Simulated Faces Are a Reality Proof that VicSims and SimPerps are a Reality

The website is a pretty basic one at first glance. The website is a simple single image of a person's face. Refresh the website and you will see another face. The weird thing about it? None of the faces at are real. They are all creations of AI software.

To me, this is a very telling thing, and gives credence to the theory of simulated faces being used to represent fake victims of terror attacks, shootings, and their fake attackers. This technology was probably around in a more crude format for 9/11, maybe even Oklahoma City and WTC '93, and was definitely better streamlined by the time of Sandy Hook and Anders Breivik. I would say that Dylann Roof and Alex Fields are also artificially constructed entities.

Vid related goes into the 9/11 simulated victim/VicSim theory in a far better visual detail.

Now, in light of the fact that fake entities are a proven reality by the website linked, how do we as the semitically aware better sift through fact and fiction? The kikes are making it damned harder to believe anything in the news is real.

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It doesn’t really matter, does it? Normalfags don’t care and never have. We have no power and can’t get it because jews have total information control. We can’t even organize because any group of more than three of us is a guaranteed honeypot. Most of the last century of history has been completely fabricated. What are you going to do about it?

This is a jewish disinformation, and Simon Shack is a dirty kike.

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Okay in almost each of the first photos shown in the 1:44 I made it through this garbage, noticeable differences are in each image. Also how fucking autistic are you that you think people can't make the same facial expressions with their own fucking faces?
Take this faggotry to >>>/x/

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"Simon Shack" is indeed a jew disinformationist, if he is even a real person, but you seem to be attempting to discredit the concept I've put forth via poisoning by association.

You smell like gefilte fish. Even if there are changes in the photos, they are very small. Why aren't there larger changes, like the face/head being turned at a different angle, no smile, a larger smile, a side shot, etc? Some ARE identical, like notable "Steven Coakley" @3:30.

Actually I think most of history has been fabricated. And I really do not know what to do about it.

It takes a high level of functioning schizophrenia to post like you do. As well as live under the assumption that even real people may not "exist" holy shit.


What is with you kikes and constantly ad homineming your opponents as being mentally ill? You don't think it's a noted pattern by now?

You have to go back.

Seems like this could be relevant to

White Victims of Black Crime threat

I rarely do this but, filtered. I'm not wasting my time with jews trying to derail the thread.

You mean to say that you think certain victims of black on white crime might be faked? That would be really peculiar.



There are conspiracies, but they have to be credible. This video isn't credible. There are inaccuracies abound in it.


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The results end up looking fake and gay, doesn't make those people not exist. Plus I've seen this before so its not some brand new thing you're showing me.
Like I said conspiracies exist, OP's not so much a conspiracy.

There's no evidence here that these are fake. It's common for people to develop go-to photo-poses to avoid looking awkward. The lighting is clearly different in these pairs. There are slight differences in angle. There is clearly no cloning. Yawn.

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Current deepfake or A.I generated people are comprised of different element of pictures of a single person, or amalgamated from hundreds of thousands of pictures of real people. An A.I created face is not drawn from thin air, it is extrapolated and generated from a database. Generated faces have issues with incorperated hair and background. Eyes often show corrupted information. The four quadrants of the face do not have matching planes. The chin and jawline are unsymmetrical with the neck or appear to be blended directly into the neck. The background must be simple or obscured and is limited to how many people can appear in the image. This is improving quickly.
A quick study of the faces the website provides will demonstrate an overall cartoonish aspect to the faces as the elements of the face do not quite face the correct directions.

I used the word face quite often in my last sentence, I was eating and not paying attention to how I type. Ignore how silly it sounds.

Not an argument, faggot. They scientifically proved, with image analysis software, that the results were near indistinguishable from the source footage. A difference of literally single pixels. Your Jew is showing.

Yes, I should have clarified that I do not think AI made the fake photos for 9/11, but rather is was done by ((("humans"))) working with some Photoshop type software (maybe even Photoshop itself),

Looks like that the guy from Ash vs. Evil Dead, but he gained weight.

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Photoshop expertise is not to be dismissed at all in the faking of evidence or visual 'proof'. Numerous methods of tricking the eye using even old technology are utilized constantly. Green screens now create a near impossible to distinguish background, for example.

This perfectly shows everything is manipulated!
Common sense is jewish now, lawl.

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No, but I wish it was because fucking jews.

WOW. The future is gonna be fucked my dudes. Imagine people getting framed for crimes like this.

Probably what they use to conjure up people who never existed that were "victims" of a (((shooting))).

bro every picture of every person must be the same all the time or else its fake. i never look different depending on angle or smile or lighting.

