The case for a Truce

The key to ending White genocide is to prove to the Jews that the Holocaust didn't happen as stated and that Whites truthfully pose no threat to them currently as well. The race-mixing propaganda and forced replacement migration is, to them, a reactionary defensive measure to ensure their own survival as a tribe. Any and all Natsoc MUST not be let out into the open until this goal is completed and accepted, for it sparks in Jews a life-and-death reaction in that they believe the Holocaust did indeed happen to the extent in which they were propagandized.

Anti-Shemitism displayed here and in other places on the internet is furthering White genocide in that so long as the Jew feels threatened, then they will continue to wipe out opposition they deem harmful to their survival as a people.

The unmatched power and control over the institutions in which Jews hold in the West isn't going to lessen. Perhaps White men can ensure their survival with a partnership, stressing that if they go, then so will the Jewish people. AI and automation will not save them from the other races who aren't so empathetic and altruistic. A power vacuum WILL form and the seeds of class struggle have already been sown.

Cognitive dissonance is real and one admitting to himself that they have been complicit in their own genocide would definitely spark it, so take a step back and assess the situation before just calling me a "kike". Whites aren't winning; time to change.

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They know this already.

I am pretty sure jews are aware of their own fairy tale.


note: it made zero difference

If the Goyim don't know this, then what makes you think the Jew does? I think that the gov't needs to have a revision on this to make it really stick.

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Europe did everything but outlaw the thought of anti-Semitism itself, which would be impossible to enforce - and Jews still seek their genocide. So, no, it doesn't matter if they believe in the Holobunga or not. They were given every reasonable and even unreasonable confidence that it would never threaten them, but they still seek the complete destruction of the white European continent.

Shut the fuck up kike. Your genocide is an ethical necessity in response to your crimes.

I'm a goy, division shill.

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If only that were the case.

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6,000,000 threads died for this.

Not even Hitler has threatened their survival, they know very well what are they doing. You might discourage the few reasonable/high IQ ones and some mischlings from doing it, but for the great majority the only solution is the gas, because nothing else is going to stop them.

Man, the kikes know and the ones who don't will defend the holohoax to the death because they know that admitting it might be bullshit would probably see them expelled or genocided.

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What we need right now are numbers, because that's the only way normal whites will feel comfortable and safe enough to let themselves know the truth. Truces and compromise do not get numbers because it looks like weakness, especially at this stage. Full-throttle is our best and only option, not in any cringey stormfag sense, but guided by a stoic professionalism that won't immediately trigger normies' defense response.

What a cucked race.

Most people had been converted on Zig Forums
So say not to go full Zig Forumstard since that would be the most accurate term.
The problem is how should we approach normalfags about the holocaust then slowly proceed what hitler did in actuality and not the fairy tale bullshit the jews made up then after getting certain segments of ww2 a holodomor done we may proceed with the jq since they will be a lot more open to it.

You do realize it's the people at the top who have been committing genocides starting in the 20th century on any group, ideological or ethnic that threatens their power? It's simply that white people threaten their power and they have to be removed. I don't think you realize how little emotion they have about doing this. If Henry Kissinger and his friends decide 40% of Cambodia has to die because of game theory about demographics in Indochina influencing long term profits by a fraction of a percentage it's like buying a new piece of furniture to them.

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I understand what you are saying, but I'd measure the vast majority bit into the propaganda just like the rest of the populace. If they see that Whites weren't a threat and still aren't, perhaps they wouldn't feel like they need to kill Whitey?

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They know it didn't happen.

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Some people have argued it's a fight of the past.

There's something to that since I have observed Jews on the right making theirs some anti-genocide arguments. Of course the most insulting part being that Jews defend us and that we need them.
But as much as the genocide is their reaction, anti-semitism is ours and totally legitimate.
But they're a minority without much power and even IF we were to lift the anti-semitism, we should never ever make the mistake of thinking we could lower our counter-attack against a genocide their tribe has organized for the most part.

So what is your idea, really? Stop antisemitism but denounce the white-genocide?

This sounds really cucky. We're past the point of even wanting to be friends with any of them.
Case in point, just citing you:

Those who hold the power are not going to tone down the anti-white program.

We must show that Jews are behind it.
This and only this will expose them and force them to recant in some way. It is the next step in our fight on internet and beyond.

You'll never manage to expose them without antisemitism.
Even if you tried not to be anti-semite, anything you would do against their interests would be tagged as anti-semite anyway, so you would find yourself fighting on two fronts now, by both exposing them and yet fighting against the accusations of antisemitism.

Accepting antisemitism makes our task considerably easier.
We could never negotiate a truce if we didn't weaken them, if we didn't bring the truth on the foreground.
Only once they're exposed, we could start somehow saying:

"Look, we know you panicked and overreacted, but it doesn't need to be that way.
Stop the Kalergi shit, repair the destruction, and we call it quits.
Otherwise we'll have to be nasty."

They will never relinquish their power, and being pro-White means Whites would reclaim power, lessening the Jews'.
Since when in history a powerful and destructive political group, especially Jewish, has abandoned part of its power intentionally and in good faith?

They have been anti-White for a long time. It didn't start with WWII, nor with WWI.

Remember the Kitos War?
The massacres in Egypt, in Cyrene (Lybia) and Salamis (Cyprus)?


And this:
>Tisha B'Av

They hold dear their little eschatology.
The one that says they will control Earth. Wherein the goyim, unfortunate as they will be, will be their slaves?
They will always believe in this and wait for that time, arrange matters for this moment to happen.

One would have to destroy all their priests, burn their scrolls, ban all form of books, physical and electronic, curtail their religion and culture, level their temples, all of this to be sure they would not be influenced by that mindset that has been leading and defining them for such a long, long time.

Which would not only fail because it's a task resting on heights impossible to reach, but it would also admirably backfire in intensifying their hatred of the goyim and especially those who would have done such a thing, mostly Aryans.

This does not leave many options.
You want them to think strongly about Kiddush Hashem.

Not necessarily. The brainwashing going in Israel is likely important.
As for the Jews in Europe and America, the ones on the left probably eat as much propaganda as non-Jewish leftists.
This is getting mitigated these days because of internet though.
Which in the end is not relevant because zionism is only one of the many expressions of their sick collective mind.

There's not much point in wasting our last few moments discussing jews.