Fascist Forge, the newest online breeding ground for neo-Nazi terror cells, has been taken down

Why are (((they))) so determined to shut us down? I can somewhat understand (I disagree but…) why far right opinions are banned on forums that multiple ideologies share but why can't we have our own forum where we keep to ourselves? Why am I not allowed to have certain political opinions?


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.Org is owned by icann so they can shut it down easily.

Stay perpetually triggered, gigakikes.

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do not support vice with your clicks

This is DNS fuckery being enacted by their dns registrar, dreamhost, not ICANN
( dreamhost.com/ )
This site should not have chosen such a kosher dns registrar considering the content.

The entire DNS system is kiked but the actual registrar is the one who places these domains in questionable status's that make it difficult to transfer to a less kosher registrar. This is the same thing that happened to dailystormer, who placed their domain name on fucking google of all things who then placed it in this status.

Eventually if they aren't retarded they'll be able to transfer to somewhere else.

In the end, it's best not to rely on the DNS system at all, and to use tor / .onion addresses instead.

Fascist Forge was literally Anti-Christian. I have no problems with Pagans, but they promoted an extremely divisive ideology that even regular National Socialists couldn't stomach.

I admit I got it wrong.

Was there even anyone from the old Ironmarch involved in the website? I remember looking through it before the new year and it just seemed like bunch of random Atomwaffen autists and assorted edgelords that aside from the UI, didn't seem like Ironmarch at all.

literally never heard of it.


They jews will never let us have anything

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Literally has nothing to do with our laws eurojew.

Man I had conflicting feelings on IM, some days I thought it was great and others I thought it was just a autistic LARP fest. I stopped visiting the site after the AWD drama & bullshit rolled out in early 2017.

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You able to read?

wtf is the story behind that dude.

It isn't divisive if there was never a "we" to begin with.

Lone wolf action is immune to a honeypot you retard.

>Why are (((they))) so determined to shut us down?

In 1932, Germany was a broken and thoroughly defeated former power. It had been savaged and blockaded, occupied and raped by African niggers under French colors. It was worse than broke, it was so deep in (((debt))) that the German people were clearly destined to be slaves for a million years. The banks and other scum had Deutschland by the balls and knew it. Worse, Berlin had been deliberately converted into Gomorrah. War widows sold their asses on Unter den Linden with their underage daughters in matching whore costumes. Pregnant whores sucked foreign and nigger dick on Marienstrasse. Jews pimped out children and midgets and amputees and boy pussy in every club in Kreuzberg. The German press was owned by kikes. Thirty percent of German lawyers were Jewish, as were huge numbers of "German" doctors, politicians, and civil servants. Jewish communists had tried to overthrow the government in the brief civil war in the early '20s, and the forces of international kikery were looking forward to a comfy communist victory in the polls no later than 1936, after which Germany would settle in and be a good, obedient little Soviet puppet, where churches were knocked down and races freely mixed.

Then Hitler came to power.

Within five years, the National Socialist state had abolished multi-party democracy and rounded up the whores, pimps, perverts, degenerates, pornographers, lazy welfare cheats, and other drains on society. Know-it-all lefty economists lost their jobs preaching marxism in German universities and Jews were kicked out of legal and medical practice. They were deprived of their power bases. At the same time, Germany had reoccupied both the Ruhr and the Rhineland, canceled its reparations, and defaulted on its debts to international Big Capital. Worst of all, the Reichsbank issued a new currency, one not backed by gold or silver (which were held by Jews in London and New York), but by German labor.

Why are the managers of our culture now suppressing even the whisper of this time? Because it worked. It all worked beautifully.

By 1938, there wasn't a dangerous street in Germany. Old grandmothers could walk home from the bank with their pockets bulging with cash, and nobody would accost them. Women were safe in public and happy at home with their children, where the Reich had encouraged them to go by making their paid work unprofitable. Men had guaranteed employment in either the military or the labor corps. After graduating from school, young Germans could get married right away – the young man got a two-year job that paid a living wage, the wife got massive support from the community for bearing children, including medals, and the couple got a lump payment to help them get set up in a house of their own.

Once moved in, the new family paid on the mortgage until the children were born. For every child born in wedlock, the state forgave 25 percent of the mortgage. When the fourth child was delivered, the house was free and clear. Additional children brought subsidy. Welfare was reorganized into the Winter Relief, which encouraged charitable giving, rather than collectivizing the wealth of rich Germans. People felt proud of themselves again. They felt alive. It was as if the German people had at last been unified into a big family that looked out for its own and could face the world. Even as the German bellies were filling with food, the German heart was filling with hope.

