Comedic anti-semitic flyers found in Missoula, Part 3

Comedic anti-semitic flyers found in Missoula, Part 3

Just blocks away from the Missoula police station, some residents found another round of anti-Semitic flyers on their doorsteps Friday morning.

Crystal Koosman was one of them. She said her husband found it on their doorstep around 6:30 a.m.

The flyer references Jews, featuring a photo of President Donald Trump and the flag of Israel. It demeans people who believe in the protection of Israel.

This follows two other instances NBC Montana has reported of anti-Semitic flyers being distributed around Missoula in the past week.

Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said he hadn’t heard any reports of the flyers found on Friday.

Welsh emphasized that handing them out doesn’t violate Montana state law. Koosman understands that concept pretty well.

"It’s protected under the First Amendment, because it doesn't make a direct threat,” explained Koosman.”It sort of falls under the same category as dropping political leaflets, but I still think it's important to keep track of it in case it does escalate."

The Missoula Police Department says to let them know if you have any information or video related to these incidents.

>not against the law but the kikes n pigs still want to harass you for it

Pretty lulzy flyers, someone post the original image

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All me tbh


Is Ben Garrison behind these?


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Missoula is a weird city. 95% of its inhabitants are brain-fried pothead hippies or antifa college students, but I've also encountered far more Zig Forumsacks there than any other city in the state, even Kalispell/Whitefish.


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Storm tards helping the Jews again handing out flyers.

your nose is glowing moshe

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I think you're giving them way too much credit.

what are the eyes from?

redundant article

How is it antisemitic? Just because it has an Israeli flag? Displaying an Israeli flag and a shitty picture of the president is antisemitic?

So Israel flag is now anti semitic.

Boomers will probably mistake it for a pro-Trump/pro-Israel flyer.

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Missoula is the california of montana, basically POZ central because of the university there

Jesus christ kikes are getting desperate.
I wonder what leftypol fag put these up.

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I imagine it radicalizes the few sane people left there. A lot of Montana is pretty milquetoast because of the low percentage of minorities. For most Montanans it's basically still the 80s or 90s.

Which ya doing rabbi?

you can stop believing trump is going be le epic Natsoc man and nuke israel anytime MIGAtard

you have to admit these MIGAtards have strong faith.

Is that fucking real?

The Q might be shooped, but the car itself is real.

No that seems like a person who would not stop with the Q either.

the official car of Zig Forums

Final solution for MIGAtards when?

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must be the shekels

the israeli flag is now anti semitic?

kill every kike

How new are you niggers? Anything that draws unwanted attention to jews is anti-semitic.


Fucking lel I liked the repeated laugh inserted in there at random times.

Sounds based, user.

This. Boomers by and large won't ever wake up. It's up to the White youth, who sadly are just about as kiked up.


This is the sort of activism that Zig Forums needs more of.

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The best part is that normalfags have no idea what the fuck it means or who did this. Half of them will think it was an AOC Democrat, kek.

Chaos God

Zognald Dumpf BTFO

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The fact such a thing exists is all the evidence that Americans will forever be a giant obstacle to any form of freedom until they are completely bankrupted by the jews they salivate over

All anti-semitic cartoons are his doing, he never rests!

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THe JIDF should go back to what they are good at - trolling Ben Garrison

His demonic laugh is the last thing a nigger hears before he dies

based and MAGApilled

the doomers are at it again

Missoulanon here. Yes, it is a weird city and a liberal bastion, but that political bent to it is extremely fragile and maintained only by the influx of Californians brought in by the University of Montana. They're pussies and cowards and wholly disorganized. Only a bit more pressure like these flier campaigns will cause many of them to leave in tears. The population of actual Montanans living in this city are practical, hard-working, and mildly-to-very discontent with the liberals infesting this place. Tipping it all in the right direction, even taking over the city council, would take only a dozen or so good men to accomplish.

Because even mentioning Jews, Zionism, or Israel in a negative light is antisemitism, aka wrongthink. Missoula has had a decent amount of wrongthink lately:

It's weak now after a decade of horrible management and horrible decisions. The pockets of good folk here, generally in the Forestry and Science departments, could retake the whole fucking thing with just the presence of non-leftists being around.

The low number of minorities makes most Montanans not realize the danger of them, though they are discontent with current politics around the country. If Missoula was flipped politically and culturally, which is not that difficult a task honestly given the decay of the University, it would cut off a major source of political contagion in the northwest.

The spirit of it for sure, though the execution could be improved. The newspapers wouldn't print the whole pictures of these recent fliers because of curse words or too easy of an "incrimination phrase" they could show and dismiss the rest of the argument. Memetic pictures would be highly useful so long as the whole of it is required to convey the message and they can't just chop it up into minor snippets and not show the image. But the winter is a surprisingly good time to do posting like this since walking around all bundled-up and concealed is not out of the ordinary due to the cold. None of the flier people have been caught yet due to disinterested police and factors like that.

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I've seen it, but I never saved it.



Now this is shitposting.

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Got it. An user recreated it in the other thread about it. The original print file was never found.

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No way such a bill would make it through both houses and President Trump himself.

Check it out. It already did.

Im on probation for saying kike.

It already has. Welcome to Trump's America.

It's hardly a result of Trump. This bill passed the House and Senate unanimously, meaning that it would be political suicide (or, considering its source, literal suicide) to oppose it on any grounds. It's easy to try to pin it on a figurehead, but this kind of legislation gets passed all the time. It's the sort of stuff normal people never hear about that the traitorous and the mislead push forward on the behest of their (((masters))).

