A significant minority of Zoomers will grow up to be Super Autistic

Because of fapping. Fapping to weird degenerate shit, put out by furry artists.
Boomers can't even comprehend the problems that Zoomers will be facing.

There is rule 34 art of Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's. He is a corpse of a murderer stuck in an Automaton. And I saw a picture of him giving a "colonjob" with colon to the security guard.
World of Warcraft is already old, but if kids grew up with that and looked for rule 34, they will find half of the female Nightelves having a dick.
I heard stories about kids being traumatized by necro-porn, which honestly doesn't sound unusual, if you look up what kind of shit gets put out at rule34 sites.

This is insane. If you have kids, don't let them use the internet unsupervised. The scary thing is that no one has any idea what effects this will have on kids later on. Masturbation just a few hundred years was deemed as so bad, that in british boarding schools boys were circumsized to prevent them from masturbating.

We have to fix the boomer mindset of just letting the kids do everything they want and letting them grow up on tv and the internet.

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Being a bit autistic actually helps one figure out (((their))) schemes. If the kikes' plan was to make us autistic to further control us, it's backfired on them massively as it just makes us hyper aware of what they do.

There is beneficial Autism like German engineering and actual crippling Autism that disables you.

What if you have both?
Like Stephen Hawking, only not as severe?

I don't have hard evidence for that, but fapping seems to give you anxiety, depression and makes you more akward socially.

Whats insane is you Reddit faggots thinking anything matters outside of defeating the kikes responsible for literally each and every problem on the face of the earth that matters

Wew OP you don't say?

If you arent reading your bible on the deepest redpill on the selfish fuckery that is jewish self interest then you only have 5% of the story.

If only the kikes mattered, than one day the only resistance against them will be a mixed-race latino-mulatto with swastikas on his face that stares angrily at them, while they laugh their lungs out and tell him that this is what the white race has been reduced to.

I had anxiety issues before I even discovered jerking off. Had my first major panic attack when I was six years old. I don't know if it's because I have pressure in my sternum that won't go away (when I crack/pop my sternum, the anxiety temporarily goes away), or if it's a deep neurological issue. I wish I could fix this permanently.

well, there are different kind of anxieties. When you are an adult and left puberty behind, you should be less anxious.

The opposite has been the case for me.


Kids naturally rebel against their parents, at least for a time.

take a cold shower and you'll feel temporary confidece

that's beecasue most rebels had protestant nuts as parents that thought dnd was satanic

Yes. And mainstream modern porn is literally



It's all so soulless. I've been watching a bit of vintage recently, and I was totally surprised by how nice it was. The key difference is that the actors and actresses actually seemed like real people. They're sexually talented, but also not crass about it. I saw what seemed like ordinary, pretty women really enjoying sucking cock in a fascinatingly feminine, playful way. They seem to understand sex is actually special, and to really enjoy it, and it's about 100x more erotic to watch. You can tell in the way they speak to the camera and each other as well, although they're still acting, they do mean what they're saying and it's so much more natural and believable. I felt like I'd missed so much, if that's what sex used to be like.

99% of it now is either college age girls, who are both completely oversexualised and so numbed to sex, and yet skill-less, and so come off as extremely boring, or dirty used up whores to whom sex is so obviously a routine task.

Seeing recently, for example, some pretty Dutch teenagers in an 80's video, who were giggling and encouraging each other to touch the dick of this guy, was unbelievably sexy because you could really feel the speciality of the occasion for them. They were genuinely interested in exploring the mans body and wanted to suck him. It was just light years ahead of modern soulless doll-thots going through the motions like pillow queens or professionals. It's really sad because it's like the massive amount of porn available these days has actually reduced feminine sexuality down into robotic, soulless servitude, while men have become equally soulless robococks. Porn is way, way less sexy than it used to be. It's fucking dull.

Yeah I know its bad for the brain. The thing is, I feel I need SOME outlet for my sexuality, in moderation. I haven't jizzed since December but I'm not fucking asexual and I find COMPLETELY denying my sexuality is worse than watching some tasteful erotic stuff once in a while. I'm trying to learn tantra so I can have real, sexy sex, without ejaculation.

And my point is, porn ruined my first relationships as a teenager. I really did objectify and use my gfs because that's what I'd learned to do. And that was from watching stuff 10-12 years ago. It's much worse in spiritual terms today. I think pornosexual teens now must find it almost impossible to actually love or have normal sex. It turns the boys into heartless monsters, who then in turn ruin the girls before they're 18. Sad!

I do take cold showers, they help relieve the worst of the symptoms, at least for a short while. I need something that does more than just temporary relief.

And I don't really even watch porn anymore. I'm just flicking through looking for something. I think I'm looking for love, for real passion, to see humans connecting. I guess that's what led me to vintage stuff. It's still not great though. We are truly in the dark age of love.

