Creating a white ethnostate without the democratic process

It is not presently viable to declare independence from the US and create a white ethnostate, but it is possible to achieve something similar indirectly. A group of leaders buy a bunch of land in whatever state has the lowest taxes and laxest laws possible and builds something that resembles a town but is technically some sort of nonprofit organization or religious group. The leaders would form a senate comprised of both the initial investors and the longtime residents who have proven themselves to be competent and trustworthy. In order to become a resident, one applies to "work" at the organization which gives them the ability to use some of its land and build a house/farm but they must follow the rules otherwise they will be kicked out, as it is not actually their property. These rules are any of the laws you'd want to have like making residents pay taxes or banning them from committing usury. Criminal things like assault or murder would still have to be handled by the actual local government, but this is more about allowing ethnic discrimination, eugenics, and implementing social welfare programs that only apply to our own residents.

Paying white families to raise children is a welfare program and if you're against that you're on the wrong board.

Is there a state well suited for this? Since less government means more ability to implement our own laws should we back lolbertarians? Or is this likely to get Waco'd and we'd be better off implementing policy directly through the democratic system?

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no. we need to form a roaming army.

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That's because there is no "White" and ethno- is any shared custom. But you can declare independence from the US and create a nation-state.
Oh. You will starve.

I know how to spike a thread
Hold my beer and watch this
If something is uniformly loved or hated, people’s opinions about it serve no sorting function.

It would be destroyed immediately, but instead look at the last several wars that the US lost. We lost against gooks hiding in trees and sandniggers hiding in caves. The reason is because it was too difficult for us to tell whether someone is a civillian or an enemy so we often weren't able to strike first. A formless military is considerably more powerful than a traditional one because it cannot be fought, only resisted. We are already formless, all we need is to recruit more and continue to escalate until violence becomes the standard way of doing things.

American whites have become a distinct ethnic group, do you really think you can just go back to Europe and integrate after your family has been here for so long? Also, "welfare" does not necessarily mean gibs, welfare includes everything done for the public good from roads to police. The only people that are actually opposed to welfare are anarcho-capitalists.

Search for us and you will not find us, it is as if we never existed. Tranceding time and space, intellectually we are without concern for the urgency of now. With our minds elsewhere, our bodies are still here, in the now. Our minds are secure but our physical bodies are in a state of peril. As long as we are physically safe from harm, there is no need for action. We are exploited in the now, but if our minds will it to be so, we can free ourselves from exploitation without ill will to others, for as long as the contracts we enter remain voluntary.

nuh uh, to win a revolution intelligence is first and foremost. Zig Forums anons need to create a decentralized intelligence network whose revolutionary activity consists of spcialized and targeted strikes against the bourgeois nkvd style during the night.

this is a LARP and, all fictional and the author is not responsible lmao

This sound really good especially for Zig Forums post

moderate/ not crazy could/ work in reality

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The most significant targeted strikes we would be capable of can be done with publicly available information. Bridges of rail lines that lead to major cities and major power stations are almost never guarded and essential to keep cities fed and happy. Destroy targets like these and the government will have to waste their precious resources dealing with mass riots and looting from nigs and spics in major cities. Imagine what would happen if LA went without food or electricity for a month, it would become an absolute warzone without a single one of our soldiers needing to risk their lives beyond bombing supply lines.

The only way for anything to be done and permanent is through violence.
Kill all enemies, and they won't be able to interfere anymore.

Requesting user to drop the warzone/civil war pasta pics of this exact reasoning and guerilla tacticial planning

Why not just find one sympathetic billionaire and have him purchase a few thousand acres for us to set up a town. More realistically you could probably buy up all the property in small town America. I remember there was a guy around here a few years ago who tried to do this in Nebraska. He would raise money to buy properties in a small town to establish a whites only community. I think they got him for tax fraud though

Looking for these? Here's some bonus pics too.

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Let's all move to some 3rd country and somehow take a few nukes from the kikes. We should create white Israel.

Hello CIA nigger

Yes it's possible to create such an entity. The foundering fathers included "freedom of assembly" in the 1st amendment. Most retards think it was only about protesting.

