The absolute state of pol

i havent been here in awhile but there are more shills here than users, and they are REALLY recognizable, all using the same garbage 1990s tactics. admins and volunteers seem disinterested in fighting actual garbage and only delete posts which are outright porn. but that just means that board loses focus and becomes /b/ with fewer swastikas.

what other boards can we escape to next?

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Man, it's almost like people have different opinions then you. Place was way better before the trumpcucks flooded it

Place was better before gamergate. Shills like you aren’t helping either though.

Its not 2016 anymore. We have to understand that Civic Nationalism is only a singular step forward.

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You are a shill though.



More like absolute state of Trump. If you belive this crypto kike, your problem. We have enough of his bullshit.

Boards will be of no use in Natsoc colony.

Don't whine about zognald spam, counter it. They will follow you to any board and post the same shit, might as well stay here, learn to lurk more and use the catalog.

we have to protect israel

To be honest I actually find we have more common ground with Communists (old school ones, not the poz cultural marxist faggots) than civnats/wignats. Duginism/Nazbol it is lads.

Admin doesn't give half a fuck, mods hate trump too.
Fuck off and never return, trumpnigger

Get it into your fucking cucked Migger brain, Trump fucked us, and himself. He has no way back from it, start coping better.

You mean as recognizable as this thread? To think, some people actually believe you kikes have high pattern recognition and cognitive capability.

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This. magakikes get the rope.

Just 'hide' the OP's user. No one but trump cucks go on them and once they are hidden you never have to look at them again.

The more people 'hide' these CivNat OP's the fewer comments on them, the fewer reasons for them to make OP's here; as far as I am concerned it is probably bug faggots or someone making the OP's anyway; if they were White, they would know that no one gives a shit about the politicians that rule over us

Fucking Kike

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That faggot boomer with the 000000 ID is one of the worst.

Remember to ignore ALL Trump threads, both pro and against. They are all used by Hasbara to slide good threads and keep goyim occupied with mainstream politics.

why do it on hardmode tho?

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Only intelligent post on Zig Forums ever

>(((user))) creates a slide thread bitching about other slide threads.
You could have easily bitched about this in another thread, faggot.

no u

seems like a smooth ride

whoa hoa hoa check m8. dubs of the centry right there boy

I think many people, even normies, are starting to get sick of this forced meme

Outnumbered 6 million to 1 and these kikes get BTFO. The more (((they))) kvetch and attempt to subvert the easier it is for lurkers to recognize (((their))) bullshit.

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can't go to /zenpol/ because the same shit flooded the catalog
fucking low effort forum destruction tactics

hmmmmm, really makes you think

Old skoo communists are BASTE!!!

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All those threads are legitimate about legitimate events. And thats why you don't link directly to them in the catalog.
You are just upset someone used an image of Trump that looks silly.

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This, the shills from plebbit and cuckchan are starting to make their way here after they successfully fucked up their own communities.

We don't need a thread about everything Trump does or doesn't do. He's not saving us.

As bad as a lefty



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kill yourself

Imagine my shock


Pills from shills! Pills from shills! On these hills the fiasco thrills! Without the shills who’d tilt at windmills? We need our shills for pills, so please do let them pay their bills! Thus behold the wills of, uh, anthills!

I haven't said anything other than that user is a shill, and by definition, he IS a shill, in that he's shilling on behalf of a politician.

Go shill somewhere else retard

To who and for what?

You too.

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Guess what user. I made every single one of those posts. Guess what else? I am going to keep making anti-trump threads until hes out of office.
You know why? Same reason I hate the jews, because hes a fucking liar and I don't being lied to.

I have a whole fucking folder full of funny trump faces and every time Trump steps out of line I am going to call him out on his lies and post one of them.
You are powerless.
Get fucked Trump nigger.

This is the first post in this thread, that is not a shill. /tok/

based and redpilled

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