Another 4-D Chess Play by Trump? (Did Trump just outsmart Pelosi and Schumer?)

Why was it crucial to declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY first, before signing this DHS Bill?

Ask yourself why EVERYONE is freaking out about the DHS Bill creating the perfect distraction for something that wasn’t even signed until a few hours ago?

DHS Bill provisions regarding immigration are suspended automatically by the NATIONAL EMERGENCY which nullified any loopholes by Chuck and Nancy.


Whatever anti-border wall provisions are in the spending bill are nullified by the national emergency which was signed and declared before Trump signed the spending bill.

I think prez declaring the national emergency FIRST is significant.

Of course we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. I don't think the National Emergency will be blocked – in the past two decades considerable power has been granted to the executive for national emergencies.

Yeah yeah yeah, maybe I'm just a giant maga cuck, but I'm not willing to take a giant shit on our president just yet, I'm giving him one last chance to see what else he has hiding under his sleave.

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Neck yourself kike

Democrats and Republicans are going to try to block this national emergency, from what I've been reading.

Trump performs at his best when both parties are against him.
Fuck the dems, fuck the gop, I'm standing with Trump on this one.


We don’t care. You’re a traitor to the United States, like Trump is.

Lots of lefty democrat bots in this thread, trying to divide the conservative white base.

You fucking moron. This bill does the exact opposite.

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Because those executives belonged to the uniparty. The wall (or even bollard fencing) will never be allowed to be built.

The only chess I can see for signing the Emergency Declaration first would be in overcoming Jackson's Test:

But I don't see any judge buying that. They will see that Congress expressed its will for NO WALL and toss the Emergency.


No amnesty in the bill:

You people are like fucking drama queens, freaking out over nothing.

You better hope the national emergency holds up though, or we really are screwed.

You kidding right now?

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We're screwed because Trump and the jews surrounding him spent two years with their thumbs up their asses. If Trump wasn't a fucking moron he would have rammed the wall through congress and the senate when he had a majority. If he was smart he wouldn't have given the democrats everything they want when he has to declare the emergency anyway.

There's a fracture in the jewish community, with leftwing marxist globalist kikes on the one end, and conservative western jews (mostly zionist) on the other.

You also have a small minority of conservative jews who are anti-zionist as well.

You gotta be specific in which group of jews you are trying to criticize.

It basically blocks the wall, would gives amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals and provides TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars to social programs for illegals. It's HORRIBLE.

There are no good Jews.

Trump doesn't need to do ANY of that. As Commander in Chief, he could declare the wall an issue of national security, not be challenged in courts, use the Pentagon's trillion dollar purse and have the Army Corps of Engineers start building the wall within hours.

That's not a fracture. They're working on a problem (goyim) from all angles.

you have to go back


>give him just ONE more chance and then maybe just ONE more and then ju…
Yeah, no it should be obvious by now he's the final puppet to put an end to this country.

We did it guys!

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The fuck is wrong with these Miggers that they can't read plain English, the only waiting you'll be doing is for a pointless wall, because the country has already fallen on that dickheads watch.

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Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The only thing that fucking bill needed was more money to help expand access to the herbal jew.

tarlov's a soulless jew. listen to her arguments. she hates European men.


You got hitler dubs in the other thread on this same image.
too bad magick jew numbers are not real and mean nothing

No. Trump outsmart white america. He is zionist puppet. Sad you still care about this crypto kike. Don't vote for him next time. I expected nothing from Trump. But he is worst leader ever. Fucking Merkel or Macron is genius compare to him. He care only about Israel.



*goes to jail*

Muh weed is degenerate, but the prospect of using CBDs to treat neurological issues in place of kike pharma chemical cocktails is fantastic.

Fucking fox news shills???


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Suicide now.

beyond fucking retarded

Here's some 4D chess; go play chicken with traffic you Trumpnigger.

How you know you're being Q scammed :

You're being asked a question instead of getting answers

Maybe the signature itself is an esoteric metaphor for something… Jamie, can you please pull up Trump's signature.

Zig Forums should sponsor a DACApede shota/loli.

Shotas get a massive redpill on the Jews, lolis get an Aryan baby.

Is that it, have you got it? No not that, his signature…we'll move on…..have you got it?


This. We're being invaded. It's an act of war. Now dumb faggots should see why military adventurism and constant war is DANGEROUS, but they won't, and that's the point. Fuck Trump and fuck the dead populace that's bent over.

I'm not even sure you are right. But if you are it doesn't matter. The law is permanent, the national emergency isn't. Trump just signed OPEN FUCKING BORDERS.

Curse his family.

Fuck off Qushner

Top kek

Blow me.

Yes you gook boy

I am reading the Fox News article by Maxim Lott which you linked right now. Unlike others I will pay attention to the content of the article and not just emphasize the Jewishness of their staff, because ultimately what matters is whether or not any good arguments are made. So let's review what it says…

The problem I have with this is that it is vague as shit for a reassurance. No name is given, so no reputation is on the line, and we are not actually told what the precise meaning of 'potential sponsor' is.

So what does PS mean, and are we able to narrow the criteria further to make it more restrictive? Can dems broaden it to make it less restrictive?

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Even fucking Obama was better than Zognald. Somebody should give him JFK ride.

Nah. Trump cucked and no amount of damage control is going to fix this. He signed his base away when he signed that bill today.

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You want to sponsor something?
Join nascar

Nobody cares.

Are you afraid that people are finally seeing Zion Don for what he really is?

Can Trump be even more obvious now? Sucking Bibi cock on camera wouldn't be embarasing like this bill.

Yea, we are totally getting the wall now. No need to get off your ass and do anything yourself. Just pop on the netflix and smoke another bowl. Everything is being taken care of.

Another? Trump hasn't made a good move since taking office. At this point I'm convinced all his campaign brilliance was just a series of flukes.


You mad lady? You sound mad.

Reminder that these shit threads are just business as usual being made by the same consensus building shills. Reminder to sagebomb and move on.