Numbers no longer racist? Nigs not because nigs?

Imbalances will no longer be corrected. This should be good.

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Whites need to harvest the BBC gene

Kikes are desperate to be doing this, to calm down white goyim who keep getting redpilled

BBC is a lie. I've heard this from white women with nigger fetishes.

It's ethnicity dependent, not racially. Huge disparities between white and black ethnicities. Bigger dick differences within than between.

Of course this thread would derail into cock discussion.

Can't have Zig Forums discussing a good thing about le Drumpf dotard, can we? Let's put BBC to bed for now with pic related.

Watch and see if there's follow-through with this. If there is, and the inevitable lawsuit fails in court, then it marks a sea change in how white genocide has been getting done.

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You mean President Trump, faggot.

Friendly reminder that it's still jews who are publishing these numbers…you know, these small creatures who are known for their usury crimes, revolving around deceptive numbers?

Jews publishing what numbers?

Niggers don't need their stats manipulated for them to fail spectacularly to get hired for high income positions.

I hate autists. I genuinely do. I know which board I'm on, but my take is that a good eugenics program will fix you fucking spergs good and quick.

Let me ask you something – You know you're on the spectrum, and you know you never get subtlety or sarcasm. So, what – do you just forget that all the time when you're not picking up on cues? Do autistic retards just forget how retarded they are and make fools of themselves like this every day? Wouldn't you learn eventually to just shut the fuck up because you're not following the conversation?

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You already have the biggest cocks on the planet. I was looking at a huge cocks porn page for some research I was doing on the occult and white males were the only cocks on the page…big beautiful white male cock 2 full pages of them before I found what I wanted for my OP. I laughed a little bit and realized pretty quickly that no one on Earth is huge like White Males, BBC is a total lie, sure maybe there is one or two freak of natures, but universally, no way. I have never looked at black cocks, outside of National Geographic nigger articles when I was a kid and they are average, normal, unimpressive, or downright small; so, if they had big cocks, if they did it would be due to the White DNA from their slave days and it would be all jew/manipulation and crossbreeding. I have never seen such intimidating, beautiful and well endowed men as I saw on that page and it wasn't like it specialized in 'big White cocks' it was just supposed to be 'big cocks'. At any rate most of them were 'too big' to be functional (I am not a mare; there is limited amount of room inside me; riding one of those things would be like being impaled).

I wouldn't know personally, but supposedly my brother had a monster cock as well. His annoying gf and her friends used to comment on how huge it was while I pretended that I couldn't hear them. Lalalalala

Fuck off NT…we are the future.

yet you're a go nowhere, dead end, no life waste of carbon. Irony that.

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fags get the gas, tits or gtfo you only coincidentally brought up you're female in the latter, so not a big issue


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A dangerous go nowhere, dead end, no life waste of carbon because you fucks are still here trying to shut it down. kek

That's what I call black privilege

Clown world.

> applicants’ credit scores were largely ignored by federal investigators alleging racial bias in home lending, even though federal studies show that slightly more than half of African-Americans have bad credit. And the credit problem is not limited to lower-income blacks: Studies show even wealthier blacks are more likely than whites to miss payments or default on loans.

so much for "poverty caused it."

> “If you don’t favor using the disparate-impact approach in civil-rights enforcement to the nth degree, then you are a ‘racist,’ and the (((mainstream media))) can be counted on to accept this narrative uncritically,” said Roger Clegg, a former Justice Department attorney who now serves as general counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity in Washington.

Jews are definitely pushing this disparate impact line.

This chart proves there is a disparate impact on penis size.

Those are self reported numbers Europeans have the largest dingdongs, especially Franks and HungARYANS. Africans have second smallest after South and East Asians.

tfw Germanic and thus have tiny penis because Germanic ethnic groups have tiny penises. Why are we so smart with such tiny penises?


more shit to stab in melee battle is why? sexual selection becomes female based instead of violence based in less patriarchal environments

consider this post

it's true, think on it


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Niggers are subhuman with tiny dicks. It makes sense since apes have tiny dicks too but, the apes are at least far more intelligent then a coon.

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lol you silly nigger. can you subhumans not summon a single thought that doesn’t have to do with fucking? haha and niggers wonder why africa is such a shithole
nah, your just subhuman; here’s proof:

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Pretty surprised that this post didn't get more attention but I guess it is the poor title to blame.


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I am aware that I am in enemy territory surrounded by queers

Uh anoness, I've got one just the right size for you ;)

You live in San Francisco?

Jewish led false advertising. Next thing you know, rap isn't music or good for the listeners.

Couldn't find anything about Asians or jews, and only about Kenyans not passing whilst westerners do.

Reported. Go back to reddit.


Bump for interest. Fix your fucking title, OP.
Sound and fury on one hand, and positive progress behind the scenes? A return to merit instead of virtue gibs?
Now why the fuck would that be??

Might as well leave it alone since it will just be reinstated in 24 months.

While this is one of the good things Trump is doing, why did he wait 2 years? This has nothing to do with getting Congressional approval, it should have been implemented in the first few days.

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