In just a few years, German men were organized into the world's most formidable army. Two of them, if you count the Waffen SS. German science pioneered synthetic chemicals, materials, and fuel. German scientists developed jet engines and rockets. The nation suddenly, as if by magic, snapped to work and churned out war materiel and food and consumer goods and a rising standard of living from nowhere. Unemployment no longer existed. Huge public works sprang up in months, rather than decades. Nobody seemed to be angry anymore, since there weren't any more squabbles between labor and capital, or between the left and the right. Germany had come together culturally, politically, economically, and spiritually.

In the event, it took the combined power of global communism and capitalism to defeat the Reich, which had been a broken and helpless country just a decade before. This is the true power of the white ethnostate – with white men's imagination, work ethic, and hope for the future, we can do absolutely anything we dream of, starting with shaking off the Jew tyranny.

And the powers-that-be don't want you ever thinking about that.

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Usually the Jews are the ones putting up sites like Fascist Forge.

With siegefaggotry and all, that doesnt sound completely out of the question.

There are other kinds of incorrect than fascism.


Eating babies isn't the way to go in my personal opinion, slavros.

I would eat a 1000 babies if it meant winning


You might as well just join the Jews then because that is what they are doing.

Big yikes from me, mate.

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And that's why you'll lose

I’m pretty sure you can’t win by being a cannibalistic and pedophiliac degenerate.

pretty sure its also not a requirement, and its kinda silly how some people think that there are people out there who have zero morals, and zero things that they like or dislike. The jews act so high and mighty that they can do what others dont can do. But at the same time…they actually have their own preferences, just like everyone else has. Their own weaknesses of sorts. Because it makes sense doesnt it? If you actually believe in nothing and do everything, well then you have no coherent belief, no coherent belief and your group wont hold together. You have no identity of sorts. The jews are not superior, they are simply different, they have a preference for evil, but little do their realize, good has its own strengths at times.

Righteousness, stoicism, many of our own virtues shine in many great moments in time. And fail in others. Thieving, subversion, hating jebus and whites shine in their own moments in time, and fail in others. Reality has no real preference for anyone or anything. And the genes that carry these preferences invariably will fluctuate all over the place.

I think the only real way to win in the long term is to lose your identity still. So you can indeed be more adaptable. But the moment a cohesive group like the kikes does that, the moment they lose their power. As they now sometimes not only imitate the natsocs, but also act like them. Try telling that to your rabbi when your jew underlings prefer natural selection lore over the kaballah.

based and redpilled

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Can someone get me a source on that fucking webm?
How bad is the whole film?

This. What scares the jews most is voting straight Republican tickets.

>Why are (((they))) so determined to shut us down?
Because we're a threat to the System.

Because you're White.

Do you imply that we should drop the NS “Label” and “Idenity” while still maintaining and acting on its core ideals and values?

Never heard of it

Sheldon Adelson, Wall Street Jews and the military industrial jews would all love a straight Republican ticket, they have their tentacles in both major parties but departmentalized for different purposes


only those who are able, it takes maturity and experience to reach this stage in which you are able arent you? It probably also wont work since it requires secrecy, if the beginners knew what kind of Machiavellian crap we want to do, they would think twice wouldnt they?

But the entry to our way of being depends on "simply" things, hate for muslims, then you gradually feed them other kinds of lore, until they reach a higher level of understanding, then you feed them jew lore, then some other stoic lore or whatever. Maybe some non politically motivated history books or some other stuff as well…and then they could be able.

but yea, most of us are already in this kind of more here, I saw this kind of posting for…years now, I may be not late but certainly not the first to the party. But yea,

I am also theorizing that the reason why we do not have comprehensive, stable new ideologies in this age is because everything moves too fast these days. Instead of slow moving groups of people, learning one thing one day, and then another thing next month. We do it on a hourly basis here. That is why no coherent ideology will probably form ever again.

Its all just incremental adaptations, and responses to things happening outside. You cant call that ideology. For ideology to be allowed to form, things like this must be much slower going. Which is never going to happen again with the internet around.

The jews are losing everything, everywhere. They will be genocided this generation.
That is why they are desperately creating and them shutting down false "right wing" groups like that.
The jews lost. Their genocide will happen soon. And they, being deformed kikes with deformed brains, don't know what to do about it. And really, there is nothing that they can do about it.

Add unvis.it/ before an URL to get a text-only page without giving them clicks and tracking through you

That's unfortunate, the site had a good archive of Iron March infographics.

As every sensible nationalist should be. Christianity is Bolshevik cancer.

That's Sam Hyde you newfag


Its offline?

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Nice cap. Thanks.