The simulation is running out of iterations without more mixing. Soon every identity from the beginning to the end will be established and the simulation can be reset.

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It is a shame that the actual application and use of this new type of media weapon will be obfuscated by the rambling conspiracies that will become associated with it.

this pic is actually, literally you.

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Go back.

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The real limitation is that its not able to infer relational information of how shapes, textures and pose are associated to higher level concepts of what define faces.

It's only learning probabilities of where features are located and what variations are tolerated based on the training data set. Tell it to generate a face beyond what its data set features enough examples of and it'll fuck up catastrophically. The glitches in this are more likely cases where the AI inferred two or more similar properties of a feature and attempted to morph them together, without understanding concepts which define how said properties should relate.

Boy, you only know half the story. OP, you are the only "alive" person on here. Endlessly chatting to a sophisticated AI bot. Our masters have not only perfected facial generation solely for false flags (and an entertaining website) but AI anons (and entertaining chat bots) since the 1980s.
Do you remember the music video for 'Money For Nothing' by Dire Straights? Not only were the people in that sophisticated generated human visages, but the band themselves are a computer in Wisconsin churning out music and new "bands".
The best part? You will believe none of this because they have installed a "reality block" in your brain during your circumcision.
Or, while kikes are a pest that have inserted themselves in positions of power, they aren't an all powerful god-like being that are thousands of steps ahead of us. If you honestly believe our enemy is that advanced then you might as well worship them.

Some of the images still look a bit buggy.

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it's another "CIA hires some nigger off the street and they didn't even lurk for more than six minutes to learn how to shill here properly" episode

This thing really seems to have a problem with ears most of all.

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Yeah I don't think Marc Lepine exists either

Post your best waifus. These are the only 2 decent ones I found, too many gooks…

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Ear from another pic without the different background fully cropped out. hat all messed up. partial second face completely distorted again.

Another one with messed up ears.

Cross eyed dude with weird rainbow colored "burn" on his beard.

Another rainbow colored "burn" on the ear, & weird lookings thing by his chin. Looks like it's supposed to be a microphone, but seems to be a piece of leather, & possibly some teeth on the top boarder?

Also seems to have trouble with kids faces. Just don't looks right. It blends other objects together that shouldn't be. Mouth is deformed, eyebrows are wrong, ears still a problem.

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I saw ones that were way worse. Some had eyes as windows to the void.

Seems to have trouble with hats too.

Definitely can't do 2 faces at once.

Has weird random errors with colors as well.

Sort of like this last one?

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What do you think happened to the other half of this woman's glasses?

Also, do you think that's milk around the little girls mouth, or do you think it combs through pornographic images as well?

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Asian faces tend to be more asymmetrical than others for some reason.
Do slanted eyes make for slanted faces?

Also notice it tends to make a lot of trannies from male & female features.

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Good thread, OP.

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Site also features Kanye West's brother, Kanye East.

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But no, it was way worse. No pupils or iris, had weird-ass shapes on the eye ball. Fuckin' weird.

This one is even weirder. Just looks like cracking/peeling paint on her face.

I think I found sone with an eye more similar to what you're talking about on a second face.

Thing still fails completely at hats. Seems to think they're skin & hair.

Pupils on this last one seem to be shaped like pentagons.

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How do they do those aged missing children photos?

Some of these just look hilariously bad.

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More on the site.

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Look, at some point you have to trust the authorities or you literally won’t even have anyone to defend against this shit. It’s not like anyone with important work to do really would go after randoms - when VIPs reach down in darkness, their societies follow them down in darkness!

The password to this post is nonexistent.

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Weird. I was just going through the site & also got the exact same pics in #2 & #3., in that order.

I guess it could generate seeds based on the date and time.

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What would you do if your exact face popped up on that site?

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I would probably understand the inherent emptiness of existence within an instant and achieve enlightenment - as well as extinguish myself.

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This is a good time to bring up the polish solider Witold Pilecki.
This guy has a suspect as hell story about purposely getting put into a "death camp" and escaping back to poland to tell everyone about the masturbation machines.
His timeline, if true, would give jews the ability to claim that the "nazi narrative" of the holocaust being soviet propaganda is false.

but heres the thing…when have you ever heard of this guy? surely he would be included in the propaganda weve been fed? and look at his picture, does he not look massively fake to you?
Im certain Witold Pilecki is a person generated by AI as a jewish attempt to head off the truth at the pass by conveniently placing proof of brain bashing machines in the public record before the end of the war.

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