This plan is the only plan that will work, at this point in time. It will require each of us reading to get even more serious and make some major life decisions.

But first, I'd like you to think about something. Jews worked for decades – conservatively speaking – to gain control over us. They sacrificed a lot and they did so knowing that most of them wouldn't be alive to enjoy their handiwork. They did it for their future kids. So if they can do it, will you? Is it worth it to you, to outwit them? Will you put in 10 times more work than they have, if that is what is required of you?

Here is the plan.

If you are a racially aware white man reading this now, you must commit to infiltrate and occupy a political position. It can be local, state or federal. We need to completely take over the apparatus of the state.


Whichever gets you the most votes. Say whatever needs to be said and register as whatever you need in order to ensure electoral victory. If you have to run as a pro-immigrant liberal to get elected in your area, do it, and then go back on everything you said once you're in.

If you are young, start the "grooming" process right now. Keep a clean profile and think in terms of 10, 20, even 50 year plans.


Is it worth it to you, to disguise yourself for a while if it meant saving our people? Do you want to just wave flags around in the short term, or do you actually want to win this?


Vote and pass and support and draft and enforce any policy that is conducive to white survival, implicitly or explicitly. You will have to use your own head for this and be cunning. Gradually, with enough of us occupying positions on both sides of the political spectrum, we can become more explicit and politically forceful.

If even 500 of us start doing this today, then in 20 to 30 years we will have adequate control to reverse what our enemies have done.

All other solutions are sub par to this, as I see it.

–Violence, at this point in time, will get you locked up and you can't do us any good behind bars.

–Having kids is good – and you should do that – but by itself it is not enough to give us a demographic advantage.

–"Red pilling the masses" is great and useful, but we don't have enough time to rely on it solely as a solution. Put it in perspective. For every little redpill you drop, you already have tons of obstacles going against you, and just one junk video by lil wayne, for example, gets 10 million views instantly. The media has the minds of our people in a vice grip, and you need to be realistic about this. The solution is not to red pill each mind, but to get in control of the vice itself and break it.

Occupying political offices gives us the chance to disenfranchise media channels and to pass initiatives that by law prevent non-white enemies from taking over.

We can do this if you play the long game and get smart. That's all I have for now.

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if you lie ever you are a jew and deserve death.
spit in their faces.

The political infiltration tactic was what Zig Forums had planned back in 2015 but idiots successfully derailed it.

But will it even work?

I agree entirely. This is an excellent idea. It can be done in business as well… In fact it is far easier. If you are a manager or owner of a company then try to tease out good white men from the garbage. Another thing to do is hint about where good white men can post a resume and receive a call back. Not here of course but SOMEWHERE. This would be a good LinkedIn project perhaps? Idk. We gotta start getting tribal and only helping each other /ourselves.

If you are a business owner or farmer only hire Whites. But do MORE than that. Find guys who are of the correct political affiliation. Why do jews rule so effectively? Easy. If you are a jew you go to Harvard or Yale for free. If you are a jew you START as an executive making 150k a year if you know the right people. You. Get. The. Hookup.

Whites never help each other. I offer work to white guys locally on my farm. They show up late and are lazy. I WISH I could get guys from here who want to work hard and have a full belly and a warm bed for free. But NOOOOO. In return they would learn how to live off the land. Learn carpentry. Off grid solar. Learn how to raise animals for food like chickens or for market like cows and pigs.

I am self teaching timber framing. In a year or 2 I could teach others. I make furniture and try to sell it. I am not really social and have no friends. It's hard to sell stuff you make that way. I know how to build with cob as well as logs and earthbag. Houses cost like 5000usd not half a million jew dollars. I'm building a little boat out of epoxy and plywood from a plan I saw in an old book. I'm going to sell that as well.

I wish I had a community but no one wants to work. No one wants to live away from modern comforts of jew debt slavery. All the Whites around me look down on me like I'm trash for having no job and a tiny house and no fancy stuff. Just land and tools and time and my health and animals.

I have invited people out. I have brought friends and acquaintances out to eat some grilled pork and drink apple moonshine I make and they look at me like I am trash because I have an outhouse and never talk to me again.

Everyone just wants jew money. It's tiring.

Good for you. Keep up the hard work. Never give a fuck about what someone who wants to live like a prisoner thinks.

what is this, not an anti-trump thread?
do you wanna get saged and reported?

