False flag-posting on Zig Forums

Zig Forumsacks, we are being set up. The kikes are spamming the board with posts to set us up as the scapegoat for the next false flag terrorist attack. We must begin preparing to expose this one, before it's happened. Pic related. It seems they're targeting pittsburg AGAIN, I deduce because it's one of the few cities despite being full of niggers and kikes that's been resisting their cultural flips, due in large part to the numbers of hunters and other country-boy types living in the rural region surrounding the city, and the city's legacy of being built on hard fucking labor of the steel industry.

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jewish shill confirmed

I think you're right. One of the primary Jewish tricks is to exaggerate any criticism of them, setting up their own straw man, unto the point of violence. Sometimes it gets outa hand, such as the lead-up to the second major European war. In that case, there was ample reason for the Germans to hate Jews, and the Jews (IMHO) miscalculated just how ready the Germans were to either banish them or stuff them all in work camps. And of course, once the Germans manhandled their Jewish population, the Jews exaggerated the German response beyond all belief.

I do expect that the Jews are getting ready to pull the same sort of gambit here in America. And a good flair-up point is Zig Forums. Maybe they will misjudge the white man again. Maybe not. It does seem like someone is coordinating the potential for a race war, or I should say (((race war)))…

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Like how swastikas are always spray-painted incorrectly, it absolves schlomo from having actually drawn one.

absolute state of retards on the left and right, believing this (gullible enough) and America

Not even Bowers posted about precisely where and expressed anything but sheer pissed-offedness

The prophecy is being fulfilled…. Again.

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Reminder that we were talking to Bowers on here before he went out and killed. Feels so surreal in retrospect.

Yes, but it wouldn't be about 'kikes' it would be about destroying the infrastructural capacity of Pittsburgh in favor of bug person steel (a naturally inferior product). Much of the time the kikes are just a foil (as most of these false flags are as well) for the real agenda which is protecting manufacturing. Indeed, if there was any real war on American soil, I would expect them to remove all areas of manufacturing to consolidate power into bug persons hands.

Bowers was on gabbai

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Of course. Only shills use this alphabet-agency-created software.

just another false flag that will memory hole, probably cancelled already because its fucking retarded. if they wanted to close down these sites they could and they can't frame pol as the next mujahideen because clearly pol is mere satire.

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I think he was on here too. I feel like he was in threads with us

in exactly 13 seconds pittsburger will be nuked from within t. totally organic and real Zig Forums post that's not a false flag

This. Everything we say is satire, user. Belief itself is a ridiculous and unwarranted state of mind for humanity.

Fuck off nigger.


The only time it's justified posting about what you're doing, is if you're organizing. You sperging out on a bunch of niggers or kikes isn't 'setting off the race war'. Calling anons to a place to organize and start a front in the war, is the only time - or coordinating attack times.

That's whats been happening. With Jewish money, mostly it's moving to China.

And they are moving their control of world finance closer to home, where it can be watched over more closely by the (((Saudi Royal Family))). Dubai is the next (((City of London))).

>Dubai is the next (((City of London))).
Makes sense since it is the biggest homofag pit on Earth. I swear to god those semitic apes are nothing but fags. I was thinking of one specific instance, (in that case the rape of a couple young tourist boys in Dubai). I had no idea that boy rape was such a brilliant sport for them.

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You're a paranoid retard

not really, they tried it with Bowers didn't they?

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heebs and nigger faggots are doing the same falseflag shit on Voat and the retarded boomers there are getting triggered hard.

Good thing you don't have an extended mag on that thing, otherwise it might do some real damage.

t. Fed
You’re gonna get us all v&


Did you tell them that it was all satire?

No sense of humoar I suppose.

i am disappoint

75% of this board userbase are Glow in the Dark Cia Niggas.

So where did you get all the red mercury for enriching?

Obviously Putin. He's the one holding the trigger cranks we use for mass murder.


Of course! It all makes sense now. Not from Egypt or anything (which had a recent surplus of it), but from das Ruskies…

Sneaky Cossack sluts!

Yes, the secret super white supremacist leader ZOGnald Trump signed a uranium deal with Putin to smuggle to the INCEL underground cause.

ITT: Feds talking to each other and trying their hardest to get Zig Forums lurkers to commit violent antisemitic crimes so Zig Forums gets shut down and Trump impeached.

I'm onto you ;)

not all of us stockpile uranium
t. poorfag

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I reported it but I guess our mystery mods approve of such posts. Shameful.

I don't participate myself.

Your hair will work. Streak fukushima buck naked and then grind it up into a fine powder. You will be a rich man.

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state of Zig Forums

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Team Cobra, user?


I was laughing through the whole thing.

why delete perfectly good satire?

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Fuck off nigger.
There is no poltical solution at this point.
Violence is the only thing kikes fear.

that's fine, except it was actually deleted

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Very obvious fed here.

Because mods are autistic faggots

Thank you for capping that.

whatcha doin rabbi?

Someone is a nigger in this thread, and it's not OP

three mile island? There is a nice toxic waste dump that has loads of 'lovely filth, Denis' in every nation on this planet. You just need to find your local glow in the dark enrichment zone.

We aren't ISIS user…

Soooo how is everybody's day at the glownigger office going? Had some good coffee yet lads?

too much effort involved.
Id rather continue my lucrative business of appropriating hubcaps fine silk yarmulkes from old jews without compensation and selling them back to jews on eJew

Grave digging is an unfortunate profession user (I feelz for you). No amount of fruity soap is going to banish that eau de toilette.

