Phyllis Schlafly Appeciation


.>Paid for undergrad testing .30 & .50 cal machine guns during WWII.

Phyllis Schlafly crushes kikess on ERA:
Phyllis Schlafly speaks before DAR:
Phyllis Schlafly on Feminisim:

How do we meme this woman into a rolemodel for modern girls?

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I know one of her granddaughters and she's fallen far from the tree. At least I haven't seen her racemixing

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One of her sons (John), is also a faggot.
Can't win'em all.

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Casualties of war. Names on the eventual monument. Move on.

shouldent have laughed at all
let alone hard enough to water my eyes
love that attitude

tfw no paleocon waifu, I want one.

She was heavily involved with the CNP, she's no hero.

Fudgepacking isn't going to get you a monument.

Women are tools, not people.
Women are to be used and discarded. Not celebrated.
Stop worshiping pussy.

Get rejected by a woman nigger?
Nice MGTOW-Anglin tier kikery faggot.
The Aryan woman is our partner in reproduction and half of the home. Not that you'd know anything about that.

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No one said "hero", cunt.
But a woman like this represents every aspect of the nobility in motherhood and womanhood. Setting examples is important. Last time I checked European birthrights weren't doing so well, but you must be fixing it yourself, Chad that you are.

Search engines nigger. Attached video links nigger. You want me to spoon-feed you?
The "Equal Rights Amendment": There's your first hint, good luck navigating something as complicated Wikipedia, brainlet.

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No, I just didn't recognize the acronym.

I'll stop being a dick though all the info is in the video in the first link.
It was a three line Amendment to the Constitution which essentially would have given women no new rights and only new burdens under Federal Law. It would have removed the right of woman to be provided for by her husband according to his means and likely make her eligible for the draft. Basically establishing disincentives for women to get married and make white babies like in a normal healthy society. It also would have banned separate-sex schools, taking away the rights of parents to choose sex-exclusive education. Lastly it was a gateway to same-sex marriage since vaguely, the statecouldn't discriminate on the basis of sex.

I created this thread specifically for making people aware of this woman in order to meme her example of being a tradwife and BASED lawyer into a larger sphere. Though we have the clown world we have today, she remains a whitepill for us all, not like the anti-fem kikes (((Hoff-Summers))) et al.
Sorry for being rude, faggot.

Women are people
Only Muslim extremists and you think they're just tools
Christian values are clear on the issue: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28) There may be reasons for men to hold more authority than women but women still deserve dignity.

Nice try, Chaim. I said Aryan women.

Yes but their cognitive ability and emotional response (without taking into account logical responses) make it inconvenient to let them vote, for example, or have any say in important matters.
Women should be relegated to simple tasks at home and nursery / schooling.

I wish we had a million modern Phyllis'.

Congratulations, you’ve stayed the obvious.
The point is the cats out of the bag nigger. How do we get women back into the home, having the desire to nurture the volk without explicit force? They need memes and role models faggot. Most women are lost but some and those in the future must be found and saved. For the sake of demographics as well as reading healthy Hussite children.


Girl in third pic on the right could have been Hillary, but instead she decided to join the kikes and the forces of eternal negative darkness.

absolutely fascinating links op! I've never heard of this woman thank you for introducing me!

Priceless entertainment.