No one is going to save you jew.

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Well, my father almost became a Democratic house member, maybe I can succeed where he failed. I think I would make a convincing Demokike, but they are not really interested in heterosexual huwhite male candidates. If Trump actually uses the national emergency to build the wall, I join the republokikes instead. Either way, we all must be ready to make sacrifices to save our people, even if it means having to praise the (((Chosen))) ones.

Just keep sucking those dicks, you'll do fine, jew.

Jump off a bridge sheckelburgstein, don't let your nose stop you on the way down.

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Thank you but it is nearly impossible to continue alone. Really it's not easy to do it alone. But I can't trust people. I wish there were 20 people around me in driving distance who thought the same way but I have been doing this for almost 10 years now and other than being looked at as a curiosity I got nothing in the way of support or respect.

Only on the internet. That is the only place. And all those people are always far away and I dare not advertise my location. It's just awful. Hell people are so unprepared that I fear I will be a target for looters eventually. Hopefully they come single file instead of in a group. :/

The problem I presented here is a problem of organization and tribal formation in a hostile nation. Surrounded by unknown people. It is a problem ALL of us have. Here it is succinctly:

How the fuck do we organize in a way to simply LIVE let alone take back a bit of the nation and history we all lost? How do we do it without infiltration? How do we do it without being framed for some bullshit thing and attacked? How do those willing to learn and work together find those willing to teach and provide work? Really? How do we do it?

I could house and feed dozens of strong young people on my land…FOR FREE. I more or less know how to do it and have the resource but how do I find the good ones? I have never even met ONE. Or if I did they were staying quiet like I was unable to know if I was sympathetic to their cause…

This is the central question and the central issue that needs to be addressed. Of alllll the myriad shit discussed on these boards THIS VERY ONE is the make-or-break for the whole fucking race.

Here is what I have tried: Christian church. What a joke. Christcucks who want me to donate one of my animals to feed Mexicans and Niggers and let them live for free. Hell THEY WERE FAT and I'm supposed to give them my food!

Preppers groups: very secretive and closed off. Can't say I blame them. They didn't go to middle school with me so I'm an outsider but Juan valdez from 8th grade is good to go. Yawn. Nothing there.

Blue collar worker guys: the irrigation guy was a cool dude. I offer paid work and free hunting on my land. He says his brother I law IS A RETIRED MARINE! Nice! They hunt. They drink my moonshine and never call me back. No nothing from them. No "need help with that pig fence?". No "want to plant some deer corn and set up some stands for next fall"? Nothing. Hell the marine guy get this… Thought we were still on a gold standard! Wow… Just wow.

Neighbors are all OLD AS FUCK. And useless government GIBS retirees. Muh boat and muh prescription medicine. Useless and holding every small farm and house and land for miles in every direction. Not one single family with some kids. They are all packed into apartments in the cities. Mostly Mexicans.

The couple from the birth class: Get this! German girl from fucking Germany and American dude! Smart guy. Works construction. Dying to find a cheap place to live since he's got a baby on the way… BUT THEY ARE COMMUNISTS. Literally. They both said it. We. Are. Communists. I asked the German girl what about east Germany?! How? She just said the Russians were bad. It's Insane.

How about the Asatru guys? Varg and Northern man… Nope. Around me it's faggots and hippies wearing crystals and beating tamberines while smoking pot and talking about Thor…

You guys want to make a difference? You want to save your race then solve this problem. We need to start something that will draw in Whites. Something like military martial arts and fencing. Not the gook martial arts but EUROPEAN martial arts? Idk. Something completely unassailable by the press/libtard. I would do it but I don't know how.

How about replace the corrupted and destroyed Boy Scouts with a European outdoors club for young adults. Invite only… No applying or just showing up. Private club. Preech white culture and values around a fire like our forefathers did.

Iv been trying to find even ONE Family who would be interested. Pair it with a team homeschool program for kids… Invite only. No applying no nothing. I can't find anyone who does not simply give me a tired smile and tell me their daughter LIKES selling girlscout cookies with her friends.

This is the central issue from what I have seen. We fix it and we can organize.

There isn't many political parties as there is Democratic candidates.
It's not 1930-something you old Mac using windbag.

