What I suspect (and I suppose time will tell) the government is doing here is introducing a blocking method that will allow them to block access to political content they do not want users to access in future.
The ruling party has recently become very agitated on the subject of "Fake News", i.e. content that criticizes their policies and behavior. Particularly content that puts the corrupt behavior of ruling party lawmakers under scrutiny and expresses alarm about the Moon government's North Korea policy.

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I had it in my head to save you faggots. Wanna make me actually want to? Brrrrrringggggg brrrrriiiiinnnnggggg

Things seem to be popping off all over everywhere.

Eh, it works

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No surer sign that real change is on the way than hearing about peaceful "protests in the streets." lol.

I also forgot to add that Moon is currently sucking up to the chaebol's who have a massive control on the current economy

Attached: https___s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com_psh-ex-ftnikkei-3937bb4_images__aliases_middle_280_3_1_9_8_7708913-1-eng-GB_20151126K40.png (279x286, 34.73K)

In case you didn't know their last president was literally in a cult
Pic related

Attached: worstkorea.jpg (1552x7337, 2.6M)

Here is some info on the daughters of megalia/WOMAD shit

Attached: 1473147266859.png (1775x6949, 3.29M)

South Korea's goal is to turn their men into women and use their influence on the world, in the end turning every man into a feminine faggot. It's a feminist controlled group behind this but (((they))) are most likely behind this as well.

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That's what you get for taking jewish money, which then will be used to destroy you, before they take it all back with interests and let you fight among yourselves to death. That's why they call you worse Korea. Let's pray that Kim is keeping his defense up against the kikes.

They are having disproportionately high influence on global pop culture, despite all of it being utter garbage that even niggers would find distasteful. Must be a (((pure coincidence))).

SK is a fake, turbo-consumerist shithole that puts even USA to shame. No wonder kikes like it so much.

They created feminism in the first place.

Attached: feminist ants.jpeg (1000x923, 462.77K)

south korea sounds like a legit shithole

saying best korea is north korea doesn't seem like such a joke anymore

What is Moon regime, ILBE, Womad and JTBC? Not as familiar with SK situation as I should be, only know of megalia.

That crazy megalia shit is still going on? The things they were doing were seriously fucked up.

How the hell can they ban HTTPS? Wouldn't that stop simple shit like logging onto your own bank's website and paying bills etc?

This is what feminism brings. They are going to cause a war between the sexes by jailing anyone that looks at a woman the wrong way. I hope that swinging pendulum hits them in the face and men don't forget this anytime soon.

Yep, the jews took over their entertainment industry. If I remember correctly, the local filmmakers saw that coming and rebelled by going all out with creativity to save their industry. this is why S. Korea had a short renaissance of high quality movies like I saw the Devil and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Nowadays it's all just brain dead, propaganda garbage. They did the same shit with Bollywood in India and they are now destroying the art of Japan.

He's the current leader of Korea, who replaced the old one who was found to be brainwashed by a batshit cult of feminist shamans. Only problem being that he's just as corrupt and while he (may) not be a member, he sure as fuck likes taking their money and push their policy.
Same as Megalia, really. Another flavor of batshits feminists.

Really, the best thing that can happen to SK is for the current tensions with Japan to end in war and renewed occupation by a renewed Empire of the Rising Sun.

We're going to win this war gookanon. Your people and ours might fall. But they will rise in the hearts of their peoples as heroes. And that will inspire our entire people to lay waste to our enemies, like the Spartans laid waste to the Persians. Be strong brother, do not forget what is on the line. The American President took a massive amount of power over congress yesterday. Shit is going to escalate until the old system is dead. Your oppressive bullshit is nearing its death kneel. That is often when demons are the most repulsive.

It's a US/Israel occupied nation.
Look into how many US military bases there are in SK.
These bases are the size of cities with elementary schools, playgrounds, water parks, shops and restuarants.

If NK agreed to peace, these bases would have to be shut down and there would be $$$ BILLIONS lost.

Does the reunification with NK have anything to do with this? If so what?

Sorry for the confusion, I'm not gookanon, just a guy that's followed this a bit.
Gookanon is rather patriotic. He actually said he'd fight to the death if Japan tried invading.

