desired outcomes for us to pursue, demands for us to make, finally, we will have created an actual movement that accurately reflects the needs and desires of our board's population.
Once this document is finished, we will work on the other things that make our will take a form that can function effectively, we add to the wiki a set of rules for our movement, the penalties that each rule's violation will carry for the offender, such that the movement cannot be misrepresented by the media as being something other that what it is.
The movement does not require the shedding of anonymity, merely creating these documents on the wiki, moving them into the real world, and spreading them out among the general population will awaken a few of the sleepers into the movement as it's first real-life members, then we merely support and control them from the safety of our anonymity.
Think of this as the creation of our own Golems, a group of activists that stands in the place of the (((alt-right))) and (((magapedes))) whom we had so foolishly permitted to represent us in the past, as an optional move, we can probably steal the (((alt-right))) name for the movement, and leech off of the attention it still draws to itself, though I'd much rather something original.

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Fuck off jew.

It's obvious from the nature of your response that you are the jew here.
Got an argument? Got a criticism? or are you just going to sage and call me a shame-name?

Fuck off, optics kike.

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Ya know, I really like this op. I'll allow it.

Bump interesting.

I prefer the term over national socialism anyways. Hitler just rebranded Italian fascism anyways, and socialism is something that the common people would like. That's literally why Drexler created the original party as the German Workers' Party. Natpop sounds pretty damn good and is likely to attract edgelords and low IQ skinhead type faggots that these parties usually attract.

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*and is LESS likely to attract edgelords and low IQ skinhead type faggots that these parties usually attract.

Who are those Mexicans?

Bottom-of-the-barrel "whites" that tend to make up 90% of these parties.

I like to think Huey Long is smiling down on us righy now. We will make you proud, Papa Huey!

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OP here, I did not choose the name of the wiki, I wanted it to be called the national socialism wiki, as I myself prefer the name national socialism and don't see the need for a re-branding, but the guy who made it decided national populism was the better term to go with, the name doesn't matter, only the content, and right now, there is no content, so it seems that you guys don't give a shit about national socialism either.

Anyone complaining about cucking to optics can go somewhere else, if the name was so important to you, you should have made a wiki for it yourself, but you didn't, so you have no place to criticize.
Besides, I made it clear that this is national socialism, and we will never hide the facts about this equivalency, so there is no optics here, nothing is concealed from others, they will know that national populism is simply a re-branding that sounds more open-ended, so what is the problem here exactly?

I'm gonna just go ahead and bump this up

They look like a band of former prison inmates more than anything.

You absolute niggers, Andriy Biletsky has already figured this one out, it's to call it 'social nationalism'. Nationalism is not a dirty word, not in America, not in Italy or Spain, nor Eastern Europe or former East Germany. Everyone who respects himself and loves his forefathers wants to call himself a nationalist. What is 'social'? It is the opposite of antisocial, those behaviors a healthy and full folk will seek to avoid. We want as much healthy interaction within all the parts of our folk, making one Whole that can be lifted up and molded together as One. That is 'social'. Ergo,
and not
'Populism' is usually wielded as an insult. Democracy is analyzed vis à vis 'populism' although the former is what they call leftist voting and the latter rightwing voting.

Social Nationalism is how to take everything good about National Socialism and make it approached on its own merits, sans the baggage of Socialism.

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I'm happy to provide some hype to this shriveld up thread

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I bet Ukraine is cold, that'd be right up my alley.

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They look ridiculous wearing gaiters in a public square like so.

Are you Biletskypilled?
Welcome you Mithraic Rodnovery following, history loving, paramilitary founder and soon to be President of the Ukraine.

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You can start by not having any fat fucking slobs be the leaders of any group, or allowing them to partake in public events until they fix themselves.

But Hermann Göring, though.

Hermann Goring was a jolly grown man who loved to hunt and was made basically the Sheriff of the Realm by Hitler.

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I'm finding a bunch of new pics on the Prince of Ukraine.

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Remember: Women are allowed to vote in Ukraine yet. He shows up on TV programs in a shirt for a reason. He could still probably use with a public relations attendant to manage his image with non-Ukrainian audiences.

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We need more topnotch memecraft of this man.

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do i get invited into the methnostate?

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Ukrainians bore the brunt of the Holodomor. This is what happens to a White Folk when they get stressed by Jews and are let to simmer for a few generations.

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Social Nationalists are fit and sexy
Meme that gentlemen.

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The key to happiness in life is being happy with yourself, not some liar’s psychopathic collectivism. Murder the kyriotate and shedim alike; both are unworthy.

