Lynch the Bitch

Angel mom, Melanie Kortlang, confronts democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis about how her daughter was killed by an illegal alien, who simply laughs.
Susan Davis is a piece of shit deserves to die of scaphism.

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Nobody cares Perez Hilton

What part of this is a planned genocide don't you get yet?

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He's posting that in every thread in the catalog right now. I just noticed him post it in three other threads I'm in.

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naw let's wait for the NEXT thing to happen to finally take action. Casual laughing about white genocide is a little too yawnsville for me

well, I voted against this. but she didn't until it hurt her personally.

Omg 100% of things I say are correct and everyone who disagrees with me is evil/wrong/a shill, right Jared?


Cunt smiles while the lady speaks out against her. You have to execute these cunts, voting out incumbents does nothing. You have to kill them one by one until they finally get the message.

Post the dox info on Susan Davis then and then…

hint: there is no pretending, you actually are

It's almost as if people who think Perez Hilton is cool spam pol with useless threads about fake elections, celebrities, shit that has nothing to do with anybody, and rules about how only people who post this retarded useless sliding bullshit are allowed to have a voice here, Jared.

Omg like everyone who disagreed with me is dumb this is just like logic xd I've never been wrong.

Everyone has defects Jared. It's Ok.

heheh… it will be so epic…

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Whoa. It's almost like leftists have some kind of hatred for white people or something. This is a totally new and shocking revelation, OP, no one has ever exposed this agenda before.

Sarcasm aside, know your audience. We're not mainstream american NPCs who operate based on moral outrage posturing and virtue signaling like you guys are at r/The_Donald. We are Saxons who have long since begun to hate this depraved world for what it really is.

Yeah make sure you are extra police to Jared. He's very sensitive.

You could always just have daddy pull some strings so my words go away, Jared.

I like information. I don't care about people's opinion. I don't like spam. 95% of the time I go on the internet I am forced to read through thousands of words that have nothing to do with the point. If you need be a diva and jerk off your ego you can log into Fakebook.

like how a person looks/came from matters. problem is crime inside the borders. you won't fix it by closing the border.

people coming in the border is mostly lawful-good. just like the ones already here. immigration just increase the overal population, not one group or another.


2/10 bait as i replied. good job. tell your mom i let you go get a tendie!

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wow based mod anchored this thread. Wouldn't want something that people on here can actually do something about.

Not really sure where you're getting the "look" part from. But she is saying her child was murdered by someone who wasn't even supposed to be in the country to begin with - so yeah it does matter, it's literally the crux of the matter dumb dumb.
Okay but that's not the problem, the problem is that they're not.
Immigration from Mexico does not increase the percent of the population from China. So not sure what the fuck you're trying to say there.

she has a white vagina so you will defend her.

Honestly, that poor mother should have carried a CZ 75 in her purse, and put one in that stupid whore's head. Her daughter is dead and isn't coming back, so might as well do the same to the uncaring smiling bitch.

And the thread gets (((anchored))), as usual.

Is Perez Hilton even still relevant? Like at all?

Only if you're a faggot.

I don't even hear normalfags talk about him, so I would guess no.

Imagine being so fucking retarded and reliant on black and white thinking that you need to brute force your agenda on others with things like screaming or using buzzwords.

For sake of discussion, stereotypes can be used. You can discuss black crime , liberal arts schools, psychotic drug users . Everyone knows what you are talking about when you say that Irish are drunken assholes.

Using the argument that PERSON A did a thing therefore I get to control PERSON B only worked in retard world. This isnt retard world. The correct way to communicate is going up to somebody with a different opinion and saying "Hello. I understand that you promote immigration, but I have some issues." This was taught to us in fucking pre school.

The mark of an idiot is trying to weasel your way into making the decisions for everybody. This encourages stupidity. This is simply called narcissism, and you are delusional for thinking that a society which uses a due process system should give you a pass to "own the libtards" because "Well, they are just dumb, so that means everything I say is now reality!"

This is why having any opinion which is associated with Useful Idiot 1 gets you immediately demonized by Idiot 2. "Wow I don't like government corruption" "LOL STUPID INFO WARS TRUMPTARD" , "Wow I don't want the government telling me if I can abort my kid" "LOL STUPID LIBTARD!"

Everyone knows who these con artists are. They exploit human emotions to brainwash people. It's the people just as much as the government doing this.

IF 1 immigrant committing a crime means all immigrants are bad THEN IF 1 pol user commits a crime all pol users are bad.

You enter a circle for eternity where you and another fucktard just keep throwing the same trash at eachother. Maybe its for the best because you are both hypocritical assholes, but it's fucking annoying so at least leave this in the Toby Keith forums or something.

I wish every non-white that came into the country ran over another non-white. At least then we would be breaking even.

That's where you're wrong, kiddo. We live in a retard clown world, because the good guys lost the Second World War.

If ten doctors immigrate to the us and 1 immigrant commits a crime are those ten doctors criminals?


If 1000 Mexicans cleaning spoiled white marketers rooms at a hotel commit zero crimes, then 1 Mexican commits a crime, are those 1000 people that wanted to leave a drug cartel run shithole criminals?


Ok, do you realize that by acting like a fucking retard and going straight to FUCK IMMIGRANTS! Immediately leads to half of the country thinking that you are a compassionless douche , and they will disregard everything you say and request even more immigrants?

Going to the core of the issue is much more effective. I agree that it's fucking bullshit that somebody busts their ass off and has to fund people who don't care about their well being. The companies that employ these illegals all use loopholes created through literal legal bribery to avoid paying taxes, they save money, then you have to pick up the tab.

Problems people have with welfare , immigrants , crime, are all things which can be solved in other ways. We could create advanced jobs, destroy monopolies, create an education system which isn't completely controlled by a group who needs to financially rape every person on Earth and then only have 5% of what they teach be retained and useful information. There are no opportunities here. You are either well off or you are a fucking slave and there is no way to get out unless you prop up some monopoly that stifles innovation. Because education, the job market, and the financial system is fucked, a literally rigged pyramid scheme , GASP , people commit crimes and end up needing social programs.

Do you want to take your entire paycheck home and not have to worry about getting killed or do you just want to get off by putting people down? You can get what you want , it's done by reforming the system not kicking and screaming.

I agree it shouldn't have been anchored but this thread does not belong here. It belongs on r/The_Donald. It is conservative material for conservatives. We are not conservatives, we are national socialists and other genuine right wingers. Not fake right wingers.

I'm no fan of Kikebart, but it aligns with our view in the sense that this poor woman's daughter was run over by a foreign racial alien that should never have been here in the first place, "legal" or not (Hart–Celler Act is illegitimate).

why was this anchored?

Because the mods are kikes around here.

the responses in this thread made by coward faggots, and the anchiring of this thread made by hapa coward faggots, both dont bode well for the survival of White americans.

this woman had the guts that none of you pussies have. seriously, kill yourselves. moms are more likely to save us than your faggot asses

Not doubting that. It would have been better if she was carrying around a pistol and killed that cunt that she was confronting. It's long past the time for any peaceful solutions.

What State does Susan Davis represent? Dweeb needs to be taken to the border wall and thrown over.

California. She represents California's 53rd congressional district.

And it's a heavily spic'd up district too.

Oh. Hi kikes. Guess that's why this was anchored.


we came we saw he died lel

You like cock, faggot. After you write that bullshit, you give us your word salad of opinions. Not once, but twice.

Fucking autistic cunt.

Still waiting for dox on this Davis bitch.