Boston Mass. - Three arrested while posting Patriot Front flyers

16 February 2019 - Saturday night - 2145 hours -

East Boston Massachusetts 02128 - -

The flyers encouraged citizens to call ICE on alien invaders -

East Boston is well known as MS-13 country -

Boston is a de facto sanctuary city -

Police searched two Patriot Front guys and found weapons -

Was the search justified?

Or are the weapons as evidence fruit of the poisonous tree?

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How is that flyer white supremacy? It doesn't even have the word "white" on ot?

Did you even read the article? The three guys arrested weren't even the ones putting up flyers. The whole story is based on "sources," meaning it's literally just made-up bullshit.

Never talk to police under any circumstances.
Never consent to a search.

Most of the news reports describe the flyers as racist and white supremacist. Yet this is the flyer displayed in the reports. It does not mention race. Also, Mayor Marty Walsh took advantage of the event to let loose a tirade of multikulti cuckery: -

“I was pissed. I was angry. There’s no place for that in our city,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “Those folks that came into our city and did that, I don’t want them here. We’re going to do everything that we can, our police department is on top of it. If we find that there’s a crime committed here, we’re going to take the proper procedure as far as arrests and criminal charges against people.” –

Marty Walsh doesn't see the Great Replacement because he can't pronounce the letter 'R'.

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The city and cbs is getting sued bigtime for this. What dumbfucks they are to think they could behave in such a way. The cops deserve spiritual death tbh. And the city needs bombed with graffiti.

Commercial speech is not protected by the First Amendment. They cannot misrepresent facts, especially if their misrepresentation results in wrongly directed "hate" and potential violence, and even more so if they are found to have done so willingly.

police enforce the policy of politicians
no police no policy enforcement

I agree. Especially in Boston, the police know their careers in tied to favor of the mayor. - -

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- Newscasts probably don't count as commercial expression. Also 'hate speech' - which has no definition outside academic discourse - is constitutionally protected at both Commonwealth and SCOTUS levels.

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Corrupt pigs sue them.

… Call to action is to help enforce federal laws by calling federal government so no crime committed …

I agree, and hope the charges are dismissed to Boston can get sued for this. Typical 42 U.S.C. 1983 litigation in Boston nets a $170K settlement. So the stakes are high for City.

All this as politicians try to influence judges.

They are Storm tards. You missed the

Hope they get BBC'd to death. Nazi fags always doxing Whites who are against immigration as "Nazis".


Storm tards doxing American Nationalist groups with "patriot front".

Fucking scumbags as always.

Maybe you should get a job in Mayor Marty Walsh's City Hall. He prizes loyalty. - -

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(((OP))) is a mestizo kike and it thinks its being clever by distorting a story in a sad attempt to instill fear with a false narrative.the current state of shills, truly pathetic. OP will never be White

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There are no charges related to the flyers. The flyers were just an excuse to approach them and find something bad they might be doing. They were arrested for carrying knives and brass knucks and a minor altercation with the cops.

- see No.12820091

>posts (((wikipedia)))
user clearly does not have a fucking clue nor has user ever turned on a television. you niggers need to try harder

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Yes, television often gets it wrong, witness ongoing Jussie Smollett fiasco. But what's going on in Boston with these Patriot Front guys is a deliberate attempt to smear them and mislead the public into thinking maybe the flyers lacked constitutional protection. A really stupid angle for journalists who themselves depend on the Constitution for protection and a veneer of legitimacy.


Is Patriot Front actually Fascist?

Have some fried chicken and a grape soda with your pals @ reddit.

I don't know.
From a First Amendment standpoint that is an irrelevant question, because fascist material enjoys First Amendment protection. 'Mein Kampf' is legal to buy, own, read in USA.

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Be violent against your enemies. Kill them. Pacifist protests are useless.