I have been enjoying using In Nomine references lately. You people could be a lot happier if you would turn your back on leftist state-dependency. Find productive labors and/or people who love you. The people who need all society to bend to omnipotent Big Men are just broken. There’s going to be an answer for them someday.

Recover your flexibility of mind; turn your back on enslavement. Excellence is an accident of joy; people do more of what is fun, so find something fun which develops into something more.

What did he mean by this?

I agree, be happy, have fun, like the Ukrainians of Azov are.

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He's a politician now, for all you faggots that think 'there is no political solution'. There will always be politics, forever, in all times and ages.


The name for the wiki was decided by someone else and it can't be changed now, there is no alternative yet so we might as well go with it for now, the name is only for the wiki though, the name of the society, and all the content placed within the wiki, will be national socialism, literally nothing except the name of the wiki is different, the movement is national socialist, all the systems, laws, polices, etc. will be national socialist, and the finished project will be called national socialism.
It seems as if anyone who complains about the name of the wiki is just trying to shut down anons who are actually interested in doing work for the cause, unless you have other arguments against it or are willing to your own ideas as alternatives, in which case, I'm all ears.

bump for potential

And you haven't convinced anyone on Zig Forums on a well known natsoc board go back to cuckchan.

epic thread

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Take a White Nationalist + Minarchist Government.
Where all laws are entirely based upon the ideas that the ownership of one's physical person and property gives the owner complete autonomy over them, and the legal requirement of being given the informed consent of the owner before others may physically interact with their physical person or property, a policy also known as the Non-Aggression Principle.
A theory of legal policy which removes all victim-less crimes (crimes that do not directly inflict force or coercion upon the person or physical property of others without their informed consent to the action), removes the concepts of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, trade-secrets, etc.), contraband (property, occupations, or media, admittedly including such degenerate items such as drugs and weapons, prostitution and gambling, and leaked private pictures and child pornography, but it will also legalize leaked classified information), and the concept of any limitations placed upon speech, expression, or assembly (including shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater).
In such a state, there are only three Branches of the government:
The Executive Branch, which is in charge of the representation of the country (President), the administration and coordination of other government agencies, and the running of elections.
The Judiciary Branch, which is in charge of the enforcement of the laws derived from the NAP (for example, police), the response to emergency situations (for example, firefighters), the protection of children (child services), and the collection of taxes.
The last is the Defensive Branch, which is in charge of the protection of the nation against national threats and of national interests against the threats they face (for example, military and intelligence), the protection of the super-majority of the west-european ethnicity (50% or greater west-european ethnicity, and 50% or lesser other european ethnicities) or a complete racial homogeneity of the west-european ethnicity (100% west-european ethnicity), it's also the branch of the government in charge of hunting for non-whites, especially the ones who like to pretend to be white in order to cause havoc, and expelling them from the country (maybe send them all to israel), like jews, gypsies, arabs, hispanics, and indians (dots and feathers), and dealing with those that cannot be deported by imprisoning them until they are able to be deported, holding them until death, and cremating them, if necessary.
West-European Whites are defined by having genetics with at least 75% West-European ethnicities in it's make-up.
All ethnicities and races are defined by the common makeup of 75% of their genetics, if their largest common genetic component is 50% of their genetic makeup, then they will be "rounded down" to the least-preferred racial or ethnic status (50% black + 50% white = black, 50% South-European + 50% West-European = South-European).
There will be elections to determine the head positions of each branch every February 29th, once elected, each official will serve one term in office, and will not be able to run again once their terms has ended, only those who work within a branch of the government may vote or run for a position in that branch (anyone who runs in an election may not vote during that election), only taxpayers may work for the government, only landholders may pay taxes, and only Males of a West-European ethnicity may hold land.
There is no Legislative Branch, meaning that laws cannot be created, destroyed, or altered, even by those in the highest levels of power, anyone who makes the attempt, or conspires to do so, or who fails to report such actions and thereby becomes an accomplice, is guilty of treason, which can carry a capital punishment or one of life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.
What elected officials can do is command while bound to operate within the laws that already exist.

