India's first high speed train breaks down on inaugural trip

India's first locally built high speed train has broken down on its first trip, a day after it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Surprise, surprise.


Would you trust pajeet-engineered anything travelling at 180 km/h? Or pajeet-grade safety certification, for that matter? Lel.

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Not to worry, my friend, our Aryan shieldmaidens will help save the Indians from dumbness by fucking them and shitting out pajeets until the end of their childbearing years.

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Crash tests for Pajeet vehicles are amazing to watch though

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Is that a model from Tata Motors?

I know, ain't it great? She could have found an upstanding White Aussie man, but instead decided to burn the curry.

It once used to be dads who helped their daughters find the right person to marry, now it's central banks dictating immigration policy. She probably thinks her choices were in no way influenced by others too.


I'm sure THIS too is somehow bad for us and Drumpf's fault!

Calm down, kike.

Fun India facts:
India is one of the few countries with a declining caloric intake despite rising incomes.

Indians are among the weakest races on the planet, with a average male grip strength on par with Scandinavian/East European females.

Indians are also among the fattest races on the plnaet, accumulating the most bodyfat for every unit of BMI. (

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My guess, someone took a shit on the tracks.

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The VP of genetic technology for 23andMe is a gay communist furfag pajeet who openly supports white dispossession in Africa.

His name is Arnab Chowdry
His Twatter is @racemicmixture


We live in a clown world.

Look at pakistan. I take it grip strength is inversely proportional to odor strength.

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Toppest of Keks.

the article actually says that the cattle thing is probably an excuse.

female logic at its finest…

india addio when?

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remember those pics of dead buffaloes to show how evil were and are burgers?

why do they look so skinny

I mean, why WOULD they make a proper safe car when you can do it cheaply and nobody will care? Life is cheap in India and all the local market demands is affordable cars, not save ones.

i'm actaully impressed at how they manage to chop off heads in just one swing
even medieval executioners needed a couple of axe swings before a head started rolling

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Sounds like a higher authority is punishing the Indians for their unkosher acts.

Just wait when we will have Shinkansen from Japan. Then we will see who is laughing.

Cow is holy for us. Do you even have hospitals and ambulance for cows in your backward country, shartinmarts?

Also none of your hospitals can use cow urine for cancer treatment.

Either a troll or a retard, either way ban this brown filth.

nothing valuable was lost

Or Pajeet is just fucking incompetent.

I would trust pajeet to make some static webpage with pre writen text. Nothing more. People who swim in same river where they dump corpses are not future of humanity.

Modern day Indian engineering with the best computers VS Anglos with old-fashioned equipment 100 years ago.

Even with a population of a billion or so they can't find enough people with the brains to put this together. And that is only more proof that IQ isn't everything. IQ nationalism will not ever be sufficient.

Like all lesser races, Indians are nepotistic. Of course the smart people don't get into positions of authority when Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta just hires his 20 cousins.

Why even bother with airbags. Karma will solve if you die or live.

I'm not done with you, not by a long shot. In the good way. Hey I'm recruiting right now, lets do it yea?


All I need you to do is remain silent. Yeah that's a cheater's gambit, but how else do you come up with a 100% success rate? Let's just beat this level and move forward,

No Pajeet, that means you are kosher enough to get a free pass, while they just produce lipservice in the media

truth be told Zig Forums shit's on indians but I prefer indians to any other subhuman species.

atleast indians are trying. when indians flood the country your worried about them stealing your minimum wage white collar office job, not robbing and killing and raping (even though indians love the rape).

not to advocate for indian immigration but they are better than niggers or sandniggers or spics.

fuck yourself immigrant

You should not exist

Noticed how quick they memory holed the fuck up of the unholy alliance of Kikes and Pajeets

>(((23andMe))) returns significantly different ancestry results

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it's not even a clown world at this point…

kill yourself

yeah, im pretty sure hes joking. EMS for cows and using piss as medicine. He's obviously being sarcastic you autists.

Never underestimate the pajeet.

Indians are foul smelling savages.

Pajeets unironically use cow shit and piss for everthing. Their entire brain is literally full of shit. When they claim the invented the internet they are not being sarcastic you dumb faggot.

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Teri ma ki chut. Do you know the benefits of cow urine? It can cure diseases modern medicine cant. Just look it up in google if you do not believe me.

I know a neighbour, who is very old but still healthy from regularly drinking cow urine. He would follow the cows on road and when one will raise its tail to piss, he will bow down, cup his hands and drink it all. I have never seen him become ill to this day. So don't knock off, it till you have not tried it.

Even there are many educated people who tried this and saw the benefit. I am one of them you know. I used to doubt at first. They would not sell them here in supermarkets if it did not work.

I am not joking, retard. See the news. Our success are suppressed in Western press due to jealousy.


Indians have no reason to exist. There is no point for them to be on planet earth anymore. They are holding humanity back.

Imagine how much the lifespan of the planet would improve overnight if every Indian just died.

You assume the retards commenting are any smarter

Kochin jews.


My waifu used to work at a pharmacy and had to deal with Indians all the time. She probably hates them more than niggers after their bullshit. Constantly trying to use expired coupons, haggling with her about the price, smelling bad, smelling like curry 24/7, being rude, basically burping in her face.

Smart relative to her.

Seeing how it's
I think that's pretty good. Of course how it works… I'm drawing a blank. Maybe there's a ton of street shitters behind the thing pushing it.

Any poojeet fall through the hole yet?

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How do they even hold onto it?



yeah instead you make gang rape porn

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“If you saw Tsiri, the giant who holds the Customer Service Hotline on his shoulders, if you saw that he squatted, sweat running down his forehead, his chair buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the Customer Satisfaction aloft with the last of his scripts, and the greater his effort the heavier the management bore down upon his shoulders - What would you tell him?"

I…don't know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?"

To poo on it”
― Anya Rande Atlas Squatted

Are you drunk again Schlomo?

India has technology. So we will get ahead of you someday. Keep being salty.

Chitpavan Brahmins, crypto Jews of India. I did a piece on them a couple years ago

Sage wedge threads.

Maruti suzuki

Reading the title made me think of this florida womens project.
I am pretty sure they had a pajeet on the team.

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Our department of transportation definition of high-speed rail is a top-speed of 180 km/h. By pure coincidence, the pajeet train tops out at exactly that. All of this bullshit aside it's amazing how shamelessly shitskins try to play human.

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>>>Zig Forums
Fuck off.

nu/pol/ here is stupid, but did anyone actually do that? Or was that just shills making claims to encourage people to do it?

Not politics and do we need a new thread about some Indian disaster every week?


Biological biomass is shit though.

Hello, Gupta. Don't you have an alleyway to befoul?

The reason for this is because india, like china values its men over women and they informally practice infanticide of baby girls. This means that this new generation has a shortage of females to date and/or marry, so indian men are desperate for any sexual outlet; prostitution, homosexuality, rape, even violence against children.