Freedom of assembly, sometimes used interchangeably with the freedom of association, is the individual right or ability of people to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue, and defend their collective or shared ideas.[2] The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, a political right and a civil liberty.

founding fathers, sorry it's late and can barely keep my eyes open

Good, but we need to go deeper

No. You have only one option

Is this some American semi-joking slang or what the fuck? Its called NATION

Why would they let anyone who could potentially threaten them become a billionaire? Maybe they exist but good luck finding one. A millionaire or multiple investors would work though, you don't need to buy up property in a town just get some uncultivated farmland and start building on it. Independence from public utilities is going to be necessary anyways: you don't want to be reliant on tap water when they start putting lithium and oxytocin in it, nor the electric grid when you take it down during the civil war.

A nation can have citizens united by something other than ethnicity, an ethnostate would be a nation specifically united by ethnicity.

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oink oink

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Please elaborate

The smaller the enclave, the easier it is to surround and destroy.
But honestly, one small town that we can call our own is better than what we have now.

Check out the Butler Plan and the Northwest Imperative.

The US government would likely do everything to keep its troops outside of its borders to avoid losing them in a CW2 cases which, for all intents and purposes, is a topic that becomes more and more relevant and recurring.

Democracy is a fucking joke. Republics are decent but never last long.

Constitutional Monarchy is the correct state of government.

One of the biggest problems with WN is that it tries to put the cart before the horse.
Nations do not fall from the sky. In most cases the nation already effectively exists through more informal networks of people.
We have to realize that this project won't be completed until long after we're dead, and that any effort to expedite this process to 'right now' will only backfire and set things back even further.

I'd rather we try to take back the word 'nation' since that word explicitly means relation by blood.

Many US states are predominantly white. For the others, Whites will have to organize and kick the shitskins out. No alliance whatsoever, that's for faggots. All white or nothing.

Yes, goyim please don't realize that the hypothetical situation in The Turner Diaries are completely possible and doable, especially if the government gets any shittier!
Here's the problem I've been seing lately is you got some left overs from the alt-kike phase of their nationalism still going on about how we need to just "migrate to all white area" and "not upset the apple cart" with accelerationism. "That's only what Siegefags, do!" Then on the other end you have people who think accelerationism alone is the only way out.
The real answer is to do bits of both, simultaneously. Strengthen suppourt for a whiter America by making sure more like minded people concentrate in areas where that sentiment is more common and readily accepted. At the same time, those in highly non-white areas (*primarily cities and surrounding metropolitan areas*) should be up to some accelerationist shenanigans to make warzones of the places that both neo-cons and neo-libs want to use as a blueprint for how they want the rest of America to become. Urbanite, majority non-white, and sanitized. Striking hard and true in these places while at the same time building up an ethnostate that will serve to later retake the rest of the nation is the real road to victory here.

sounds like Cantell at the Radical Agenda.
Dude on TGS stream was like
he went on about his shekeles for five minutes live

Cantell and Ryan Dawson look like bleached double cheese burgers

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You’re going to get Waco’d.

White welfare is needed. Look at the state of Appalachia.

LBJ is the man who passed the civil rights act and signed 1965 immigration act. Do you really think he had those little aryan children's interests in mind when he put them on television and declared his war on poverty? And if appalachia is still poor, then clearly his war on poverty didn't work.

That said, what we need is not to raise the standards of living for poor rustic country folk but to lower every one else's standards of living from this spoiled baby boomer mentality of life. We need to stop enabling kike capitalism and kike communism with this materialism that chases after infinite luxuries and convenience.

Live in leather and felt yurts, own a horse and a rifle and a shed full of tools. Everything else should go into the production and education of our children, and not a single person should own a yacht or a mcmansion or a car.

And then everyone could have meat and milk at every meal.

Yes, Alaska. It has ample resources. Some of the most lush resources in the country actually. It's surrounded by three bodies of water. Between both Canada & Russia, putting a barrier between us and the U.S.A. It still has a relatively small population, so it would be easy to move there en masse (just a few million required), then vote in our government, then succeed from the U.S.A. while we are still able (it's much more likely to happen under a Republican presidency, than a Democratic one.)

We could offer programs to recruit Amish/Mennonites en masse (to farm.) We could establish a military (to guard our borders.) We could establish an infrastructure to entice other whites to begin heading that way. It's about the size of German, so we have ample room to grow. Plus, it's something that could be realistically done, unlike the Northwest Front (an idea that wants to land-lock and surround whites on all four sides with non-whites.)

Either way, it's something to think about.

