LoA Collective Conscious Test

Greetings my fellow denizens of the Zig Forums, I have come here to present a test. A theory as stated in the headline, and all I require is your undivided attention and some of your time. What I wish to attempt is to basically see the extent consciousness can influence reality through belief with a concerted group effort, AKA basically the Law of Attraction. (If do you not know what the LOA is I recommend you research it.) and before you go and dismiss me as a lunatic. I done it alone with a decent success rate, now I wish to see what can be accomplished though a group focusing a singular outcome or a goal. Similar tests have been conducted before with some results. The One-Hundredth Monkey Experiment, Maharishi Effect, and The Princeton Random Generator to be name a few. Present me with a subject of your recommendation, the most popular recommendation gets to be the subject of this test, and also please it must be within reason.

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Meme the wall into being

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Not paying for that table.

Why don't you tell us more about what you have already accomplished with this method?

A world without Jews

we aren't doing your magick for you

Simple user I would frequency use it for mundane everyday things. Nothing to complicated something like getting rare item in ammo with success, and other mundane stupid things like that.

I think you misunderstood me, I was thinking something more like along the lines of altering world events that are not to your particular fancy?

American education, everyone.

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and you could have a sockpuppet say what that world event is

though you haven't done that at this point

I'll give you these breadcrumbs, if you'd really want to call them that; in case you're not a kike
read Mark 9, Luke 17, and Matthew 17
and don't bypass the belief process or take too big a risk

This is why I proposed it a test. A mere suggestion. Why not humor it for a little while? And besides if proven to be true imagine the implications of such a thing, no?

theres also a verse somewhere about being able to resist poison with faith; I don't remember where it is, though

Idk perhaps building the wall by a designated period of time without anymore interference or delay as a user suggested earlier. That why I gave you guys the grounds to make such decisions.

The effects of quantum entanglement have already been proven. If you could harness the quantum you wouldn't come to Zig Forums seeking help with your little experiment. You should just fuck off now.

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Everything that exists is becuase of this very thing.
Sage for being blind and dumb as fuck.
What world do you live in? Get the fuck out of your head, look around you, and you'll have your answer.

It's unbelievable and damn near offensive that you don't already know the answer to this.
Conscious beings influencing reality according to their beliefs, grouping together with other conscious beings who have the same beliefs and working together to make their beliefs, ideas, etc. a reality to the agreed upon desired effect.

How do you think the building you're in was built and why do you think it's still standing and hasn't collapsed on you?

Meme ETHNO-GLOBE into being.

Your right, because its gotten a bit harder to maintain for me. Trust me, I much rather be playing video game or watching shit off the internet right now, but I swore I would attempt to try this.

You are not worthy of the power to shape reality, nigger.

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Jewish Ethno-globe?

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I’ll probably have the strongest spiritual powers (2008?), but regardless, I’ll promise to join in, as long as I agree with the stated goal. My 2 cents are that we have to undermine Israel somehow. That means we have to cut off its life support, the US. How do we do this?

Dubs of Little Satan demand it.

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Oh shlomo, you have no power here.

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I merely am stating the fact that communism/Marxism is incredibly unpopular right now. That’s why we have to destroy Israel and criticise Jewish identity. The former will strongly support the latter. This will enable the abolishment of Jewish identity and Talmudic Kabbalist thought with it. All Jews are mutts anyway, very scantly related to Biblical Israel.

It is funny, if the entire middle east just jumped pissrael no one could find the time to give enough of a fuck to do anything and make a difference. Sure there would be kvetching about it after the fact but once it's rubble, that's it.
The muslims and arabs and other various shitskin tribes in the area have nothing to lose and everything to gain by removing them. You could finally win your little slice without jew meddling because the rest of the rats would be too busy trying to secure their own in their host countries.

Horseshit, you implied it was the host's fault the parasite exists. And rather than eradicate the parasite with the proper pill, you just want to undermine it and deny the world a productive resource. The US is clearly not the only host yet you wanted to attack just the US. Your intent is clear jew.

Better experiments have already been done.

You know what would be really fun? Let's try to destroy the world. Let's meme The Happening real.

Well, we can tell you're not from around here.

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Lyrid meteors 4/23.
One is accidentally big, USA.
Not devastating, just newsworthy.

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Focus on earth's core and geomagnetic field, we should crash this planet with no survivors.

I hate that term, it doens't express whats actually happening, and that being conciousness of humanity willing things into being via the use of quantum mechanics..

Why do you think the jews desperately try to control the minds of the populus. When you control humanity, you become god.

You have keen senses, the force may be with you yet, it true for I was humble lurker until now. Praise be in the ways of almightly Kek. Alas I'm not a kike, and I am very famliar in the the ways of meme magic. I been observing and learning of your legendary shitposting for years and your astounding capabilities to make leftist and globalist faggots cry in tears. I've never got myself involved, for you see I am simply too lazy and apathic. I merely present myself now, because as a fellow autist I've grown impatent at the snail pace of progress of removal the the deep state and seeing God emperor Trump constantly stymied, and just wish accelarate the process perhaps.

Since none you have made any suggestions how about I propose which sure to appeal to you.

How about a attempt to collectively focus on removing lamestream news media from the air waves once and for all?


Do you niggers even think for a moment? So willing to give yourself to just anything… So tragic and so ignorant.

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Just make their stupid little lake finish drying up. Should be the easiest thing in the world, it already wants to go away

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The kikes are a parasite. They can't live without WHOM user? Bug people? No, they can live without bug people. Niggers, user? No, they can live without niggers. Amerindians, user? No they can live without them as well. What they can't live without is Europeans the perfect cattle on this planet, productive, calm, quiet, inventive and cooperative. If Europeans die, the kikes die as well. It is a positive for the planet and at least the animals and Life gets a rest.

