The First Swedes were Niggers


Okay, let's settle this. 11,000 years ago, immigrants arrive in Scandinavia as the Ice sheet retreats. The claim is that the natives were niggers and the immigrants had 'light skin'. The article says that "this is how it COULD HAVE happened", which means they don't know shit.

Professor of Genetics, Mattias Jakobsson of Uppsala University THINKS that "the first group of pioneers came from the south and settled in Skåne and Bohuslän as the ice sheet retracted." So, again, they have no fucking clue, but alright. Light skinned people came to Scandinavia and met literal Ice Niggers here.

The article then states that there are no skeletons of this first wave of immigrants in Sweden (lol). Okay, great, no evidence. Let's move on.

At the same time, (((archeologists))) SUSPECTS another wave of immigrants coming from the north and way of Russia. They were the ones that brought superior technology, which there is evidence of. Mattias Jakobsson says that these people had "light skin…blue and brown eyes," lots of combinations. This is literally Aryans migrating north. However, this article (and clips of the show) still believe in the MUH AFRICA CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION myth.

The article says that the two waves of immigrants from the south and north quickly form an alliance. And then the article thinks that everyone lived in a happy paradise together, because the native Ice Niggers had to 'evolve' light skin. Lol, what really happened is that the Aryans fucking exterminated all the Ice Niggers. Plain and simple.

Further down, they confirm this from having analyzed the bones of some old woman found in the Bohuslän area. They couldn't extract DNA (go figure, no evidence), but they the bones PROBABLY had traces of both west and eastern genetics (i.e., Aryans).

SO, this is absolute kek kino shit. They have no fucking clue and actually confirm the arrival of Aryans that wipe out Ice Niggers.

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I hate the obsession with niggers, the most useless people on earth. I would pay good money to never hear again another shred of their existence. ScienceTM lost all credibility the moment it started publishing Wakanda fanfiction instead of science. That's actually what it is As a scientist and someone who has contributed to peer reviewed studies, I feel sick. I mean, I could pull better shit out of my ass.


It's just a reiteration of the whole "race is skin deep". Yes, these WHG seem to have been somewhat more tanned than modern Europeans => they were niggers with blue eyes!
Pic related are older reconstructions, they looked nothing like niggers, they were robust Europids, very genetically diverged from negroids. It's only in the last two years that they are starting to push more heavily with the propaganda.

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They may as well just start writing Starcraft lore into these overly regarded pieces of toilet paper.

oook, why haven't actual niggers developed any advanced socialdemocracy which, while more than a little cucked, would work just fine if only natives were involved?
why haven't they sailed and discovered new lands?
why haven't they raided and terrorized known lands?
why do they smell bad?


Oops, I found the unedited version. Looks like they had to tone it down a bit before publishing.

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SVT is a far left rag.
For centuries, niggers had nothing to steal so they turned white and intelligent but the ones in Africa didn't.
We're all the same. One Love.

Is there an echo in here?

With all the push that we wuz all niggers in the past… does that mean that niggers are just a living fossil that stayed behind in evolution?
Really though, it's completely wrong. The modern niggers that we have in Africa are actually as divergent from proto-humans as anyone else. Their dark skin is the most evident proof we did not "evolve from niggers" - look at most mammals living in hot climates, they have pale skin and are hairy. Niggers developed dark skin as a later, separate adaptation for hot climate and sunlight after we all had lost most of our body hair - evolution is one way only (and that's not accounting for the fact they mixed with yet another species of hominid living in Africa).

Let's face it, kikes are nigger obsessed because that actually is "muh ancestor" to them. I wanna know why they think the people who migrated out of Rapefrica were black. There is no reason to assume that…they were most likely Whites saying "muh neighborhood". It is the original case of White flight and it never stopped. We built something beautiful and the half niggers and kikes destroyed everything.

Being a nigger is to be against progress.

Fuck off to the oven you stupid fuckin yid

La Brana man looks pretty much like Spanish actor Jordi Mollà Perales, ability to tan included. It surely might be one of the least politically-motivated depictions I have seen of pre-historic Europeans recently.

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I guess it depends on the country as well. Pic related is how they reconstructed the Villabruna man from Italy for instance. They are pushing it harder in north Europe it seems, especially in britain where they got as far as depicting a neolithic woman as some sort of pseudo-negroid too.

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I think this is the stupidest reconstruction I remember seeing.