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Don't worry user.
This place getting shut down would be like intentionally blocking your toilet. You don't stop shitting and it goes on the floor instead.
(((They))) prefer a containment board.
False flagging this place would be like kicking a hornet's nest of autism that gets off on truth and giving it a reason to make things personal - next level retarded.
Remember that user who counted every single head in that Trump crowd photo, or the user who pinpointed the location of a white flag hanging on a white wall somewhere on this planet from the cam stream alone in HWNDU? Imagine dozens of anons like them with raging unconstrained autism in full sperg mode released into the wild with the sole mission of payback for losing their favorite Bhutan finger painting forum.

Everyone who calls for literal violence, or actually does it, never actually goes after like say a Rothschild or some elite Illuminati bloodline family, they always just want to kill random nobodies or at best mere puppets, which would achieve nothing whatsoever other than allowing your enemies to crack down on you. Assume everyone calling for violence is a fed.

Zig Forums is a board of peace and we are pacifist flower children of love and tolerance, anyone who says otherwise is a fed

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Actually, I assume everyone who says "assume everyone calling for violence is a fed" is actually a fed.
I think the .govs are starting to get really freaked out, because normal people are more and more calling for the .gov's ilk to be hung from tall trees.

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I'm pretty sure they want places like Zig Forums for study and experimentation. If anything they want us shitposting here otherwise we might really go out into the streets and meet up for real

think positive outcomes

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Oh? And you're personally doing the hangings, surely?


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says the fed

Would be funny if none of us were feds…if they never came here and Zig Forums was simply a self policing paradigm.

Your thoughts and feelings are very much appreciated…at the back of the oven.

Fuck yourself cowards.
Violence is the only way now.

so, we were the feds all along

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I have none of those. Even posting with what is considered a business phone.

wasted trips

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Its a meme designed to keep the goyim in line.
Anyone who says "glow niggers" or starts calling people "feds" is a low-IQ whites/newfaggots who don't think for themselves. They are trying to "prove they confrom to board identity" by shouting down violence. They are cowards and are the reason people like Donald Trump continue to attack whites uncontested. They are worse than jews and the same as traitors.

You COINTELPRO and CIAniggers still keep isolated

Img wasn't representing you

Never mind me, I am having a moment of nihilism. I am sitting here try to figure out why I believe in anything…it literally makes no sense. We know that the one universal principle is change…which destroys belief…thus belief becomes illogical.

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you don't belong round here, why are you such a nigger?

Possible kike lib detected.

You cannot have movement without stasis - or degrees of change; degrees of stasis.

Ever noticed how people claiming "Violence is the only way" never give a real argument or specify who the target should be?
It's because they're glowniggers trying to start false flags and make us look bad, plain and simple.

Revealing your target is retarded since they can prepare, then. That is what a nigger does.

You think voting is going to fix anything with 45 million spics in the country?
You think voting is going to fix anything with jews in control of literally every facet of our government?
You think voting is going to fix anything when the enemy forces our children by law to be propagandized for the first 18 years of their life?
Violence is the only way.
It is folly to suggest otherwise.

Change is a somewhat meaningless word, if you crumple up a ball of paper and then piss on it, thats change. I think in terms of novelty.

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Probably because I accidentally thought about shitsburg and I saw it full of zombies. My gaze carries a certain weight, you see. I don't care what anybody does anymore, I'm completely off the chain. Free at last

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You simultaneously boil and freeze in space.

you're done glowcunt
get out


Pretty sure that's what God and Nature likes too, my Man

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Big boy, very intimidating, how many Rothschild's have you put six feet under? Oh, none? Oh, you want to shoot up some random synagogue filled with elderly lower middle class jews who are going to die natural deaths soon anyway? Wow, you sound like a fed, but what do I know?

♪♪ teehee ♪♪

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The only "glow cunt" is you.

It just makes things worse. Just reporting in on the future state of things, feel free to perish however you see most fit


Tits or gtfo. Trannies don't have tits

Looks like the violence-advocating glowniggers have no arguments but "tits or gtfo".

Imagine being this retarded

Why so irritable?

*blows kiss (laughs at you from afar)

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no u

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You know that thing I said about the feds? Well it applies to kike calls as well. Yes, I am sitting here reading Aquinas and Anselm, but what I can't rationalize is why I would perform the act of 'belief' in anything? I am not even sure what belief is…as a thing, like what is its purpose…it seems completely useless.

Subhumans user. Was that broad enough for you?

The universal law of novelty? Well that is a new one user. Imma gonna have to think on that.

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Who would be irritated by faggotry, I wonder. GTFO

The kike suggests lone wolf attacks are what you mean when you say "violence", but the kike is lying and he knows this is not what you mean. Kikes lie. Do not listen to them.
When you say "violence" you mean thousands if not hundreds of thousands of whites acting out violently as a group.
This is why the kike is scared.
This is why the kike calls you a glow nigger.
This is why the kike stays awake at night.
He knows violence is our only option, and hes afraid.

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Paid jewish shill confirmed.


That's unrealistic and not going to happen anytime soon, glownigger.

The biggest problem with their stupid false flags is that these days, there is so much bureaucracy that it's nearly impossible to fake things perfectly. Even decades later the holohoax is easily disproved. Unless they actually start killing real jews and school children instead of just parading their crisis actors, their bullshit gets quickly exposed, then it's "the goyim know shut it down" and then into the memory hole. Actually murdering a few hundred jews would be ultra profitable pr for kikes, but I don't think they have the balls to actually sacrifice their own at this point, if they ever did.


saved. great post

Kek approves

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Why don't you deal with your indecision? Belief is for your sanity, or else you would go be a monk - and kikes tell you nothing is sane. You either love or you don't. And you will never stop experiencing change if you love: hate or content yourself with entropy you cannot solve. In the latter, what good is it? Nothing objective; nothing outside you - not even challenging those needing it.