Time to leave faggots.Based Anons are already leaving were trying to get Anons from both 4+ 8 to unite for a great new pol.

If you wouldl like to assist in this operation let us know.

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Imagine hating a normal group of people so deeply for no reason other than because Zig Forums told you so

Get back to me when you have https encryption.

Imagine not understanding how the jews have been despised for centuries and literally have to write laws so people dont talk shit about them to want to eventually kill them again.

Becuz the jews are responsible for a lot of bullsheeit

To be honest I don't really hate them so much as I recognize they hate me. An enemy is an enemy regardless of my feelings.

They have subverted us for thousands of years most recently using >muh sympathy card as the jews becaues of the holocaust.

They couldn't larp as anything else because we all know that hook nose isn't human. (((REPTILE)))

Well I for one am never using your faggy site. Good luck with that Alex.

Are you fucking retarded?

I went to your site, it says I may have already ten million dollars. Is this some sort of cruel joke?


Begone jew

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The fact that shills are posting this on 8/pol/ is a sign that they feel they don't have to try anymore. This used to be the default shill post on other boards on cuckchan, before we moved to Zig Forums.

Huge Red Flag, right there, reeks of goonshit.
Fix that mistake and shill your site a month from now, you'll get some more bites that way.
You also have a videogames board plastered with Playstation, but are shilling on 8ch, a site that mostly favours Nintendo.
You're either not from here, and quite possibly, not from any chan.
The attempt doesn't seem malicious, just misguided.

Thank you for playing, come back another time.

Take your trannys with you kikefy.

Get a load of this kike

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Stop insulting reptiles, faggot. That doesn't even make sense. Reptiles have no hook noses.

Actually enjoying the shilling, nothing they post makes any sense and can be quick to point out like a black guy at a clan meeting.

Btw: I AM going to add your site to a bookmark, and check up on it for a few days, maybe even post a couple of times, but honestly? You're the 9th site like this I bookmark, and you're already set on the very same path all others did. You quite simply don't know why people come to Zig Forums.
You want to start with an homogenous group, people that all think the same way, to leave the "faggots" and "shills" behind.
What you'll end up with is a group of people that don't know why should they bother posting when someone already posted what they were thinking.
This place isn't perfect, but it's a mish-mash of diferent ideas and values, of diferent points of view. That's why Zig Forumsacks argue so much between each others. You got the Pagans and Christians at each other's throats whenever they're not making fun of atheists. You have legit libertarians posting here constantly at odds with the Nat Soc fellas.
What you have here is in-fighting. And while that might be destructive for other groups, it's not only healthy, but what drives Zig Forums ever onward. The clashing of minds, the sharpening of wit, the tempering of insults and forging of memes that revolves ever faster and stronger.
Your site, like all the other alt-Zig Forums's that came up before it can have 20 users or 20.000: it won't make a difference, because when you have a thousand people that think the same, you have 1 person saying something, and 999 saying "Yes, I agree."

Kill yourself.

Come on dude, it's likely to be some misguided 19 year old kid who wants to make his Treehouse Zig Forums for his friends and "epic memes". I'm going easy on him.

And /pol is not a JIDF honeypost for Storm tards.