DHS official: Border security bill does not contain ‘amnesty’ poison pills

Immigration hawks slammed the border security compromise President Trump signed into law Friday for containing last-minute provisions that they argued give "amnesty" to many – but a Department of Homeland Security official insisted to Fox News that’s a misunderstanding of the bill.

The amnesty claim was made by lawmakers and conservative commentators.


"This 'deal' provides de facto amnesty for anyone claiming to be even in the household of a potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien minor," Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, wrote on Twitter Thursday.

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That ‘amnesty’ claim is based on section 224 of the budget – which appears, on first glance, to block the deportation of many people who are illegally in the U.S.

That’s because it states that no funds may be used to detain or deport any "sponsor" or "potential sponsor" of an "unaccompanied alien child." It adds that even any "member of a household" of a "potential sponsor" is now immune from deportation.

But a DHS official told Fox News that terms like "potential sponsor" have precise meanings in Department of Homeland Security regulations – meanings that severely limit the number of people the budget keeps safe from deportation.

“Just spoke with the White House. There will be NO Amnesty and NO path to citizenship,” Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to President Trump and a Fox News contributor, tweeted Thursday.


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Kill yourself, you kike liar.


the same DHS who tell us walls should be see through because guard towers and ramparts haven't been invented yet. Like they would say anything Kushner wouldn't want them to say. You trump niggers are so fucking delusional

Don't post facts GOY.

Keep crying Jew.

This is total fucking bullshit, all you need to avoid being deported is to know any fucking under 18 illegal and sign a form and you are exempt. It's obviously fucking amnesty or they wouldn't have bothered, who do you think wrote the fucking bill and for what purpose. Absolute cretins.

Reminder that this is Kirsten Nielson DHS, a complete fucking liberal piece of trash who doesn't think illegals should be deported unless they commit 'violent crimes'.

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"precise meanings"

You would complain no matter what the bill said.



And those meanings are… what?
Trust the Plan, goy.

The precise meaning is anyone has an id and signs a form you fucking piece of trash.

So it's not the doom and gloom the Stormtards are trolling about.

1. Illegal gets caught, and released. Submits ID and form saying the are part of a household and or a potential sponser of another beaner.
2. Immune from deportaion

No faggot it does not mean that.

Does not work that way.

Who do you think owns (((foxnews))) you nigger?
This is being desperate at this point.

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>Don't worry I will show them (((foxnews))) instead.

Then what does it mean? The DHS said "precise." So the DHS should be the one to say what they mean by "precise." But they're not doing that. So what does it mean?

It literally fucking means that you dipshit. He signs a form and the kid signs a form. That's it. all you need is a fucking ID.

It means " severely limit the number of people the budget keeps safe from deportation."

What the fuck don't you understand?

What does it mean, how does it work? Pls respond torfag

How are they defining "severely?" Limit to what number, and from what number previously? How are they defining who is safe? How are they defining who is not safe? There is nothing "precise" about this language, but the DHS keeps telling me this is supposed to be precise language. Yet it raises more questions than answers.

I'm not sure if it's persistence or mental illness, but you get a little credit. Now back to reporting your ban evading ass.

Listed on the DHS website? God help us if you are really white, because you have the literacy of a nigger.


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The Wall never kept out the true enemy: Canadians

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We all know illegals are going to be terrified of being caught signing a form with bollocks information. The DHS will be all over them like a rash, such is the resources they have. They are a real tough crowd that DHS, literally only ever deporting those who get a felony for Violent crime.

You are an actual nigger.


We already know the bill doesn't give actual amnesty or a path to citizenship. That was never the problem. What it does is prevents large swathes of illegals from being deport. They're still illegal in theory, but in practice there's nothing that can be done about them; they are de facto legal.

Of course they don't tell us what those are, and as far as I can tell, the language in bill itself has a pretty broad. I call bullshit.

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How do we deal with the canadians? Build a giant rake?

How? Telling me the conclusion is not telling me how you get to that conclusion.

Send a tropical heat wave air mass their way.


Also millions of teenagers are now free to travel to the US, under this with no reprocussions or fear of deportation because they will have someone they know living here also, and now BOTH are fucking awarded immunity from deportation and all they need is a fucking beaner ID card and to sign a form each.

Wrong you fucking retard, it's in black and white in law, signed by the Swamp Emperor himself.

Its become impossible to know whats true. We should focus on having children and teaching them to be good but wary people

It means they're running damage control for Trump's kikery.

Good way to boost in-group racial cohesion among the browns, too. Because illegals will at least want to pretend to get along to increase their chances of getting in.