What would help is infiltrating the government of several cities in some states, preferably ones that are already majority white, ie. Vermont, NH, Maine. It's not unrealistic to push a National Socialist agenda within a democractic/republic framework, you'd just need to cleverly hide the fact that all the policies are meant to aid and strengthen whites at the expense of the lesser races.

an actual ethnostate, while not impossible, will incur the wrath of the establishment as soon as it's noticed. It must be in an less controlling country ideally. Essentially what you've described is Mormonism but more totalitarian and less religious. Might as well become pseudo-Mormon and hide among them.

What we desperately need is a solid cultural foundation of rightist ideals which to base social managerial schemes off of. Customs, rituals, fads- things that don't require the internet particularly.

That's a horrible idea. As ridiculous as it is repulsive.

Do you envision schooling our children in golden schools?
White people already produce enough wealth so that we can all live like kings with high speed internet, live in real houses that aren't made of cardboard, and have clean water free from pollution while also giving children a progresssive and healthy education.

I hate to be a negative Nathan, but most of that land is tree-less wasteland.

You have done absolutely zero research on their plan. Stop talking out of your ass.

We can take them.

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What do you think of this plan
There could also be documents elaborating on why the communities are designed as they are ('diversity reduces solidarity and trust', etc) which could help to spread a lot of redpills.

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The problem, as always, is the gay cake issue. Some faggots or heebs will come and demand to be let in, and if you refuse they will sue you for millions, win, and the feds will take your property, kick you out, and give it to them.

WTF do you mean a few million required? You'd need like 100,000 people to take over the state democratically. Maybe if you can't do math you shouldn't be trying to plan ethnostates. Also amish and other anabaptists are 100% pure degenerate shit.

Kill yourself you worthless nigger.

Well, it's not like he's offering a transaction to anyone with money, there probably is a selection process and it would be hard to prove he considered their race in not admitting them.

It doesn't need to be proved, that's the problem. The courts have been stacked already. They decide you are guilty of being an evil racist if you get accused of being an evil racist. Look at shit like Ellen Pao. If it weren't for the fact that the company she worked for were massive cucks that openly favored women over men and had tons of papertrails proving it, she would have won her case based entirely on her own word. You don't need to be proven guilty, you need to prove yourself innocent. And the only way to do that is to have accepted a bunch of fags and niggers and kikes.

shut up m*narchist
dictatorship is the only option

You are incapable of discussing or defending your position in good faith.
You're thus most likely insane and not pro-White.

I want to improve White peoples' lives, you seem to just want to cause people to live in misery and poverty.

Concentrate your efforts into killing the enemy first. All of them.
Only after that, anything good can be done.

Yes larping with frogs and Nazi symbols is a great strategy.

Worthless plastic garbage from china does not improve white people's lives. White people had better lives in the 1500s than we do now. Fuck you Shlomo.

Creating many little Amish-style hamlets for White people is probably the best and quickest way forward. At least in America and other Anglo derived countries. I don't think whites could do a systemic revolution here like the Germans did. Better to try to separate from the system and starve it of taxpayers.

No one said that they did.
You brought that up because you had some sort of weird emotional reaction to me saying that White people should not be reduced to living in tents and shacks.

You can scream any insults you like. But I somehow doubt that many people will agree with you on that.

Oh what happened to strawman being bad Shlomo? Such lazy pilpul. You don't want to raise the standard of living, you are opposed to white people doing genuine useful productive work to provide for themselves.

More strawmanning.
Once again, you seem incapable of arguing in good faith. Only your weird emotional reactions to the thought of raising the standard of living for White people.

I maintain that White people should live in large, tone and wood houses that are well built enough that they can be passed from generation to generation. We should enjoy wide open spaces close to nature with high speed internet access for all.

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didnt realize that this was a board of support meth heads just because they are white.

If you are white you are obligated to be skilled, work , and support yourself.

If you want gibs and cannot support yourself you are a pale nigger nothing more, go get some tatoos and fuck off. Your white card is revoked.

Fucking sluts need to stop having babies with losers.

He says, after responding to "tents and shacks". Hmmm, how jewishly dishonest.

Op is an intellectual turd
His dumb ass can't even understan Plato
Did not call it "the democracy", democracy is for retards.

Communism is communism is communism 😘
Faggots never want to be in charge of themselves because they are inherently shitty humans, bad breed.

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The user that you're getting all emotional about defending said
That's a fucking tent.
It's not even a White tradition. It's Mongolian.
We deserve to live in palaces.