Case in point: Anal

Get fit. Go running.

I do a lot of stair climbing/walking for my job. I think it could be my sternum, maybe I need some deep chiropractic adjustment to fix it.

Giving rise to puritanism, which is just as retarded as selling your ass to niggers.

Yep. Sex has become nothing more than an extension of masturbation. The woman is a fleshlight, required to look good and stay still while she is wanked with. This has robbed sex of actual sexiness, where the woman lets out her sexual side and desire for the man. It has robbed the man of the pleasure of actually feeling desired and being acted upon by an intelligent, sensual being who's enjoying herself, and not simply robotically following orders for validation.

I have to wonder how much Jewish involvement was behind the puritan movement?

But if you say that porn should be banned, half of Zig Forums will have a meltdown.

If we banned porn and made the feminist interpretation of rape into law, then we would have a revolution in less than a month.

Jerking off to your imagination /= jerking off to porn. Shit even using softcore is way better than anything we have now.

On point

Just loli hentai.

I read somewhere that Autism is actually a FRAUD perpetrated by kikes.

How it works is this: if a white kid is super genius and very skilled at something, very dedicated to it (like mathematics) then they will label him "autistic" to control him as he grows up, ruin his life.

However, if another kid is literally mentally retarded, they'll call him "autistic" to rationalize putting actually retarded people into normal society, as a means to devalue overall moral, ethics and productivity.

This way, they can weed out the smart white kids from society… in the mean time blending retards into society to make them all behave like niggers as the newer generations grow up.

A friend of mine did anal with this single mother of two a while back. Yeah, sex has become hardly anything more than just getting a cup of coffee. I mean, people still get some feelings for each other, but not in a real love kind of way. It's like that's been systemically beaten out of us.

And who do you think was behind this very deliberate move? Santa Claus?

Santa Clausstein.

Imagine the ultraviolence these soulflayed ultra autismos will be capable of. Capable that is, if they're not wheelchair bound trannies.

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Yeah, that was the (((reason)))

Autism is one of the most complicated social disorder. I know a few people on the spectrum that are very intelligent and as sociable as any other person, and others who are literally retarded.

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Yes satan was behind it. As well as his apprentices

I made a somewhat related post here. Please post your opinion. I am curious.


I unironically agree with you, and can't wait for the day when the last furry expires from a years-long torturous death.

Furries are all degenerate child molesters who deserve to be hung from lamposts with cardboard signs around their necks warning others not to follow in their example.

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Look into G.A.T.E., at least 47% of the autists here have gone the system, which is basically a junior version of the mkultra shit uncle Ted went through.
See also: Adderall, used to get boys to comply with a schooling system geared towards the female learning process.


Kikes deliberately created this problem, kike.

As a sperg, I can confirm, but I think I'll stick with klang.booru. fuck furfaggots, they're next once we're done with Jews and niggers.

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I am not going to buckle to the SJW-Feminist-Mestizo Alliance against "rich Zionists" to fight jews.


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Boomers don't know what rule 34 is.
I am 25.

That's nice. I'm older and still think you're retarded.

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Fuck off, Styx. I am really considering making a video about your rebuttal to a puritanical strawman that "muh porn can't ever be bad for kids". Don't you think it's bad, when even the govermental healthcare services see an epidemy in kids being fucked up on porn?
You are overshooting.

How do you know that every single sexual desire is always "born" and never created through exposure? Especially in childhood which everyone says are your most formative years?

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Boomers get the rope faggot.

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Autism is Genetically determined and inherited or caused by random mutations. Up bringing has nothing to do with your, or any other peoples autism.

Do you think posting those cartoons next to your posts give you any credence?

Autistm comes from dried up cunts well past the wall having kids and it's compounded by their horrible parenting skills which creates a self fulfilling prophecy. A lot of their kids are autistic but not all.
Same as parents claiming their child is trans for wanting to wear a dress. It's called being a kid and exploring innocent things. Doesn't mean chop my dick off and force feed me drugs to suit your outlook.

Hahaa , you are joking right?

Slightly autistic parents have kids at an older age because of their very slight autism, especially men. Then the double dose the kid inherits gives them disability level autism. But yeah, most kids diagnosed with autism definitely have autism. Just that these days people that are just on the spectrum get diagnosed when at that level it is not really a disability.

Also the only smart people with autism are those that are high functioning or barely even autistic.

The real solution to all this is self discipline and whole soul devotion to love. We are literally drowning in the content and written resources that supports the spiritual, and can liberate the blockaded root chakra and sacral chakra, with only some discipline.
There is a reason why the El-ites and the Selected Hollywood chattels walk down the Red Carpet, basically bragging about their 'superiority' and authorized use of the color of our Root/Sacral chakras.

Only the Selected get to engage in the fullness of their root and sacral energy in the 'public'.

