The Spirit of the Holy Roman Empire

Although many shills would call Hitlers motivation to excel Germany in WWII the ultimate "destruction of the Jews". Hitler actually was one of many that seeked to see a German state similar to the stronger Holy Roman Empire. Hitler's supporters mostly came from World War 1 and if Paul Baumer didn't die in All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul would've easily become a supporter of the Nazi party too.
The patriotism towards Germany felt during the rise of the Nazi's is almost comparable to patriotism felt in America.

If America didn't win the War in Afghanistan, wouldn't you want to stick every jihad in a concentration camp?

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You earned them.

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The HRE was multicultural though.

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It wasn't meant to be "won" you naive bastard.

Just ONE aspect of that CONTINUING war alone is the widespread drug addiction in your country.

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>(((Mozart))) hated Voltaire
Fuck Mozart, then.

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Voltaire was a snarky cunt
Basically a proto-neckbeard obsessed with muh facts and knowledge

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Voltaire was a pseudo-intellectual

The USA got its ass kicked hard in Afghanistan in some of the heaviest fighting since the height of the Korean War. Nobody gave a flying fuck, nor do they now.

Afghanistan was this generation's Vietnam war. The Vets have gotten the same treatment as they did in the 60s. Why? Because the populace knew/knows that the "war" was built on bullshit intel that got our boys sent off to their deaths.

The US lost 2300 troops in Afghanistan, 36000 in Korea. It's not really comparable. The US is fighting a quarter assed war there so the CIA can grow opium to fund all their evil shit.

I've got this next on my reading list after I re-read Decline of the West.

I have no idea if the author is even any good, but I bought it on a whim.
Odd that this is a kingdom at the forefront of most of European history but most people don't really know anything about it. I admit I'm almost totally ignorant about the HRE, which is partly why I decided to get the book.

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All you deformed kikes will be killed by us.
You won't escape your genocide.

anybody know any good books about the holy Roman Empire?

Mozart was a Christ-fag, but he was certainly not a Jew. Don't give them more credit than the deserve.

The difference is almost entirely due to advances in body armor and battlefield medicine. Rather than taking deaths, we take permanently maimed who require a fortune to restore to a semblance of health. The cost of the war is bleeding our treasury as badly or worse than Vietnam.

If you find anything cool make a thread about it. It's not like there's anything left to slide on 8/pol

Very progressive

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multi-culti in the sense that the (mostly) germanic peoples were under a single kingdom but several principalities each with their own tribal identity.
Not in the sense of importing 50 gorillion turks.

Also, it's possible to read about a topic you don't like, and to understand why that topic is important. Reading about the stern gang didn't turn me into a zionist.
Maybe I'll read the book and decide I hate the HRE, I don't know yet. It certainly was an important player in European history throughout the 'middle' ages.