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A yurt is a tent the same way a house is a shack. Go ask your rabbi for pilpul lessons.
No you don't you materialistic kike.

It's a fucking tent, dumbass.
Go live in Mongolia if you like living in poverty.

These threads are obvious lesser quality of life, green tribalism, UN wild lands project shit. It's so obvious, you can't shill communism to ppl who call it retarded everyday

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Within the system is not based on the system, the goal once we get established is to subvert the system as much as possible until it collapses and we can run our government however we please. Democracy is for retards, that's why Plato argued against it and why I never mentioned it. Republics are not always democracies, the senators of a republic aren't necessarily elected by the people.

What? Who mentioned communism?

You aren't offering services, only admittance to the organization which can be discriminatory. If it couldn't be then no racial organization of any kind could exist, and many do.

Sounds like a good idea, particularly if there's a charismatic mother who creates these videos and shows off the value of having a wholesome family life. A lot of young men can already see the appeal of a plan like this, but I think young women are disproportionately more brainwashed.

You are offering services, like housing. You're not allowed to choose who you let live in a house you own.

Yes materialism is stupid but you're taking the other extreme which is equally stupid. Whites deserve to live in comfort and security. No they we don't need giant floating castles made of gold and yes we need to maintain our environment, whites have an innate appreciation for nature and greenery. That doesn't mean we can't live comfortable, modest lives.

Anoter divide and conquer thread, if you want something done on an international scale you must fan the flames of revolution and take your country back by force. None of this reformation and easily pozzed/infiltrated bullshit you have going. Fuck you kike.

No I am not. The other extreme would be exterminating all humans so they can't fuck anything up any more. Less extreme would be going back to nomadic hunter gatherers. Less extreme still would be subsistence farming. Having a sustainable self-sufficient population with a strong connection to, and investment in the land and who are not materialist and consumerist is not extreme at all.

Kill yourself rabbi.

Yes, but the problem is still how to not get sued and have all your property taken, or get wacoed.

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Creating a white ethnostate by voting is like finding you're covered with leaches and decide that you and the leaches will vote if the leaches will get the fuck out.

i liked the first analogy, but you lost me with the second half? can you restate that please user?

Remember how Zig Forums got formed? We trolled /new/ until they were forced to give us a containment board. What if we troll world politics until they're forced to give us a containment state? We should float the idea, meme it, until the normies are screaming for all the racysis to be deported to nova scotia (or wherever they choose).

How would you guys avoid a Waco?

I need to add to this. If you were to hold web plebscites showing 10mil+ people wanted a 4th Reich. They'd freak and be frantic to deport us all. If Iceland, a volanic frozen rock, can be downright pleasent, then really no matter where they send us it'll be fine.

poor people get fucked , stay poor retard

and fucking learn to feed yourself cause im not fucking feeding you

Laugh at the notion that the federal government was a bunch of psychotic mass shooters like they make their citizens out to be but actually are not really.



Some very important points folks need to realise:

US has not been constitutional republic since 30th Jun 1864.
Why is that important?

US is now governed under UCC (Roman Law) via the Municipal Corporation of DC. Roman law is the Law of Plunder.

Under UCC every US Citizen is a PER SON (Acting through a mask and legally dead)
All US courts are Non Judicial (Ex parte Tribunals). The Judge wears a robe because he's mourning for Justice (you won't get any).
No UCC US Court can legally try any living man. (Can a ventriloquist's dummy cannot sue a living man for Libel? Of course not. Can a dead corp-oration fiction sue a living man? of course not - it has no standing)

UCC Judges REQUIRE 3 things before they can proceed:
1. personam (an agreement to pretend to be your dead situs trust persona)
2, A legal contract (No fiction dead corp-oration can take action against a living man/fact)
3. Jurisdiction (no UCC court has jurisdiction over living men).

You have been missing and presumed dead since your parents signed your berth / birth Certificate. The US Corp claimed and now own the salvage rights to your Cestui que Vie trust (Cestui que Vie act 1666) and have sold those rights to a Vatican owned Corp.
Your trust is collapsed upon your death and the funds are 'managed' in the White Spiritual Boy Accounts).
You have a monetized trust worth millions of Dollars that you can lawfully collapse and claim back. (The Cusip number for your trust is on the back of your Social Security card).
No Court in the US can touch you if you stop agreeing to be dead.
(EG your Driving licence states that you are dead and yet it is impossible for something dead to drive - Fraud)
All US laws that claim that dead things can have any effect in this world are fraudulent.
Trump and Q are not fighting to restore Natural Law for the living…
So thanks for the side show but no thanks…
Learn the law and ignore the Jewish/Freemason/luciferian parasites - Build your own way to self govern.
Stop feeding the beast.