My guess is that those services are still on the whitelist.
But If I recall from gookanons posts, every WK citizen, is required, by law of proxy, to sign of your personal ID, for everything - that includes the internet.
And if you dont sign them, you are basically blacklisting yourself.
Its a "you loose" catch 22 from hell.

Remember when the Korean ferry full of kids sank under that Minerva/Godess cult and the Pope and other world leaders came to visit the next day smiling and salivating at the human sacrifice?

Clinton and Merkel were honorary members of this cult's front university too. Remember that cults and pedo rings are just ways that intelligence agencies and the 303 Special Group (Bilderberg/Davos masterminds, the final bosses behind the shadow governments) that controls them brainwash and blackmail puppet politicians/journalists into carrying out their policies and saying the things they want.

I think the CIA has been using SK as a testbed long before #MeToo was rolled out. I think it's a population control MKULTRA operation, Operation Too Afraid To Fuck. They'll roll it out on the western countries and just release pandemics in Africa and large population Muslim countries that aren't spoiled brat oil queens like Kuwait/UAE/Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

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T-thanks CIA?

what is situation with economy ? what are plans of this moon fellow ? what is general mood in SK ? are people happy ? not happy ? with what are they not satisfied ?

Probably trying to block search over their shadow government's apocryphal child-sacrifice rites.

Attached: Worst_Korea_is_wothy_of_its_name.jpg (1279x634, 130.26K)

It's mass worse than that. It's a naturally emasculated and subversive nation discovering (((Western subversion tactics))) and (((social engineering))).

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Sounds like a good goy.

Incite koreans to up the violence in their revolts and protests.
No victory can be achieved against the jews without violence.
Target the feminsit groups first. Every cunt that is pro feminism must be killed. Anyone even remotely linked to megalia or womad must be killed.
Incite the violence. Increase the violence.
Massive protests can't achieve anything. Massive violence can.

They already did that a couple of years ago.
But it sounds like the new governing party has exactly the same failings as the old one.


>hey are having disproportionately high influence on global pop culture, despite all of it being utter garbage that even niggers would find distasteful. Must be a (((pure coincidence))).
You could at least try to make the case that nog rap is masculine in ways and therefore at least in some obscure moral sense better than kpop. kpop is pure, feminised faggotry of the highest order, like something designed in russia, but even commie jews would have trouble making something so pathetic.


I am currently working on a documentary about south korean feminisim. You can ask me anything.

KPOP is confirmed kiked, Suman Lee is a literal memeber of the (((illuminati))). The second pic shows him with Phillipine de Rothschild. Also Psy's music director Cha Eun-taek gave money to the 8 goddess cult.

This is the same country where you have to use a 'Resident registration number (your ID)' in order to access/ log in to south korean websites.

Moon Jae In is the current president and is the one fucking the country up at the moment with the divide and conquer bullshit, one of the people pretty much adding fire to all of this+ the media.
WOMAD is basiclly Megalia *2, they moved over once Megalia got fucked by the Korean Communication Division.. Some of them have been outed as pedophilles For example Areum Lee raped a kindergardener in australia only to get bailed out by fellow megalians. They are also known for doing bomb threats, putting used sanitary pads everywhere in Seoul, trying to kill co workers with antifreeze, aborting fetuses because they found out it was a male doing false rape accusations and cheering when men die, one of them killed a baby too. Womad is pretty much controlled opposition, when one of Moon's right hand men (Ahn Hee-jung) got outed as a rapist they marched on the streets to defend him because he 'supports womens rights'. Ahn Hee-jung is now in jail. Here is the protest

JTBC is a broadcasting corporation located in korea. (((Son Seok-hee))) is the director and a megalian and a shitty news anchor (imagine Steven Colbert but korean and that's basically him).He is considered one of the most influential figures in South Korean media. He was also a former professor at (((Sungshin Women's University))), Seoul, South Korea. He is a shitty scumbag in korea known for doing misleading journalism. 'As already pointed out by , JTBC has been accused by interviewing Lee Hae-hye, a writer who asked about the accusations of WebToon readers, He has turned him into a victim, and he has shown a serious bias in labeling WebTunn readers who have wrestled with this writer as Ilbe (Best in the Daily). JTBC has also exposed numerous errors and bias in the two months after the "Gangnam Station" incident.' 'However, the JTBC reported misleading reports without actually confirming Megalia's claims (a fact check they proudly propose).' He has also ingnored the nude model incident when one megalian fucked up a person's life releasing his nudes without his consent in Hongik University.

