Checks google

Haitian immigrant beheads lady and gets shot and killed by police. I have the exclusive photos and the video. Confirmed on SPD blog, it's real, and the black out on this is real. Can we fucking do something to get this out there or are we just a buncha useless nigger kikes in 2019?

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I'll give you a bump, spread this shit on twatter and jewtube.


Kill immigrants AND women. Women are never the victim.

You call this news?

Do it yourself faggot

could've sworn i saw this story earlier today, weird

Didn't you post them in this thread?

i was wondering what that spic thought looked like with her head attached to her body

some other unrelated thot paid a toll and this story was posted in that thread, which the mods later deleted for some reason
it's not in the board log, probably got shoah'd along with one of the ip wide shoah's

Leftypol considers this thread bourgeois and reactionary.

who cares? Pro-tip: leftypol is filled with bourgeoisie and pseudo-revolutionaries. Only NatSocs are real revolutionaries and friends of the working class.

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anyone got her name? would be fun going through her social media

that's it

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Go away newfag. Paid.

The state of things;
Sheriff's Office searching for missing 6-year-old
Child; He has brown eyes and black hair that is cut short on the side and styled in a box-cut on top.
Suspect; Authorities said he has black hair, brown eyes, a gold tooth and a "dark" mark under his left eye as a result of a fight.
pic related;

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What an amazing painting.

i wish i could have dreams like this painting

What dreams may come

Clown world.


I wish I could, I pray I can, help you live that dream one day, son, or if not you, then those who will follow after us.

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Thread with images from 4cuck

Nice OC user

Looks unusually light-skinned for a Haiti negro. Also, the cop was yelling in Spanish. Haitians speak some sort of broken form of French. You sure he wasn't Dominican negro?

Does the kid and gramma have a knife loicense?

thank you.

White people have always had a soft spot for animal and plant life haven’t they?

Amazing painting btw.

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You didn't need one back then m8.

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Its because of empathy, a trait which evolution dictated the European people would demonstrate to a greater degree than most others. If we did not, we would not have survived.
Our enemies employ it against us, but we cannot lose it - it is one of our greatest strengths, even if at times it acts as one of our greatest weaknesses.

Evola explained that "reactionary" is nothing more than an empty buzzword to shut people down. Much like racist, bigot etc. Who cares user, at least you react to something.

I was surprised this isn't going more viral. That was one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen.


It's the fullest expression of his culture. Haiti makes it look like a fucking joke. That's the sentiment to communicate to everyone, don't ever fucking relax.

So sad, a mudshark got beheaded.

Wow, I just caught this bit in the video description…

So, an adult couple and two children stood by while this transpired. Wow.


Fucking niggers

Thought about going that route with a version, but too grotesque.

Checked for does anyone speak whatever language that is?
I wanna know what the fuck he's saying at them.


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It's comical that anyone would even need to explain a basic common word with a suffix attached to it. On a related note, if you don't react to stimuli, then you are not fucking alive.

Paid in full

Creole probably. Also looked like an island spic to me from the video.

Look at that beautiful cheese hunk, and the grandma is slicing a piece of bread off the way I remember my Gran doing it.
Actual tear in my eye for what was lost. It makes me so sick to contemplate this.
It was thrown away so a rich professor could feel good about themselves.
Just like Wilson wanted to feel good about himself and invaded Mexico twice and got us in WWI and ethnically-cleansed German-Americans to feel good about his own rich ass, how generous and reformed he was.
My hatred of the Left grows day by day.

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Pull dat triggah
On deh fukkin niggah


Where does it say they're Haitian?

Doesn't sound like French to me.

TORtard shill alert!


cops did a good job

Don't forget the pics!

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lol, these retards always learn the hard way

The fat, old cow looks like a spic to me. Probably deserved it tbh.

The second pic reminds me Masaokis' apartment.

Where does it say they're Haitian? people are asking me this.

You should have stopped at
Go away. This is a halfchan-tier post. Where are the mods?

Video here

Based officer 2 saving tax payers money.

Doesn't even need text, it tells its own story. Roasties can hang it on their wall. It is jewish "art" after all.

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Kike, we can see you glowing up there in Langley.


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Why aren't the cunts releasing the shitskin whore's name? Oh that's right, no one gives a fuck about shitskins killing each other.


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two useless pieces of shit were killed and we can use it to our own case as an example of a nig migrant nigging and thus migrants are bad for a healthy nation.
It's a win-win situation

[b]TOLL PAID[/b]

Check this triptych you fags

He was just trying to release the demons. These things happen. You'll get used to it. Calm down, racist.

This is fucking amazing, it's my first time seeing a criminal get shot like that. Whoaa

The truth is "nobody" cares anymore it's just another killing of a white woman by a shitskin. Same shit different day as everything gets worse and normalfaggots bleat to the bread and circuses, trying to fit in with each other and the kiked media.

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she doest look White. she is latino and/or middle eastern

Haitian? He looks and sounds like a Dominican spic. Either way the dems just lost a voter. Build the fucking wall already.

>wealth belongs to (((oligarchs)))

Just like with jews, Rothschilds get wealth, Netanyahu gets power, ordinary jews piss their pants because palestinian children throw rocks at them.

That grain wasn't poisionous back then. It's not the same dough as hotpocket crust, I'll tell you that much. Look how no one is fat in that pic.

I live 10 minutes from where this happened. I read the paper everyday, and read loc blogs. Ive seen the video. Not a peep here.

Sounds better in French.

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how does this even work?

how does that thought come into his mind?

Whether toll has been paid doesn't matter, the retribution still is in swift demand.

That obese hag is not even close to a milf. Anyway he probably cut her head off because she rejected his offer off 40 dollars to marry him and get him citizenship.

whatver, what's the motivation? i think threatening to machete off her head would be enough for marriage

It's difficult to uncover the rationale behind the behavior of a chimp user. Just chalk it up to a nignog doing what nignogs do.

If I was in my meme facility I'd add in a cap of the nigger looking down the barrel of the police gun, and the knife.
Removing any "but it might not have been him" gaslighting opportunity.

she probably wanted to trade him in for a newer model straight off the boat because feminism, and he clarified to her why her dream didn't match reality.