Alright. Which of you did this?

user crashes the LA Women's March wearing a White Power t-shirt and shouting "It's Okay to be White".

Is this our new IOTBW mascot?

Source: The Fallen State
Skip forward to 38:46 /3HdtocPgQHM

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Isolated for anyone who wants it

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The whole point of IOTBW is it's not a supremacist statement but a statement that it's okay to even exist, perfectly neutral and yet enraging to anti-whites. This sort of contrary antagonism is almost sabotage levels of stupid.

Agreed. Intentional sabotage to a worthwhile statement.

Which flavor of 'white' is that man?

I believe he is of the 'Yiddish' variety. It's an acquired taste, sir.

Yes, that's true. I agree with you.
I suppose without the White Power part it might've been better. I just thought it was a bold move to show up to the Women's March wearing that.

This mentality is so gay.

Sure, it triggers anti-whites into an angry fervor, which may or may not show white people who are already close to us anyway who they are up against. Otherwise, this thought process is exactly what the cultural Marxists, jews, and supposedly "ex-liberal" types want you to think in. Okay, you got the shitskins to kinda sorta not kill you straight out. You'll still have all the same problems caused by them and (((them))). Many whites literally don't give a flying rats ass about their race, EVEN when you show them some fucking statistics.

It's a spiritual sickness, not a lack of knowledge. This meme just feeds the egalitarian mind-programming rather then helping people escape it all together.

It's all egalitarianism just on the level of nations and races and not individuals. By propagating this shit to people you're just turning them into Alt-Lite dipshits like Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern, who exist as a safety valve to steal people who could come to our side. Contrary to what you might think, people who get sucked into that camp stay there rather than coming to the realization of what needs to be done.

And make no mistake, if you're all about muh ancestors and muh people then you better fucking realize there is no way you're gonna fix this other than mass bloodshed and cruelty.

The point of the meme was to highlight anti-white sentiment for the purposes of resistance, not to show we're all the same and can co-exist. It's not the only meme out there, calm your perky teats and if you must continue arguing with a ridiculous strawman, make a .txt or something. Start a blog. Whatever you do, stop embarrassing yourself.

Brilliant IRL shitposting. Respect.

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That is literally a homosexual jew


is this the new jews crying out in pain as they genocide white people?


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What does "It's Okay To Be White" send as a message? The purpose is to show hypocrisy in their reaction to compared to when they say it's okay to be black, jewish, brown. I get that.

The thing is, it essentially agrees with those points even if it is just supposed call out the hypocrisy of the those reacting. Re-read my post, I understand the point of it completely and it's not leading anyone anywhere.

As for "resistance", the messaging of :

completely oozes and comes from a position of weakness and acknowledgement of defeat. It's basically saying, "Hi, we're white people that pretty much accept that our country has been irreversibly brown'd and that we're not getting it back. But if you could leave us alone when we're 25% of the population, that'd be great!".

You may not believe that. but that's the message being sent and it's deradicalizing people which is the opposite of what we need. Stop neutralizing white discontent. It's no better than the anti-sjws, they fight from a position of centrism and neutrality. The left is more fanatic which is why they're still in the lead.


Poor thing

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this, and we didn't need to take (((WHITE WOMEN'S))) rights away.


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I gave you an opportunity to stop embarrassing yourself. I am more courteous than is justified.

The timelines have shifted once again.


What the actual fuck, this faggot again?
I'll humor this. Tell me how that makes sense.

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Not him, but (((White nationalism))) created the (((holohoax))) back in 1975-ish

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You're an idiot. "It's okay to be white" is non-offensive and reassuring, so opposing it naturally turns white people away. It's a way of forcing your enemy to reveal themselves, while with "white power," the average white person agrees with the offense taken. "It's okay to be white" isn't about begging for anything. Quit being a nigger.


>(((Los Angeles)))
When you hear of these things happening in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York City, cities that normal whites left decades ago, what are the odds the person in question is actually a racially jewish agitator?

Notice the curly hair…

No it didn't you disinfo shill.

Do you think you are fooling anybody here?

Pretty high but know that there are very strong "white" groups in every large city, be it bikers or actual AB or someshit so it isn't unreasonable that someone would do this, especially a Southern Californian "White". If you know the attitude of SoCal you know what I mean. Remember the Long Bech videos…

jews did but thanks for playing.

fucking boomer mod deleted this shit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa

How come every public display of "pro White" is always complete and utter (((cringe)))?