The first picture pretty much explains the economy currently in south korea
It seems to me he is trying to hide all negative oppinions about him by censoring people. He has made it harder for some youtuber's in korea to be anonymous. Literally a channel full of rats got taken down and the gov pretty much told him to include his voice whenever he uploads a new video. It seems they want to find out who uploads controversial videos in korea.
Here is the video
Moon also got btfo'd by google after he wanted 'muh """""fake news videos"""" to be deleted from youtube. Google said it didn't violate it's terms of service. Moon also fined a south korean professor over her contrevertial book on comfort women.
Men are pretty fed up with moon at the moment.
The Gallup Korea polls show that that while young people are unhappy with Moon's economic policies, they praise the president's policy of engagement with North Korea. Overall, Moon's rating was at 53% in late November, down from 62% a month ago. People in their 40s are the strongest supporters of the president with 64% approving his policies, followed by 30-somethings with 60%. Analysts say they are relatively immune to economic turmoil as many have good jobs in big companies. The youthful gloom can be seen in data. The unemployment rate of those between 25 and 29 has been hovering around 8% for more than a year. The 8.1% figure in October is more than double the 3.5% rate across the board. Another pledge to help the poor also appears to be falling short, with the income gap between the haves and have-nots widening under Moon's leadership.

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Lee Soo-man is the founder and producer of entertainer and entertainment company SM Entertainment in Korea as a singer, host, and entrepreneur.

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where are you from, OP?

UK (luckily the porn passes haven't been implemented yet), I got interested in Korean politics when looking at a thread last year in cripplechan about the 8 goddesses.
1st President - impeached because of rigged election, defected to Hawaii
2nd President - resigns due to coup, sentenced 3 years imprisonment in court-martial
3rd President - wife shot by guy trying to kill him, soon after killed by close adviser
4th President - couldn't control demonstrations, resigns due to Gwangju Massacre after just 8 months in office
5th President - sentenced to death for his role in the Gwangju Massacre, later pardoned
6th President - arrested for bribery after term, imprisoned 17 years for munity and treason during Gwangju Massacre, later pardoned
7th President - economic crisis forcing IMF to step in during term, second son arrested for bribery of intercession and tax evasion
8th President - 5 family members including his 3 sons guilty of bribery
9th President - "slips and dies" while climbing a mountain during investigations for bribery
10th President - brother arrested, wife's cousin arrested, accused of violating real estate laws
11th President - daughter of 3rd president, puppet of a cult leader, impeached

ILBE is pretty much Zig Forums meets /baph/ . One 19 year old ilbebug did a mussie style suicide bombing. He literally made his own IED bomb and blew it to a public talk about 'Let's forgive north korea'. Many people got injured and 5 people got third degree burns and one paid security guy needed skin transplants for one third of his body. The mediapraised him as a patriot and the dude got lots of donations and praise. Here is the video of the bombing incident.

Other videos about the incident

Most south koreans presidents are jews or got jewed

They already did that in 2016. Korean supporters of Park Geun Hye (ILBE, , Megalia WOMAD, and Boomers) were suiciding themselves on the street.

Attached: 2017042429479861.jpg (650x363 242.99 KB, 173.32K)

Moon supports Megalia/WOMAD because they have the power to dethrone him. Pic related. Fun fact, the media (Quartz, BBC news etc.) thinks the protest that the Megalians were doing (mocking the victim who got his life destroyed) was a protest about spycams, which isn't even a problem in south korea. They have searched total 65,000 places including toilets, changing rooms, showers, etc. for a year but they couldn't find any of them (the spy cams).

Attached: 122015 (1).png (860x1930, 923.77K)

Why are gooks so prone to suicide? Are certain races more prone to it?