HOWEVER, on Zig Forums and you would know this if you went a REDDIT NU FAG, Ethno-globe is specific to a EUROPEAN ETHNOGLOBE…

I need a little psychic help from Mein Niggers on my journey to bring them to paradise and the final European government of Peace, the Fourth Reich.

Here's a small list of the absolute predictions it makes:
Pauli's exclusion principle forbids them from sharing the same state. This fact explains what keeps white dwarf stars alive.

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Photons don't real.

Right, right. Aether fields, magnetic universe, I know. Some shorthands are just handy. I'm not watching some random jewtube vid, wanna give me a rundown?

Electric universe, I mean haha

Make my hog bigger.

the "photons" they claim to detect is instrumental noise, as are i bet most quantum phenomenon

Look up the concept of the Egregore. You're pretty much describing it.

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Meme a bigger hog into reality anons…kek wills it.

Common you slave bastards, ROW!!

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Fucking what? Leave immediately you goddamn brainlet.

Ohhhh I think it is much better than Egregore…jews don't know shit about what they are messing with.

Watch the video then dogmatic faggot.

If you aren't smart enough explain it briefly then I can't expect you to be smart enough to have made a useful analysis, therefore fuck off

Hurr I reject your simple explanation so I wont even regard what you have to say.
I didn't make the video, its not long. just watch it for yourself.

Sorry man, any illusion you have of affecting others through the law of attraction is just that, an illusion. Adepts spend multiple lives fine tuning the power of their soul just to break into the macrocosm and do such things as laid out in the pop-occult of the law of attraction. A group of normal individuals meming things into reality are just creating a low level egregore, which in actuality is a demon which can just as easily turn on its creators and destroy them. Best not to dabble. good luck.

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I predict the most popular two choices, in order, will be;
B) >>>/x/

You're welcome.

Itz been known 4 a while that the subjective observation of an individual measurably affects objective reality.

Take your star wars references back to reddit, retard shill.


Good luck, user.
You will need players for that experiment. Souls.
Consciusness does not equal soul.
Btw, Pneumatics are rare.

No, just think about it. Entire planet with only Jews. No hosts to leech on. Just … them. Everywhere. And they are all equal to each other. This is the hell that they deserve.

Draw a square circle.
Call it a squircle.

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Existencialism. Pure Materialism.
Dont worry. They will survive with that. And they know that.
Jews are the best in conscious retrieve of data from the Field. But they luck Soul.
They are the best bots you imagine in the Game. They are complication by definition in you challenge. They are viruc you must resolve.

There is no planet inhabited with jews only. Because there is no good game without bots.
You have to understand, you must kill all the bots if you want to win the game.
Simple as that…

It's not a egrigore you faggots. The Law of Attraction is the ability to manipulating reality through belief and belief alone. You are doing it subconsciously and consciously everyday you dumbass.

For the doubters I would also consider looking the "Placebo Effect".

How about this, would anyone be interested in seeing if we can finally get Lamestream News to finally crash and burn. So they can't influence public opinion anymore. Or how about considering keep anymore interference from building the damn wall. Or getting the stupid kikes off of Zig Forums. Surely this may appeal to some. Do I have any volunteers?

the earths atmosphere acts as a reflecting microscope
what we see as the universe is actually the earth being microscopically reflected
telescopes actually act as microscopes in this scenario

I blew my load for Boxxy

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Dabble if you must but be aware there are consequences.

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>a thread exposing how bad (((christianity))) is gets deleted

It is not time for his work to be completed.

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The subject of my interest if historical revisionism.
I want you to meem the holocaust down to 4 million

Truth makes a more powerful meme.

see -→>>12818314
You don't belong here you shekel worshiping normshit

What does this mean? I'm a brainlet but I'm always very curious about this stuff. So, the double slit experiment has been proven or disproven? Conscious effects the very base on which realiy is build, or actually, it is the leading principle on all of reality and without it, reality would crumple - or no?

I like that you all are noble and doing big shit but, i think we should all come together to force a scarlett johanson nip slip

Don't aim too high at first.
Do something like two or three tests. Let's consider this some sort of Zig Forums Zig Forums bootcamp training. It's a collective effort so people need to be working at relatively same levels of efficiency here. The best will lead.

Where? This person simply stated that Israel got its subsistence from the US.
The idea being to cut the umbilical cord.
But as I said, this objective is too big right now.

New and veteran 8chamans need to train first.

We may need to double your redpill dose.
Voting for an idea is not the same as voting for a man. Trump the powerful white CIS male is no more. Moving on…

Adepts are few and for all intents and purposes, anything they may have tried has thus far failed, otherwise we would not be having this discussion.

Meme magic (okay, we stick to that name, don't ventilate) is international and locks many many brains onto one simple idea.
Here quantity will trump quality.

Oh, I used that verb. :3

That picture is absolutely amazing.

Or protecting internet. Or radicalizing the yellow Vests.
Also Kushner is some serious level boss but not the biggest. Any idea how to weaken him though?

Thus far all anti-christianity threads endure quite well here.

One of the Jews favorite larp

I'll RIP your arms and legs off, and do it with a smile so you know I mean it with love.

Go away little boy.

Work backwards from your ultimate goal to create sub-objectives. Aim for positive goals, not negative ones. Be pro-something, not anti-whatever. Your opposition is implicit in your propositions.

You cannot change objective reality with thoughts alone, you need to put those thoughts into play with physical actions and behaviors.

MemeMagick(tm) does not change objective reality, it only changes subjective reality. In physical space magick is unreal and powerless. It is within the cyberspace that magick exerts great influence!