European girls in Vienna are wearing headscarves to avoid assaults by male muslim migrants

"This story shares unsettling similarities to how some native German girls who attend the schools with significant migrant populations have also been wearing hijabs in order to prevent harassment and aggressive behavior aimed at them."


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and europe is lost, that was fast

White sharia is not a meme

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Those look like SHITSKINS not Europeans. Who give a shit what they wear, they would all look better dead.

pro tip it's not white sharia if they are doing it for sandniggers

Fuck women.

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I can't tell if that is a declaration or if you are a semite pedo/homo/faggot.

Wow, the cuckold defense force is here already, defending m'ladies I see.

Wien, the only city the soviets left voluntarily.

Once women got the "right" to vote, it was all over except for the mass rapes.

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Women shouldn't be allowed to vote,own land, or work outside the home.

You might argue that Jews brainwashed them, and that's true to an extent, but women have always been like that.

"In the first place, they defame our Lord Jesus Christ, calling him a sorcerer and tool of the devil. This they do because they cannot deny his miracles…

…Then they also call Jesus a whore’s son, saying that his mother Mary was a whore, who conceived him in adultery with a blacksmith…

…From all of this we Christians see for the Jews cannot see it what terrible wrath of God these people have incurred and still incur without ceasing, what a fire is gleaming and glowing there, and what they achieve who curse and detest Christ and his Christians. O dear Christians, let us take this horrible example to heart, as St. Paul says in Romans II, and fear God lest we also finally fall victim to such wrath, and even worse! Rather, as we said also earlier, let us honor his divine word
and not neglect the time of grace, as Muhammad and the pope have already neglected it, becoming not much better than the Jews."

- On the Jews and Their Lies (1543), Martin Luther, Chapter X

Not Chapter XV ,Chapter XI

(((the rulers))) don't want you to know

The Flood was not global and the line of Cain survived.

(((Alex Jones)))
(((Andrew Anglin)))
(((Donald Trump)))
(((Hilary Cinton)))
(((Barack Obama)))
(((Angela Merkel)))
(((Theresa May)))
(((Emmanuel Macron)))

Putes a Juifs.

The Adamic Race = the White Aryan Race. Ony Whites are Human.

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return of the bonnet
might not be so bad

or not

It's far from lost in fact statistically the U.S. and South Africa are the two nations closest to being lost. At least South Africa has a badass prophecy going for it. America has nothing. The masses will always go along to get along, at least with regards to Europeans when it comes to adapting to circumstances. Add in a philosophy of violence = bad and you set yourself up for permanent enslavement. This is a constant throughout history the masses have always deserved what they got because of this thinking. Those who do something and pick a side accept responsibility whether they're victorious or left in defeat.

Same way I predict 90% of gun owners wont do shit at the end of the day, the same analysis applies to the masses because that's just how it historically goes.

The only 3 choices now and for the foreseeable future are Judeo-Marxism and all of its forms (Democracy, Republic, Capitalism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism, +100 names for the same thing), Fascism, or Radical Islam. There is no escape from these three challengers and anyone who comes along will be devoured by the other three.

hahahaha, fuck

Is that what you want, a return to victorian lifestyle because NIGGERS, KIKES AND SHITSKIN INVADED YOUR NATION AND WON'T LEAVE?

tigers don't ride themselves

You forgot ETHNO-GLOBE where the subhumans are wiped off planet and White live in peace from that moment forward.

far too much passive agressiveness/back biting for all that
assertiveness/ forthrightness must hide under a viel of "I'm just an asshole" or be punished

slick talking and what passes for "cunning" or """clever""",works of inequity, are rewarded

the only thing that has brought europe peace are nukes

Exactly fucking this
The fact is that we have lost, and our enemies have won. There is literally nothing we can do to fight back now. We must accept our loss and surrender, as history has decided we should. The future shall be 10,000 years of nothing but misery. We lost. We fucking lost.
Hope is pain
Faith is delusion
Optimism is cowardice
Dystopia is eternal

don't co opt my post in your black pill

The blackpill is the only pill worth taking. The future is kike domination for eternity. Dothing you can do to stop it.

Kek…I can think of a few things

Reminder that CM wants this kind of content on Zig Forums.

Same here. I disavow.

goofy logic, you just being a better person is the fight
no judgement, nobody is perfect
that's the real battle, everything else is a chain of causality
controlling what you think and how you react is all you have
everything else is causality and self delusion
i think

Why would you desavow a post you agree with?

Maybe because he came to his fucking senses.

Like more (((yellow vest (((riots)))?)))?

More like. America is lost.

The fact is that we have lost, and our enemies have won. There is literally nothing we can do to fight back now. We must accept our loss and surrender, as history has decided we should. The future shall be 10,000 years of nothing but misery. We lost. We fucking lost.