It should be possible to engineer a flyer such that it is anti-semitic either to post it or to object to it.

Suppose it really isn’t Trump’s fault and it’s Congress 100%. All that does is tell me the US government is no longer sustainable in any way, shape, or form, and Trump will not be the one to fix it because he is now a part of that system. Therefore I won’t vote for him again.

That's not really the implication. It means that the power brokers in politics have designed the system so that politicians must dance to their tune. It's a problem with the influencers and the way that politicians are elected - a sizeable part of the government but not necessarily implying the whole system is worthless.
This was true before he was even elected. The best the man could do was be a wrench in the works, maybe build a wall and, more importantly, be a cultural catalyst for future actual solutions. The idea of Trump is more important than the actual guy himself, hence the demoralization campaigns to evoke learned helplessness again or to cause random crimes that will be exploitable by the (((media))).
Vote or don't, what matters is redpilling the people around you while you have the opportunity to do so and organize locally.

That's an interesting idea. I think the key would be making a poster that causes kvetching that is quite reasonable to the normie viewer to cause cognitive dissonance and more "noticing". Same concept as IOTBW.


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No way such a bill would make it through both houses and President Trump himself.

It's hardly a result of Trump.

What's the common denominator for all these MAGApedo posts

A flyer featuring the phrase "Happy Hannukah" with a photo of Trump would be the best I could think of right now.


No one is buying your trolling Schlomo.

low iq

oh yeah, that category called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, a freedom guaranteed to INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS, not a freedom granted to certain "press-credentialed" judenvolk.

See this is banking on the fact that your average normalfags/boomerfag will give enough of a shit to remember it when they get off work after the rest of their 9 hour shift.

Fucking saved

My Liege, your Court Chaplain's efforts to research culture in our province of Missoula have resulted in the discovery of a Great Autist. Hiring him will surely contribute to a flourishing of culture in the region! The cost for this endeavor is 14.88 ducats.
[For the happiness of my people, spare no expense!]
[Israel is our greatest ally, though…]


I never said that either. What I said is that the idea of pronouncing "the government" (a sweeping notion in itself) as so corrupt and bad as to not be salvageable is extremely foolish. Lolbertarian foolish. The resources alone in the many, many arms of the government warrant takeover, and the governing structure of it could, with great repair, be useful if manned by the right people rather than the (((wrong))) ones. It might take a Roman-styled dictator to set things right again (who is certainly not Trump from the looks of things), or local takeovers of government (which are so fucking easy to do), but that solution is better than notions of retreat and isolation. That's my point.
Okay, that's a policy. I wouldn't be satisfied until the electoral system was fixed, which is a much higher ask than having an easily reversible policy shift. But you can get local governments to reject Israeli influence and do much more for helping out actual American communities even in their existing structures. Or you can influence those in such positions by working on the culture through memes, talking, and clever demonstration.
Paranoia is the easiest button to press with Zig Forumsacks, and so easily exploitable that anons will start inflicting it on each other without needing further direction. Take the arguments presented and determine whether you think they are valid or not through your own research and thinking. Bad ideas don't stand up to such scrutiny for long. Don't just take my word for it. That's what imageboard are designed to do, and it will help make your paranoia a moot point.

False dichotomy. We never thought Trump would nuke Israel. But he has vowed to pull US troops out, and Jewish press was gnashing their teeth when he told Netanyahu to fuck off and take care of himself with all their gibs back in December.

Then he signed H.R.672.

He also reneged on the Syria withdrawal.

There is no context available right now to oppose the Jewish interests in politics as an elected politician. Even pointing out a mild truth like that representatives vote for AIPAC's initiatives because they get paid to do so gets the entire political machine to crush down on whoever did it. Now unfortunately Trump the cultural event would have the power to create that context if he wanted by suggesting to half the country that Israel is not in fact our greatest ally, but the pressure that must be exerted on these political figures must be intense. The only politician who came close to naming the Jew did so because she's a moronic Muslim token, not because she strategically had any ability to.

his daughter also converted to judaism
he was also a friend of jeffrey epstein
his campaign was also funded by alan dershowitz
he also gives israel unlimited aid
he also was supported by netanyahu during his campaign
he also still hasnt built the wall
he also still hasnt drained the swamp and locked up hillary clinton
he also pardoned rubashkin
he also cucked numerous times for israel and spending bills
he also cucked in his state of the union speech
he also called for antisemites to be killed
his ex wife was also clearly jewish
he also got bailed out by a rothschild

and numerous more reasons why nobody here should support him

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But everyone knows he would never do this, because turning U.S. resources into the resources of Israel is his true goal.

not only did it pass, it passed UNANIMOUSLY in the House, Senate, and Foreign Affairs Committee before being rubber-stamped by zero-veto Don

All the other anons are retarded. I looked it up on .gov. All it is, is a directive to allow more shekels to go to Jews.

Well that's not exactly winning or draining the swamp then is it?

That is not all it does; you're a terrible liar. Anyone can read the flyer and see what it does, and that's why posting these flyers is a worthy operation.

time to bump this one again


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Go back to leftypol

These are perfect and the kind of thing we should be doing.

A series of these could/should be created in similar fashion.

Sounds like you know what you need to do m8. Get out there and start dropping those pills.

Boomers will blame "the real racists" in the (((Democrat))) party, guaranteed

Well look at that, an animu loving boomer. I always knew Kurt Eichenwald lurked around here. Or maybe Rick Wilson

Trump is a literal jew. Get mad kikes.

If he vetoes the bill he would look antisemitic and crucified even more in the media. This was a lose-lose situation. That bill should have never got past the House of Representatives.