Cali giving free money. Time for Caravan 2.0?

Stockton, California will begin giving away $500 a month no strings attached.

How do we get the word out to "oppressed" POC™ in our own communities who no longer want to live in a racist White majority state?

Nigs need gibs. Stockton needs diversity. Everybody wins!

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That's a good idea but why not say Beverly Hills and send all those niggers there? It's like 96% white and 100% liberal


Only niggers would be dumb enough to go

Niggers and spics don't pay taxes or bills anyway. Its RAYCIS to ask them for payments.

At that point I'd be willing to have my state pay them $500 a month to go there.

We'll call it reparations.


Is there a way some of us can go there and get the free $500?

I want 500 bucks

White majority state? California? Since when? Also, it's discriminatory to not give money to poor whites as well. Sue them if they deny you.

I bet the gib line is right next door to the weed line.

I wonder if giving free money would be better than the myriad of welfare institutions that currently exist. For one with such a system, it can be definitively stated that those who are still impoverished and problematic while being given free untethered cash, bear the full responsibility for the situation they are in. All arguments that the government institutions are keeping them down/discriminating against them/it isn't their fault/they're a victim/etc are completely invalidated. As not properly allocating free unrestricted resources can only be due to the individual's own faulty choices. No longer being able to hide behind the victim label, all merits and faults would be laid bare for all to see. Maybe then the general population would be able to see past the fog of political theater and see the situation for what it really is.
Just baseless pondering on my part.

500 isn't even enough for a months worth of weed

500 is nothing and won't incentivize anyone especially in calli where living in a cardboard box cost 50k a month

I live a few miles away from there. How do I get in on it? Do I have to pretend to be a nigger?

Nigger, weed is cheap now if you're not buying from the sketch nigger down the block. At 10 bucks a gram for hydro, you got enough for a few 40s too.

Just tell them they will never be as black as j-roc, gnomesayin

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“Folks are ready to use this money to pay bills for dem hoes, to save for the future new nikes, to pay off debt Tyronne and pay for medicine hard drugs.”

Good thinking, goy!

Get you some reparations whyte boi!

I could see them scamming the system by saying they live there when in reality they live over in the next section 8/HUD parts

How do I get in on these gibs?