Daily reminder radical Islam will save Austria from Kurz the Jew inshallah !

LMAO at u, pansy.

Because I don't agree with it and it's not what I said. It's simply observing the masses go with the flow and all you can do is direct the masses into what you're aiming for. It's not defeatism like the blackpill. It's just acknowledging the reality of the situation and acting accordingly.

my arguments will be discredited when yours are refuted
mine having never been addressed
its not subtle

he listed

im going back to lurking, i just posted because i like christian headcoverings on sundays and evola

Those hijabi Europeans look quite chaste IMO. Arab women are way sluttier.

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Orthodox Christians still wear them in church

Why aren't the invaders being charged with Hate-crimes for the assaults (ethnic differences) they commit against the native population?

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LOL. The point is genocide. The government has arranged it. Why the fuck would they change now?

Is this fuckin pasta?

Never defended the bitch but okay



fuck off kike

Remind me why you haven't killed yourself yet?

Stop hopping IPs and drop a cyanide pill already (((user))) - demonstrate to us all how it should be done.

Simple solution, Christians stop being cucks and quit allowing muslims into Christian lands. Its not like the Jews outnumber you.


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What's the penalty in mudshitism for falsely wearing a hijab just to avoid paying tolls?

Kek'd. It's hilarious when (((blackpillfags))) try to sound foreboding and instead sound like they just finished watching a fantasy cartoon and lift lines of dialog like that.

Riddle me this, (((blackpillfag))), if everything is lost then why do you bother? Shouldn't you just kill yourself instead of trying to interfere with pro-active people? Even in the event of failure, wouldn't a fight greatly cost the jews? Instead of handing them a clean victory and without a fight, why wouldn't you try to make their winning conditions so costly it's like they lost - pyhrric victory?

There's absolutely no reason to go down without a fight. Especially if there's a solid chance of total victory.

Go away asses and elbows

Hyperventilating clickbait nonsense. Polite sage.


pepistan is a mental disease brought onto organic portals. it converted from digital to organic mysteriously, like election interference.

headscarves are european.

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the nihilists are coming for you.

pepe in your mind.

ff islam shit. fake christian shit. fake everything. mindvirus of marxist ssr bringing down the capatalist nwo.

no money to spend freely, there's poverty for you and slavery, before 2030. buy crypto now, regret later.

They used to be more prevalent, in the farmlands, very rare in the cities.

now it' the other way around LOL

Well, yeah.

Your argument is retarded

Looks like fucking plumbers

How about fighting the enemy on every front?
and so on and so forth.

Sluts BTFO.
And this is a good thing.

Sounds like an occupation the Muslim women would get beaten for taking part in.

This is why you have to be clean, honest, pacifistic representatives of western culture. This business of assaulting women to control how they dress is uncivilized! It’s simply dreadful. Oh, ooh, I hate to acknowledge such a thing, but if it’s safe to dress freely around some people while others are dangerous, women will prefer certain company over others. They too long to make their own decisions uncoerced, as all people do!

Such grevious injury to cosmopolitanism… ooh, we mist fix this by being purer and kinder still! People who attack people who don’t dress right make terrible parents! Zinc of the children, my darling sweetmeats!

Archive you faggot

They aren't fucking your heads, girls.

Exactly. It's more a matter of practicality. Straw hats eventually became a thing, like their Asian counterparts. I can see how a lay-person at _being fucking outside_ can mistake *a piece of equipment meant to dampen the effects of oppressive sun or colds* can look like religious headgear specifically codified in law in certain countries.

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Actually, a roman soldier.
Any cretin who falls for this virgin fairy tale deserves utter contempt.
Either you're a virgin OR you begot a son. Not both. Christards have a big, big problem with sex.
Imagine every single time they have sex, they think it's sinful. Every time a women gives birth, she produces a sinful creature.

What a wonderful religion, really!

your anus will contain a penis, soon…

Islam has already conquered them. Reminder that 20% of Austria is already Muslim. We're basically extinct in 100 years. Enjoy the motherfucking descent into hell. Remember that Jews are to blame and what you must do if you even can – but only intelligently and efficiently and effectively.

Also: despite his negative points, Breivik was a hero. If all white men had his state of mind, we would not be on the precipice of annihilation.

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Headscarves in Christian societies were the mark of a married woman. They also were never anything more than scarves. They certainly weren't fucking full-body trash bags used to prevent retarded males from going MUH DIKK every time they saw a girl.

Low effort baiting by implying there is no difference. The difference is in the style and the name. The Islamic coverings are not only designed to be a covering for reasons of extremist-purity but they also another major function: to signify to others that the area is under a state of Islamic control. Therefore, you cannot adopt them in Muslim areas without also default submitting to Islam. There is no way around that.

Depends on what Christianity you're talking about. I'm Eastern Orthodox and they're basically for all females exept kids have more of a choice because they are kids. However, it's worn for reasons of modesty and respect for society.