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this tbh. this is more 'race is just skin color hurr durr' propaganda.

people tens of thousands of years ago had darker skin, that doesn't make them niggers though.

pretty much everyone from northern climates looked like more burly versions of their modern selves. pic related - japanese native from the northern climate there. looks like a more asian version of an aincient european nordic.

people from the south looked more niggerish. and intelligence followed this. northern people had to pretty much kill shit to eat and build shit to not die in the snow, where southern people could just eat fruit and get high on mushrooms all day whilst lying around in the more hospitable climates. which is another reason why extreme northern 'pagan' religions have far less psychedelic imagery than the southern ones with the exception of the Norwegian and Swedish faiths since shrooms grow fucking everywhere in norway and sweden.

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This reminds me how Ivan the Terrible's face was reconstructed in the USSR, from a well preserved skull. First he looked like an Engineer from Prometheus, lol, but after a (((peer review))) he was turned into a Chinese caricature the way tanned Spanish-like aboriginals of Northern Europe are portrayed as niggers.

You could probably do a better reconstruction if you smashed the skull of the kike that made that and reassembled the pieces. At least he probably has some amount of stolen European blood.

well Oase at least was genetically quite divergent from the root of Europeans, had also 10% recent neanderthal ancestry and would be slightly closer to modern east Asians, though essentially people like him died out
pic related is probably more acceptable, looks somewhat proto-asian

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just pick up the hammer and start reshaping Levi's face. Pay extra attention to that nose, too! We want it nice and flat.

Go for it.

nah neanderthals evolved there. fuck off rabbi you're not white and you're not a descendant of the *white* neanderthals.

Genetically unfit. You ever wonder why niggers like to slather their skin with moisturizer? Because shitskin blocks out necessary solar radiation needed to synthesize vitamin D. Sunlight becomes less concentrated and more spread out the higher latitude you go. Melanin blocks out what little light there is and suddenly you have a vitamin D deficiency and your bones are now brittle and your kids grow up with bow legs.

Reminder that none of these modellings are in any way reliable in the end.

SVT is just pure propagande these days.
Reminder that our "current year man" who has been okay uptil now did a full on replace the swedes show, including a dance and song on the subject.

At least he tried to get people less afraid of nuclear energy the week before, I guess this is his penance to (((them)))

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Don't forget they had denisovan and neander fucking in a cave for hundreds of thousands of years in siberia.

Neanderkikes were a middle eastern invasion into the northern and eastern lands.

It's funny the neander habitats all fall in line with the umayyad conquest. Never went too far north because the white giants killed them, didn't bother going south because you can't eat sand and fucked one monkey you fucked them all. They spread to the east and got them some yellow boipussi.

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I think that they were rather proto-Eurasians
Oase, Ust-Ishim, Tianyuan were most similar to East Indian tribes. I think that asians as a race are much younger than 40 000 years (there are also some asian related people in South-East-Asia who look like negroes). Similar to this, light skin color started to appear after 20 000 BC)

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This. Hope this truth will spread out. It is all about species war.

That map is terribly wrong for Cro-magnon, who evolved in central Asia steppes.
But it is correct for Neanderthals, semites ancestors.
Jews are pushing their genesis as universal.

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this has happened before; the swedes hathis muslim minister of culture or something, he comes up with these random stories regularly and he gets full support from the government. the last time he did this it was something about the vikings being muslims.

I remember that shit i was all because a viking tomb had a ring with an islamic symbol on it, instead of assuming it came from trade or plunder instead he said that the viking was a muslim.

Genesis says humans come from Mesopotamia you illiterate fuckwit

As I understand it, the 'Out of Africa' hypothesis has been pretty much refuted for more than 20 years now. Humanity originated in the Mesopotamian basin near the modern Persian Gulf.

Nope, asia was denisovan.

Genisis also said some faggot made a woman from a fucking man's rib. kill yourself.

I don't suppose you're well-versed in Biblical scholarship user. The closest modern word is 'biopsy', not 'rib'.

Oldest finds are in Morocco.

Not really, they are apparently literally underwater and rimming the modern Persian Gulf.


It is ok to kill current niggers. There is literally nothing wrong in killing niggers and other shitskins.

ITT: uneducated rubes attempt to argue with historians using unsourced infographics

archaeological papers fairly recent. i'll try to dig it up user. keep the thread bookmarked, i'm busy with school atm.

*according to establishment dogma which ignores findings of ancient history from the past many decades

>(((scientific))) article
White people were created from dust by God 6000 years ago anyways; we didn't even evolve from niggers

What findings?

proof? there is abundant, ample evidence homo sapiens sapiens has been around for several tens of thousands of years, possibly more than 100'000 years. i'm not critiquing your basic position about 'descent' (there isn't descent between races btw), merely the wild conjecture of that age of humanity.