Taxation would be conducted by the georgian land value tax, a single flat percentage is taken from the total value of the all land held by each citizen, this means that only landholders will pay taxes, under this system all land is considered the property of the government and landholders are considered to be renting it out from the government (hence the term landholder instead of landowner), taxes are considered ground rent paid to the government who uses this rent to pay for the services that protect their holdings.
Only Males of a West-European ethnicity may hold land, and being a landholder is a requirement for occupying any employment under the government, which is itself a requirement for being able to vote or run in an election.
Of course, landholders can become landlords and rent out the land they are renting from the government via taxes, cutting down on their taxes significantly, I expect that most of them are going to be doing this.
Furthermore, it will be a tradition that marriages are arranged at birth between the parents of each child (specifically the fathers), and that these marriages will take place once the bride and groom have both reached the age of legal adulthood (see below).
It will also be a tradition that the husband works while the wife stays home and cares for the children.
These traditions are reinforced by the taxation system, granting a tax incentive for any Male who is in an arranged marriage and/or is working while having a housewife.
There is another tax incentive given to Males for each of their biological children (under the age of legal adulthood) that they are raising together with their wife, and another for each of their biological children (under the age of legal adulthood) whom they are raising and have successfully arranged a marriage partner for.
There will be Banking laws set in place that make the practices of fractional-reserve banking and the issuing of fiat currency illegal, they must be severe crimes, considered the highest possible form of fraud, and should possibly be punishable by life or death, depending upon the severity of the offence.
An age of consent is obviously needed, but this will not only serve as the age requirement for being able to meaningfully consent to sexual activity with older individuals, but also as a general age of legal adulthood for meaningfully consenting to anything that has ever carried an age requirement, such as marriage, vehicle operation, and employment.
Since sexual fertility is the most commonly accepted physical milestone for determining adulthood, and since everyone reaches this at a different point, this age will be set at whatever point an individual becomes sexually fertile, meaning that whenever age of consent/adulthood is contested, if the individual whose adulthood is being contested can be shown to be physically capable of conceiving a child with a partner (either by impregnation or being impregnated), then they will be declared an adult and their consent declared legally valid.
Furthermore, for ease of simplicity, the standard age outside of these cases will be around 12 years of age, due to it being the average age of pubertal onset (if it seems low, it's only because you are used to an AoC that prolongs mental childhood, creating leftists while reduces birth rates and membership in the workforce, etc.).
Sex is determined by the presence or absence of the Y-chromosome, anyone without even a single Y-chromosome is Female, and anyone with one or more Y-chromosomes will be Male, Marriage involving multiple members of the same sex will be illegal, and since sex is defined by chromosomes, there is no such thing as a transgender, only someone who has had themselves mutilated out of insanity or who desires to have themselves mutilated because they are insane.
Finally, only married partners may be legally permitted to adopt and raise a child, since multiple members of the same sex are forbidden from entering into the same marriage, this effectively prevents Homosexuals from adopting.
Life is defined as beginning at the meeting of egg and sperm, egg has been fertilized by the sperm, it is a life, and ending it or bringing about circumstances that endanger it is an act of murder or manslaughter, this makes abortion illegal in any form, including unintentional abortions caused by reckless conduct.

All extra-judicial courts will be declared illegal, this includes family courts, courts in academia, religious courts such as under sharia, tribunals (such as the ones that brutalized Kavanaugh) and so on, this will allow all cases to be tried in a consistent (and fair) manner, also make it so that all cases will be recorded, and all recordings will be released to the public (no more "closed doors" fuckery, even on crimes like murder or rape).
Upon the establishment of this new country, a full audit will be conducted on the scientific, medical, and historical communities and their decisions, this includes restoring homosexuality and transgenderism to the status of mental illnesses, fully reviewing all materials relating to politically controversial subjects such as sex, race, climate, the holocaust and other "great white crimes", etc.
And afterwards, close all educational institutions (public schools, universities, colleges, etc.) in order to allow new, untainted ones to gradually emerge in order to fill the vacuum.

Off to a great start, retard.

Swing and a miss.

No optics, I wanted it to be the NatSoc wiki, but someone else made it, besides I do not plan on hiding anything or changing anything, so it's not really optics then, is it?

Listen, until we start putting ourselves out there, no one is going to be perfect, but we need to reach the public, and they will want personalities and representatives, not a bunch of anonymous posters on a board they never visit. We've got lemons, we can make lemonade or plant our own trees.