1. America is now Walmart: The Country.
2. Jews pretending to be White.

That's a kike attempting to make white people look retarded. There is no phase 2.

Doesn't Ayran Brotherhood work with non Whites to sell drugs to White children?

Yes I know that you fucking dipshit. "Non-offensive and reassuring" isn't shit white people need to be on and it doesn't get anything done. Non-whites and rabid leftists aren't "non-offensive and reassuring" yet they're winning. Maybe because the "all violence is bad" mentality that is fed to white people is a fucking lie. We've lost the will to power.
This isn't proven. Walk into a college and even the ones who mildly don't like the anti-white brainwashing are still totally sheepish "we're all the same brah" types.
They reveal themselves all the time. You fail to see how far gone our culture is.
Okay and? This is the problem with white people like them and you. You're scared shitless of radicalization. The media, the culture, and most definitely academia is already admittedly anti-white. It's not some secret they're trying to keep. As I said before: It's a spritiual issue with white people. Anyone who follows the news or goes outside in or close to a city knows what's going on. The problem is *they don't care.*

Appealing to their egalitarian mind-programming isn't going to solve the actual problem. Sure, it's funny for shits and giggles, but the message behind IOTBW isn't our ideology or at least not mine.

Don't buy into the "nationalism for all peoples" nonsense. It's not an actual realistic image of the world and would never work. It's literally rhetoric to be used like a Muslim uses taqqiya, don't forget that.

You're more of a faggot than is justified.

Aryan Brotherhood was literally started by a jew named Silverstein.

Silverstein was full Irish. That's what his stepdads last name was.

Nice fucking shoes and pants. What kind of Hipster False Flag is this? Let me guess he is (((white)))?

What a "coincidence".

Looks like it. Any ID on him? Will he be coincidentially named something like Wyatt McIrish, or will it be a more subtly pun like Jonathan Miller?

intentional sabotage you say? He looks how you say… foreign.


Wasn't his real name, it was his adopted father's name.

white guy follows him, "look at that guys shirt!" what a cuck.

i hate that fucking guy

im no geneticist but this dude looks a lil swarthy to me

JEWS created the holohoax, you rat kike.

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$5 says this guy is connected to the (((dailystormer)))

Is there any other footage of this?
There's some yelling in a nasally male voice 'look at this guy's shirt!' whose features I would like to observe.
Would also like to know the identity of the negro who pushes him, first visible at 38:47.

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Whoever that dude in the shillary shit is appears to be the guy constantly yelling loudly 'look at this guy's shirt!'.

I love how they had to give him a cross to try and hide the fact he is Jewish.


It's OKAY to be WHITE router boogaloo.

If you own any device that can be a router/hot spot: set the name to It's OKAY to be WHITE. If it's a device you can walk around with, like an old android: do it in heavily trafficked areas, for highest visibility.

Completely wipe and reset the device first.
The device should be connected to absolutely nothing aside from potentially a power source.

Juden. Guj is fucking jew.

I smell Jewry afoot

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Seriously though, what's more likely: That he's a crypto-jew leading the biggest white prison gang, or he's a white guy who was redpilled by exposure to kikery through his step father?

Think, user. Think.

He does have some big fucking balls, but if he is what I am thinking, he could probably handle himself in a fight. The reactions alone made it worth the negative press and sabotaging

Noone, it was some dumb shill trying to attack both whiteness and patriarchy.

If you wish to maintain power through a "revolution" you will need to keep presenting your foot soldiers as heroes until one of them sticks, works, and is accepted.

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If you use one of the cheap GLiNet pocket routers, you can have 8 SSIDs at once and power it off of a USB power bank - highly portable!

A funny gag but probably not going to do much more than give you a chuckle.

The kike-smile and hair make me wonder as well.
Well see this faggot being used to undermine any pro-white stance for a while now. Public needs to focus on hateful whites and not lying niggerfaggots and god emperor kike. Typical tricks if you ask me.

I'd say the former is more likely. History shows that.

Why didn't he change his name if he was so "Aryan" and didn't like jews?

Underfuckingrated post, user. Good idea

I'm doing this at work.

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I don't think anyone believes that this small act will achieve anything meaningful by itself, but it's the fact that these little acts begin to add up over time and will lead into something far greater.