US minorities are almost twice as likely to support political violence as whites (Reuters)

"To achieve my idea of a better society, violent acts are acceptable." 17.3% of US minorities agree with this while only 9.1% of whites agree. This means US minorities are almost twice as likely to support political violence as whites. Reuters is generally a trusted source by normies and even some leftists. See for yourself (apply the filters for race to the data):!response/TM1562Y18_2/type/oneshot/dates/20171209-20181209/collapsed/true

I was thinking about South Africa when I saw this and how weekly / daily riots are destroying the country and infrastructure left behind by whites (in addition to the white genocide going on) as well as the mass riots by US blacks over "police brutality". As whites decrease as a percentage of the population in the US these effects are only going to get worse. If the worst case scenario happens and whites become a minority in the US, how will they feel about the new majority being twice as likely to agree with violence to achieve their political goals - which likely won't even line up with white interests (probably taxing whites even more to take their money)?

Would this statistic be a good redpill to spread to conservative whites who aren't fully redpilled yet?

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This is why we lose.

Those whites are antifa, not cuckservatives, that I'm certain.

wow such a controversial idea

their willingness for violence stats should be lumped in with the minority threat of violence for all practical purposes

God, you're a pathetic construction. Of course shitskins WANT violence, whereas the noble White Man resists it. That's because if Whites get the spark of death in their eyes, everything perishes around them. I need you to stop existing now

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Lol it's almost like it's human nature. Wow I've never heard this story before hahahaha

Anything done in defense of my race is morally justified.

meanwhile you cross the street when a black dude walks towards you lmao

Reminder this is what's arguing with you on the other side of the computer in threads like this.

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Think harder before you type shit at me, you got it backwards and that's bad news for you

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The fuck is that creatura supposed to be, a human or something? Lol what a bad dice roll, imagine being stuck in that worm shell, does it has downs? Hahahahaha like what the fuck

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that percentage will obviously have to be reversed and then some before things improve.

It's the average American in 2050 and it's beautiful.

It's sort of cute in a weird way


why is that man wearing a wig, user?

pretty sure you mixed up images user. here's the original

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Seems legit


You must have thought real hard before typing that, retard.

Unlikely, most whites who are not redpilled will only become redpilled after they themselves have been physically assaulted by some "minority" and even then most will still remain bluepilled. Those whites who resist the redpill are a lost cause and should be viewed as more effort than they are worth and treated as cannon fodder.

I can think, I can think about a lot of things. Tell me, what would you like me to think about?
Try telling me something I don't know

that's called terrorism. the word that they're desperately trying to avoid associating with actual terrorists is 'terrorism'.

/thread. The Soros-funded chimpout in Chicago during the Trump campaign was a blatantly obvious example of this, but the word terrorists were never bandied about by the (((MSM))) to describe the niggers themselves.

Terrorist–noun. Definition: a White Man who wants to live

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The jews were in charge of decades of indoctrination. they knew the niggers weren't listening while the white kids were told they had to talk out all their problems.

Point taken. One of the oddball elements of this is that Chicago is a city that has a huge number of Whites. The idea that it is a nigger city is basically a fallacy. Due to gerrymandering, etc., niggers wield an inordinate amount of political power there however.

Since only sheltered Whites who never have to engage with feral niggers on the loose in the streets are actually 'liberals', what's the excuse for the Chicago Whites I wonder? Why so many libshits there? You can bet your ass there'd be an uproar heard far and wide if Beverly Hills was suddenly enriched this way.

Proportionality is everything.

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Anyone who says "don't fight" is a coward.
The only thing we can do at this point is fight.

That's an interesting hypothesis. Certainly Aryans by our very nature are genetically driven to be duty-bound, while obviously niggers are not.


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Imagine having the power to destroy worlds, conquer land, space, nature, every species on the planet. To be the natural masters of an entire planet, and for that ability to be trivial at this point. That is the power our race has always possessed. In the grand scheme of things we can wipe out any that oppose us if we worked together as a race. However, imagine having all of that power and being brainwashed, multiple personalities that constantly bicker with each other, a passive pussy and suicidal. That is the situation we are in now. Like Superman in a depressed stage with PTSD. Sure, we could save the world but that sounds scary, maybe decisions that we have been told are morally wrong by our enemies would need to be made. No, we will stay at home and hope things get better in a peaceful friendly way. Surely the robbers and rapists will respond to intelligent discussion, hugs and reasoning.
Until we, as a race, get fixed the future is bleak. Maybe some escalation event will snap us out of it, maybe the moment before the end we will rise up, but at the moment we are muzzled passive fearful dogs in some nigger's dog fight.