Based rundown and white pull

Another Jew psy op gone.

Because even conversation and preaching the ideals of pro white movement represents the end of their power.

Never heard of them.
Dodged a bullet there.
Must be a jew-run affair.

Hail yourself, there.

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no, thank you

You're gonna have to explain that connection to me

and nothing of value was lost

Bolshevik communism in the spirit of jewish material revolution against the natural order uses the Christian concept of universal love after ruthlessly disposing of its pro family, pro life, pro property ideals to sell a fake moral paradigm to the the world that internationalism and race mixing is a righteous cause. However any Christian that isn’t a faggot l, or really any proper national socialist can break this concept down in the teachings of Christ by understanding that universal love is an empty value without a love of self (respect and reverence for family, marriage, property, racial homogeneity etc) Christianity realistically, divorced from its tradionalist teachings is nothing but a jewish tool to desecrate Gods creation. Any stupid fucking christcuck that denies this is a heretic
Racemixing is genetic modification, it is abomination of God in the same nature as transgenderism. Universal love without self love is a desecration of the Christ teachings. This is why all Christians are essentially hyper individualists and jews prey on them to push their policies while the foolish Christians actually believing they are honouring God in the name of (((universal love))) when really they are desecrating his creation. Your all going to burn in hellfire you braindead faggots


Just change dictionary
Fascism = Friendship
Final Solution = Cuddling Party
Jews = Irish Wife
Struggle = Lollygagging

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You're computer illiterate.

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Why not call them pangolins?

*Fascist Feds

Hitler was a Jew. The Jews won.

Even the Stormtards didn't like it.



Retards who cannot get White women to fuck them.

Wtf? I hate Hitler now.

I use uMatrix but I didn't take it into account.

Anyway, Fascist Forge is offline, is it because of the article maybe?

Word games like this if done for more than one or two words necessarily boxes you in to where only your exact group of friends and people getting paid to learn your language can even have a conversation with you. Obviously a big tent is bad, but if your only intent is to talk to your small group of chums then just fucking meet up instead of giving feds a window inside your heads.

Literally who

Kill yourself, OP.


Maybe you should stop larping and go read about something like Omagh, realize that there are optics in a revolution and eating babies means less people willing to die for your cause, which is bad.

Great post, really nice

Great cap too, into the hivemind it goes

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You mean regular christards couldn't stomach.
Christianity has been divisive since day one, you bloody nut.
— Jesus prefers vanilla!
— No! Our Lord is a strawberry man!
— I cannot stand such heresy any longer! Diiiie!!


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Your spam / bait attempt is pretty obvious. Just report posts like tha tanons.

Going to report to the Jews faggot. If you have force Nazicuckery then maybe no one likes it.

Excellent post.

It was a nice attempt by (((paid{JIDF} actors))) to create an environment that would entice dupes to commit or attempt to commit violent crimes that could then used to justify cracking down on "digital centers of hate".

They sure love their kings.



Kikestainanity is literally poison. Jew worshipping semitic dessert cults belong nowhere near pro-european interests.

That reads like you have brain damage.

Nice numbers.
Have some brutal Screenaps of the depravity of Weimar., Also you ought to go into the popularity of sex murderer novels and movies and stories called Lustmord, the bar for underage prostitutes on break that served only pastries and lemonade and drugs like cocaine and opium used openly at the tables.
Or what about the homeless peter pan faggot gangs that robbed homes, whored themselves out and lived in abandoned buildings? Or the weird as fuck sex cults?

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This is a paid jewish shill.

Keep making excyses for that mental poison and castration.
For example think what bastard corrupt cult allows bad deeds to be bribed away (Catholicism).
Now you can start yammering about some "superior" sect of the other thousands.

Good fucking post!

Paid jewish shill.

fag die in fire

It's a real shame. The jews have worked overtime getting pagans and christians to hate each other. You can even see their work in this thread.

As if pagans and Christians don't have beef without involving Pharisees. Christianity is shilling worship of A JEW as creator and savior.

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Is there anyway to avoid being shoa'd? I mean even if you host your own shit, ICANN still controls domain registration…

Because National Socialism which was mobilized is the only movement which could win a war with intelligence agencies in America to gain power away from plutocrats. So they shut it down quick because it's the ideology which threatens their lives the most if taken seriously.


Problem is trying to get people on our side.

I've never heard of this.
They shut it down?
I never got to go to the website.
bummer dude.

dubs checked
That's some pretty degenerate shit there user

Oh no, now the FBI, DHS, and ATF won't try to arrest each other in a hilarious circlejerk involving absolutely zero actual National Socialists