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This is schizo tier magical thinking which you'd have to be sub 100 IQ to believe. The law is not some magic system that has to be followed but concealed from the normies. The law is just a convention upheld by the lawyer class and ignored whenever possible/convenient.

When you read The Republic and aren't aware Plato was a satirist, OP.

Any citation for that quote? Like, an actual citation?

hello redtext anti nazi user

I have full control of my Cestui Que Vie trust funds.
I pay none of my sweat equity to any government as I am unincorporated and exempt.
Your world is governed by the Banks for the Banks's interests.
The aim of all bank owned governments is to transfer all the slave sweat equity to them. Period.
All US Gov departments feed the banks.
If you like being a bank slave and believe there is no law that prevents the banks from defrauding you and stealing everything you own then go ahead.
I was born a free man and choose to remain one.
I learned the Law and I remember who I am.

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Get anything done yet IRL larping stormfag?

i'm not but keep spamming, nobody will listen to you

Stormfags have accomplished very little IRL.

You, on the other hand, have accomplished nothing by redtext screaming horse shit and being a contrarian retard for no reason other than to feel special and distance yourself from the failures of your peers.

You're actually somehow worse than a larping goon.

Satan isn't Moloch. They are two completely different entities. Satan is Pan. Moloch is the calf they sacrifice children to. Pan is the being that condemns the wicked to eternal slavery.

The dragon is the beast. The being that conquerers and spreads it's seed.

It's like talking to a wall in here sometimes.

This doesn't have to be centralized either. The holding organization could have settlments or neighborhood all over the country with internal law enforced by banishment.

So you admit stormtards are nothing but larpers for the Jews.

All White Nationalists are Zionists. They all want Jews to return to Isreal.

Pan- satan
Hydra- the devil

So what do you suppose the bull god is?

You could try. But ZOG would nuke you. Major General Jack Weinstein

You can still fail. ZOG has more troops. More resources. And all the toys.

Death comes on swift wings to those who have good ideas. Be careful.

You're an obnoxious little shit who either has no reading comprehension or thinks you can twist my words, poorly.

Imagine coming on here and screaming your red text copypasta and thinking you'll ever get any traction. Imagine being so socially inept you actually stand out as being socially retarded on an imageboard notorious for social retards.
The retarded thing is that I know who you fucking are. You're the dumbass who wanted to bait people into your 'white meetup' social media site and then threw a temper tantrum when we told you to fuck off. You've been continuously whining in this board and in the mod board for years now with your same whining bullshit, and the only reason I know this is that you have thrown the same fucking temper tantrum without pause this entire time. You haven't stopped having a tism fit.

Go away. Nobody wants you here. You've had over a year to make any kind of argument and instead all you want to do is have a fucking temper tantrum and play childish word games.

Have you done your week of scouting? What about your IRL recon? Which power station are you targeting?

You're accusator user. You demoralize by accusing everyone of not doing anything, then not saying you've done anything yourself. You curse followers for not following, but then refuse to lead.

As long as we remain honest and productive, those two qualities are like sunlight to vampire as honor to jew. If we create an environment where you have to actually produce something to make value sustain yourself and community no parasites should like it there. Many other minorities would not like the conditions and leave, since they wouldn't be enticed by free entitlements and 'rights' to access white communities. The hardest question is not how to overthrow this anti-white government, but how to keep it white.

If the revolution is to start, you need to start smaller first (and peacefully) reduce your consumption and stop aiding, supporting, and buying from the (((enemy))) in this perpetual debt based consumer economy, invest in your ethnic loyalties only, provide for your own defense, and transition into independence for your family and community for when violence will eventually occur. Many think it will just be a catastrophic event but that most likely won't be the case. It will be slow process of a worsening economy, treasonous government acts, and drastic demographic shifts. Widespread violence and chaos will not help you if you don't have yourself in order. We can't 'eliminate' the enemy if we keep accepting his rules of living and doing business in our home nations. The battle first starts peacefully. If you want to atleast feel like doing something like boycotting a (((product))) or (((business))) or some shit, run for local politics (be on the inside), know the police, there could be numerous things you do, but violence shouldn't be the first thing.