I'll be honest
i really fucking bought into the whole black pilled "trumps a kike shill who just signed amnesty" ideology
but apparently he didnt sign the fucking thing

if this is the case
and there isnt some other shit my admittedly potentially retarded ass missed
he is /our/ guy

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Hide thread, sage, move on with my life.


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You have my attention, what the fuck?

Who admits to the internet they are retarded?

I know
but he didnt fucking sign it
that whole cuck bill with the amnesty and the shit?
still on his fucking desk
he didnt deside to do anything but the national emmergency

honest people

Jesus fucking christ do we really need to explain american civics every time a retard or a shill;l comes around spewing their retard opinions everywhere??
Had trump "not signed the bill" what do you think would have happened you fucking idiot?
The president NOT signing this bill or ANY bill is the same as a veto you fucking mongoloid.
So No, trump did not veto this bill "by not signing it", it's signed, it's done. shut the fuck up


Did you look at the links?

Oh, wait, this is about some other irrelevant thing that he did while you keep getting ethnically replaced by niggers, pardon me.

He might be using a pocket veto to stir up some more shit? Trump is a kike even if he vetos the bill though.

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you have to go back, schlomo

Yes, I did, you're still a retard

then why do the records of congrees that i linked to say he it isnt signed

Jesus christ
is this really what pol is anymore?
fucking cuckchan teir shit posting
fuck you nigger
say something of show me why im wrong or shut the fuck up

alright fair enough
but every black piller and thier mother said he had
im pretty neutral on trump
like the tarriffs, dont like the syrian zionist shit ect
and ive been leaning more against trump since i heard what was in the bill
he hasnt singed it
and no one has fucking mentioned it

shill make a point or fuck off
im not on one side or the other
but if you fucking faggots keep making statements without showing me how im wrong
im going to start to think that black pillers are filled with alot more fucking kikes then maga shills



Alright lets assume that thats the only reason why
can anyone find me a news sourse saying he signed it
im fuckin open here
by all means
prove me to be a retarded wrong fucking maga pede

That's nice, little guy.

Thats because Trump threw a giant press-conference in the rose garden that said he signed the bill then he talked about declaring an emergency.
Now everything says he doesnt sign it.
So I guess Trump is lying again?
Maybe the website isn't updated correctly?
Who knows?

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The minimum wage paid shill ladies and gentlemen

Yeah no i get that
Something is fucking going on though
i cant find any news sites confirming he signed it either, only reporting on what he said in the speech

Oh look. Kushnershill is here.

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can i get a link user

Amazing man. I never lost faith in him.


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If he didn't sign it, the government would be shutdown right now.

I think he can hold it for 10 days. If he doesnt sign it and congress is still in session it becomes law. If he doesn't sign it and congress is no longer in session it defaults to a veto.
If he vetos it, then they have to draw up a whole new bill, then the government shuts down again I guess.

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hold up dude
this user just sent a link


Alright thank you user
i appericiate it
still what the fuck do you think is up with congress not having it?
i found it on another thread in some obscure board and it really weirded me out

This user is right. Congress site won't be updated until Tuesday. The thing I need anons ITT thread to realize is that Trump is an anti-white kike and Accelerationism is the only solution.

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Never mind. Fuck the orange kiked fat piece of shit.

In a Rose Garden event, the president signed a spending bill to keep the government open, a measure that provides nearly $1.4 billion for border barriers.


They don't care about uploading their site because they don't care what you plebs actually know or think. They just know their amnesty and anti-wall and Israeli defense bill got signed. Why should they keep you in the loop you fucking peasant? Learn your place. Now go make me some fucking money.

