Post Traumatic Trump Disorder

Has Trump wrecked our sex life?
"Post-Trump Sex Disorder" is real, says sex therapist

"Big Mean Sexy Daddy"?
Salon turns to Dr. Susan Block for answers to questions you didn't want to ask

Beginning with his presidential campaign and through to his third year as president, the United States has experienced an increase in anxiety, suicide, depression, and other mental health problems. The president of the United States is also a role model. His or xer behavior influences the public.

Trump's assault on the country's mental health is part of a much larger pattern: the Republican Party and the conservative movement have, for decades, advanced an agenda which has hurt the overall health and well-being of most Americans.
Donald Trump's negative impact on mental health extends to the intimate sexual lives of many people as well.

What is "Post-Traumatic Trump Disorder"? How does Donald Trump's misogyny and other unhealthy behavior towards women reflect deeper systemic cultural problems in America around gender, sex, and intimacy?

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Psychology in politics? (((Who would do such a thing?)))

Nice try leftypol but I still trust the plan

If anything, my wife has been hornier during this administration.

Imagine blaming Drumpf for your inability to get an erection and fugg your fat clownhaired wife.


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What about his behavior is unhealthy exactly, why do you believe so?


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Sex is for reproduction. A "sex life" is a jewish invention, where the goyim wallow in ever-worsening hedonism and temporary pleasure chasing.

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Trump's existence is giving leftycucks PTSD and making them not want to fuck. They're also calling him a rapist for having self-confidence.

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So all Americans will become cuckolds now. It will be fun

Americans have been cuckolds since 1941.

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