Well it wouldn't be so much of an uproar as it was pleas for help. When the rich libs start getting looted by feral ghouls it's already too late, and nobody will hear their desperate begging for help. Fun fact: big imaginary numbers in a computer somewhere you've never been is less important than being able to unperson roving bands of zombies with common household items. But I know it's far too late to change the future now

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spoonfeed me. wtf are you saying here user?

We already knew this. How many jihadis do you know are white? Most are ethnic Indians from Pakistan. How many gangbangers are white? Bloods and Crips are all black. MS13 are all Hispanic. Muslim gangs are all Indians and blacks.


What I mean is that money doesn't real, and having a big bank account won't save you when starving niggers kick down your door. What WILL save you is being able to defend yourself to the extent that any fucking nigger that comes into your sector gets goodified with a minimal amount of effort, and that if you want to survive a real happening you should be able to unperson subhumans with whatever happens to be in arm's reach at every time. Build up your treasures where thieves can't steal and moths can't eat, that sort of thing.

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Choose one my man.
Those rich libs will be out of country long before it gets nasty. Remember? 'Rootless international clique'.

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Beverly Hills? Are you kidding? Look at all the pro black and Indian male interracial agenda in Hollywood. Those actresses are looking forward to this.
Wait till they find out how these men express their sexual frustrations:

Wew lad, but escape to where? The DUMBS won't hold, and NZ is barely a reprieve, it's just like a few years of terror before being annihilated. 's the funny thing about trying to globalize, if it fails you've effectively painted yourself into a corner. But I'll allow it

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alright makes sense then. as a simple country boy i already understand this truth, but your ineffable homology was quite beyond me. try to be less clever in the future if you please.

Political Violence is more real than this fake ass theater in Wash DC

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Heh, no they aren't. They can already slum it up just over in Hollyweird if that's what they're into. You're mistaking (((the agenda))) with reality user. They don't intend for themselves to be overrun, only for Whites' to be.

Ok, I'll consider it. Couching things in phrases that are only decodable by the initiated is kind of a defensive mechanism though. Zig Forums doesn't still exist for no reason

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Found the kike. Go back to the synagogue and suck some baby dick, fag.

i've been here for a few years tbh, but as i said, i'm a bit simple when it comes to ingenious juxtapositions.

I find it hard to believe that's true, but if it's really the case then our hivemind is running at nearly full power

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Looks like a zombie horde

Well shit, what's wrong with 90.9% of whites and 82.7% of shitskins? Bunch of pussies if you ask me.

I coldn't agree more. We should up the tempo and the volume

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THIS is fucking NOTHING my fellow pedes.
Do not fight back and if you do we'll call you a nigger and disavow XD

Just stop already and get in the fucking oven

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This user gets it

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No it isn't.

Underrated post
41.6% of white men from ages 18-29 believe that violent acts are justified to fix society
More than any of the other demographics listed. Who cares if old niggers or women are or aren't willing to commit violence? They aren't a factor.

It's gonna happen.

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It will be spectacular

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And often.

Political violence is not how a nation or civil society is supposed to be wrong. I don't support it. However, I do understand when and why it may be necessary. This is what separates the humans from the niggers.

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While posting a 12 year old Nazi fag cartoon.

ok cool, when do we use it?

I like posting older images so you know I'm a fellow follower of various board cultures oy vey got a problem?

Hmm… I would say probably at the latest 12 years ago. So right now would be overdue.

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spoiler alert: thomas jefferson supported political violence, too
so maybe pedro really does know what it means to be american better than you or me

God fucking damn it. They engage in civil war and ruin their country. Instead of fighting like men, or trying to rebuild, they run away to the US. They go to the US to fuck up the country in the same manner. I feel like I am taking crazy pills and I am in a corner. Even blue-pilled normies ask, "Are we the only ones who feel this way?

I weep for my country; we are handing it over to ungrateful barbarians. At least the Romans put up a fight, we are giving in like a punk in prison. After bubba is done, we ask for seconds and say, "thank you, sir. May I have another?"

I think you broke me. I can't take anymore black pills.

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Not surprising. One of the guys in the crime thread had 13 kids. Sheboons be all bout dem stronk beheaders.

Why does this continue? Those 13 kids will help keep McDonalds' wages down through competition. Capitalists are so smart.

Cuckchan always had three-letter alphabet niggers involved in it. Probably ever since the first wave of CP images were uploaded.

What do you see yourself doing in the future, user? Pic related

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>Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independant 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

Raising a family with my beautiful wife and children we have work to do before then though

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This is diversity.
This is strength.

