***WARNING*** Peterson exposed - Proven and dissected

I'm willing to bet this was already posted here at least once, but just in case some of you didn't see, here it is again.

A lot of you may have already seen this, but spread it anyways for those who haven't!!

> youtube.com/watch?v=WXYuqrO8LLo&

The video above is something every user here should watch. It explains professor Jordan Peters stance on White Nationalism and why he stands against it. It also elaborates on his background inadvertently working under a protege of George Soros. Spread it to everyone you know. Post it on every forum you're registered too, even if it will be removed. Post it on every video game, bodybuilding, gun, and auto forum you know about. We need to spread this knowledge as quick as possible.

Because it not only explains how Peterson is going about what he's doing, but it explains WHY he's doing what he's doing.
For every single user who has either watched or currently watches Jordan Peterson.

He's an "average" Canadian college professor that gained fame from refusing to call transgenders by their preferred pronouns after it became mandated to do so by Canadian law. He's gained a huge following of, specifically, young white impressionable males. Mostly white males actually. Almost as if (((he's))) specifically targeting them.

Video below:
> youtube.com/watch?v=O-nvNAcvUPE

He hasn't actually redpilled anyone. That's what this video goes over. It specifically talks about how he's actively and intentionally neutralizing white collectivism, more so than anything else. It also explains his United Nations connection, how he actually mentored under (((George Soros'))) protege, how he worked on a project FOR the UN about transferring wealth from the west to third world nations, etc.

Do it for yourself, watch the video and spread it.
Do it again. He's doing too much harm to be ignored.

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DEFINE WHITE! Is Lawrence Fishburne white? Fucking GOT EM! Clean your room, bucko.

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Lol, ridiculous. I must admit though, I didn't believe it at first and thought a lot of it was shilling from liberals or something. After watching the video, I actually still can't believe. I didn't expect the Marxists to be this intelligent to be honest.

Fuck off jew.

he will be destroyed by himself , but not soon enough

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Ahh, found the schlomo. You should've tried another tactic. The person who put this video together did it extremely well. So well that it actually can't be refuted after watching it. It literally proves everything.

How can you even tell the difference between so-called "whites" and "blacks," bucko? It's all a beautiful spectrum!

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Shlomo, you need to begin to understand why people don't like you and improve yourself.

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No one here gives a shit about this guy.

If you made this video, great job. You and Vertigopolitix are the only two jewtubers I actually like.



Me: If you force the names of people who I have never met on me, and you expect me to get giddy like a toddler because some magical person was mentioned, I will immediately assume that both you and that person are narcissistic idiots and will disregard everything you ever say.

Redpill 101 - Anyone who is or associates with celebrities is a con artist .

Can you just grow up and drop it? My system automatically filters all these people. You don't need to break down all the evidence for why somebody who thinks they have a magical name is a shitty person. Anybody who promotes the ego sucks. It's very easy to spot people who are more about the content of their message than their ego. You can't claim that somebody like Nobody Careson who had to study the ego isnt aware of the fact that their name doesn't inspire , it either draws praise or makes people pissed off. This is because people with massive egos don't give a fuck about some "divine" journey to unite the world and bring us to new heights. Their goal is to gain as much power as possible. If Nobody Careson entered his celebrity status with 100% "I am here to help", and didn't even put 1% into "but everyone worship me" , then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Humble people don't create problems , they fix them. If you are good at fixing things you will get rewards, a house , car, friends, family, purpose. The second you cross the line and decide you need fifty flashy cars, multiple mansions , $250 for people to hear you talk, you are not helping anybody and are a douchebag con artists. I agree that people should be compensated for helping. Let's not pretend that greed doesn't exist. Nobody Careson is a greedy faggot who solves nothing and by discussing him and his kind we are helping them exist.

I didn't make the video, I just saw it though and knew I needed to post it if it hadn't been spread here yet.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm a little naive when it comes to this stuff. I wasn't politically active at all until the last election. I have a lot to catch up on, and quickly.

Just watch this.

He didn't fool me. Clearly a shill. Thanks for the video…

Anyone who is accused of having White Privilege

Ted called out that faggot Professor years in advance, man was right about a lot of things but living in a wood cabin wasn't one of 'em.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm really having doubts about all of this race stuff.

