Looks like Occasio Cortez is the new puppet of in the controlled Republican_Democrat dialectic

>Enter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is who they're pushing as the next Democratic leader: a radical spic feminist. Think Obama was bad? He was a socialist, but as someone who was also influenced by Islam, he likely had a few conservative values – at least compared to this cunt. If she is elected, America is officially dead. It's over.

I'm not sure how pozzed the average white American is but they did vote for Obama! But is it likely that they will vote for her? I think Zognald would stand a good chance if it wasn't for the fact he keeps shooting his supporters in the back and they're slowly realising that. He's definitely losing support. And if history shows us anything, it's likely the pendulum swings back – we can already see it happening, so we'll probably get another Obamathon but this time with a psychotic Mexican female who will in all likelihood turn America into a third world socialist country. Mexicans have this proclivity to Mexicanise everywhere they go, so you can bet this cunt is gonna open the flood gates as much as possible.

Or we keep Trump who is basically just a mega Zionist and a liar. His mission is to support Israel 100%. He even funds them more than he's ever put to the idea of the wall, which was basically his biggest promise and talking point before he got elected and filled the white house with Ashkenazi Zionists and neocons.

That's where we are democratically: a Zionist shill and a psychotic spic feminist. Literally not a single leader who represents whites is in near sight. And that's not just the situation in America but almost the entire West at this point.


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My question is would she remove the kikes from the dems. Fat chance she will suck zion cock all the same

Well, no. Democracy is an illusion. You can't actually elect people who are anti-establishment because the establishment controls the system. Why would they allow themselves to be eliminated? It makes no sense. Why would they even take the risk? These are just figurehead positions anyway. The real ruling power is the Jewish money class: the bankers and millionaires who are all Zionists.

Her plan is to move ahead with the "Green New Deal" which will destroy every area outside of the mega cities. Heavily restricted, highly priced or outright ban all fuel sources, rendering every generator, car, heavy equipment unusable and say "everyone should walk, ride a bike, use our public transportation" which are only viable options in large cities or between large cities. She is also on board with banning all firearms. It is guaranteed she will win, regardless of votes. The plan is to escalate, as quickly as possible, the plan for Communism and right now (((they))) have enough useful idiots and pets to present that this is what America wants.

she will have just turned 35 and thus be elligible to run in 2024

SAGE for electoral politics

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oh also she has Sephadi ancestry and therefore is a chosen

what a coincidence

I hope she wins, trump has been too effective at keeping whites nullified with his anti immigration illusions. I hope she sets a new standard of being next level Marxist, I hope this is jarring for white normies to hear, I hope she threatens everything, I hope she goes after guns, I hope she provokes white people. If I were an American I would fan the flames of her rhetoric, take the most radical and uncomfortable quotes she has said, make your own radical anti white quotes and associate them with her on twitter sock accounts, posters, memes etc. make them expose what's in the cards, let them display there true agenda then mop up scores of disenfranchised and jolted whites in a reactionary movement. DESTORY CENTRIST POLITICS! timid democrat/republican politics is Slowly but effectively killing whites

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The best laid plans of mice and men.

Then you should be willing to support term Limits. With term limits the fence shiiters who kept this two party fake BS would be phased out. They would be replaced with the more radical on both sides. More and More AOCs would be elected by design. The AOCs would make what Jared Talyor says mainstream in the GOP, especially so with memes like "30 year old boomer".

Shes also a kike.
The "green new deal" is all bullshit and purposely put out there because its so retarded, people will have no choice but to vote for trump. Never forget that major wars and prokike policies are mostly pushed through when republicucks are in charge. The uniparty fears a shift back to the demikikes in 2020, making it far more difficult to keep the illusion of a two party system going.

AOC is King Nigger redux.
She has 6 years before she becomes eligble for a presidential run, so she'll do 2 terms max in Congress (if it's true redistricting can cause her to lose her seat she'll moved elsewhere) before she gets picked as a presidential nom.
Highly likely it's an attempt to replicated the mobilisation of black voters we saw during the Obama election with spics.

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she admitted to being jewish user


Why would the Jew remove the Jew? Vid related.

She has accepted the Swamp by putting her boy toy on her offices Payroll…
Hollywood has accepted her.
Predictions, an Actor of a certain religion will jump on the Grenade and date her, if not marry her, she will dump her boy toy like a hot Taco.
Talking about you John Mayer…

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"Alex Jones" is more subtle as a CIA agent than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and he's not subtle at all.

Not true. 2008 was the first election white people lost in the US. More whites voted for McCain than Obama. 2012 too.

Zionist shill > a psychotic spic feminist.
As bad as it is. This cunt like all commies, plans to take all guns. It's the third or fourth 'bullet point' on her list.
Socialist will get in 2020 if the economy goes into a deep recession. If not then 2024. America will have it's asshole ripped out and feed to it. As such, either a quick reversal or a civil war. In the later case, the country won't recover in our lifetime. Yah, bleak shit but that's Communism.


Every single DNC politician is married to someone connected to something. She is so going behind his back right now and he likely has no fucking idea because he is stupid enough to trust her.

Household name? Someone actually speaks her name aloud?

She admitted to being jewish the way Elizabeth Warren admitted to being an Indian.

Also if this bimbo becomes president, she'll be like Obama and get nothing done except a few executive orders. She'll be so retarded that a republican would win after who's more nationalistic than Trump. She's not going to win though. We're not a direct democracy. Rural America will never support her. The bulk of the country never will. She'll never win enough states to win. Most people only know about this woman because she's a living meme of left-wing stupidity.

These media niggers still think they're the center of the world.

Jewish or not, she promulgates jewish marxist socialism. She's clearly an admirer of Lenin. Go back to Zig Forums.

And my ancestors who were around from the start of America were Jews as well, but now I'm a Nazi, so who cares? Jews can decide to stop being Jews.

She's a bolshevik. Whether she's ethnically jewish or not, she's a foot soldier of jewish supremacy. She's the brown face of bolshevism meant to sway the in-group desires of brown people to see their own succeed. Expect the new face of bolshevism and far-leftism to become increasingly darker, because the entire intent of diversity was to use shit-skins to introduce bolshevism via their low-intelligence, instinct-driven group desires. Jews will, of course, retain all of the most prominent positions in politics, just like in Russia. Diversity was always a weapon, and we're seeing it begin to be utilized as it was intended.

You can't overcome your genetics. If you're jewish to any significant degree, then you'll have similar behavioral predispositions. Plus the tribe is always there to offer large sums of money and immediate success to any jews willing to play their role.


You are retarded. Any attack on the (((system))) is good. OC is useful to us, and so is Tulsi Gabbard, and so is Corbyn.

Making things worse won't make them better.
Most whites in South Africa are still bluepilled.
Trying to get /ourguy/ won't work either.

Time to return to our Viking roots and become savage coastal raiders. Overt explicit politics is for fags. Become a criminal today !

One would think we get enough of this cunt on halfcuck.