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Great idea… Everyone here is stuck on the "make some cash" part. Perhaps tell us your get rich quick idea? Trade crypto currencies? Work a shit job for an asshole then get replaced by a nog? Certainly college is not the answer! Tell us your easy secret to getting rich. You will need about 10 million Rock bottom to start a bank and get access to the FED'S prime rate loans. My guess is you will need more like 10x that. I called them and asked once long ago when I figured out how it all worked. Ha ha they laughed. So did I.

contact a (((bank)))
>approach another (((bank)))

Also starting a bank is surprisingly easy if you know how. Pic related is a pretty good start, it simplifies things a bit too much and is a little optimistic about the whole "less than a thousand dollars" part but it really doesn't take $10M. Not everyone here is a penniless NEET user, I never forgot where I came from.

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Op is either an underage fag or retarded or both. Anyone claiming to know THE TRUTH on Zig Forums is.

Instant jewish shill.
Doesn't work. They vet these people for their entire lives. You won't be able to fake a life's history, and their media complex will expose your true beliefs. Your plan fails instantly.

This country isn't going to last 5 years, let alone 10. And all while those following your "plan" are doing nothing, the kikes are hard at work.

The best plan to save the WHITE RACE is removing (jew).

Probably. If only because liberals are ever charging blindly into the brave new future and they aren't going to even have breaks due to the immanent demographic demise of the Republican party.

What do liberals like anyway?
We can fool them like we will support their shit and let jews fund any of our parties and when the time is ready to strike we send our right wing death squads.

Very cool. I have never heard of anything like this before. The whole forged business document part? I know how to just start a real LLC but that company has no credit. And no income etc. How would I prove up a credit history? Corporate paper is easy… It's a background on their system that I don't see how to get.

As for the starting a bank part. Fuck yeah. I will check it out. I would love to borrow some massive wad of billions from the FED then just borrow. More from them when I run out.

Checking out that book. Kiwiland huh? Very nice! I will read it. I love that shit. Now how to register my NZ bank with the fed so I can fill its coffers with zero percent paper.

Dox and such are available on the darknet, just get on a market and find a reputable dealer. Here is a good starting point deepdot35Wvmeyd5.onion you can find market sites from there. There is a bit of a learning curve to this shit, you will need to sniff out reputable dealers from thieving cunts and you will need to be a little creative. I'm sure that if you have a white man's IQ and some determination it shouldn't be that much trouble.

This has been the most interesting thing I have read all week. Thanks again.

here is my objection
i am a mathematician and i have a simple question:

are you aware that we already have computing power and machine learning required to monitor and sort people out categorically and absolutely? are you aware that even the unborn are already on a list? are you aware that every website you visit, every electronic habit you have, all of your phone gps and microphone data is logged in and written down somewhere, and then processed by 100.000 lines of code algorithm no.1 so an algorithm no.2 which may be 200.000 lines of code can put you in an appropriate category? im not paranoid schizophrenic, i merely worked on some of these algorithms, its what (some) university mathematicians do these days
the only way to get into good goy club is to be actually brainwashed

no, what has to be done is (peaceful) separatism and setting up of parallel institutions
paramilitary, para industry and production, para neighborhoods, you gotta find a fresh water source and start building from the bottom up with total independence of the outside world for its functioning, exactly like a military base is supposed to be set up

we should be gathering skills and experience, mainly technical, medical and combat experience, and we should also centralize white nationalist culture a bit, make it more formal, its too loose these days, not everyone read mein kampf, not everyone is familiar with the works of dr. pierce, not everyone can articulate biological arguments for white nationalism and people still fall for social 'science' jewery without even realizing the utter lack of scientific method in these social 'sciences' which basically sprung out of nowhere just to discredit the course of 20th century (unpolluted) biology (mainly genetics) and its societal implications

so no, what we should be doing is becoming skilled professionals and accumulate capital and relevant skills
kinda like india and best korea who carried out covert nuclear programs and now basically they are nuclear states and there's nothing no one can do about it
final phase would be total war and the conquest of the globe which is my interpretation of the 14 words, but that would come centuries later

1) codify/solidify white nationalist creed
2) accumulate relevant skills and capital to break off and set up parallel society (this could take centuries)
3) declare totalen kireg when ready, finish the hitler's war
it is up to us to make sure the hitler's war is still going on, we are its soldiers whether we serve it in this weird phase where we are required to be aeronautical and petrolium engineers or cardiovascular surgeons or later on as drone squadron commanders or who knows what the future is

You think redpilling the masses will take a longer time than getting hundreds of anons into political positions?