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Mexiscum are indeed violent

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I could out-stare that first guy tbh, but then I'd be forced to blow him away when he moved.

Godspeed dear user. You are the reason we strive forth.

Another lying hate acceleration piece by jewish MSM. May I remind you that "whites" are not really allowed to call for political violence, so how likely would a poll like this be? The numbers are not real, the participants are not real, its only a lying kike trying to create a race war.

US “minorities” have liars whipping them up against their Inedible Others. Like on this place. Actual white racists are idiotic and few; actual black racists treat pointing out the authenticity of the racism taboo among whites as if it were all hiding something. Fucking violent Spathi arming their ships with powerful weapons because they’re afraid of an enemy beyons sensor range…

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kek. so you push cannibalism now Chaim?
lay off the 'shrooms, m80.

Central americans and mexicans are street gang drug dealers and they are proud of shouting it in social media

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As a DACApede who has been here since 2001, I can tell you that you based gringos without balls could learn a thing or two from my rage. Sometimes you need to kill first and ask questions later… you think (((Lucky Larry))) would still be alive in my country?

There is a saying in my country (which I recently found out) that goes something like "why is he still alive? why has no one killed him yet?" Which are two healthy questions to have when dealing with kikes. Remember the kike that raped and murdered a loli and in his chutzpa he used his rightful death to create the ADL. Same thing should have been done with Larry, maybe he really is innocent and very lucky… but if he would have been killed in 2003 (right before the start of Iraq's Second Genocide by USA), then the lives of 60K soldiers would have been spared.

>but he has security
I used to play runescape and I was a PKer (1-itemer BSer who played with 3 accounts at the same time), and when we had Bounty+1 Worlds, we would get targets… You would think a 1-itemer would lose against a well equipped PRO-PKer with equal tier buddies. You're wrong, I would lure my target (and his friends) then teleport away. THEN, I would kill his friends and ONLY his friends. I would orgasm every time the now-friendless poor fucks would beg me to kill them and get it over with.

God bless the US of America, Pax Americana, and the people (men) whose sweat build thing… protip: usury doesn't build shit

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Why are DACApedes always getting dubs?

How much dick would she have taken by then?

Extreme negative canthol. Ugly as fucking sin. And to think some white men are attracted to this subhuman.

sharks someday
no need for bigotry today
science will cure all
have faith

We are a Generation of Revenge.
Never forget what they have taken from us.

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I'd like to see the popularity of violence among races to a rephrasing:

The question as aked by reuters is a question essentially about violent invasion. Whites know that violent invasion is wrong. We also know we have a right to defend ourselves, and we have quite a will to do so as well.

tl;dr Many more whites support political violence in self defense.

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The new 56%.

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If the poll were taken in 1798 it would have been 90% of whites. Over the next 200+ years the jew would shove shekels down your throat while cutting your balls off. No poll is a better indicator of a failed nation / society.

Wasn't it something like 47% of those in (((university))) and 12% of those not in university. In other words, it's mostly psychotic antifas and other scum sucking elements.

This is crazy to me. The US Revolution was political violence. This really needs to be corrected.

Whites have been cucked by parliamentary politics, and the state’s monopoly on violence. Violence for the sake of violence is obviously a problem, but violence for the greater good can be justified. Everybody knows this yet for some reason we can’t put 2 and 2 together and recognize the country our forebearers bled for is a ghost of its former self?

Whites gotta wake the fuck up and start to understand concepts such as legitimacy. Where does legitimacy come from? Who grants it to our states? At what point is it gained? Lost?

When does our government become illegitimate? When is a law unjust? Is true justice resistance to unjust laws? Unjust practices?

And they finally need to understand the right of revolution. Our founders invoked it in the declaration. They were criminals and rebels. We have this right and our founders recognized it. Victory is the only thing that defines whether the revolutionaries were right or wrong.

Whites are cucked because of the fed memes.

Anyone who agitate is a fed, if you can't organize, you can't rebel in a meaningful way.

This. I think they're a lot less competent than they let on as well. If their power can be demonstrated to be a sham then Whites will be more willing to go further afield.

Americans will never use their guns, while immigrants replace them. It will become a great chapter in history: the greatest cowards ever to live.

They are fucking clueless, their power is based on fear.

Whites are too fearful of consequences.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The racewar won't be started by whites. What matters is who finishes it.

Its because Whites are smart enough to live in a world of abstraction, and its killing us.

Remember taxation, law and order all based on the violence. White Man approves this cucked everyday non stop violence against him but he is against violence against his enemies (jews, shitskins and women).

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Of course because most whites in the USA are pacified cucks, they need to be FORCED to fight.