Trump May Have Derailed His Own National Emergency With One Sentence

TRUMP: I didn’t need to do this. But I’d rather do it much faster.

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Wow, exactly what we said was going to happen is happening, but instead of trump only tying his hands behind his back, it looks like he bound his ankles and put on a blindfold too.

Two Scoops
Two Judges
No Wall
One Term

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But how did he get to get 1 term in the FIRST PLACE?!


What a fucking clown. Has he done one thing to help us at all during his entire presidency? Hell, in march his gun-ban goes into effect.

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Good. No one wants Nazi fags supporting them.

Welp prepare for the Dark Ages America


He didn't mind the support in 2016

Its just 4D chess. He planned for this to happen all along.

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Then don't cry of what's going to happen next.

Only way he will learn is if Ivanka gets enriched.

Like this?

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Hopefully all of this will end the 4D chess meme, Trump is just is a good bluffer. It ended today

Fucking lol


Seriously, this guy isn't clever enough to have resisted the jews even if he was a super-secret crypto Aryan.

Isnt obongo gay? He looks like a faggot. His wife would get more ass than him. That couple looked fuckin deformed.

is he gonna go for the guns ? Reports of a mass shooting in illinois, interesting timing hey

Well yes but try explaining that to the retarded cuck-fetish liberal who drew that.


Trust the Plan.

Rich kikes + Cia niggers = Fake emergencies

He is definitely not Kosher and we all know Trump's kids love kosher meat.

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Its pretty obvious that the Illinois shooting was a planned event. Was it the democrats or Trump though? Both sides have something to gain from it, so it wouldn't suprise me if both of them were in on it.

He already banned bump stocks, might as well keep going.

How stupid is this motherfucker? He must have the lowest IQ of any president in history, even lower than that kikegroid abomination Obama

Trump is constantly shooting himself in the foot. The guy cannot think before he speaks, he hurts his own agenda.

We're going to end up with gun snatching democrats running the show by 2020 – maybe that's a good thing because if they go after the 2nd amendment, it will kick off a violent revolution.

Send that to Trump on twitter

Obama is /ourNigger/

So? Better than Hillary.

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Never trust a man who uses hair spray.

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"I didn't need to do this" = "The Congress should have and was legally obligated to do this, but didn't, forcing me to do it." If anything else, know your Trump syntax before interpreting him.

Hey look who showed up!

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Hahahahaha what a fucking dumbass

You guys realize we could have had Jeb! right?

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He would LOVE that. He would absolutely love that, believe me.

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Hopefully Trump is the final nail in the coffin to conservatives and right wingers afraid of their own shadow that voting is no longer an option. The only thing we can do is what the far-left is doing and that is by widening the divide so that a confrontation will be not only possible, but inevitable.

Be a TRUE Patriot by destroying your country so your nation can live. This Satanic Empire will die a death by a thousand cuts as every single institution becomes destroyed from within and only in the final totality of the situation will the physical remains be blown to rubble. The old Roman spiritual mindset of not even a single brick left standing should be the way in which you proceed further in this world.

What's abundantly clear to me (and I'm certain completely unclear to you) is that you're nothing more than shills who're being used by individuals and forces that you don't even know are there who's intention is to destroy the United States, which is the last superpower standing in the way of world dictatorship.

Those same forces (which, by rights, you should be opposing) do want to create a North American Union which would be forced to join the European Union and the New Russian Republic (which actually never stopped being communist) in order to establish that world wide dictatorship.
If that happens then your usefulness will end and, when you see and realize that the grand utopia you hoped for was just a big lie then you will rebel against the dictatorship and the result will be that you (along with me and everyone else who opposes it) will be put up against a wall and shot.

All that will remain are those brain dead sheepish who're too weak and too stupid to rise up against it.

Also, anyone who hates Trump is a pro-war fascist

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I'm a pro-war fascist, so long as that war is against Israel.


Stop chasing bogeymen and realize who the real enemy is.

When you realize that it's the fucking commie leftists that're using the Jew handpuppet to keep you distracted and your eyes away from what's really going on then you will be truly pissed off to think that you've been duped for so very long.

This is the caliber of shill they’re sending us now.

You are a horrible person.

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Those are the typical types of reactions the shills always throw out against the truth.

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You are the shill. Kill yourself immediately.

You are Mr. (93) aren't you?
We need to come up with a nickname for you.

And how do I know it's all simply shill reaction? Because


bothered to respond with a reasonable question or otherwise engaging in a decent discussion of it.


It’s imkikey, the deposed mod.

I'm convinced some of these posts are actual bots. Like they realized their shills were offing themselves at alarming rates and figured since it's the same basic premises' they need to forcememe over and over again they can just set a bot to reply to certain posts with certain keywords in them since shillcucks have a very narrow set of themes and slogans they can use and not much flexibility in their posting anyway, just like a bot.

No, the so-called "communists" are puppets of the real rulers (those who control the money and all the wealth and they are so far above the jews and the politicians and all of us that they're untouchable.)