So… /ourguys/ were winning…?

Shit working conditions, kids from a young age are pretty much told to work hard for shitty jobs and shit politicians. If I lived in korea I would be depressed as fuck knowing that all the polititians and news anchors are literal kikes. At least in the UK I can pretend to not give a shit as the country burns. In korea it's so in your face that it would make anyone think of suiciding.

Christianity is basically run by kikes there. A korean church camp literally butcheres, behead the living goats with knife for "Sacrifice to Jesus". With a bunch of 5~12 years old elementary shcool kids.

Yes they were, now korea is under moon's rule. The country really needs a coup, if not nothing will save them.

The thing that irks me the most about this situation is the way yellow fever fags and koreaboos think about the current situation. Yellow fever fags fucking deny that korea is under a feminist regime and korea is a based and redpilled country and that WOMAD is fucking dead when they are growing stronger then ever. Koreaboos jump to conclusions and fucking think that WOMAD/Megalia are the good guys in this situation and that the men in south korea are creeps who deserve to be gassed.

They know they're subhumans who will never reach the civilizational level of anyone noteworthy, not the Chinese, not Japanese, any of the whites.
They will never succeed at emulating judaism either.
Korea instead of getting lifted up from mud-huts into civilization, should've been thoroughly ethnically cleansed.

Moon is basically trying to hide how shit of a president he is by sweet talking the general public that peace talking with north korea (literally giving in tons of money to the north+ south Korean companies investing in North Korea basically being Kim's bitch and a unified Korea team for the 2020 Olympic games) will make everything alright. That and the constant WOMAD/Megalia shit on the news all the time to hide how bad of a president he is and to further add fire to the gender war currently happening in south Korea. The media is also responsible for this, ruining people's lives and the media playing both sides in South Korea.
San E made a good song about how shit Korean news companies are triggering a bunch of news companies, he is pretty much /ourguy/
This is all done so he can stay president with little to no backlash.

I'm not trying to say that Moon trying to get better ties with north korea is bad but I'm just saying he is using it to his advantage.

Your a gook

Good, we need less gooks shitting up the interwebz.

They are bugs. If they cannot serve a queen they have no purpose.

I'm not, I'm a nigger

who can use google translate, a lot

No you're not

The HTTPS ban can be worked around. I saw a post on ILBE about it (don't have the link though) and I think Firefox has a work around.

Good. It needs to. The world has been complacent and fat for far too fucking long.

Korea should kick out all these Japanese faggots bribing politicians,subversive idiots.

Does this mean we send in Frank Yang?

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The problem is they have had these faggot Jews for a long time. They are pretty much embedded into their culture. The fact that all of South Korean's presidents are either Jews or got jewed in one way or another shows this and the massive control chaebols have on the south Korean economy.

What do you mean, Korean presidents and media figures are jews, as you have been stating? Do you have any proof that there are East Asian-appearing crypto-jews in Korea (and by extension China, Taiwan, and Japan)?

1st Pic related is the judge who got arrested.
2nd pic Son Seok Hee who is currently arrested and is has been questioned for 19 hours after the gov found out he manipulated the usb stick containing most of the evidence that Park is corrupt. As well as other stuff.
'Police interrogated Sohn based on accusations of bribery and physically assaulting a freelance journalist, identified by the surname Kim, who was reporting on a car accident in which Sohn was involved some years ago. According to Kim, Sohn offered him a job at JTBC in exchange for not reporting about the car accident. When Kim declined the offer, Sohn allegedly punched Kim in the face. '
Conservatives are pretty angry, some blocked his car saying  “Sohn Suk-hee, go to jail.”
Which makes you wonder, how the fuck did he get the USB in the first place.

Attached: Screenshot_20190217-202123.png (720x1280 425.09 KB, 497.9K)


And this

I can provide the sources if you want them.

Do you have sources showing them to have jewish ancestry? "Got jewed" is one thing, being a jew mixed hafu is quite another.

No I'm just using it as a metaphor.

Nvm I have links.

i already posted this in QTDDTOT but i think this is the perfect thread for it.

it’s true that “womad” have those snuff films that gookanon said?

i was checking that site but the language barrier was too much for me.