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kek yeah i feel that

user as much as im not a Maga pede anymore and am definately leading more towards the black piller side of things
nothing gets gained by giving the kikes more power
letting some jew bought democratic whore open the gates to the fucking barbarins rape are women and children would be fucking treason to our people
ive been to europe
ive been to germany
ive met women who got raped by sand niggers
i cannot, nor can any white man worth a damn allow that under any circumstances
if you want to redipill people on the jews
there's a hell of alot better ways to do that then giving them more power
for one they already have power
so its really just a matter of showing what they are already doing
go be fucking productive
hack some fucking computers
find some videos of jew senators balls deep in 8 year olds and post that shit on wiki leaks
thats how you kill the gremlin on the wing
by taking a fucking picture to show others

The idea is simple:

Under Republicans white genocide is happening slowly in the background as European Americans are distracted by the theater of politics. Democrats will open our borders and force the issue of white genocide in the faces of every white person in America compelling them to fight back, just like they are in Europe under the same conditions. We either die-off slowly under the Right, or quickly with the Left, but only one of these choices allows the potential for revolt.


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I understand the idea
and its supporters so called merits
but its fucking wrong
no man will ever convince me to vote to allow thos god damn raping bastards into this country
and if you do you are a faggot
you want to rebel?
you want to show the kikes for what they are?
show them
but if you support the invasion and extermination of our people
regardless of your inentions
you are either A a cuck or
B deluded as all shit

sooo easy to spot the shills. notice how theyre angry at the idea of amnesty not being signed.
not even disputing if its true or not, they start reeeeing about trump. no argument, no discussion. only reee.

almost as if theyve been reeeing since 2016 and havnt stopped.

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It's not that simple. As long as whites are made complacent by the empty rhetoric of the Right trust the plan! revolt is not possible. Anyone who does revolt will be deemed unstable and a dangerous, which is why the Alt-Right and Patrick Little types receive such little support. Everyone is waiting for conservative politicians to save them despite the fact it's these same politicians allowing their slow-motion genocide. Resistance requires the proper environment and we do not have it under the Right.
Why resort to ad hominem? I'm making a case for this position. If you aren't interested in discussing it I can leave. Either way… Trump signed the bill, he's a kike, and hates white people…just like everyone else on the Right and Left spectrum.

Doubled up that counter-sage

What are you going to do when it's updated and shown that he signed it?

Then he'll be wrong.


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i would love this to be true but dont know yet. not going to screech like an autist over some potentially good news.
only a shill would do that

Shills only claim, never explain.

Mods please bumplock or delete this spam shit.

and stay there.

Imagine the unending horror and shame of having been wrong anonymously on the internet.

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user i dont think there really is much to debate about here
you're asking to have my daughter raped by a migrant to ssave the white race
that isnt worth it me
my daughter is THE REASON i care about the whtie race
well her and my son
the reason we do this or at least why guys like me fight for our people is so our children can grow up in a country that doesnt hate them
if she gets raped by a fucking sand nigger and my son gets killed
its all for fucking nothing

He signed the law.


this, fuck accelerationist shills.

Your daughter is getting raped either way. Under the Right it may be in 20 years. Under the left, 10. Pick your poison. Sacrifices must be made to save the white race as a whole. Not everyone has the mental fortitude to make those sacrifices, and that's understandable, but just stay out of the way of those of us who do. Yunno? Just don't vote.

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You're not the same idiot, but:

So what if he's wrong? Do you honestly think that social pressure dictates our actions?

They are the ones that help our enemies exterminate us. And
they are the ones that destroyed Whites' ablility to be tribal

The whitehouse website already says he signed it

Attached: he signed it.PNG (821x606, 46.34K)

Don't you know? Thats just a ruse user. Hes about to stick it to the libtards and veto it.
VOTE 2020

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If i were a weaker man this would make me leave national socialism and ethno nationalism as a whole
The only reason i joined was because the far right was the only group that was fighting for me and my family above all others
IF i was less of a man id say "maybe i should look somewhere else"
IF o wasnt willing to fight for what i knew to be true and right id leave the movement
IF i was cowardly little shit like you id stop
but i wont
im going to fight you for the soul of this movement
im going to fight you and every other cowardly excelorationist jew who wants to sell our daughters for a fucking future that will never come
My daughter will not be raped
My race will not disapear
and faggot fucks like you wont be able to fuck my race over
We are going to fight for our people
WE are going to defeat the jew
And we are GOING to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
and there is jack fucking shit a pathetic fucking cuckold like you can do about it

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I need context for this question.

lmao we fucking told you CNNchan and 4um kept banning the threads AND YOU STILL FUCKING FELL FOR IT




Hear fucking hear user.