Yours is exactly the kind of post a bot would automatically generate.

No, you’re done.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve seen proof of concept Markov bots on imageboards that aren’t flawless but are certainly more convincing than about 30% of posts you see here.

Trump didn't 'derail' his own declaration of a national emergency, he signed it away… permanently. If he shot himself in the foot, it's because he first took aim. No one is that stooopid.

The real rulers are jews. You are meaningless.

But, in spite of all the shill posts and all the fucking stupid lame troll attempts the truth remains and it's far beyond anything you can even begin to understand and nothing you could post can ever change that. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

(((And these posts will remain. Not only here but all over the Internet so that those who want to know the truth will see them and begin to realize just exactly what's going on.)))

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The truth is that jews rule the world.

So, you chase that cartoon bogeyman you call "Trump"…

And you chase that cartoon caricature called "The Jew", all of you being distracted by this simple political sleight of hand. All the while your rights, your lands, your freedoms, your cultures, even your very lives are taken away from you inch by inch (which, if you really had your eyes open, you would see plain as day.)

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At least you're acknowledging the jewishness of your posts.

It’s the jews. You have no power here. No one will ever believe you.

And that is exactly the kind of post which is put up to distract from what I've been saying

Because you're part of the problem, not part of the solution

(((Because you don't want people to see the truth because, if everyone's eyes were opened then everything goes up in smoke, the world rises up in a mass revolution and all the bullshit ends and everyone is freed.)))

It’s the jews. The jews are the problem. You are the problem.

"The Jews" is just your carrot and stick, used to distract your fellow idiots from the truth because you don't want to see the truth.
If you saw the truth, the reality, the way things really are free of all disillusion and prejudice, free of all clouding misconceptions and false opinions, you would be so very angry you would rise up today, this very instant, and violently rebel against it all.

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Not a single general has come forth offering to give up their budget for the border.

It’s the jews. You will never convince anyone.

Why would zogbots give a fuck about national security?

But you don't want to see the truth because seeing the truth would require your actually getting furious to the point where you would have to rise up and actually fight against the real enemies even to the point where you would be willing to (and most likely) die for the sake of liberation.
But, no. It's better to hate "the jews" or "the trump" or "the conservatives" or "the liberals" or whatever because that way you can stay nice and safe behind your little bogeymen, your little hate symbols and never have to risk a hair on your cowardly little heads because, honestly, you would all rather be led like sheep to the slaughter for the sake of the thing you hate rather than stand up and fight and die for what's right.

It’s the jews.


It's you.


I have a feeling that he's going to win another term. He got one, Why not 2x. SMH

Good! Die in your lies! Your destruction will actually help the world and open space for those who're willing to actually FIGHT the real enemies.

To equate "I didn't need to do this" as some admission he didn't need to declare an emergency is the same kind of thinking as "I assume there are good people on both sides" the left jumped on after Charlottesville. The left tried to equate that statement as "racist" when everyone knew damn well what he meant (the tearing down Confederate monuments debate). You're waiting your time. Sage for thinking like /leftypol

I don't know if he'll win another term, that remains to be seen, but it sure would be nice if it happens since I'm not tired, yet, of seeing all the snowflakes pissing themselves daily while drowning in their own tears.

Are americans even sentient?

Let's never forget that the Left equates everything that disagrees with or fights against them as "racist", "sexist", or "homophobic", all of which is getting tired to the point of making people comatose from hearing it all the time.


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Yet the fact is they haven't.

This guy gets it.

It’s the jews. You have no power here.

Trump is ordered by the constitution to have begun the deportation of the 60,000,000 illegals on his first day in office. He did nothing. No one has been deported.
Trump is ordered by the constitution to have begun the construction of the wall on his first day in office. He did nothing. Zero new inches of wall have been constructed.
Trump is ordered by the constitution to have begun the mass arrests of the tens of thousands of TRAITORS–constitutional definition–in the government and media on his first day in office. He did nothing. No one has been arrested.
He was mandated by the powers of his office to declare martial law to do these things, as the United States is currently under foreign occupation and military invasion. He did nothing.

It’s the jews.

Still, I wonder… Even though Trump is in a far better position to see the truth than any of us I can't help but wonder if he sees the whole thing. He's already had the truth about the Shadow Government revealed to him and we've seen it, ourselves, in the kinds of things that the FBI has done in protecting Clinton and trying to hide her lies and criminality (shadow government stuff to be sure) just to name a few things.

That’s just it. He sees it all AND STILL DOESN’T CARE. He’s 100% owned by jews, moishe.

Your distraction and obfuscation attempt is noted. It will be put where it will be best used.

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This guy fucks.

From what am I distracting, paid jewish shill?

That's a no then.

The Leftists and democrats blatantly disrupt and block him daily and still you say it's your little bogeymen, your little cartoon characters and anyone who disagrees with you is "a jew" or "moshe" just like the leftists who call anything that disagrees with them "fascist". Yep. You're just like them. Just as blind and stupid as any leftist.