Posting in a psy-ops thread designed to prevent war against another traitorous act performed by Congress. "Be patient, goyim. Start the revolution from within in 5 or 10 years. Not now."

Does not work, dumbass.
Government agencies already know who you are and you will not be able to infiltrate anything.
If you join them, soon you will understand that you are (((them)))
All they did was cooperation and got rich as tribalism is in their blood. Whites are too individualistic and betrayed each other but the ones who will win out of this will be the jews. Problem is that we have traitors and they can trust each other because they have lineage and the traitor-jews will be just exterminated (because the tribe will notice them) and they won't have much influence.
if you want to make a movement you need people who you can trust 100%.

Power is for those who take it. Every institution the jew took over must be taken back, or made irrelevant by something better, otherwise we are just leaving the gun that will kill us on the table..

Jews rock! If they’re so powerful let’s teach our kids to be just like them: kind, accepting, attentive to matters of past and future!

We can pretty much do this now. I mean, we all talk to eachother on the dl anyway, so the policy decisions will be pretty simple and if you're unsure just hit up a bad goy and ask him yourself for his opinion.

This is how the politicians do it now. They all go to the same schools and meet at the same parties.

Whites are too passive and disorganized to do anything that will bring about actual change. The fact that there's even people on here pathetically going "next time we need to vote for someone better than Drumpf!" only emphasizes that.

Lone wolf attacks only make things worse. Even group attacks against any kind of gathering of jews/blacks/hispanics/muslims would make things worse. You can't have a small percentage of the white population trying to bring about change. You need *most* of the white population to bring about change. By the time most wake up, it'll already be far too late.

Leftists are pedophiles, but not in the sexual molester sense. At least… not exactly. Not often. Not enough to make pointing out sexual manipulations profitable. When sacred leftist leadership came out in favor of media censorship and cracked down on porn, I messed this up due to my understanding of how badly society rots when sexual impulses are systematically repressed and sexual candor falls out in punishment.

The thing with the left is that, just like antisemites, leftists are hateful liars who don’t particularly value integrity, only the preservation of their screamingly uncreative religion, and all the miserable atomization it enforces on people. They’re fun police who enjoy their misery too much to understand that their prior cultural success was based on not doing that kind of thing. They weren’t religious before and used to be a lot of fun! They didn’t sacrifice much then and they don’t sacrifice much now. They wouldn’t sacrifice pleasures that felt good before, now they won’t sacrifice a sanctimony that feels good even if it would make them happier and more prosperous.

I have more sympathy for that than it sounds like. Have you ever gone from self-pleasure to self-righteousness, beer reader?

The pedophilia thing - the love of children thing - is that just like conservatives used to believe, the way to indoctrinate the creativity out of a culture so it doesn’t protest enslavement to hedonistic leadership is to treat children as the only valuable people whose experiences matter.

Jews meanwhile have indeed sacrificed a ton, and their result is… favorable! But not actually society-controlling. OP is just kind of a dipshit.

The problem with child focused politics can be summarized like this: firstly, the left has a historic obligation to gather the fringes and for everyone’s peace it’s best they do it sincerely; secondly, a senolytic drug has passed initial human trials and there will be more of its kind in years to come. Condemning all to death in order to raise some new crop of people to manipulate would be too evil for most of the villains of human history; we can count on it not happening today.

Sad about that semitic first post
Have a bump

Bump again niggaah

fuck, i feel really bad for you reading that. find a girl worth your love and make babies.

This, honestly…who the fuck thinks that 'voting' works to do anything…it is funny though, you made me laugh.

And subhuman trash

Mathematician dude we need more people thinking like you do. I don't think I am as 'peaceful' about our genocide as you are but I would like allies like you because you have the capacity to reason.

