I saw the hate on brits before it got deleted by (((mods))), anyways

Arh yes the empire where the sun never sets. Now the only thing that never sets is a black dick in a anglo pussy, whilst the weak cucked men watch on in astonishment as they praise their new overlords.

Daily reminder, don't breed weak genes or you end up as England.

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Kikes were pushing dysgenics on Brits for centuries, the few decent ones ran away to USA and Australia.

True. I just find it amusing how much denial these young british men are in. They only made it worse in the previous thread by exclaiming their "superiority". Only thing they are superior at is letting savages maul their women. Then there is the rapid obesity. It's such a fucking meme that place.

It was a good try. Brexit and yellow vests were both good tries.

As they say in the UK.
"Inshallah habibi, time to go fuck my daughter and the three kidnapped girls, we have been prepping for grooming the past five years. Good thing the UK authorities are watching over us. "

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I couldn't agree more. The Jews of Europe deserves to perish

Funny how literally only 1 (maybe 2) of the photos in that pic are from the UK.

Nobody is in denial about the dystopian nightmare we are embroiled in, just incredulous at the utter delusion of the rest of the continent (or even worse, the yanks) about their situation.
Please tell me all about how massive child pimping rings, traitorous politicians whose allegiance is pledged more to Israel, inequality, and decadence don't exist in your country.
But I suppose that would upset your 3rd-rate kike D&C op here wouldn't it?

We won't forget these things when we take the City.

You won't be taking shit. You will die out and you won't fight against. You have grown too lethargic. Nothing will save you. We are all fucked. Kike you say? I am glad my family had the honor of fighting on the eastern front. You probably can't say the same, now can you?

Think I'm gonna implicate myself with this shitty agitprop user?
You're in the east, then? Remind me where your uprising is, I must have missed it.

The state of Britain is no different to the state of any other western European nation. Its the simple degeneration and liberalisation of the west as a whole. I have to agree that the urban parts of the UK are absolute Weimar-Tier scumfests, as I used to live in London myself before moving to the countryside. Weimar Problems require Weimar solutions, gentlemen.

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I tend to go to places with a lot of western tourists, and British women racemix much more than even German or Scandinavian ones.

You are the ones deluding themselves with "superiority" and old rivalries with the Continent, we are just trying to wake you up. It's funny, the more insecure people are, the more they cry muh d&c when confronted with their sad reality. Brits and Americans tend to be most sensitive about it. You can't even take some banter, sad.

Wow people aren't pleased with a constant slew of blackpilled shitposting from you fuckwits, day in, day out, so insecure right?
Here's a novel idea user, you ever thought of actually posting something actually productive?

I don't see anybody doing this.

Thank you for the level-headed post. I'm glad you managed to leave that shithole. Got yourself any guns yet?

I've fascinated with survivalism. So I do own a crossbow and funnily enough I am in the process of buying a Yugoslavian Kar98k.

Of course, the cities and urban poor are among the most pozzed, if not THE most pozzed, in the world. But it's exactly alike to claiming Northern rural Californians deserve to be killed because of the state of LA. Reminder 17 million Brits voted against the NWO.

People here are still asleep for the same reason everywhere else, they're too comfy and mostly unaffected by the absolute state of our laws and cities. I won't deny it's bad here, mostly due to alcoholism, but outside of the cities it's no worse than any other Western country.

Don't let shills control your perception of a whole nation.

This. Any squabling between the goyim is what the kikes want. The 56% meme is an example of this, it attacks the very idea that there are white Americans worth protecting, and it's primarily Europeans that perpetuate the meme not fully understanding its effects.

Fuck modern Britain, sure, but it's not like we're not all in the same sinking ship. Plug the gaps then worry about "bantering" with fellow whites. Also remember hindsight is 20/20, It's already been documented that WW2 veterans from Britain question their country's motives for the war, and mainstream cuckservatives like Peter Hitchens also speak out about how stupid the war was. It's not hard to bridge the aftershock of the war with the current rotting state of the west, even for normalfags.

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Nice. I'm planning to get a hugelkultur bed going myself. Sustain it for the first year or so and they end up permanently supporting themselves.

Funny thing, I was recently speaking with a bloke whose grandfather liberated the yid camps (I forget which one), and it was from that experience that the reality of the train line attacks dawned on him.
Lucy Dawidowicz "draws a line of anti-Semitic descent" in Germany stretching all the way back to Luther. These people have half a thousand years of hatred for the Germans. Anti-semitic imagery and pogroms in England go back for nearly a thousand. Now look at the state of both countries and tell me if you think there was a motive for that.
Despite the absurdity of kikes ITT and their unrelenting shitflinging for the many years they've been working, I won't be falling to hate for my European and American brothers. For those that are actually strong of mind, I'm sure they will be doing the same.

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Yes, keep deluding yourself, that's exactly what the kikes want. No, you must face the harsh reality, no matter how inconvenient and utterly horrible it is, and RISE ABOVE IT, OVERCOME. This is where most of you fail. Some of us are actually motivated by "blackpills" , it makes our struggle that much more glorious. And you redditors often seem to forget where you are, we were making fun of each other for a long time before you even got to know about this place. Does that make us go against each other, does that make us divided? Hell no. We are not some easily triggered tumblrinas, we are white males of various nationalities who appreciate the eternal values of National Socialism, our similarities, AND our differences. And we know who our enemies are. Deal with it. I actually like (some) Anglos and their character despite picking on them all the time. But their nation's crimes against our race should not be absolved. You can't just switch sides and pretend like nothing ever happened, that's what kikes do. We must reconcile the past in order to build the future.

Once kikes, other subhumans and their globohomo kahal are dealt with, I want to see European nations revive their unique character and develop themselves so we get true diversity.

I'm probably one of best contributors to this board.

Please spare me the retroactive justification for flooding the board with bullshit like this and climb into the oven, pal. Don't pretend you're out to help anyone.

Same thing. Grooming would be turning a girl into a prostitute, or sex slave. Grooming is the prepping for rape.

What the fuck does the tree in the background have to do with the garden bed?

I know (almost) exactly why society is the way it is, and I know that I am even part of the problem. But why should I go to the effort of explaining it to you when all you people do is annoy me with low-effort post?

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Let's take a stroll on the streets of London, I will be like that Christmas spirit that visits that kike to show him the errors of his ways. Let's see how Great Britain is.

Well then, you should gas yourself then, chaim. :^)

Where is this pic from?

How about you try actually reading my posts, you fucking retard?


post the proper image you foreign nigger
now get the fuck off my board

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Keep kvetching kike

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I wish I had that England (how we imagine it - reality) image saved.

Thanks for playing.

Having a PMS today sweetheart?

any form of blackpill should equal instaban, defeatism only helps your opponent