That post was real, those thoughts are real as well, if we dont like the people out there, we can send one of our own in, we need these things:
the guys that can argue the existence of the anti-whites, the guys that can argue about policy and statistics, the guys that can argue the science, and history, and the guys who handle the moral and philosophical components of our movement.
All in all, we need guys that talk, guys that write, guys that appear in public and represent, now, we were not brave enough to do it ourselves, and so it's no surprise that the guys who wind up doing it tend to be unsatisfactory, to say the least, we can either do what we do with Trump, trying to make as much use of him as we can even though we know he falls short of our needs, or we can put ourselves out there, and take the risks associated with it, including the risk of not being enough to please Zig Forums.

we need talking heads, our cult needs it's priesthood, our revolution needs it's leaders, otherwise we will continue to fail in building our numbers.

fuck off, you know why the site name is what it is, it's not about optics, and even if it was, so what? we arent changing anything other than the name, and even there we can say we are Natsoc outside of the site, and finally, the site isnt even the product being presented to the public, it's simply where we get our shit together, and create the vision of the future that we will be presenting to the public, and that vision can be called natsoc, or anything else we want to call it.
so basically, you cant read, and you are full of shit.

please try to understand how sarcasm works.

I know how this site works asshole, and "just make your own" is valid when you are complaining about a fucking name of a site that isnt even going to be the public edition, seriously, look at the file names of video game characters, often you will see a different name than what they have in the game, that's because it's a test build name, not the finished product, and no one gives a shit about changing it because it's not what the public sees.

Why am I responding to blatant shills here?
they lack sense of humor, they use baseball analogies straight off of tumbr/reddit, and deconstruct while contributing nothing useful.
What's more, their criticisms make no fucking sense, it's almost like they don't care about what the project is, they simply are desperate to cause it's abortion.
this site's real anons tend to be polite and open to consideration of the posts of other anons, shills tend to be hostile and angry, shitting on anything they can find, and stirring up division.

Here, these are my policies, try to find something that needs to be changed about them and let me know what changes you'd make.

….The Jews have clearly won this round. Just LOOK at them.

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Go back to >>>/trs/


They are the ones that help our enemies exterminate us. And
they are the ones that destroyed Whites' ablility to be tribal

only shills would shit on a large and elaborate idea due to their displeasure at some small and meaningless detail.
You are criticizing the name of the place where we write the manifesto, not what the manifesto will be named, and "national populism" isn't even kosher, as "populist" and "nationalist" are both trigger words, so even if the name of the wiki mattered, you're shrieking means nothing.

Seriously, what's so wrong with the idea itself? if the site was called "national socialism wiki", would you have anything to say about it?
I wanted the wiki to be called the "national socialism wiki", but the guy who made it named it "national populism" instead, even though I explicitly told him not to.
I agree, the name is trash, but the rest of the idea is great, and the name of the site has a very inconsequential impact on the idea as a whole.
The site name doesn't matter, we can fix up this mistake and make it national socialism in the later steps, why does it matter?

I've got a swastika badge that I occasionally wear in public, it got it from a japanese friend I know, it's actually a manji, but it looks enough like a swastika that most people can't tell the difference.

again, here are my policy proposals for anyone who wishes to suggest any changes to them.

Trump is ZOG, half (at least) of these alt kike / "identitarian" ecelebs are literally Mossad agents. The reason that THEY are promote above genuine people is because they're allowed to be promoted. Try starting up a jewtube channel talking about National Socialism, see how long you last.
So you're a foreign nigger.
And you think a bunch of jew ecelebs are those "leaders"?

Your points are TL;DR. The entire NSDAP economic program was less than 20 A4 pages **or something*. Be more concise.
This has never, ever been the case.

I thought metapedia was dead. Who runs this site btw?

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Its not meant to be for everyone, its not meant for you.

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I want better than what we got, believe me, I want to have someone who is redpilled on race and is willing to stand up against the Jewish occupation of our countries, I want as guy who is basically "Hitler 2.0 - New and Improved! Now also hates Muslims and Shitskins!".
But that's not going to happen, and we know it, we can't simply "wait for Hitler", we need to either make the best with what we got or put up our own, we must lead or follow, because right now, we are getting in the way of fuck all.

Listen, if you got some degree of fame as an "e-celeb", by which I mean a public face and mouthpiece, I'm sure you will disappoint at least some of Zig Forums's demographics, even if you wouldn't, you would still have to accept that it is a possibility before you actually go out there and discover whether or not that will become the case, I was mainly appealing to the possibility of stage fright.

yes, my points are Tl;Dr, but that's because I want to see if the general structure is satisfactory before I start taking the effort to build the more precise details, we are starting from the outline and filling it in, but if there is an error in the outline, the work of filling in is detrimental.

OK, fair point, they may have been rude to a degree, but not mindlessly hostile, and they always made arguments and addressed the point made by the post instead of laser-focusing on minute and unimportant details in order to derail entire threads.

I thought it was Fag Anglin, but I could be wrong, it could have changed hands. Metapedia is dead I considered using that as the wiki for this thread subject before considering it's inactivity and unpopularity, true story.

Fuck off kike