Faggots like will be culled. Traitors always go first.

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Get fucked then, you intentionally obtuse retard.

Why is this thread still up when the OP of the thread admitted he lied about Trump not signing the bill?

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i have kids. the place i grew up is flooded with niggers. should i stay and fight? risk the futures of my blonde children? or move so they can grow up with whites.
your logic seems to be saying i should risk my kids futures.

you assume we will rally if it accelerates, but thats offense withno plan for defense

Attached: Harmonica Park.mp4 (640x360, 1.68M)

That's not a traitor, that's your superior officer. We told you the political right in america was sabotaged and you put your full force into believing them anyway; You believed Jews over your fellow European blood.

You're the problem, not the blackpills. We're the one bearing this weight while you gullible pieces of shit frolick around in blatant falsehoods. What did you say last you heard someone tell you Trump was an obvious cryptokike?
>Fucking shill Trump is my wife's boyfriend

Mods are blackpillers and/or Qushner shills.

I didnt fucking lie dipshit
i wanted to find out because i found something that weirded me out

Erm, no. I think I will believe the official government source. Especially as the government would have shut down if the bill hadn't been signed. Nice try though.

Offense *is* defense.

What this user is replying to is someone who believes that we should be tolerant of white women getting raped, since it's some kind of reasonable sacrifice.

How many kids do you have? Why is white women being raped a reasonable sacrifice?


How do you think we're going to achieve anything close to ethno-Nationalism if we continue support the Right who keeps everyone asleep?

No one said it was, sageru said the right and left will both lead to your daughter being raped. You sided with the right while /new/ tried to fucking warn you.

You didn't listen.

why reply to a nigger?

Cool, do you mind-read?

Regardless, you faggots need to realize that no white women will be raped under our watch, and implying such will get your faggot asses put in the oven.


I see now. This is derailment. Quit being a faggot and stop trying to get us into white women being raped.

How's all that smart technology working out for you retards?

Where the fuck are we going to run user?
We put an ocean between us and niggers and the jews sold them do the wealthy upper class who would then let them free on our society
There is nowhere to run
For your family feel free to take them to the mountains or the west or wherever you can to keep them as far away from the shit as you can
but make no mistake
this country is our races last stand
we are one of the jew places in the west were the JQ or race realism can even be talked about let alone propagated
We die here or we are reborn here
Fascism or Communism
there is no middle ground

If my superior officers stradegy is to sell my fucking daughter to the niggers then he is a traitor and deserves to be culled
a lesser man would leave this movement because of faggots like him
but i know the truth
I know that this is it
this is the last chance our people have at revolution
and it is ONLY going to work by fighting for their fucking existence
not trying to strategically whore our women out to "redpill the normies"
thats fucking kike shilling to a T
WE are going to take back the movement from excelorationist shits
WE are not going to let our women be outbred
And WE are going to be victorous over the jew
and black pilling suicidal faggots like you can choke on the nigger dick you want to put in our daughters if you dont like it

Attached: 1035873345.jpg (1000x541, 145.04K)

White women are still being raped since Trump took office, you're not doing anything about it.

Meanwhile I've circumvented every manner of trash pile dumbass and have been seeding Malcom X to the blacks and The Myth to whites with exceptional degrees of success.

See? You're a fucking mongrel.


We'll force the immigrants to integrate among the white population in an attempt to select tribal genes that haven't been preferenced for in the thousands of generations Europe ruled the world and our justice systems kept our cities in check without the need for genetic based tribalism.

The weak and those lacking a tribal preference among the Europeans will outbreed and their heritage will come to an end; White men and women will select to varying degrees alien sexual partners exclusively if they lack a tribal mindset, a gene which most races share where the individual prefers others more similar to them, the genetic basis of social harmony and trust in your neighbor.