One thing that catch my attention is a section that is called "deathnote" and "Under the Mapo Bridge" those are the ones with more activity but you need to be registered there to see the contend.

sorry for my english thou, not my mother language

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You know, I think the Joo uses East Asia as a testing board for all the horrible shit they like to implement in the West. Feminist cults that murder children and men. Big brother tier surveillance. War agitation.

who are our guys ? where are they on the internet (links) ?

pic related

why are women so mad ? why are man so unsatisfied ? why are man not fucking local women to make them more manageable ?

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Well, what do we do with this, should we try and aid or watch this shit go down

That girl looks underage and you are pretty much giving me a bunch of pedo vibes. I'm not answering your question. Also kys.

this is interesting situation. it is chaotic and we thrive and flourish in type of situation. but there is also situation in france with /ourguys that are going after macron. we should also be helping them. on the other hand..frogs seem to have things under control. and if this is true about south korea then they need our help more then frogs. should we ? it could be fun…

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Why? Because she isn't old and wrinkly, you fucking nonce? Kill yourself.

anyone have news links of the SK gov banning https conections?

Normal koreans who are against all of this shit. DC Inside and some other fourms.

Most people are mad about the way the country is getting fucked by Moon.
Men are unsatisfied with Moon's shit policies and the ministry of equality making Korea even more shit. Women are mad due to rape being a serious and not talked about subject in Korea. #metoo did reveal a lot of rapists higher up in Korea like pic related. However this doesn't include the pedo english teachers and child rape. Whatch Dogmi(Silenced) about the situation. The rapist teachers got away for it. Most of what 'feminists' are protesting about isn't the real issues Korea has like rape (watching porn is a heavier crime and feminists are chimping out against spycam porn which isn't a problem and is overexaggerated by the media (BBC and Quartz). Currently a pedo is getting 12 years in jail for brutally raping underage girls instead of life in prison Koreans are pretty mad about this.

Attached: Screenshot_20190217-213637.png (720x1280 465.23 KB, 260.92K)

Well she's not. I've seen the image before and it's from a legal porn.

any links towards this… banning of the internet?
if we have proof we could pass this everywere on the sites that matter

South Korea is just an experiment.
I'll say no more.

it is going to go over in a month

Link the /v/ thread OP

Attached: korea_fugged.png (1279x634 125.5 KB, 130.26K)

Yes I do, can you read Korean/look at broken English bro.

Here is a bit more information about the ban
https hasn't been banned per se, but yes they have started to prevent internet users from using https to evade the blocking of illegal content. KT started doing so a few days ago.
Also the gov is is snooping on sni traffic.

Ah ok, there has been illegal content hosted on WOMAD but the mods delete it quickly do to people reporting it to the gov.

I have a really good translator


South Korea is still the same capitalist hell it's always been. Nothing new here.

No boobs, that's why

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give as some links to forums…we would like to take a look.

how is moon fucking the country ? economically or is there something else ?

if i got this correctly…there are a lot of rapes by powerful man (politicians, entertainment industry, rich businesses man) but they are not jail. instead there is mass (controlled) movement that is accusing all man of rape. and poor fuckes are getting jailed for reading comics ? and this controlled movement of feminists (and useful idiots) is controlled and financed by the same people who do most of raping. also this feminist movement is used to deflect blame from powerful men and women who are using corruption to influence government and politics in general. is that it ?
they are generalizing all man as rapist to hide real rapist and corrupt system that is behind it all ?

*Due to

You're a nonce projecting unto others and an incompetent shitting up a thread about a real important topic.

which one ? teach us…

Oh my god, the koreans are basically in an internet blackout, do our cousins in 2chan know this?
I know I sound like a gook lover but this has a big risk of spilling over western countries

Isn't South Korea the place where they study to Talmud to be like Jews because they are rich?

Just imagine if the jews manage to pull of something like this

Its a firefox addon literally called translator

Not a man of culture

It's a joke you FAGGET

Attached: ironically.jpg (395x960, 50.56K)

they will definitely try to implement this in west. we should help them…just for lolz. it would be fun to fuck up such an oppressive system