Imagine so believing this kind of garbage lol

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Its a bot or a shill. It is incapable of articulating its position/point

Didn't Fox get assimilated by Disney recently?

Probably running an act to get elected but still odd to see.

That's even worse.

Jews own that shit too, but promote degeneracy.

Is this just one paid Kushner shill left damage controlling for Trumpstein because not even my hardcore civcuck boomer parents support him anymore

You literally show an ID and pencil whip some paperwork. Illegals literally almost all have fake documents. Once they show the fake document, investigation ceases.

This is a pathetic defense by the 4D cucks. It is really unbelievable at this point that anyone is defending this traitor.

sage and report pro-trump threads

That'll really correct the record!

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They're still putting out a significant effort on a bunch of different sites. They aren't going to quit no matter what, so do not expect them to stop. Nobody who actually voted for Trump is on board at this point, though. Even those just barely paying attention see what he did.

yea 42% approval rate, more like 6%

sage and report pro-trump threads

Pat Little 2020

We don't need a wall, we need a self healing mine field 1 mile wide, strafed with triple strand constentina wire and pill boxes every 1000 meters manned by boarder gaurds

We don't need anything except mass deportations. The wall was just suppose to be a nice bow on top of that.

Might as well do not want to talk about a traitor 24/7, I want solutions and how to solve our problems.

In the short term the best solution would probably to call for impeachment. That would have the benefit of both freeing up the constituency to make a Republican and/or conservative independent run in 2020 viable as well as stirring up the remaining Trump supporters against the Democrats.

Damn CTR, back at it again with the white kicks?

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It's all so tiresome.

And by that I mean YOU are tiresome. This isn't 2015/2016 anymore. Trump has been proven false. Again and again. He does not deserve reelection in 2020.
Unfortunately that pretty much means a Democrat victory. Which by itself might not be so bad since it might just kick everyone in the ass and make them stop being so complacent. And of course if the Dems win then they'll go full bore with both gloating and agenda pushing and REVENGE against every person in the country that's even slightly conservative leaning. All of which will alienate more Americans against the liberals.
Still I would prefer a that a conservative have a chance in 2020 and the only way that's going to happen is if Trump gets impeached.

Burden of proof if on you nigger.

You might use a few more words, faggot, but you sound just as retarded as all the democuck NPCs.
However, I'm feeling magnanimous after the good news, I'll give you another chance:
Impeached for what?

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They're lying. The text is clear as day. Internal policy verbage is subject to interpretation by the department at any time. Regardless, they will still continue with the replacement migration behind the public's back per usual. Gorka is a gatekeeper on Jewish-owned media.

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Look How Quickly You Jews have Changed the Minds of Americans all within a week.
Next week We will all be transgender and the following week Pelosi will lead us WHITES into this Grand Future.

Good Job Trump

It doesn't matter. Whatever they've got. "High crimes and misdemeanors" means pretty much what ever hell a given House of Representatives wants it to mean. They can figure out the details as far as I'm concerned. If they can get a flag up that pole then I'll salute it at this point.

This is damage control and Fox news is influenced by CIA to prevent a civil war from taking place.

Potential Sponsor is just one of the criteria that can be met. The "living with the child" and "caretakers of child" don't require ID or he would have said it.

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Ever since a national emergency was declared the board has been raided by tons of anons who don't have anything constructive to say. Take a deep breath and see where the emergency takes us.

Yep they're also spreading some disinfo about "he didn't really sign it" … Sad!

Just because one dislikes trump doesn't mean one would support the demoncrats instantly, all you see is frustration and people who have no where to go, germany had hitler, what do americans in current time have?

Trump Doesnt Understand, Whites Will Simply run away from America to the cheepest Place, when We no longer have a place of Unity.

You are much better off in Mexico than in America if the shitskins invade, Fuck it. Lets all avoid taxes war and unity. lets ALL RUN TO THE CHEEPEST PLACE.. when there in no more WHITE UNITY. Why Should You care? Why Should I?
Fuck it
Trump kicking Whites in the teeth is just a prediction to come.
I Just want to get my money and leave this SHITHOLE that trump is helping to create

You're all just throwing a tantrum, I can't hear you over the sound of your screaming. Maybe when you all stop acting like shills we can get back to having decent threads.

It better man…
Or else a lot of us have been played like a fucking fiddle.

a heart transplant costs How Much in India?
Shill Yourself Back to African Irael

So your faggotry does indeed know no bounds. You total submission to the (((house))) is so pathetic even as a shill you should be disgusted by yourself.
In any case, niggerfaggot, bad news for you.
The Senate Intelligence Committee just a few days ago declared that there was absolutely ZERO evidence of muh russia collusion. Considering how kikes and democucks were clammering onto that it seems that your only chance of
is dust in the wind.
In other words, Donald J. Trump will remain President of the United States of America for the next 5 or so years and there is nothing you and your kike handlers can do about it.
Now scream for me you little faggot. I want to hear it loud and clear through my monitor.
Scream like your life is on the line because it actually is.