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Another Marty Walsh + Joe Biden fan -
I hope the Democratic Party is paying real money for all your shilling - -

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This what Irish fags have brought to America. Blame the potatoes, they're as bad a kikes

Here is an image of the neighborhood where police made their heroic contribution to public safety - many Hispanic names here -

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(((Patriot Front))) is a CIA honeypot.

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American means white and everyone knows it, that's why they teach American students to hate our history (before 1939 that is).

Quite possibly. So were they bringing in their own guys? Because faggots posting fliers isn't worth cianigger time when they can have fbi do the domestic honeypots.

This, everyone knows america is non white


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Yeah isn't that fruit of the poison tree level bullshit?

t. Masshole

(( Patriot Front ))




Does anyone think Catalans are white after seeing this?

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These fucks are a great reminder of how not to be retarded if you're going to do something public. Follow the law and let the left fuck up first.

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Yes, sounds like it.
If there was no reasonable suspicion for detaining the three guys then everything flowing from the detention - the weapons charges and the assault on a police officer - may be dismissed as fruit of the poisonous tree.

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Follow these nuts.


What nuts?

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MS-13 has a dream, too -

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Marty Walsh is a humongous faggot as is the entire Boston police department, and 90% of the residents in Massachusetts as a whole.

that's the entire reason why stormfront exists, and is the source of a majority of the nazi larping on this channel. The normies must associate nationalism and populism with nazism so that they reject it and anyone associated with it. Weev has essentially said exactly this.

No one who publicly identifies as a nazi is working in your interest

As long as Zig Forums gets pestered by trannys, they get a reminder of how welcome they are here.

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What kind of items were found on them that were classified as weapons? Hammer? Staple-gun? Nails?
Anything can be ("used" as) a weapon; Spoon, Chopstick, Fountain Pen, Cellular Telephone.

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Supposedly knives and brass knuckles.

Give the SJW's real power and they will abuse it, like arresting you for having a different opinion.

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there isn't the slightest position on the obvious supremacy of whites anywhere on that flyer. it's simply calling out criminals as what they in fact are.

Everything is White Supremacist. Everything, especially miscegenation, saying you're not a White Supremacist and be a queer. The only acceptable example of not being White Supremacist is admitting that you are.

I am.


Don't be a CIA goon

in my opinion, this flyer is a subtle form of false flagging. The Font is one typically used in hollywood movies for the text of nazis. The fascist symbol at the bottom.… these are all overt signals that this is
in other words. this shit is false flagged to grab the exact media attention it did. The whole purpose of the flyers is to smear anyone opposed to immigration as being a nazi.

Nope, get fucked.

false flag confirmed

Maybe this'll help break down the mental barriers cuckservatives have been saddled with.

it's going to do the opposite, which I think is precisely the point.

Not likely.
Most Americans oppose mass immigration.
The more they're marginalized by the System, the more likely they are to embrace other radical solutions to the problem.

What is it with cucked Anti-White politicians and referring to people as "folks" constantly?

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Cops are monitoring and commenting in this thread, so choose your words carefully.

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If that's the case then what you really should do is a "reverse false flag" or "double false flag"… create a false flag of a false flag. Make people mad that what they beleive in is being false-flagged and distorted by their enemies. Make it obvious so that people are like "What the fuck no one actually beleives that, it must be a false flag". It's a fine line though, between that and overt mockery/parody, which wouldn't necessarily have the same effect.

Either start killing niggers or we'll start killing you.

democrats say "folks" a lot. it has to do with the way they "talk down" to the lesser people. A democrat/liberal will use different language and ideas when talking to a gorup of basketball americans than when talking with east coast whities. They will also talk differently to white people in flyover country based on the misguided assumption that white people in iowa are less intelligent than white people in pennsylvania.

It's team Trump, not the democrats.

The plan was to poison the support for pro-white groups, and present Trump as the only solution, and then we are back on the plantation again, with the democrats bad, republicans good that bring us nowhere.

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Who the fuck cares?

Both parties support white genocide. Obama deported more beaners than Trump, so pretending that the cuckservatives are a solution is deluded.

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here's an onion headline you'll never see: