Think I fucked up, not sure. So how many lists am I on Anons?

>So I start asking a couple of questions about some stuff, no big deal, current affairs shit, the increasing presence of bots everywhere on social media, China's social score, Russia's development of it's own internet, other current year goings on but nothing too edgy or contentious, everything that the (((mass media))) reports on

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Am I fucked anons? Is he another oldfag like me, around imageboards, forums and slightly unsavoury demographics on occasion for more than a decade. Or was he playing me just to see how I'd respond to the bait? Should I delete my memes, reaction folders and screenshots/saved posts?

Advice from the upper quartile of intelligentsia here would be appreciated. You know who you are fellas. I am 50-50 as to what actually went down. Is my cover blown. I didn't mention the JQ, so it can't be completely fucked right?

Pics somewhat related

You should be fine, but it never hurts to increase your opsec.

you are either getting v& or you are getting a promotion

we need a /larp/ general.

This is networking, this will get you a new job. No worries about v&s.
Timing of this post is interesting to me, coincides with multiple other threads and posts complaining about opsec and 'sharing redpills'. Almost all of them with a hint of dont speak out loud. Not sure what to think of it.
My advice will always be never to censor yourself, but dont harm yourself either. Struggle is good, handicapping yourself is not.

Think so, that would be a relief, but I am keeping a vigilant wait and see approach

Yes, but the trade-off seems lightly asymmetrical. :-/


You are definitely not fucked user but I'd be surprised if you weren't on a list already, and I agree with

Turn the opsec up to 11. A little paranoid is a good thing.

Oh, I can smell this shit from far away, I usually treat the person doing this process like a retard, other times I take it seriously, but most of the times you better take it seriously. Being vetted bro, for what we can't know. For OPSEC purposes back up all your Zig Forums shit into an encrypted USB/SD card and either keep on you at all times or well hidden for the foreseeable future.

Ending up in a list these days is a daily occurrence for people like us though.

you're set
get in there and do pro-white things user and it'll work out just fine

I would like to think that, it seemed organic, just remarkably unlikely. I make a point of no social media profiles, twitter etc. So nothing can be used against me in the future. I worry that if I do get to a decent power level and position IRL, I may eventually let slip my real powerlevel is >9000 in which case bad shit will happen. That's why I have made a conscious decision to practice playing a normalfaggot constantly in work and public settings.

Yep. Doing that right now.

checked trips
yeah if I'm not on the dozen or so lists by now I have fucked up my life beyond repair

Never apologize for anything. If you get v& it should be for this and nothing else. If you ever get approached I wouldn't double down but I wouldn't collapse like a house of cards in the slightest. Never budge, never slacken. You've never said anything wrong and are indefinitely more valuable as an intellectual. What should be convincing is a demonstration of very specific degree of flexibility that astounds without showing you aren't even loyal to yourself, if confronted by agents that won't just end you.

shut the fuck up and work from the inside user

nice LARPING fag.

If any of it was true, by relaying the information on a text based origami board that is monitored by both human and ai thought police, you have basically sealed your fate.

>do something possibly (((wrong)))

LARP or nigger tier intelligence.

Interesting, possibly. Thanks for your input. I agree with the never apologize for anything. That is always the safest bet. People that back down easily are weak and/or have weak convictions and thus, are no good in a tough or stressful situation.

Not enough information to know who I am, where this was, which organizations I'm talking about, or which country in fact.

How do we know this is real?

You described the type of department, and a physical description and rough age of it's head.
You're fucked sonny.

Presuming not nigger tier intelligence, but you changed the story like a non-nigger (and it's a fill-in), you demonstrating having a pulse on the world doesn't mean anything, except that you were capitalist - possible mistake. Or you were screened by a top glow nigger (muh cia work as scientists, programmers, blah blah). Best workout how you can detach yourself from proud boy imagery while being capistani.

Presuming you were a nigger tier, indeterminable increase in likelihood of being caught.

It's totally a larp. I'm "14/f/virgin asl?"

Just you know, entertain it as a purely theoretical question.

We're all on a list somewhere. The kikes were fucking with my old smartphone, for example.

Nigger, if you were screened, they will record your voice and search it like YT generates captions. They don't need any other shit when you're giving direct quotes and positions.

GPS /NFC /Wifi/ Bluetooth/ IEM tagged for dissent.
Put that remotely controlled concentrated energy source (LiPo) next to your ear, or leave it in while you sleep goyim.

Thanks, I appreciate the input. The dude seemed very unexpected in terms of subtle infinitychan-like opinions, although a bit read-in-between the lines, for someone at that level. In my experience, they do do that, but to a far lesser degree. If it turns out he was actually a serious glow nigger, I'm very fucking impressed. Their training is way better than I expected, and I'm not your ordinary joe.

You should keep your feeler out for unsuspected gains, like promotions, a pay increase or access to higher departments. If that is the case then you're being slowly groomed towards submission. Another thing to watch out for are sudden new co-workers (or even the ones you think you know) schmoozing up to you. That's a probe.

Literally had a new starter in my department and floor a few months ago. No shit, actually making consistent efforts to befriend me. I shall keep an eye out.

I g2g for a while. I'll bbl to check in. Thanks Anons. So I probably won't be v&, it just seemed highly suspicious/coincidental upon reflection, especially in todays highly politicized climate. One way or another I'm probably on some extra lists anyway so I'll up the opsec, delete some shit and stay tuned.
Later anons.

You're fine bro. They'll probably approach you to work on some super powerful shit. They'll expect you to be red-pilled and woke since they know you're high IQ. And the system needs IQ people to operate. You'll be given responsibility and a certain degree of freedom in which to operate so long you further the interests of the system and refrain from talking out against your superiors. You'll be made comfortable and insulated from the worst of piss earth and you'll be able to work on cool shit as long as you don't reveal your power level to NPCs. Then when your project ends and their inner directorate determines your services are no longer beneficial to the mission, they'll kill you with fast-acting cancer.

They have a profile on your typography, a list of all known hardware and network locations, all your personal details etc. They do this for everyone.
They wouldn't v& you for this though, why bother?

You're gucci my man, they can't pin you for wrongthink off of that.

sure they can
he's shitposting here of all places so he may as well be waving to every eye there is out there
paranoia can be a healthy thing

an example should include some details motherfucker

Why did you make me read that entire shit story for nothing? You didn't even say anything controversial.
And no, you're not important enough that anyone gives a shit what you say or think about anything.
And you retards think he's being lured in to a glownigger surveillance list… stemming from some fuckin medical research buttfucking snooze-luncheon. The guy you spoke to was probably a faggot trying to deduce his odds of you sucking his knob in the bathroom, which were probably 100% given the way you write with all the "___.jpg" fag shit.

Oh know user! Not the ol' knob sucking…gross, I mean who wants to do THAT

This, anons, is the product of a diseased Jewish mind. Nothing suggestive in OP whatsoever and yet (((14c758))) just HAS to bring in his disgusting homoerotic fantasies. My God.

kill yourseld and go back to wherever you came from


Thats what i meant saying dont handicap yourself. Is it not also true i have an obligation to awaken my people to reality however? Subversion only works when there is compliance. Not every position of influence can immunise themselves against (((blackmail))), but im sure the majority can. Dont sacrifice yourself for nothing, but if you can find more people to help carry the banner dont underestimate its value.

You better throw away your computer and install TempleBSD on a ZX-81, user.

Trips agree, but be careful, a lot of masons let their power level slip to vet people too (all warefare is based on deception, you know), and you don't want to work for those cocksuckers. They are the shabbos goyim.

My advice is to suddenly develop a jewish grandmother or something to throw them off guard.

If I could find yourseld and kill him I wouldn't still be here now, would I faggot?

Where the fuck is yourseld?

If you're supposed to be v& you'd be already. Next time you meet him don't act weird and talk about normalfag stuff first before going into details. Also you gotta work on your body language, man.

You might have lucked out and found someone with an active brain, it does happen higher in the food chain in non-pozzed fields.

Either way it's time to change phone, computer and ISP user.
It's only paranoia until they get you…

>LARP paranoia spreading thread


Probably not. From what you related anything you said, in context of the multi-topic conversation, was fairly mild and a realistic result of understanding things like (e.g.) history and communism.

That said, it doesn't hurt to up the opsec.

Possibly; possibly not – in all honesty, it sounds like he was just happy to have some intelligent conversation.

Eh, depends.
Things like "hey kid, wanna blow up a federal building?" are genuinely funny and you can make the argument that you keep it around because of stories like the time where five or six agencies infiltrated a militia, encouraged more radical [read illegal] activities, lost members, and then when things were ready to blow moved in to arrest… only to find out that every other person in the group was *ALSO* a federal agent, having driven all the normies out by their constant prodding for more and more "edgy" activities.

Honestly read Daniel – if the deep state want to get you and you are perfect WRT the law/ruels they will simply alter the law/rules to get you.

Damnit OP, you got me all paranoid. I was thinking about interning at a certain federal agency (not intelligence) but now I'm worried I'll get entrapped.

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If the new hire is a pretty girl, be especially careful.

The big thing is this: You've marked yourself as a free thinker, and clearly he agrees that most people are not. You will not shoot yourself in the back of the head for being a free thinker, you'll just be watched to see if you become an idealogue who begins to spread those ideas, at worst. Don't directly link this website on your work computer, or on your work network without a vpn on, and you'll be fine. Killing every free thinker isn't worth the jews shekels - they only need to kill the ones they find actually leading charges against them. Change passwords, increase op sec for a few months, and they will have moved on, more than likely. Only high-value exceptionally dangerous people would be given the direct long term surveillance resources you'd need to be worried about. No agency director will fill out a mountain of paperwork and dump a million dollars of their slush budget looking into some "republican" they talked to at lunch.

Most federal employees are literal or figurative niggers who want nothing more than to go home as soon as they clock in. They are not hyper vigilant tranny sjw ninjas disguised as obese indifferent boomers. You will be fine. Apply for the damn job and don't talk politics when you get there.

seeing as this was a work interaction harden up your system get rid of the wireless, basic data hygiene is always good - those doing the vetting do not like a mess.

You haven't gotten close to the good good until someone spoofs you into dropping the redpills they think you've got hidden in your pocket.

it's a gamble, he might have just put you in his rolodex.

If you end up being outed, it won't be immediately obvious and you'll probably end up working menial jobs that can't get in the way of anything.


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Good read OP. The nagging mistrust is something everyone have to deal with. I'm thinking if I was the head of some sort of division I'd be the most lonely guy on the planet.

Since he's going out to find likeminded people in other departments it shows. Might be a coincidence but. I think you having a genuine laugh shows where you're standing on the subject. He might have to lick the boots and having a moral standpoint might be something reserved for others than the keyholders. His role might be the one not to push the button when the bugs appear.

In any case he might be reading your story, only adding to your levels of trust. Few people know all the shit this board contains unless you have to sip it up all the way from experience - which some people might actually do. Costly experience.

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I work in a federal building in the south and have had no issues, the FBI does work upstairs while the usda, and fish and game our on my floor, all the gaurds but one are black.

Everyone on this site is a high functioning autist.

Unironically this.
Everyone I met from chans were smart upper-middle class young people.

He sounds like someone worth making friends with, OP. Quit being paranoid m8

Subtle. I see what you did there.

Sounds like a very engaging conversation. You maintained plausible deniability for any opinion though. You were just talking about the situation in various fields. You showed both deeper knowledge and an ability to selectively reveal what you wanted. 2D Chess, but well played.

I'd advise dropping the 'filename.extension' joke from your typing style that shit is very identifiable when you do it so frequently. Notkidding.tif

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Best comment thus far.

Hey OP, you are already paranoid it seems. Absolutely nothing wrong with that conversation. Chill out about it, maybe you made a friend. But staying alert generally doesn't hurt.

I am continually amazed that posters like the above don't realize the spectrum of people that lurk or post here. I know a couple of other guys that are on fullchan regularly and it would blow your tiny minds if you knew.

Who cares, what are they going to do to you? Send fags after you?

They've been doing that for over a year. It's a fucking joke.

Story time user. Tell us more.

Is this what normal conversations are like?
Fuck I wish I knew how to talk like this.

OP here again. Thanks for the genuine replies. Seems like I was being overly paranoid and I didn't let any actual red pills slip, so I'm good.

I'm of the not nigger tier intelligence variety bro. Not everything is exactly as it was, but enough to get the point across.

This was funny but I acknowledge you were being serious.

Maybe not now, but I will be some day.

True it could just be that rare event happening naturally

You should do the internship and see how it goes, just don't reveal any or much power level above baseline.

You get it too eh, the nagging mistrust, like a 6th sense? Yes I can imagine it would be lonely at the top.

Hey user, most but not all. I know a couple of guys most people would think are normies, and not autistic. I know a builder for example, and a personal trainer, but then again I know a very high level pharma guy too who is almost certainly on the spectrum.

Thanks m8. Don't worry that's not my usual MO. Just fitted the greentext style in OP.

Whether you've screwed up, or not, should really be of no consequence. What is your intention in holding onto your forbidden knowledge - in dropping redpills? Clearly you intend to spread the truth, so the world might benefit. If you are actively doing this, then you are already putting yourself in harm's way. When you choose to pursue the truth at all cost, then you are choosing death. No question about it.

If you think the possibility of getting on a list, or getting doxxed is bad, wait until things really ramp up. Such things will be the least of your worries. You will laugh at your past self and your petty concerns.

We men of character will, someday, have the full weight of international governments and intelligence agencies bearing down on us. That is inevitable. That is what you should be preparing for.

Always assume, and act as if you are already compromised, and that you are on every list. If you aren't now, you will be.

Not really, I'm a few S.Ds above the norm in IQ, and I'm guessing so was he. However when I'm amongst my closest friends who are all redpilled, yes these type of conversations happen all the time.

Just read, constantly.whenever you are relaxing or doing anything mindless, pick up a book. Your grammar, vocabulary and general knowledge will improve immensely. Especially if you vary your book themes and content.

All of them.

The weakness of INTPs is paranoia. You're fine. You should reach out to him and ask for a position. Anons have to stick together.

I wonder how many of us here are intp



I'd say no regarding the story. However, posting about work and a specific conversation to that degree of detail in 8pol is extremely bad opsec, and is far worse than anything you have said in your story. Don't do it again.

Probably none the government is entirely incompetent

Also its pretty hard to fire federal employees

Had similar experience when one of professors started discussing Kaballah and chinese domination of Australian house market with me.
Staying cold headed works best OP

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This. Everything you said was extremely mild, OP. You're freaking out.

Pretty much. These people are trash. The only thing that makes this board worth a damn is you can occasionally have an actual conversation with someone with a smitten of a soul in this clown world. Also, LARP threads are just fun.



This. Saying communism is bad is completely normie opinion.

Advice on not being spaghetti tossing loser in convo?
Not many opportunities to practice outside work, which is dangerous for me.

OK, you got my attention

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Being fastidious about plausible deniability is really the key. What to do if someone starts getting real is another matter - fortunately or unfortunately I've yet to have that happen, though I've got a few people around who I know suspect my powerlevel.

All I can do is keep working to do whatever good I can with whatever crosses my path.

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don't worry user, they're just going to be considering inviting you to join the Masons due to your exceptional autism.

stupid Zig Forums autism again

You wrote this after you masturbated and cried soflty into your pillow.

Nah, you're good user. Keep up with standard opsec procedures of course but don't fret. Your paranoia is healthy in the current climate but don't let it paralyze you. You did well in the conversation if your posts are a true representation of how it went down. I think you've potentially made yourself a very powerful ally if you play your cards right.

This is a terrible approach to maintaining opsec. Not having social media profile = person of interest. Load up several profiles with junk data code a basic twitter/fb bot to make posts every week and you're set.

Nice dubs, nextführeranon. Everything going well?

delusions of grandeur

The best way is practice user. You need to actively push yourself to ensure opportunity to practice in environments with little to no consequences like a bar or a house party, bbq, a social setting etc. So you can learn by making mistakes and it doesn't matter. Learn how to listen well, to read subtext of the people you talk to what they are enjoying and what they aren't, and also to use new information from the conversation to adapt your topics and line of open ended questions to keep the chat going smoothly.

A lesser tip is to watch videos of people that are good conversationalists. Try and observe how they seamlessly transition conversation topics and the banter of back and forth, without being too invested and emotional. As well as the way to intersperse humor in regularly, to keep the audience engaged and to maintain levity and fun. Not everyone enjoys intense serious conversations as much as autists.

Good luck user. Persistent practice and analysis after the fact will quickly make you a decent or above average conversationalist.

Being aware of current events and having your own opinion about it, is not a crime nor unethical.

OP you are probably right on hiding your power level.

Let's hear more about this AI and Bioinformatics stuff.

I code and this stuff interests me a little.

Projection user? Or just typical tricks Shlomo.

I'm not reading all that shit.
There are no lists.
People don't get v&.
Fuck the FBI.
Kill anyone who says they represent the Government.

Stupid story, don’t care. Nice federal entrapment meme, I guess. I mean, not bad. Sure.

Okay. Time for a fae far futurist fletching, eh? The perfectly recursive ethic doesn’t violate privacy. People who violate privacy are ALWAYS hiding one secret of catastrophic intensity; they are therefore ALWAYS non-reciprocal in ethical construction. For if the sociopaths and narcissists of the world were open about watching others, the channels by which they watch would close. There is nothing wrong with people agreeing to watcg over each other, but one-sided watcher relationships harbor abusive people. Those who lie about watching always lie about other things also - and because they are special, priveleged sources of information which are protecting their freedom to operate with dishonesty, their lies are especially likely to pass unchallenged.

Guilty consciences are why philosophy and rhetoric was crushed under taboo in recent years by forcing lies upon forums like this. Remember, most people only watch; posters are representative of lying ratities, not representative of the general public.

Now, in reverse order…

I've had top tier glow in the darks harass my mother to get info about me and her