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What a nice Valentine's gift.

I know those caps are edited for memes but the source is also bullshit.
Their captioned (((translations))) are often posted with no audio so they can't be verified. They also love to chop up shows and string clips together to change the context.

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This is the gayest thing that I've read on an imageboard in a good long time. Holy shit this place has fallen.

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A signature ImKampf redtext response appears! Oh, who could this be?!

The saging is the ace in the hole, but the content of the comment also gives you away. You shills never sage anti-Trump threads that have no basis in reality, no links, and a single sentence in the OP. But you always sage threads like this. Every time. Get fucked, shill.

A signature (1) appears. I wonder how much (1) consensus shilling is being done in this thread. Are you the IP hopper from the other thread?

Never mistake online consensus, or even mainstream movements, with what people actually think. They're shills, both in reality and online. The women's march is a big, inorganic, highly funded movement. The sudden shifts in thought on websites like Zig Forums are done intentionally by shill groups, many of whom hop around IPs, which is why most of them only every have (1) and done. When you come across on patrolling a thread and racking up a high number, filter him and watch how fast he changes IPs.

Not everybody here can see the addresses..

I am not Indian.

Utilize the documents of registered immigrants to systematically hunt and kill them.

We will kill you instead. You will not survive for long.

The only way this could be worse is if they removed E Verify. Paul Ryan and Trump supported that bill.


“(((None of the funds))) provided by this Act or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the Treasury of the United States derived by the collection of fees available to the components funded by this Act, (((may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child))) (as defined in section 462(g) of the Homeland Security Act…”

Immigration lawyers will be on this like spics on welfare.
(((potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien)))

Who is we?

You try way too hard to fit in kikeshill. Nothing you say has will affect anyone, nothing you say matters in the slightest but it sure as hell is amusing.
Now cry harder.

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Open fucking borders. Watching you die would be amusing, this is just pathetic.

Top kek you shills must be real fucking desperate.


Open borders. No argument.

You mean the wall being built as we speak means open borders? Toppest of all keks.
But now tell me, shill-kun, if not Trump, then who?

Just keep electing Israel, smart goy.

Shit, I used to think nigger raids were a meme. Zig Forums really has become 99% subhuman shills

You really convinced me there with that non-answer. Totally proves you're not a nigger-tier kikeshill too.
Keep up the good work and you're sure to get a raise, faggot.
Meanwhile, enjoy Trump being the President of the United States of America for the next 5 years.

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Nah, I actually like the recent design, as it can't be scaled, is deadly to try and get over, and is made up of two walls.

what everyone is missing here is that the Emergency Powers that Trump just declared overrides congressional oversight. The bill signed becomes worthless, at least as it pertains to border security, all of which is covered under the emergency declaration.

It can go to court, with the congress attempting to override his powers through legal channels, but this is also good, in a way.

Follow, please: the House in the 70's passed the Emergency Powers Act, which abdicates House control in cases of emergency, to the President. This falls under House rules, which the House has the Constitutional power to decide. And they decided to hand over this power to the Executive branch, in cases of emergency.

The courts really cannot find against this, unless they are legislating from the bench, and over-reaching the extent of THEIR power.
But let's say they do…

That means that ALL the Emergency Powers decisions, made by ALL presidents, are null and void, and it drops the ball back into the laps of the House…the entire reason for handing this power to the president, in the first place, was to avoid responsibility for things like…wars…

We would have to leave Syria and Iraq, for instance, because congress never declared war on either, and the War Powers Act only allows for military intervention for a limited time (I think it's 6 months, but somebody correct me, if not). Congress under traitor Pelosi, would have to declare war to keep troops in these regions.

They do not really want this. And the Supremes are probably not going to find against the Emergency Powers act, even though the 9th circus might…it is actually NOT unconstitutional.

Will Trump negate everything in the bill he just signed? It would be nice, but Trump is an old-style NY liberal, after all. He may negate enough to pacify his supporters, but that remains to be seen.
Coulter is wrong in many of her assumptions, but again…we'll have to wait and see.

This fight is not really over yet, if Trump actually decides to push the issue. How far he pushes it, will decide if he gets his base back.

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Brought to you by the guy that refuses to acknowledge Trump opened the border to an unlimited number of migrants. Probably a based beaner himself.

So this is a pissraeli bill?

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If I was in America I would vote for him.