There is much to be said about the origins of the problem that we see before us, but we must discover true HIStory to innerstand exactly how it was done, and who has been behind the inversion of all that is good and true.

Everything is hidden in plain sight.

Here is a beginning series that will set you on that path, if you choose to walk down it:

For clearing the Root/Sacral chakras it is worth reading these:

Knowledge is our great liberator, and the knowledge we don't innerstand is already with god.
It is worth learning why the most supreme god is Krishna, the god of love. His stories are of utmost importance in order to learn why we are out of balance, and how to regain balance and purity of love.
I recommend the books: Baghavatam; and the Baghavad-Gita: As it is.

From the Baghavatam, an edition intended only to be printed and sold within the 'walls' of India, I share the following passages which are found in the middle of the book. It's my loving gift to all who shall come by a need for this kind of knowledge of love. (1-5 posted, will followup with 5-8)

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Where do I meet the zoomer gril in OP irl and free her from her generation?

You have severe autism? do you know anything about human relationships. Bloody hell some the amount of pure crap on Zig Forums.

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Mysticism is stupid, meditation is daydreaming.

Mysticism and meditation is not a substitute for actually doing things

Why should any White racialist waste his time reading anything by a woman who is not barefoot, not pregnant, and not in the kitchen?

Oh, and she's a mudshark.
Also scratch what I said earlier, a White Man should not be reading anything written by a woman since women aren't supposed to be literate in the first place.

I'll get called a degenerate fuck for this, but:

You sound like someone who could actually stand to benefit from the herbal jew. Not in excess (or even using the psychoactive chemicals), but as a topical anti-anxiety medication. You can get CBD in non-psychoactive pills these days. I've got a friend who's transitioned off of Quetiapine onto the CBD pills, and he says that while it's been an ordeal, his panic attacks are less intense, if not less frequent as well.

It'd be worth your time to talk to a doctor about it, and seek other potential solutions for your problems. It doesn't have to be pharmaceutical, but I cannot stress enough that some mental health problems can be caused by chemical imbalance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can work to alleviate the imbalance, but it takes far longer and a lot more willpower.

You've got options though lad. And if you're white, we're here for ya.

This thread is so fucking full of retards I thought I was on cuckchan for a moment.

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Cold showers have the opposite effect. They do not quiet the urge, they get the blood flowing.

You're sperging out so hard you're inventing eceleb boogeymen. Moralize more, larper.

Foot fetish is closely associated with autism.

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Geniuses and savants of old might have been seen as eccentric, but never has a culture of bullying and mocking them been the norm until muttmerica achieved world control.
Ever seen a nerd joke in the Reich or USSR or modern Russia for that fact?
This poison only exists in mutt infected countries.

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For the gay pranks, obviously.

The only way you can fix the porn disease is by giving them the real thing - prostitutes

But capitalism is evil, everyone should have a communist sex slave.

Prostitutes tend to be coalburners and the ones who aren't are unaffordable for most guys.

Jews are slimy backstabbing liars. One thing you can never call a jew in earnest is autistic. Autistic obsession with art, science and everything else is the civilized worlds greatest strength.

Hold the fucking phone here, the murderer is William Afton, father of Michael Afton, the robo-corpse security guard you play as in most of the games. YOU, A ROBO-ZOMBIE, ARE GETTING FUCKED BY YOUR DEAD DAD'S GUTS, THAT IS A NEW LEVEL OF AUTISM.

Other races get the tism they just can't channel it like white people. That spectrum goes from potato to annunaki.

no but you see it all the time in african countries and in the inner cities. Being smart is seen as being a threat. If someone is smart it means they can control you and take your things. This kind of behavior is actually selected for in low-trust societies with low-individuals. Even more so when the smart white people provide gibs and exert no pressure for intelligence whatsoever.

Do not to being judgink.

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lol is that third pic kamphy?

Checked and kekked

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Honest to God, I think that desensitization to things because of porn makes kids better able to swallow red pills.
When you’ve seen SpongeBob get sodomized with Squidward’s flute and Megumin get tentacle-raped into submission, does knowing that Hitler did nothing wrong seem like such a big deal?

The golem always turns on its master.

Hell, if the Internet went out for a prolonged period of time, folks would lose their mind and there'd be secession or some crazy shite.>>12819327

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youre a cuck dude women are objects

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I'm throughouly convinced that furries and all sort of other weird fetishes are caused by children watching cartoons.

That is the state of people now.
Use your imagination. No fap for a month or so, no porn forever. Afterwards fap to your imagination a couple of times a week in the shower. Your brain will eventually repair itself.
Read "your brain on porn", a website with some good information.

Zoomer here. How do I kill kikes and stop degeneracy?

Even a nigger can figure that out.

The majority of them are already retarded and can't communicate like normal people.

What a faggot

Too much obsession on sex. It's revolting.

That's all the leftists seem to care about.

I have PLENTY of hard evidence.