Yeah apparently the entire prehistoric world was niggers when whites descended from their space ships and took over.

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"Fossils recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco have rocked one of the most enduring foundations of the human story: that Homo sapiens arose in a cradle of humankind in East Africa 200,000 years ago.
Archaeologists unearthed the bones of at least five people at Jebel Irhoud, a former barite mine 100km west of Marrakesh, in excavations that lasted years. They knew the remains were old, but were stunned when dating tests revealed that a tooth and stone tools found with the bones were about 300,000 years old.
Hublin said the extreme age of the bones makes them the oldest known specimens of modern humans and poses a major challenge to the idea that the earliest members of our species evolved in a “Garden of Eden” in East Africa one hundred thousand years later.

But also this:

"The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.
Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.
But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago."

first one is interesting, i'll try to dig into the sauces user.
second one? typical scientific (((hearsay))) imo, but thanks just the same. i'll try to get something to you hear, with a bump, in the next week or so. Zig Forums supports pdf's doesn't it?

Ancient Europeans all had blue skin tbh.

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they look like altmer

Picts wore blue paint across their body retard

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One of many examples of tomes of work.

The Bible. The white race specifically is 6000 years old, created out of dust by God. There is no telling how old the lesser races are

The blatantly obvious anti white pro shitskin and dunecoon propaganda is just pathetic at this stage. Anyone that believes this completely fabricated bullshit deserves to die. The kikes are really scraping the barrel at this point. I truly can't wait to see what comes next.

What about 9000 years old blonde, light skinned, blue eyed farmers in NW-Anatolia?

Source on the sample, please? Genuinely interested.

You're saying the genetics professor claiming the first Swedes were dindus is actually a yid? I can hardly believe it.

I was talking about genesis. This idiot think, it was about jewish fairy tale book Genesis.

In Greece.

Why wouldn't he think that? It's the most logical conclusion when you refer to Genesis and humanity coming out of Mesopotamia.

They have darker hair than Swedes, but they aren't niggers.

That is just them larping as "blue people", within their own stories the older deities have actual blue skin.

BBC pushed the same BS in Britain.

Saami are latecomers themselves, pushed out of Southern Finland, so they assimilated some Paleoeuropean languages of Fennoscandia who lived there first. This is the cause of their Pre-Finno-Ugric substrate words, as well as the reason Baltic Finnic languages are closer to Proto-FU than Saami. Saami also have specifically Baltic loanwords, so they must have lived close enough to Balto-Slavs to borrow.
Saami living in Northern Fennoscandia happened less than 2000 years ago, when Indo-Europeans were long since all over Eurasia, Southern Scandinavia included.
There arguably was a warm period from 250BC to 400CE, coinciding with maximum expansion and population of the Roman Empire (notice how major migrations tended to coincide with the warm period closing, forcing North-Eastern peoples South-West). Maybe that was the time Saami were pushed by future Finns from modern Southern Finland and Karelia northward, as their hunter-gatherer numbers and lifestyle couldn't compete with agricultural Baltic Finns.
Whoever were these pre-Saami North Fennoscandians is unknown from language point of view, pre-FU substrate in
Saami doesn't link to any modern family.

tl;dr there never were Saami in Sweden south of Lappland, where they were relative newcomers anyway.

But thats not humans

what a meme, we don't know anything about them

Saamis are Baltic Iron Age + 20% siberian
Baltic Iron Age = Baltic Bronze age + more farmer

What is "human"?
Is nigger human? Is abo human?
It is about human ancestor. That 5 MY old hominin is direct predecessor of us, only real human in this world.
What is nigger?
Niger is hybrid species. Homo Erectus + Homo Sapiens. It was Into the Africa. Central Asia evolved Homo Sapiens went into Africa and fucked Homo Erectus. First nigger was born. Not fully human, but hybrid. Nigger is a mule.

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I dare not imagine what it must be like to be such a pathetic and lowly cretin.

Cheddar Man was the same as this shit, European with black skin.

Read the entire thread nigger. It was already mentioned the neanders migrated in and fucked a bunch of bugs for thousands of years in siberia. While they do have a higher admix of neander than Euros, they are mostly denisovan you fucking mongoloid.

Cromag got a bit of neander and gave Euros a bit.
Denisovan got a lot of neander and gave Asia a bunch more.
Not sure how this is flying so far over your head.

