A Holocaust of 600 Million Foreskins

When will jews be held accountable for their holocaust of 600 million foreskins?

Jews invented the practice and pushed into into the gentile world. To this day, Jews in leadership positions are the most voratious defenders of this mutilation — including members of the American Academy of Pediatrics who defend infant genital mutilation to this day.

When will Jews start funding genital mutilation holocaust museums which tell 2000+ year story of this crime against humanity?

When will Jews pay reparations to the 600+ million gentile men who have had their genitals mutilated due to this Jewish invention and the Jewish medical leaders who push it onto unsuspecting parents with false claims of medical/health benefits?

How can they be allowed to get away with lying to the American people about the functions of the forkesin and all of the future functions and benefits that are permanently lost when the foreskin is cut off?

Jews must be held financially and morally and legally accountable for this atrocious crime against humanity.

We must raise awareness of the Jewish Holocaust of 600+ million gentile foreskins.

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When the US collapses. And based off most of western Europe flat out ignoring the US bluster on the Iran, I'm guessing it is not too far away

For most American men, circumcision is the worst act of violence that has ever been perpetrated against you.

Just because you can't remember the pain, doesn't mean it wasn't the worst violence / most painful thing you've ever been subjected to.

Even if you've been punched in the face or you've been in a nasty fight or even been stabbed or shot — well, if those wounds healed without having to have a part of your body removed — then their not as bad as permanent genital mutilation, which doesn't just inflict shock-inducing pain but also robs you of sexual satisfaction and genital health for the rest of your life.

Even a woman who has been raped, though she may suffer lasting psychological damage, will at least be able to move on for the rest of her life with her physical body intact.

Imagine how the uproar and fury there would be if there was a serial rapist who excised the clitoris of his victims.

And yet we have serial genital mutilators who've been on the loose for 2000+ years and who trick parents into mutilating their children and there's no outrage in the mainstream at all.

And what makes it worse: they tricked your own parents — the people who are supposed to love and protect you more than anyone — into volunteering you for it.

Oh, and then they sell the foreskins to companies who process them into facial creams for rich women.

This is an actual crime against humanity, a true holocaust of foreskins. And hardly hear a peep about it in the mainstream.

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Everyone is laughing about it outside of the US and Islamic world

Look, Im circumcised and I love it, Im glad my dick dont look like a fucking turtle and I can feel everything. Turtle dicks are just mad cause their dicks are disgusting.

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The fact that it's being openly questioned on the suggestion page of Netflix is a hopeful sign. The stats on rates in the US have been falling off a cliff in the 2010s, so the rate of circumcised adults you know is greater proportional to their slice of the population than in that of very young lads these days. The one thing that needs to totally knock it dead is to have the Supreme Court rule on the constitutionality of it. A judge recently ruled that federal laws against female genital cutting could not be prosecuted because they would likely be found to be in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th. So they are willing to sweep female circumcision under the rug unaddressed in order to maintain the ostensible legality of male circumcision. However, in fact it is a crime under English common law, namely as battery. This is the latest word from jurists studying it, they find that Jews were allowed to practice it because they had their own law that was supposed to cover them apart from the rest of society. A Supreme Court ruling that would allow circumcised men to sue over the battery would probably have run the statute of limitations in most places, but young boys could do it. This would affect all English common law countries so most of Canada, Australia, NZ and UK and would finally allow Americans to rule against Jews for doing it. It was banned in the Soviet Union for example, so in the 80s many Jews fled to Israel and were circumcised to show off their choice of their Jewish identity, and so many of these genitally intact Russian mishlings were fleeing into Israel to get out of the USSR that they began to tighten aliyah restrictions by using genealogical data (which I think could be a godsend in the near future on the right) and forcing Orthodox conversion for these types. These days they use DNA testing, the only state that America permits to do so amongst its 'allies'. Tsk tsk tsk Israelis really are the real racists.

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Sorry, that was meant for this post

You should get mad about what was stolen from you and utilize the anger for fighting the reasons why, not try to reason that you're fine with being mutilated as an infant.

Horseshit, these threads always devolve into a pissing match. There is no getting it back. You're pretending to think otherwise. Glad those who still have their have it but I can get on with having mine stolen. Dead jews either way and you never know, their ashes might make a dick cream to regrow foreskin for goyim.

How can you find something so horrific funny?

uncut white American checking in, we do exist. My dad hated the jews.



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All genital cutters should die horrifically.

without remorse, this

Jews are furious

Are you the guy who made 38 posts in the last thread about how being circumcised is actually better?


must watch so show your family, friends and enemies.


I just gave you, if you are talking in good faith, a good political position to shill: allow circumcised men to sue their aggressors for battery charges. Lawfare is the future and the Jews know it, so fuck 'em where you can and maybe the sparks that are made in the meantime will convince many parents to not do it to their kid because they fear he'll hate it when he gets older.

Butthurt over foreskins. Did you know women prefer cut dicks?

I won't acknowledge the bait and neither should anyone else.

Anyways, how does one download a video that's been put in the gulag by Youtube?

Women are retarded.

That is a citation needed if I have ever seen one

TFW the Jews stole your foreskin, feels bad man.
My foreskin probably went on some Jew's face as skin cream or something.


These cutlet memes seem like typical D/C bullshit. Get people arguing with each other about their foreskin and which is better so they ignore the bigger problem of global Jewish dominance. You are right it sucks, but what is the point of demoralizing millions of men? I think to make them hopeless and docile. Nice try.

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Yes they do. Ask them IRL.

Im glad there are actually people defending us on this issue. Whats even better *cough* is that its reached the depths of Zig Forums *cough*
Zoomers and possibly some boomers will see retribution on this topic within their lifetimes. I think the jew is afraid, and the settlements should create enough research to get a fully functional penis for everyone affected. Its worse an issue than transgender and sexual identity and is probably the main causer of our problems today in modern society.
Or maybe we should revolt and live in disposition with our cut cocks and just destroy society and say down with the system and not support research for foreskin restoration, as that is probably just an evil jewish trick unto itself!
Hell they probably designed it to happen this way!

If you have a cut dick and aren't enough of a coping bitch man to believe it's a positive thing, let it only inflame you against the Eternal Jew more. Let foreskin restoration demonstrate the ability of the will to triumph over even the most despicable kike practices and grievances made against even defenseless infants. Let it demonstrate that the spirit of European ingenuity will repair everything they break and invent novel ways to punish them for their insolence. Do what you can to stop them from doing what they did to you to others, defeatism IS a tool of the kikes. The only way to avoid defeatism is to refuse to be defeated.

Oh for fuck's sake grow the fuck up. The dick is fine with or without foreskin.

Thanks for the info, Mr. Shekelberg

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Friendly reminder this is what they took from us

kill yourself promptly.
whether you're a shill or just another retard npc, go watch what they do to an infant during a mutilation. no sane person would want this for any child after seeing what happens.


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Ya I get your point but that image is basically telling men with cut dicks their lives will never amount to anything because they are damaged. Most people don't respond positively with rage from shit like that. They usually get depressed then become docile. That's not how you make effective propaganda… or it is. Depends on your goal really.

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No, it's not. Reality doesn't give two shits about your kike lies and neither do I. Shape up.

I will admit the 3rd is shitty on closer inspection. The same point can definitely be conveyed in a less retarded manner. I didn't read all of them, sorry for the confusion, mistook it for another significantly less blackpill-esque infographic. It's not even really true as I mentioned implicitly in acknowledging the existence of restoration, both current less than perfect methods and future regenerative means to complete the rejection of the practice.

This Jew knocks it out of the park. Snipdicks eternally BTFO.

This. To commit such a heinous mutilation on an infant is an unthinkable evil. It may be that the West allows it because so many can not comprehend it.

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It's like you retards think it was a decision any mutilation victim made.

I'm fine if some adult with decent brain development (20+) wants to cut his dick into two pieces, or even cut it off entirely, the problem is that people are cutting others' genitals without any kind of consent, which I will always disagree with in any form. It is cruel and unusual punishment for an uncommitted crime.

I suggest you stop being fine with that immediately, the desire to self-mutilate is a sign of severe mental illness.

Snipdicks never choose to be mutilated, but they do indeed choose to get extremely defensive and spout pure 100% bullshit in response to being challenged.

Then they go ahead and choose to mutilate their own kids because "his should look like mine". Utter golems.

If you are circumcised, it is proof that your parents are fucking nitwits, and by proxy, probably you too.

Literally cannot restore nerves you stupid fucking niggers.

We wuz foreskins n sheet before kikey took dem skins from uz.

Knocks it out of the park on his actual topic maybe, but I fucking blathering retard in other areas.
>as a (((white male)))


Doctors sometimes do it before even asking parents, just assuming they want it done. Among other reasons like indoctrination into desert cults of questionable value. You really ought to stop acting like you know what you're talking about, you don't.

This is why you should have home birth.

No dick cheezzz for my homo based nazi boyfriend.

Not the only reason, but yes. I've heard good things about it for the purpose of bonding as well. Really, outsourcing any part of parenting is asking for trouble. Yet I'm not going to expect everyone to be flawless and wholly informed, especially not with active campaigns to manipulate and degrade our race absolutely everywhere due to the machinations of the kike. Because that would be highly self-destructive and pointless.