Another FarmerAnon here. I have found the same scenario. I have a large farm, with livestock and gardens - we produce for ourselves and surplus for local markets. I have tried to give other white guys a shot at working here, in return for housing and food (even a stipend) - unfortunately everyone to a cuck failed to work out. Lazy, degenerate and not even able to see it in themselves. All just want an easy life, not a better life. It's depressing fam, I gotta say. But this isn't to say they're all this way, it's just most white men worth a shit are already successful enough, by societies standards, and don't see a need to rebel from the norm and free yourself of the kosher. It's a clever trap the kikel have built. They consider their hands "clean" because we all have the choice to say "thanks moshe, but I'll try this on my own, owing you no thing" but so few will except the hardship that entails. Even those who are "woke" (fuckoff kew larpers) still cling to the beautiful lies

Still no real life networking and tribalism. Never ending larping, nazi faggots and incel whining.

(((they))) still havent starting hunting us down with death squads yet, we are merely suppressed when it comes to speaking, judea still isnt ready for totalen krieg of their own and this amount of civil liberties we still have gives us some sort of breathing room

i think that maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea to set up a dummy civil rights and liberties advocacy group, civil liberties would be beneficial to all groups who arent in power yet and give us more breathing room for obtaining necessary skills and capital, and also freedoms to use said skills and capital in setting up more covert organizations, infrastructure, bases, things for the actual goal

advocating for freedoms and rights of all groups would at the same time be 100% kosher AND slow down judea and also easy to stomach by the general public


Thanks, I'm glad I didn't have to spend extra seconds here

We've got 2020 coming up. Join a political campaign and work on social media or cuttings signs around. Make a fake resume with social media experience at a previous job or whatever else they do. That would be an excellent first step.

Don't forget if you try to get your own campaign going, and AIPAC spies begin to ask about your position on Israel, tell them you are pro-Israel. More often than not (by design) the pro-Israel candidates will get in.

Whites networking IRL without the Nazi cucks.

But none of care about Whites, just larping for the Jews.

What are you paying? In North Dakota, I need to pay out $90k minimum to get worthwhile guys. Trust me, a man will work hard for $100 an hour. Really, anyone who pays less than $90k a year shouldn't be able to complain about lackluster employees.

Put it into perspective, the perspective of young white men. Consider the following: you just graduated high school with good grades, good college offers, parents on prescription opioids, msm is the only news source of everyone around you, video games are your only hobby, and the guys who aren't going to college are the ones who were too incompetent to get good grades in a system designed not to fail. This is almost all young whites in 2019. So, why should they live off the land and work wood with you? Epic foodz? Chicken (based) memez? Tractor turbo timez? Nah. You can't compete with the alternatives. You will get the bottom of the barrel, the ones with no other options in life. You aren't getting the engineers with options, and you never will.

You need to improve to compete. The reality is that modern women expect the living standards of boomers, even if that standard of living was only possible for a few decades in US history. Worthwhile white men understand this. Change your business plan. Invest in something like "wood CNC" where creative men can make 100,000s of marketable products weekly and be able to afford a wife off your property. Baring that, make working for you an adventure. Plenty of young whites will live in Thailand for $15k a year to teach English, but they wouldn't work for you. Why?Do something amazing, like building an arc.

Beat the competition, or you will be outcompeted. Nature doesn't erase, it replaces.

Stopped reading right there. The only way forward is political violence.

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fuck off siegefag

Aw, are you afraid? Death is my friend. Death is my ally.

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do you really think we can achieve anything civically?
what are you? an alt righter?

Intimidation is always good, user. I just don't eat babies.

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who the hell told you ythat
you dont have to get into o9a or liber 333
none of that is required

why is it on the reading list of Universal Order, then. Why is every fucking edgy Atumwuffun xd twitter and gab account littered with degeneracy?

Ironmarch fucking died when Slavros introduced that piece of shit book.

The best plan to save the White Race (outside of Ethnoglobe) is this:

Still bumping this, huh?

so you're a civic nationalist?
got it

I bet you haven't even read any other book on National Socialism other than Mein Kampf.

Attached: fuccin beech.png (800x715, 195.95K)

The Butler Plan.

Nice plan. You're not the first to suggest this. In fact, White nationalists have been trying this since Rockwell's days.

Go for it.

She was a hero and didn't even comprehend it.
If there were just 6 Nasim's and they got together and planned a series of substantial assaults on (((censorious corporations))) with a plan to destroy them financially and to assassinate their leadership, the jew and their collaborators would fear us. And from fear comes power.