We'll use the Jews to instigate this as a perceived vector of attack and make them hate Europeans vehemently, they will also act as a scapegoat for the context necessary to isolate our tribal demographic as united against a common enemy, culturally at the very least. War can be instigated to the same effect but is optional as we only necessitate selection of a unified cultural basis; The past wars have already selected Europeans in regards to modern combat(Reflexive calculation and perspective indifference of ballistic trajectories), we need only select against undesirable personality mutations.

To that extent we'll force the same "common enemy" to apply every attack vector possible, instigation of homosexuality as acceptable, tendency to addiction, hypergamy, and any other weakness that can be perceived should be exacerbated to the extent that only the European tribal minority will make it through the generational filter. When the demographic is able to define itself apart from these vectors it will coalesce in spite of it's environment exactly like the natural formation of ghettos.

We'll run the same operation on blacks albeit in relation to domestication, known as Jekyll and Hyde selection. Given the Jekyll group is desirable, the instigation of culturally acceptable violence and male-male dominance as a factor of sexuality(neither of which are genetic and are thus wholly malleable as propaganda) will inevitably reduce the more impulsive tendencies while promoting the breeding of Jekyll(Domesticated) couples.

t. Huxleyan Controller

If this is true, how do you appeal to unthinking NPC type persons who eat up whatever the television says?

That's not what I read at all,you fucking sperg.Are you being deliberately ibtuse or are you a shill?
In my opinion, the "right" isn't any less tolerant of any immigration, only rhetorically.
They LUVZ the cheap labor & the mass produced mass consumers,cuz muh capitalism. Look how they voat,not how they talk.

Attached: ca6a96a86ffa8d6429800f74b173a8e9c47f91f568e39425a0ee2315fc12efe5.jpg (249x255, 14.1K)

Cause im not a fucking shill dumb ass

By doing what we did these last 5 years
has it been so long ago that you have forgotten what the right was back in 2014?
Was there any talk at all about border security going on?
Anything about protectionism?
Or nationalism?
OR isolationism?
Fuck trump and put him asside for a second
think about all the shit we've accomplished
the information we've dispsensed
the elections we've influenced if not out right won
we got the fucking legue elected in italy
Salvini is talking about ending the jew central bank and is already deporting refugees and stopping boats
Did you every think that would happen in 2015?
Brexit, trump, poland,hungary austria, brazil
we are in the midst of a nationalist revolution the like of which the west has not seen since the 1930s
the only thing that might shut it down is a bunch of so called "nationalists" selling thier own people out and supporting candidates that want to allow in barbarins to rape their fucking daughters
if we do that we arent any better then the left
but if we dont
if we care for our people
and fight for them
and never slacken
never loose courage
and never loose faith
we will win
we will secure an existence for our people and a future for white children

Blacks are very receptive to the racialist mentality, I focus on "pride in who you are" and "your past history" employing the already establish KANGZ meme.

White I seed with the myth and switch to Malcom X because it's cool with the "hip young niggas" because NPC white people can't say no to hip young niggas.
With The Myth I use Assassin's Creed play on "genetic memory" to demonstrate the development of culture as a genetic(racial) principle. Very effective.

Under the Right women are being raped by illegal immigrants. No one is fighting back…there are no protests, no riots. Everything whites have done these last 5 years.. from supporting the Alt-Right to electing Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing to stop the slow-motion genocide of American whites. It's happening in the background. And that's the entire point of Accelerationism.

Attached: immigrant rape.JPG (720x769 98.27 KB, 323.91K)

If you weren't a shill, the title of this thread would not say "HE DIDN'T SIGN IT!". It's signal boosting blatantly false information. Kill yourself for being so obvious and bad at your "job"

Nigger, are you retarded? You're spending your time on that and not on having children and protecting your local whites? Some of us are actively preventing our population decline, and all you can do is gloat over the fact that our women are being raped.

Get absolutely fucked.

Nigga please.

Very interesting, thank you. Are these just one on one talks or do you make propaganda for lack of better term?