Whites came from Oreopithecus primarily. We've been at this whole evolution thing longer.

these archaic admixtures don't matter

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Our archaic mixes make us. They are the very things that separate us to our core. THEIR admixes don't matter because they'll be gone.

there's a difference between a generic homo and homo sapiens, that hominid in Greece may indeed point to an European origin of the homo genus, not necessarily of the sapiens species though
negroes do indeed have archaic ancestry from some old african hominin, up to 13% in some Yoruba groups
the fact that archaic mixture is something that has been accepted(~10 years ago there were still doubts) is a possible source of contrast to the ooa narrative, since it implies extant large genetic diversity in Africa may be due to archaic ancestry in africans and not necessarily because sapiens evolved there for a long time
maybe some group of "Afrasians" existed somewhere in Arabia or the Levant, and as it expanded and mixed with the locals it created the various proto-Eurasians, proto-niggers, etc…

That does not explain why WHGs were dark skinned, while natufians were light skinned

Natufians are an epipaleolithic population with significant WHG-like ancestry, they are certainly not a representative of 100-200k ybp sapiens in the levant.
Natufians weren't particularly light skinned either from the little data available, and Balkan WHGs were lighter than them. Natufians were some of the earliest farmers, and the agriculturalist diet was one of the biggest reasons for depigmentation in west Eurasia, so if they had some skin lightening alleles it's not even surprising.

I can't tell for sure but from what I remember the first proper WHG-s started to appear somewhere 12 000 years BC while Natufians lived somewhere 12 000-10 000 BC and I have heard that Natufians had WHG-related ancestry from here before but as anatolian farmer ancestry predates WHG, I am not sure about it
Anyways here it says that I1072 had light skin

if you look the SNP link, you see he lacks even the SLC24A5 allele, not sure how Genetiker* concluded he had light skin tbqh, but the SNP page shows he does lack essentially most of the skin lightening ones, except one in the MC1R, I think he definitely wasn't particularly light skinned
as for how these populations are related, see the topology of pic related, it's one of the latest ones and includes a key paleolithic sample from the caucasus(Dzudzuana, 26k BC)
that Natufians had something "UHG" it was known since the samples were published, this topology though gives a more detailed understanding of this
proto-WHG or CWE here is probably paleolithic too

*he seems to be dead, I heard some rumors he got banned from internet by German police or something>>12816056

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I was somewhat suspicious about his pigmentation page
Isn't Basal Eurasian just a hypothetical population though

it's still unsampled, yes, the consensus seems that it was real, though it isn't easy to understand its contribution, especially since there doesn't seem to be any lineage particularly associated to it
most divergent one which could make sense is E1b1b but that now seems to be better associated with what they are calling "ancestral north african", which is apparently even more basal than the original concept
by f stats, even some WHG like Ranchot88 seems to carry it

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That's your average sami/finngol phenotype right there.

no it is not
Saamis have asian admixture, which can be easily spotted

This kinda shit from the media is right out of 1984. The party claims they invented flight, there's no evidence remaining to the contrary and if you disagree, you're vaporized.

The sequencing of entire human mitochondrial DNAs belonging to haplogroup U reveals that this clade arose shortly after the “out of Africa” exit and rapidly radiated into numerous regionally distinct subclades. Intriguingly, the Saami of Scandinavia and the Berbers of North Africa were found to share an extremely young branch, aged merely ∼9,000 years. This unexpected finding not only confirms that the Franco-Cantabrian refuge area of southwestern Europe was the source of late-glacial expansions of hunter-gatherers that repopulated northern Europe after the Last Glacial Maximum but also reveals a direct maternal link between those European hunter-gatherer populations and the Berbers."

The saamis arrived much later then germanic swedes as is evident both by how much older ancient archeological evidence of germanic civilization is then saami and of the route the saami took compared to germanics(came from the east instead of the south like the germanics, which is relevant when you consider Sweden was populated as the ice melted).

There was also no evidence that he was black skinned either.

It's almost as if the state media of these countries get inspired by eachother or take orders from the same (((source))).

Gave Euros at least 1/3. Fair hair, blue eyes. Not to mention Solutrean - pre Clovis - YD event - central and south American civilisations connection.
Neander contribution is low, due to HN raping CM women. About 1% in south Europe, gradually 0% in the north. Rest are jews sampling European semites.

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protonigger yes
semites yes
proto Eurasians no
Nice try, Shlomo, but Genesis is juden fairy tale.

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No wonder this is coming out now.

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From this guy here?
Nah. That is jewish ancestor. Look at his shnortzl.
But serious. Did somebody try to find white wool pithecus in Sibiria or North America? Why always fucking North Africa, or Levant, to be more precise? Is it connected with jews searching for goat like El creation?

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This was supposed to be second pic *

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