And if 2 dozen Nasims then directed their violence against the System, then the entire monstrous structure would collapse and our race would rise from the ashes to retake our rightful place as rulers of our own lands.

Attached: Speaking their language Nasim.png (800x1200 1.73 MB, 187.49K)

FarmerAnons I believe your hearts are in the right place but you are failing to look at things from multiple perspectives. This causes you to reflexively fall back on toxic Boomer tropes like "young White men are lazy, they just don't want to work".

You are offering room and board, and "possibly" a stipend, for what?! For these young laborers to spend their prime working years building YOUR equity in your land! What a ridiculous assumption that they should be glad to take this arrangement!

I myself would be open to such an opportunity but not for serf/slavelike compensation. Give me a fucking break! I have a car payment and other monthly bills like any other human being. But you expect me to work for free??? So you want me to have no transportation no savings, and to be 100% dependent on you and your whims. How do I know I can trust YOU? How do I know you won't change course at some point, kicking me off your property and leaving me with nothing to show - no resume, no savings, no rental history, no credit, and nowhere to go! You are asking young White men to put their entire lives in your hands based on blind trust, and you are surprised that only lowlife degenerates are interested?

This is why farms were traditionally run by families. A young man who knows he will someday inherit the farm and all the equity he is helping to build, will be a lot more motivated than a guy who only gets a cot in the barn and three square meals a day.

Why are you guys so delusional? You sound just like boomers.

I would be a dream come true for someone like you because I am whip-smart, physically fit, honest, and highly motivated. But I would never agree to your one-sided terms. I can easily do computer work and make enough to cover all my bills plus another couple thousand to save for my future or to build a business with. You can't offer anything close to that, so stop expecting people to do your work for free and then bellyaching about "lazy White men".

Fucking cop a clue and get realistic. There are millions of opportunities in this world and if you want to attract quality talent you have to offer something commensurate to their abilities AND compete with other potential employers. But no, you expect young men to come waste their lives working on your farm, doing hard physical labor, with no social life, uncomfortable and primitive conditions, no chance to meet any women, and no way to save any money for their futures. And you have the temerity to call them lazy!

If you disagree then defend yourselves. What do you have to say for yourself? Are you just typical boomer assholes or am I missing something?

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Nasim was an Iranian nigger

She shot (((Google))) employees.

Attached: They can't censor us.png (640x475, 615.02K)

If you replace the word judenfrei this is pretty much what is going on right now. You basically just stole the jewish platform user. oy vey

In 20-30 years the US will be well below 50% white. How can you salvage your people after you have already been replaced?

Balkanization, stabilization, and regrowth is the one pathway still open for whites in the US. All others have been closed by time.

why are you so proud of your retarded half measure beliefs?
if i didn't know any better, id say you're making this shit up

The only plan is killing high value targets, and SUPPORTING, VOCALLY, those who kill high value targets. The more these 2 things happen, the more momentum builds. Then, the enemy either runs away, or everything goes ham so even normies can get in on the purging. Think people are getting killed in France right now? Bunch of anonymous looking people running around in a lawless environment like that? I fucking guarantee those frogs are killing people, but probably not anyone worthwhile yet.

inb4 glowinthedark. nope, just a regular guy who will say what no one else will, and what history has proven: Murder works, and we all long for it, so let's go already.

Attached: violence game.jpg (506x442, 23.29K)

You are very much on the money with that post and your thoughts. I believe I stated that the white guys worth a damn can easily make enough to maintain comfort within this (((modern society))). My point is that none but the rare (0.001%) few could survive that system going away suddenly. No more electricity, no more running water, no more computers. What then? Think it will never happen? I bet those living in the cities within the Ukraine in the 90s thought they could depend on the infrastruture as well. I completely understand where you are coming from, it does seem one-sided in favor of the Landowners, it always has.

All I can say to you, user, is that I am not looking to rack up the karma fucking over my help. I'm sorry that a man's word has to be backed up with a credit rating, but I've never tried to make anyone a "serf". All i meant with the "possibly a stipend" is that none have been willing to work many hours past paying for room and board. I'm not giving away charity. I have the land, i could sell it and probably see a Wal-Mart pop up within the year - but Id rather try and use it to actually create something. My dream is a community of small farms, working the 100 acres we have. It's not servitude I want, its a clean future for my sons. And you're right, they will work hard for this farm, knowing they will inherit it. It's just a shame that all people hold dear now is fiat currency. Not a good way of life, a healthy and honest way, but just money to get a big ass tv to put in the apartment in the dirty city.

