American Jews Help Mexican Conversos Get Special Citizenship in Spain

They literally never forget who they are.

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Shit fucking OP.
Lemme get this straight though, jew money in the US is trying to circumvent's spain's immigration push-back with citizenship for spews?

i'd be half surprised if that shit tied back to the crap going on in catalonia.

Might be worth looking into any soros connections on the US side.

Remember that story of Rabbis converting some Indians from the Amazon rainforest? They benefit from having Jews all over the world, even Ethiopian/black Jews, part-Jews/mishlings, Asian Jews (Kaifeng and Japanese Ḥabad Lubavitchers) and so on.

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If only whites had this kind of unity and brotherhood.

We do which is why you kikes are so terrified of it when it happens.

They did but Nazi fags ruined all that for the Jews.

Churchill didn't give a shit about Nazis he joined the War specifically for his plans to fuck over Europe. He kind of regretted it after the fact because Jews but here we are.

My name is Paul.
Shit that never happened

Kill yourself kike.

Nope, also don't know why you are in a board where national socialists are the majority go back to cuckchan you lazy shill.

It's a yid game. Like running up and slapping a palestinian kid before running back behind a pissraeli gun to show their brav er chutzpah.

Are you missing part of your forebrain?

durrr Nazi cucks….it's working!

There have been many (((non-Nazi))) Whites giving lip service to White-rights, but they've always turned out to be fedniggers.

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Oy that projection!

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How to out your self in 5 seconds.
Jesus how the hell are you guys not fired for an half ass job?

Then we'd turn into gypsies or jews ourselves.

The "unity," or rather devotion, that we need, is men like Bowers and Roof who will do the needful. Collectivism, while a necessary stopgap in Weimar conditions, inevitably leads to shitty people if it is practiced for too many generations. Individual sacrifice for the benefit of the collective, on the other hand, resonates with the Aryan ideal.

Post more Hitlers! Oy vey Nazis are good for Je…um Whites.

We'll build longboats and raid coastlines.

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Much like Hitler, we should have gone for genocide instead of deportations.

Praying to Satan?

Thought you called it YHWH

I find it kind of hard not to get mad at Hitler considering he did the unthinkable and went from some directionless war veteran wannabe artist to the fucking leader of Germany, and brought racial politics and ideals into the mainstream, and then pissed it all away fighting total war against the entire rest of the fucking world, so we are now stuck with our politicians pursuing this 'replacement migration' bullshit.
I don't buy it. I'm sure he could have avoided the war if he tried. And he should have known better too, as a WW1 trench veteran and first hand witness of the damage that war caused his country.

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literally lurk for 15,000 more years before retardposting again

This is really awful shilling.

Lurk moar newfag


Huh, where'd our little jewish buddy go?

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go back to Zig Forums and leave the shilling to the pros

user I am going to keep this simple since I am not in a mood to get 10 paragraphs on 5 posts and sources, but once you go against the banks there is no way out of bailing out of war you can delay it, but your fucked the moment you turn away from the dollar or go against the global banking system.

In either words if you don't want war than keep the banks but if you want to free your people you have to go against them.
There is no middle ground here.


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I know the way the majority of this board feels about WW2, and I'm not asking you to post paragraphs and sources, because I've likely seen them already, but refusing to find criticisms in Hitler, and conveniently blaming everything on 'the banks' is just nigger tier.

Que interesante. . .

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