There are 2 ways to dismantle any System (For Informational Purposes Only)

1. Overload the System.

This is analogous to non-mainstream news or cryptography. The system receives so many signals that it cannot properly siphon or pattern the data.

2. Starve the System.

This is analogous to trade sanctions or ludditism. There is no actionable data and thus no system.

AI is being designed by companies and governments specifically to address the 1st case. However, there is no real defense against the 2nd one.

If there is truly any future where man takes back control of his destiny, then they will have more luck with the "Starve the System" model. However, for a true restart of a sufficiently advanced, dystopian-like system, you would have to do Step 1 and then Step 2 continuously.

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Here's #2: which also begets #1 since those still in the system get saddled with the load.

I would prefer you not to derail the thread with honeypot opinion polling websites, thanks.


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Nice post paid for by Jared Kushner

>Reminder that "In a colonial war it's not the generals who surrender, it's the accountants!"

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When will pol get another magic meme of pure chaos again?

Reading it extracts people's opinion how?

standard tax reduction, health tourism, frugal living is cia?

He would want this why?

Whatever you do, you have to make the normalfaggots uncomfortable if you want anything to change. Once they can no longer dude weed or netflix and chill we can start to reshape society. Until that happens though, society is largely immalleable unless you have access to extremely large audiences like hollywood or pewdiepie.

The "honeypot/cia/kushner" money saving tips:
Reducing your contribution to your own demise is something that can be done. Grow your own food as much as possible for cost and health which later boils down to avoiding much larger medical cost, make and repair things, buy used, be a frugal consumer, do your own utilities with solar, water collection, own waste system(lookup earthship home for a non composte method that's way better,) free cellphone service with freedompop, use only for cell phone calls, for surfing switch to wifi mode in range of free wifi which is ubiquitous, drop your property taxes, most of it is the house and other structures, categorized as structures on the land, replace with rv(s,) which are considered vehicles, but rather than living in a shitty rv, take an rv frame and build using regular home building on top it, max size is 400sqft while retaining RV designation, build more than one if want more space and the form factor doesn't have to fit the narrow road dimensions once at its destination, can be unpacked, so instead of losing $5k/yr to jews and other non Whites, the loss is cut to $100. Gasoline is 50% tax, get an electric or hybrid with a long enough battery range to cover local driving like a chevy volt so that the only time you use fuel is on trips, bike for short distances, 1-4 miles, often biking is faster than cars this close from traffic, lights and parking, ~20 round trip with an electric assisted bike, the grocery store, bank, etc. if possible, to reduce wear on your car, reduce risk of accident by not using it when you don't have to, bike on the sidewalk for safety, most places allow it, do medical tourism, local medical is only needed for emergencies, otherwise have time to setup better and less expensive medical arrangements(scouting ahead of time is a good idea, and for the biggies: cancer, organ transplants, heart & brain surgery,) for a single individual you can fit up to ~72k a year income into the first two lowest tax brackets by maximizing contribution to IRA(18k) and HSA(health savings account, 3.4k.) If you manage to accumulate a little over 500k and pull a 7.6% return like the dow jones 30, would produce 38.7k, the first tax bracket of long term capital gains, which is zero tax, for a ~110k total income /w just under 6k income tax, invest in hard assets, use non jew alternative currencies. If you built a three wheeled hybrid it would be categorized as a motorcycle which would drop your insurance from $500-600 to $100, lookup sondors 3 wheeled ev as a good example. Eat healthy, fast periodically(if you fasted every Sunday you'd be cutting your intake by 14%, fasting sends your immune system into overdrive, and give your organs a break from processing,) exercise, skip reckless activities, all things in moderation, your joints and organs will thank you, to avoid and delay medical costs. Note, bicycle and motorcycle for transportation and living in a regular rv would cut those costs right away without having to build, building them is to make them nice/not shitty, and less dangerous(motorcycle.) Did I miss anything? My aim being to cut while maintaining normal level civilization amenities. Of these suggestions the biggest savers are medical and home(property tax, also don't need permits, inspection and a loan to build a 400sqft rv,) the money saved on a car is relatively low so keeping a regular vehicle wouldn't be so horrible and could still bike for the short short distances. Any rate, these are the above board ways I've thought of when it comes to cutting the tax theft and dropping your cost of living. Perhaps could cut more in above board fashion with more fancy tax avoidance measures that the wealthy and corporations use, after that what's left is under the table measures. After getting yourself sorted, next move would be to setup friends and family as well. Taking shekels away from jews should be an aim, promote anything that does so, free alternatives, non jew competitors, alternative activities so people aren't wasting time/stop being indoctrinated/losing shekels on jew swill, starting a business with its purpose to take jew market share, control and influence away.

we all know it was the media that "won" Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was a complete defeat for the Vietcong, they were obliterated and had literally no force presence after that. Communist connections in the media were contacted and pleaded for help. The rest is history.