>You are very much on the money with that post and your thoughts. I believe I stated that the white guys worth a damn can easily make enough to maintain comfort within this (((modern society)))

I'm the user you were replying to, and I appreciate your response. Sorry for being so harsh in my other post.

It's a frustrating situation for all involved. Myself, I'd like nothing better than to go learn farming and ranching skills on a piece of good land, and I'm trying to save enough money to do that but it's slow going. You already have the land but need more help. So we both have something the other wants or needs but it's only the terms that are hard to agree on.

The fiat systems sucks for sure but right now it's necessary. Most men are going to need money for things they can't get any other way - guns, ammo, a good 4x4, clothing, occasional medical/dental care, not to mention a bit of savings for a rainy day. I am not willing to do without those things because it's far too risky to be caught with your pants down in today's world.

One aspect of this is that I (and I'm speaking for many anons here I'm sure) have skills around web development, marketing, etc that could potentially help a farm turn a decent profit, or could help people sell the goods they make. Most high-quality White men are much more than just a strong back to bale hay. The sum of your farm could be greater than its parts with a strategic partnership.

100 acres is a lot of land, at least to me. In a theoretical agreement, I would be very much interested in a deal where you section of three or four good acres for me, and help me build my own dwelling there, in return for my labors on the greater project. It could be a vesting process, where after 5 or 10 years you contractually have to deed me those acres. That would give me the incentive I need to work my balls off for you and to make the whole thing a bigger success than it otherwise would have been. With a contract, my interests would be legally protected and so would yours because I am giving you the agreed work up front before you have to give me anything.

I would much rather find an arrangement like that than to sit in a cubicle and live in an urban apartment, but it simply has to be the right win-win deal because I'm not stupid. Men much younger than myself would probably agree to easier terms because they can afford to fail, and still have time to get back on the horse. But those men are going to be more flighty and unpredictable and hard to pin down.

With a little tinkering I'm sure deals could be reached that both parties would be very happy with, but you would have to be willing to give up equity in your property. In your case, 3 acres is only 3 percent of your holdings.

I wish there was some mechanism to connect people like this. I have looked for caretaker opportunities. But again there is the problem that if I have no fiat in my pocket, and the landowner turns out to be a jerk and kicks me out because his new wife doesn't like me or some bullshit, then I'm left high and dry. I have to protect myself just like you do.

Good luck to you, don't give up trying to find help, but please try and make the deal more attractive from their side of the table.


how did you learn all this stuff and how long did it take? sounds like a dream

None of these plans are going to work and the white race won't be saved by someone who browses this shithole of a board.

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you know what, I think it just might

Me too.

Agreed, brother. And it's not murder. They are trying to exterminate us. This is war.
Everything we do in defense of our race is morally justified.

The judeo world order is not invincible. Knock out the right individuals and destroy the right institutions and the entire fragile network of control of theirs will collapse. From there it's just a matter of nature taking her course.

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OP is 100% right.

I endorse this plan, heavily.

Just to be clear.
We own nothing. Jews have the finance, economy, medias, etc.
In ten years, we cross the tipping point in demographics and start becoming a minority.

Ok. Who is that cretin?

OP is a subversive kike.
Violence is THE only solution that works. Anything else will fail.
Kill all jews.
Kill all of their supporters.

Just give up; this whole species is joyously doomed and will sincerely enjoy its obsolescence.

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And yes, Mr. Fed, we also plan on blowing up federal buildings as well.
Mein Gott Zig Forums has gone to shit.

The problem we have is that we often try to lock ourselves into a single plan of action instead of running multiple plans concurrently.
For example, those who can form businesses and hire White people should do that, and those that can get rid of powerful and dangerous enemies so do that also. Neither of them should acknowledge the existence of the other, nor should they make any political or racial motives clear. This would mean that Whites can start grouping together under businesses while the (((established order))) is under siege and paralyzed by chaos.

Just realized that what I said pretty much amounts to:

Open association in your area, accept only white, teach science, engineering, good values.
Make your people less ignorant and then they will realize how far they get fucked.