Name the ways the average leftist will spin this:
First Covington, now this. What will be the next fake hate crime hoax?

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Who gives a shit? This is a media-distraction from the wall and the gibs for Israel.


Hi Schlomo

People who did not orchestrate hoaxes have nothing to worry about.

Das raysis.

nigger just go on chan.sankakucomplex, dan/gel-booru

this isn't /b/ retard.

First Trump is found not guilty by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Now the MAGA hoax is exposed.

How will the kike media ever recover?

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By that logic, there should be no punishment for crimes. Prosecuting people for doing wrong things will scare people from doing right things.

FOX/Newcorp ran this psyop from end to end, probably to give TRUMP some FAKE NEWS without having to actually call out any BIG FAKE NEWS

When you own the whole system you don't get a much bigger circle jerk than this.

They are so fucking possesed they can't smell utter bullshit anymore. Even the local negroes were laughing at this shit, while Cory Brooker was finally brave enough to legally end lynching by making it illegal. Only in Drumpfs America. I wish I could enjoy this but it's just distraction from Trumps treason for Miggers.

Hate crimes don't exist and are only used to demonize whites.

Mate even Tariq Nasheed called it ffs


Now you're thinking like a leaf!

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They'll pretend it never happened.

Then I guess it's up to us to remind everybody all the time, huh? Has anybody got some fresh OC that sums this sad event up yet?

I see what you did there

mods dont delete paid jewish shilling, but delete anime tiddies in a very swift fashion. Really makes you think

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have some shitty OC

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Kill yourself kike anyone here with an IQ above 65 understands these media distractions mean nothing and Trump literally sucks Jewish cock

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Find and kill all involved.

If you are going to try and derail every thread by posting the exact same shit it makes it kinda obvious don't you think, faggot?


Keep trying faggot


We're about 6 weeks into 2019, and there are already 3 major hate hoaxes, 2 of which - this and Covington kids - are probably bigger than anything in the past couple of years.

None of them have anything to do with illegals or Muslim terrorists either, so not something that could be co-opted by the Trump campaign. It's all stuff that has nothing to do with magapede bait.

This is the next hoax

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If you want a good laugh, here is a Young Turks video on it. Hooktube embed, to see comments:

YOu just know those rug riders jacked off into his food.
And you also know that he knew they jacked off into his food and he ate it anyway because he love eating nigger cumb.


It's being used as justification to get more hate-crime legislation passed, sponsored by israel-owned Booker and supported by israel-owned Kamala Harris. If the bill passes, israel-owned Trump is expected to sign it. Smollet is a kike.

This is an elaborate anti-White hoax to enact anti-White legislation. Anti-White Trump is in on it.

Stuff involving vandalism or even a fire are pretty pedestrian, we've seen these play out scores of times.

This one was different, it involved a celebrity who was a victim of a hate crime. And because he is an actor, he made a dumb story sound as believable as he could in this interview:

It got a lot of press, and was even referenced with recent congressional legislation. All a fucking hoax.


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That cuck is the fucking worst. Also Shaun King is like 5 for 5 fake hate crimes in a row kek

SJWs will say institutional racism and trump caused him PTSD which led to him lynching himself.

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If you didn't catch on, and most of Zig Forums hasn't, the wall was always a decoy. If you continued to admit millions of Mexicans, the wall doesn't mean anything, they will just come in through San Diego or wherever.

Do you mean the extra $200 million or the anti-BDS legislation? Either one is probably a good thing, they are fairly cheap ways to demonstrate how much power Israel has. Ilhan Omar got millions of people hearing about AIPAC, and this adds to the conversation. The Zios going apeshit over BDS does way more harm to them than the actual boycott ever will.

This is a separate story that has to do with nigger crime and a media that can't stop lying.

Funny how TYT never learns, their view count is plummeting. Check this out:

They are going to wind up being the most extreme example of "Get Woke, Go Broke" on Youtube.

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Kek, saved

don't shit up the board just because you got banned for anime posting

Holy shit, Rantingly.

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more OC

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This story is the Harambe of 2019.

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You may be responding to a bot.

I am going to have my eyes open for this line of talmudism. I wouldn't be surprised.

As long as they come here legally


Is Donald Trump Jr. promoting a Jussie Smollett conspiracy theory?

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Anyone remind him it was his bad acting that cost him his job? Nigger will be nominated for an academy award next year for this though won't he?

you know the left would do that and say they're only doing it to 'laugh at conservatives'

It depends. In the next 48 hours or so, the establishment will have to collectively decide whether to embrace him or abandon him. If the formaer, then he'll be Time's Person of the Year next year. If the latter, they'll quietly have him killed.

Bleed to death after a fan-bang rectal prolapse that accidentally gets wrapped around his neck so he suffocates in jail?

Autoerotic asphyxiation in the back room of a fag massage parlor with amyl nitrate in his pocket, coke on his nose, and heroin in the prison wallet.

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they'll just call it activism and say that niggers are scared. next year this shithound will get an emmy

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in honor of Obama's latest son.

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Post more, I love these.

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I know it's aside from the point, but just look at the position of that crowbar. Jesus.

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He's so Jewish he insists it wasn't staged. What else are these jews lying about? 🤔

The nignog half guaranteed an incompetent hate hoax

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One of the real gifts of all this was the long interview he did with ABC News.

People will say it's obvious he was lying, but personally I think he did a very good job of lying. If he had been talking about some non-controversial issue about dumb shit on his TV show, you'd think he was being dramatic, but not that he was explicitly lying on a topic that was really important. He even fucking cried!

So this famous, successful black actor goes on MSM and lies for 16 minutes straight about his being the victim of a hate crime. Terrible fucking optics.

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Logically I doubt they came in the food since it appears to be a communal meal. They would have to also eat the cum in order for the plan to work. Highly unlikely

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Anime is for literal homosexuals and pedophiles. You having images like that really makes me think

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I camb

How disgusting are these people? They are eating barefoot on the floor… why did we import these savages? They still dress like they are in the desert circa 1845

you forgot these

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