Reading that book right now. Very different from Turner. It feels more relevant to our current period. It's not Shakespeare, but still a fun read.


Y'all be postin in a Siege thread

bullshit. The US miltary is a comical paper tiger backed by jewish media.

With all the other militaries being worse. vietnam was theater, the point being to stay there meat grinding shekel grabbing.

Russia's military is probably 2-3x more powerful than our in reality.

Remember that Ireland is being force to accept shitskin immigrants by it's true masters the global banking elite. We're fighting a tournament of shadows (that's what the Russians called "the great game" of the British). We can't even see who the enemy is because he's hidden behind the secret and illegal corporation known as "The CROWN" founded after the Cromwellian assisted coup d'etat of the Glorious Revolution of 1695. This means wars they appear to have lost were actually big winners for the people that incited them to no purpose other than to suck money out of the system for their war loans.

On March 1, 2018 Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, gave his annual State of the Nation speech in Moscow. The last third of his 2-hour, 13,340-word speech dealt with nuclear treaties and nuclear weapons. On this day in this speech Vladimir Putin unveiled five new Russian nuclear-weapon systems (pausing after describing each one to show a video CGI simulation of it). Like Sputnik in the Cold War Space Race, these highly advanced strategic nuclear weapons checkmate U.S. military supremacy.

These weapons systems also render aircraft carriers and submarines obsolete. One is a drone, in this case a nuclear-powered underwater drone. It can travel 100 mph and descend to a depth of 3,000 feet. Its nuclear power unit is 100 times smaller than the ones that power submarines. This 75-foot-long submerged drone can carry a 100-megaton thermonuclear cobalt warhead, one that is 5,000 times more powerful than the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan. Detonated off the coasts of North America it would create a tsunami wave 1,500 feet tall washing over cities on the east and west coasts. The drone also comes in a form carrying a conventional warhead for use as an anti-aircraft carrier weapon

ugh, of course when i get a good book suggestion, some filthy kike has written a book with the same name about some jewish bullshit holohoax sob story. Looks like a good one tho, thanks for the tip user (the irish one not the kike one)

Over or under; the general shape of malicious engagement. Channeled into the right causes it can do good work. Just… transmute anything on this site b4 U apply it. Don’t take your causes for someone else’s walk.

Truth is actually rather palatable. People spread this idea that truth is generally unpleasant to forgive mistreatments of others, I think. Humanity is wealthier and more advanced than ever, with more biomechanical self-comprehension than ever before. There are bitter liars where they shouldn’t be, and people who aren’t honest enough to collaborate effectively… see, the most unpleasant truth is that people lie. Truth freely given is USEFUL. People who think truth is forever unpleasant probably aren’t handing out truth at all.

Society is coming increasingly upon the point of development where life can be for everyone’s pleasure… although it’s not there yet. Optimal automation isn’t total, total automation will always require troubleshooting, and too many people have a short-sighted view of pleasure which fails to accord with the best available biological information. I am a worthless hedonist myself, but I hardly touch alcohol, for instance.

Sometimes I fantasize about having a re-engineered motive structure. Imagine if people wanted to maintain machines because doing so was fun. Imagine if everyone was so trustworthy that security was unnecessary at factories, and people who wanted to do the troubleshooting simply could. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a society where we could go anywhere and watch the functioning of anything? Wouldn’t it be spectacular if people were so calm and clever that they would only ever tamper with machines for the better? The truth that it’s not is not THAT pleasant, but nobody is telling a comforting lie about how humanity could wander I watched through industrial machinery without mishap. The “unpleasant” truth (actually quite reassuring) is that security mostly works, people are mostly serious about things that require it, and basically humanity is statistically valid. The disasters that run in the news are a tiny fraction of a mostly functioning world.

An unpleasant truth is that people tamper with each other in ways they wouldn’t even tamper with factory equipment. Like a lot of unpleasant truths… people know it already. People aren’t hiding from the basics. If you feel driven to go around telling people basic things, your basic thing is probably that you suck. If you have truth people can really make use of, they’ll crowd to you.

Imagine for a moment that you tell someone a process for creating fireworks. Is that an unpleasant truth? No, people adore that information if it’s true. Now imagine that you tell them all the ways those fireworks could blast their bodies apart if misapplied. Is that an unpleasant truth? Obviously, right? Think about how children would react. They’d dance around making kaboom noises! Real truth can be fun even if it’s about something unpleasant. The key thing is that truth is actionable. Truth is something that can be demonstrated in a workshop.

If you want people to listen, don’t teach them how repulsive they are, how repulsive their enemies are, or even how prosperous their enemies are. Teach them mechanical processes. Truth looks unpleasant to people who imagine it is simply true that other people are inferior to them - but literally everybody needs enough truth every day to keep up with life’s necessities.