Catholicism, mainly. Wouldn't know about Orthodoxy.

Guess Sebastian Kurz has been too busy fellating kike cock to do anything about this. Is there a new Hitler hanging around Austria? We could really use your help, buddy.

Euphemism for the sought-after over-representation of supposedly discriminated groups in any field, irrespective of their suitability. Diversity is required for approval in neo-Marxist circles, and equivalent to the concept judenrein in Nazi Germany. The final goal of diversity is the marginalization of Western culture and of the Caucasoid subspecies; that is, genocide. Expressing tolerance of diversity serves as a masonic handshake between cultural Marxists, tacitly identifying one as such. There is no way back from implementing diversity; it is the neo-Marxists' Endlösung.

Euphemism for colonists from non-Western regions who are deliberately invited, transported, sent, or forced to Western countries to replace the native Caucasoid populations and their culture through mass immigration and differential fertility. This humours the interests of the neo-Marxist elites within the West, who are after the genocide of Caucasoids and destruction of their culture and civilization, and the interests of the countries of origin of the colonists, for which this is a way to spread their culture and religion and get rid of their population surplus. The colonists themselves are mostly unaware of this scheme and acting out of self-interest.

Antagonizing term for even moderately conservative political views as were mainstream in most Western nation states until about the 1960s.

far right
Misnomer that mostly refers to political parties with an element of nationalism, usually combined with left-wing economical views. Implied is an association with National Socialism. There is an inconsistency in that nationalist movements of non-Western peoples are generally not called far right, but often supported by cultural Marxists in the name of "human rights", the movements' leaders not infrequently receiving Nobel Peace Prizes. The reason to use the misnomer far right for what is really left-wing conservatism is to obscure the fact that National Socialism was a left-wing movement, which is also what Marxism reckons itself to be. (Cooijmans, 190 IQ Dutch psychometrician. Someone should make infographics.)

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Nah. Even the areas taken by Muslims in the past, such as Balkans, Iberia and Russia have survived as themselves.

Doubt it. Turks genocided Armenians, not kikes.

Women should be treated as children. You protect children by controlling what they can and can't do. Women in the West are currently unsupervised in a way they've never been before and are thus going to use their own muddled methods to protect themselves in your abscence. Remember who got civilization where it is today. Cede control and watch it all slip away.
tl;dr If you were in charge they would be dressing to please you. Alas.

Can't do that without getting the yoke of the kikes off of your neck first.


Women follow whatever they deem to be most socially acceptable.

Stop acting like they are the problem when 42-47% of men voted for Van der Bellen too

It's not like Kurz is actually doing anything to actually stop this. So arguing about what who voted for which kike puppet is meaningless and a waste of time.

That guy should be hung in public. Total parasitic scum.

If you want women to do as you say, you must lead by example and do so with confidence. Being submissive to the death cult of peace that literally means submission is a certain way to push Western women into involuntary adherence to foreign customs. One cannot expect females, girls or women, to apply sound judgement without it being demonstrated and communicated by men.

We're talking about a world without "minorities" (now a majority), user.

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Polack liberation of Vienna when?

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All now shitholes with marred genetics in muslim areas

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True the problem right now is that kike government and the kike media are the strongest "men" around. So we're caught in a cycle where these institutions and brainwashed peers effect our wives and daughters beyond our influence.

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We have to shelve our desire to be popular, liked, the favorite parent or whatever other self esteem related reason we shun away from guiding our daughters with a firm hand. We have but a small window of opportunity to raise them to become responsible women (to understand where their place is and how they fit into the natural order) and time stays still for no man.

I'm sure they could have caused the same change by "staging" protests with clever signs.

potatoniggers btfo

There are less shitskins in Ireland and Eastern Europe than there are in the Western countries filled with shitskins and the IQs are still lower.

And people still think we'll need DNA tests to sort out the hebes from our midsts

Sure, but wearing them to avoid assault my Muslim goat fuckers isn’t. You absolute kike

Daily reminder that muslims are jews

Leave cities. Move to small towns. Form militia. Be a farmer and a builder.

Christianity, at least genuine Christianity based on the old faith, views marriage and procreation as a holy sacrament. It's literally a gift from God and sex for the purpose of procreation is viewed as a religious act. That is why Christianis are so opposed so sodomy. It would be like performing a satanic ritual in a Church.

Also, if you don't believe in the Virgin birth then frankly just don't believe Christ existed at all. If Christ wasn't divine then the whole religion is really pointless.

It's hilarious when Europoors compare their individual countries to the USA when It's the same size as your continent. What you don't understand is that the USA basically already balkanized with extreme amounts of niggers and spics living in the south and major urban centers, and large swaths of land in the north and Midwest with 95%+ white populations. Also, nobody here is wearing a fucking hijab to school out of fear.

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