What do we do about shit like this? How can a human being even think like this? I'm sick and tired of these people.

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Whenever niggers get uppity always kindly remind them that the emancipation proclamation guaranteed their right to leave to their homelands and instead they have stayed and benefitted as footsoldiers in the jewish subversion of white society. Kindly remind them they are a parasite and their opinions in regards to racial inequity are mute. They are an invasive race

wait, did you refute the counterpoints?
there hasn't been a declaration of war since the korean or ww1
did you just fucking run to find a hugbox HERE?!

War's don't speak to the actions of the average individual. They are the actions of a few higher ups (A number of whom in the US are not even white). This in contrast with average crime rate which IS the decision of the average person.
Also, of course, war is distinguishable from actions in civil society. There are people who will kill in a war, but would never do so in a "peaceful" environment.
No, it's generally been accepted that killing in war is different from killing in society by people of various races/cultures.


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this should have been your response

you managed to be out classed on /tv/ and ran to Zig Forums for a different group of onlookers to appeal too
stop it

He's trying to say that kikes running the government making wars and brainwashed ZOGbot Whites fighting in them are far more violent than niggers niggering it up. The thing is, we don't want these wars and intervention in other countries, either. There's another thread where we're discussing how to get through to the Israel first patriottards, who are overwhelmingly White. If this guy criticizing has any ideas on how to unbrainwash all those lemmings, I'm all ears, otherwise, he can stop using that as a retarded "gotcha!" argument.

Am I OP?

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whelp, time to do something productive
thx for the reality check

Doesn't Africa, China, and India regularly kill off tens of millions due to starvation and disease stemming from overall incompetence? If a groups life expectancy is years lower are we counting that too?
What about abortions being in the millions? Or all fags dieing at half their life expectancy. For every kid they abuse is that half a murder? Most fags world wide are brown.

Diarrhea kills literally a million people per year. If you think one time major wars every half century killing 4mil can equal out to 50 million from shitting alone… not sure what to tell ya.

Every "White person" this faggot talks about is (((White))).

OP… the fuck is wrong with you? You just made a thread about what a retarded nigger said in another thread. Don't post for two years.

they aint human and yes they believe jews are white people

True. Or brainwashed ZOGbot Whites fighting their wars for (((them))). One such example of a non-kike working towards the kike agenda is Erik Prince.

Niggers are weeds that grow on the sidewalk.

In my opinion being violent is necessary in some point for your civilization to trim the unwanted features of a healthy nation. For example, being violent to kill a smuggler or a child trafficker.
Also, violently killing jews in a worldwide effort would be a necessary step for creating an utopia, so there's that.
Niggers, on the other side, do not think clearly and just kill because their behaviour is impaired and equivalent to a child at most. There exists exceptions of course.

Jews are back to promoting the Naz faggotry. I guess the anti Trump shit isn't working anymore.

Send them back to Africa.

The people who fear excellence promote it. Excellence in actuality is an accident of correctly constructed motivations - of harmonies between desire and truth.

Not all Violence is created Equally. Often when the White Man kills, he does it with higher aims in mind. Might he be off in his calculations? Perhaps, but rarely is it unmeditated, or done from a state of animality, as some other races engage in.

Also, I don't think that the onus of the guilt for recent wars belongs to the White Man primarily, the Jewish banker is like the Murderer that pays the White Man to commit the crime (Against his Kin at that), and for this reason, the Banker is the Guilty one above the white man. However the White man is not innocent, if anything his Cowardice and Greed is his greatest sin. He has the ability to say no to the Endless sea of Green, but he chooses not to.

Colonization and Imperialism is one thing, and it can have a net positive outcome, if done properly as Cecil Rhodes would like, but fighting wars for profit, or for the propagation of a Communist NWO is much worse.

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