Leaf/pol/ - URGENT call to arms against socialism in Canada

A brief intro:

Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the New Democrat Party (NDP) in Canada. The NDP are the most left-wing party we have in the country with any power. Currently, their leader, Jagmeet Singh, does not have a seat in parliament. He is contending for one in the Burnaby South electoral riding. The by-election in that riding, plus 2 others to fill vacant seats, is being held on February 25th (8 days left). We have a chance to meme him into failure and put the NDP into a tailspin as their leader fails to secure an elected position. Right now, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is his biggest contender - she is a local who represents the People's Party of Canada (PPC), a newly formed party under Maxime Bernier. They are libertarian, nationalist and populist.

The facts about Jagmeet Singh:

He was denied entry into India because he was cited as a threat to national integrity:

Jagmeet is buddies with a Khalistani-separatist rapper who had to be uninvited by Trudeau due to his extremist ties:

Jagmeet refuses to condemn the mastermind of the 1980s attack on a Canadian airliner which killed over 300 people:

During the second debate, after Laura-Lynn finishes telling the story of the murder of Marissa Shen (13yo) at the hands of one of Trudeau's Syrian migrants, Jagmeet bursts out to lecture the audience and defends ILLEGAL immigration into Canada - get's boo'd
at 3:15 he says people are clapping when we talk about turning away illegals, implying of course that illegals ought to be welcomed instead.

The NDP are already talking about replacing him if he loses: cbc.ca/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-caucus-burnaby-south-1.5000442

Where to hit him:

His Facebook page "Jagmeet Singh For Burnaby South Federal NDP": facebook.com/burnabysouthndp

If we can mass-post these links onto his page’s posts, his base will be too demoralized to vote once they see the truth. Please help meme this man to hell. His page has less than 1000 likes and will be easy to subvert and overwhelm for our cause. Once the traffic gets flowing onto his page, it will be impossible to contain without taking it down all together and capitulating to us. Thank you, everyone.

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You have the chance to help destroy this socialist and you choose this

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Make Skateboard-hockey Great Again

We'll do our best but please help us

Stop driving like lunatics without studded tires.

If we were to share this copy pasta here: facebook.com/groups/565213087274651/
what would be the effect? Would people buy in on it? It would be a page of over 100k versus a page of 915

How is he a socialist?

If You want the Hard right on Your side.
Just say so.

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Read their super hidden PDF of their policies. It's basically just big government shit where they bribe you with your own tax money

Just repeat endlessly that he is a dual citizen and that when he goes to Indian (where he lives part of the year) he will give speeches where he tells the locals that he is "their guy" in Canada.

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also, repeat endlessly that he is a one issue guy and his issue is: Khalistan. Just say: "Jagmeet is your guy if you want an independent Khalistan". That is enough to turn people off of him.

True, but it seems he has already been banned from the country given that India has refused him a visa (1st link in OP). I don't know if he has been back since

one other thing: tie Singh directly to the air India bombing by saying that he is a close blood relative of the air India bombers. And, just say that this is the kind of guy that you are supporting.

this isn't about the truth, faggot.

As enticing as that is, Burnaby South already underwent one defamation and breach of Canadian election law complaint. Punishment is hefty as shit and giving us a clean win is important just to make the PPC look good

I spread tons of disinformation and have never gotten in trouble. I am the guy that spread the meme about our immigration minister being a "dual citizen" - which is probably not even true.

Are you saying you are willing to help on this campaign over the internet? My plan was to link this entire copy pasta that I made for the OP in Yellow Vests Canada group on Facebook. Their page has over 100,000 people whilst Jag's shitty campaign page is at 915 right now. It's a public page so to stir some controversy would be great. The only problem is I don't want my real account linked to this, and would prefer if someone used their fake account instead. I can even get you into the group for the initial post

just make fake accounts and go to town. I've never heard of someone getting prosecuted for this kind of thing. Even printing out pamphlets is unlikely to get you into trouble. I see lies that I have spread being repeated everywhere. Even that "if you kill your enemies, they win" line got picked up by rebel media a while ago (lol)

I tried and the account got canned immediately. I will try again

Update: an expert is on it. Within 24 hours, Jag is toast. Over and out

Not to shoot you down, but if nobody really cares about this Pajeet fuck (as evidenced by his Faceberg upboats being practically nil) then wouldn't giving this faggot attention just give (((them))) a chance to make him into a media darling?

I'd be more worried about the other leftists that actually ARE getting support. And we should also be making sure that Bernier and company are actually legit and not going to pull a Trump and give us more of the same shit, except being marginally less embarrassing than Trudeau. Boiling frogs and whatnot.

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Bernier is basically standard Leaf politician, a nobody in a suit making appealing promises that he will discard as soon as he gets in.
Only blood and bleach washes out particular stains.

This faggotry of pacifist actions is what will kill you all.
Stop this delusional idiocy and start a real call to arms: form large groups of armed militias to start systematically (and later, massively) killing all your enemies that are infesting your country.
Violence always wins in the end.

Are you going to offer more to this conversation than generic "KILL YOUR ENEMIES" rhetoric, Luciano Mendez?

shut up CSIS.

He's not CSIS actually. He's just some underage TOR-using spic from One Angry Gamer who keeps posting this LARP bullshit on a bunch of other boards.

You will never achieve anything in life, youre completely worthless and this website is not for you. Take it to cuckchan, all parties are anti-white in Canada.Voting cuckservative changes absolutely fucking nothing. Were not for democracy, this is a National Socialist board and you cant vote for National Socialism with a half white country.

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Really though, all this fucking horseshit about peacefully stopping white genocide and you cucks dont even have a single pro-white charity. Youre the larpers. I see dead white men, white men in prison for life for having fought against Jewry but all you shills do is countersignal actual revolutionaries. Get the fuck out, never come back.

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