Much of the triumph of civilization has been in lowering the minimum necessary truth, so that we have leisure and luxury, but still yet truth can be fun. People who understand many processes do not attack their former colleagues when fired from their jobs, for in many processes they can find something else at which they are truly productive. Truth is power, and truth vacuums suck.

There are people who want to destroy modern civilization because they think it upholds the health and happiness of undeserving people. One of their weapons is “unpleasant” truth, and pedagogical models that give no access to “the undeserving”. The result is temporarily growing inequality, but eventually severe instability. Those who hold back truth eventually live in fear of the untruthful. Giving people much truth makes them more true.

If everything you have to say is unpleasant, not everything you have to say is true.

Bump for non-gay thread that actually addresses the System, instead of stupid myopic party politic bullshit.

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Would that be a bad thing? Sea life would be eating mexican and other foreign food for a week.

Good luck with that in this dopamine-spike society hungry to consume.

In the US, starving the system means not giving anything to the IRS.
Just try doing that on your own. Wait a bit before they come for you, with vicious dogs.

I think it will be coming, but not for the US elections.

Sickening naivete for sure.

No the answer is gossiping! We need to discuss the latest news headlines from Reddit! Whenever they create new leaders or Boogeymen for us, we need to let out a sigh of relief at how we won't need to get our hands dirty, and then we need to play our role. If we don't, then the people we disagree with won't hate us more and go further into their beliefs!

We focus on small people with zero say in anything experiencing fifteen minutes of fame, because those fifteen minutes should be going to us instead! While we gossip, somebody is starving, being raped, being murdered, being stolen from, being exploited , and our enemies are getting stronger! So we need to keep staring at a wall so evil people win!

Dont even know why I bother coming here. You are all just a different brand of authoritarianism , ignorance, and barbarism. A bunch of man children jacking off to other people having sex. Wouldn't you all save time just buying People magazine and getting the latest scoop there?

There are two groups in the US. Authoritarian Left Leaning people who OCCASIONALLY have empathy, but it's always conditional . The condition is they will help you if you are their slave. These people simply battle for economic supremecy with the Psychopath Right, and are what people call Neo cons. George Bush is a plantation owner , but he is with the Authoritarian Left. This is because there is no left and right. The US allows freedom, but under conditions. Again , you have to be a good uncle Tom to get slave plus privileges.

I would rather have George Bush as a leader than Hitler or SADAAM Hussein. This is not an endorsement, but is highlighting how psychopathic and useless everyone who aligns with opinion right is.

Through history and even today we see barbaric leaders. They rape, steal, loot, destroy economies, destroy environments, and it never phases them. All of these people are surrounded by this cult like atmosphere, and their leaders are viewed as gods. Their magic books talk about helping people and not killing, even about how you shouldn't be a narcissist, and still a Pope emerges and becomes "THE SUPREME MOST HUMBLIST KING OF REALITY BUT ITS IN GODS NAME SO ITS OK"

These people are literally barbarians. The other type of leader, the Obama, is evil too. However the difference is these people leave out very clear instructions for how anyone regardless of sex race gender orientation spirituality can fit into their system. They still use violence but as a last resort. Their condition is still, you are their slave. Another difference is if you are speaking on behalf of yourself, not in a way to attempt to control everyone , these people will actually attempt to hear out your concerns. They may not do anything but they will acknowledge your pain unlike the psychopath right you resorts to playground bully tactics.

I'll keep it simple for what the psychopath right agenda is. This includes every single trump supporter. They are the last stand for rape, theft, murder , exploitation of others, being an asshole, and essentially just breaking everything they don't understand or own , or taking it, like literal children.

At least the neo cons have explanations for their actions. Not endorsing them by any means, but their agenda is so clear that anyone can view the events of the world and go "Wow, they did this because this". When a mental patient throws a tantrum and starts punching everybody and throwing their piss everywhere , there is no explanation. When some holy right religious leader rapes a kid, there is no exploitation. They want power for sake of power . They get high hurting other people. Libtards/neocons just actually believe their bullshit and really think they are pushing for a fair world .

Maybe an invasion of the middle East was necessary to prevent a more barbaric enemy from gaining power. Do we really want these goat fucker schizos gaining any power? Greater Israel is obviously an even worse barbaric enemy , another group of literal schizos, but that can be fought with propaganda. Are you aware that there are literally these dudes called muslims that wwnt to kill you or make you worship a statue six times a day? Fuck them. Fuck Russia, half of Russia is those checyhan muslims. They are just another brand of asshole christian / jew so they have the same agenda. All these fags are in the psychopath right , and if anyone has to die it shouldn't be people pushing for a fair peaceful world, it should be the beasts who just want to destroy.