The fact Jordan Peterson won't call out Israel for basing their entire foundation on jewish supremacy should of told you he was controlled Op. Also just watching his videos he has a very pseudo intellectual approach giving vague examples with a buzzword and then knowing most of the people aren't going to question it that are showing up to his talks. Reminds of a artificial prop-up like the nigger science who was a giant fraud. Just comes across as egotistical wrapped in a thick layer of narcissism while being
self-aggrandizing and he acts like a manic when people outright disagree with him.

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He resorts to the typical tactic jews use which is to react to topics and damning information with a forced sense of discomfort and then shift topic or decline to comment. He's done this several times and you can always hear the bluepilled normalfag NPCs gasp and awkward laughs.

It's a very simple but effective trick. It's not something he came up with. It's how jews and associated commies make things taboo. It's the core foundation of making things taboo. Example: Want to force racism? React to situations you want condemned with how you want others to perceive them and they will follow.

It's always about forcing context:
< look at my body language! look at how awkward I'm reacting! this topic is awkward!
< laugh awkwardly, goyim!

It's commie-style thinking in a nutshell. Read a post made by Zig Forums and you will get the same experience.

I guess I need to be accepting of where people are in their development, but goddamnit, Jordan Peterson was never enticing to me. All his talks are flowery bullshit meant to sound intelligent to people too stupid to realize he's not saying anything of substance. Then he gives a conclusion, and people are like "Wow, he said a lot of words confidently, I better do what he says!"

The video posted by OP and the one by are good, but this single tweet is enough for someone with a functioning brain to dismiss the jewish shill.

I think its interesting he only is focused on the far left not the actual left to play it smarter with a slow boil. In a way he really is trying to help (((them))) more because people that are even moderately to luke-warm leftist.
Won't care at all the immigrants are brown and black from islamic shitholes to mexico's and right below because then that could create more terrorist or being held accountable would be racist.

While a moderate conservative will believe the same thing because they came here "legally" a law made by foreign invaders forgetting the heavy favoritism towards low iq shitskins. That crime isn't the shitskins fault because they grew up in a 3rd world so we shouldn't assume his 10 little shitskins are just as bad, lets keep them here. Forgetting the conservative cucks are paying to keep the sub-human virus alive, paying to keep a ethnic replacement and endangering every White persons safety.

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Not your personal army.

That's the slightly older page on Petersion:


I wonder how many young white men have done his personality test and self authoring program. That info is priceless for the bankers who want to study us (and people actually pay this snake to do it). It's a pretty obvious scheme but so are most of (((their))) scams

Creator of video himself already made thread about it.

wow, perfect

you are a total retard with tunnel vision if this is the only reply you can come up with

He must be Canadian, who wouldn't want to shit on a leaf? All politics aside, it's still worth it. Politics included? He's very deserving of a good drag through the mud.

Let's pretend that there is a significant grammatical error in that guys statement.
True intellectual :
J. B. Peterson:
What a fag.

Not your personal army.

I'll never understand why people in positions, like the Russians, didn't just go out at night and assassinate people in law enforcement and politics. If 10,000 men all around the country just silently went around doing that, they could have killed every key figure in no time. Why wage civil wars or open revolts when you can kill every leader and their right hand men all in the quiet of night?

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Does he really fall for that meme? Original Indo-Aryan population living in these areas was conquered, killed off and raped several times. They were Aryans 2000 years ago.

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INCORRECT. He bitched a bit, BEFORE it became law. Once it did, he said he'd call freaks what they wanted if they, 'asked nicely'.

because they are pussies. Few people have it in them to go around at night taking out enemies.

there is no such thing as aryans, helen blavtasky made that shit up and hitler went for it lmao

There's already a thread for this video, user.

Oh, Chaim. It's doesn't work that way.

Fuck off Reddit.
This is /pol
we support two people here
Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson

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I just saved the link and I'll post it everytime I hear Jordan Peterson's name. :)

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"Look at this."
This means nothing until a bit of background on those pics.

bump for a good video.

Modern Itrannies are just as degenerate as your so-called Aryans today, exemplified by that pic.
Semite+anglo+chink+nigger=kill aryan trannies

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no one cares, perhaps you should go back to stormfront, stormcuck?

Can anyone photoshop blacked jordan peterson pics?

That should trigger his faggot fanboys. -D

He's being force fed to you. No one cares about him.