Am i the only one who just doesnt give a fuck about this
like the jews do it to themselves
if it had any effect on demographics or whatever they'd have stopped going years ago

So let me get this straight
we're complaining because are god dicks dont controll us as much as normal guys?
Jesus fucking christ
no wonder the jews have all the fucking power
I mean fuck im cicumsized already and my dick takes up way to much of my life as is
this smells like bull

okay this post is gay as well
god damn it
why are both sides of pol always retarded on litterally every fuckin issue

fuck i just realized my ID is "dad"

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Have you ever stopped to consider that you might actually be the retard?

I mean sure user
but if i am then i know that everyone else ive met on here is still just as or more retarded then me
and the prospect of me being retarded and still being one of the smartest people on this board is just to fucking depressing to contemplate

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Anyone redpilled on circumcision: your next journey is hospital birth (artificial labor). Ho ly shit. Hospitals are torture chambers for mothers and infants. Pitocin-induced artificial labor is routine for healthy women. Hospital interventions majority of complications. We have a 33% cesarean rate because the hospitals knowingly create excuses to perform them. Major abdominal surgery!

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* hospital interventions CAUSE THE majority of interventions

… of complications

Fuck me, pregnancy brain.

careful babe
drop anymore hints and all the redditors who came here from cuckchan once they got board of shitting that place up will ask you to shom them your pregnant milkers

Anyway, after a few months researching from message board anecdotes to scientific studies, I can't believe how many women I've found saying, "My first child's birth in hospital was so traumatic I don't think I can bring myself to have another one."

Unnatural labor in hospital is a significant contributor to declining Western birth rates. I am absolutely certain of it. Godspeed.

If you actually believe this, don't even bother to stop and consider it. That just about seals the deal. You aren't even self-aware.

(the secret: pitocin is artificial oxytocin, the hormone of love. Low light, orgasms and intimacy with the husband are better at inducing and continuing a healthy labor, and preventing hemhorrage, than hospital care, for healthy mothers – that is, the majority of mothers.)

Jews need to be brutally holocausted for what they did

join your local Nazi group, let's organize, let's ACT!!!

Post the list by state of local National Socialist meet ups.

Uh, do you mean after the childbirth? I thought both mother and father go through hormonal changes that decrease their libido after childbirth?

Why are fuckers like this given a platform to air their century old lies over and over and over and over and over again…

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Kikes desperately want to continue their demonic work.

It's ok he was roundly rebuffed by the commentators on that site, fortunately people are on mass seeing though the BS. Why are their no PACs on this issue though?

Glick is /ourjew/ on this topic. Even kikes get sick of kikery.

A student in ethical philosophy demonstrates that male and female genital mutilation are ethically equivalent.

Eh, it’ll be fixable someday.

The password to this post is no big deal.

Women report enjoying sex more with an intact partner, putting to rest Hollywood's insulting view of the natural body of man through horrendous chick flicks like Sex in the City.

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The official tradition of Jews regarding the mitzvah of circumcision is that it is a tit-for-tat: They lose the pleasure of an intact member in return for some land in the Middle East.

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Da Jooz are prominent in shilling for circumcision among gentiles as a form of crypsis.

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Hospitals routinely circumcise against the expressed wishes of parents, in violation of all existing laws regarding the parent's 'right' to consent, and there is immense pressure on parents to conform to the doctors' or nurses' preference.

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More on the above note.

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Circumcision studies in Canada are banned for ethical reasons because they reveal permanent psychological damage done to infants after the amputation.

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Female circumcision is shilled by circumcised women using the exact same rhetoric as circumcised men do shilling for male genital cutting.

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Other western countries oppose the ritual on medical and ethical grounds.

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George Carlin's wit is acerbic as usual:

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More FGM propaganda. Notice the similarities?

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Feminist hypocrisy

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A child is more likely to die as a result of the operation or post-operation complications than to ever need a (potential) therapeutic circumcision.

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Study demonstrating loss of pleasure with the excised tissue.

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More studies. This is all I have aside from images of the surgery. They are graphic. I encourage everyone to at least watch one surgery, and to encourage a friend or two to do the same.

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Memecraft is a good way of revealing the cognitive dissonance on this topic to the public, and also to get your 'foot in the door' so to speak when broaching the topic in the first place.

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I want my foreskin back.

In your next life, brother.

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That, or Foregen finally makes its big breakthrough. foregen.org/

Appendages will be lost in the battle, for you the war started at a very young age, but your wound should drive you to fight more, until all your strength gives out.

“That the hand of iiaglwa should help me in combat, to stay the swift footsteps of truculent strife. An thou cast in Thurs struggle to ward thy white course, lighten my shoulders, elfheer legacy, keen and crook’d, carv’d and gold-prankt, true and untarnisht, since that tomb'd prince swang it, the glee of the grasper, while his harness guardeth lo, life's flower from the foe, soon flashes he blood-red.”

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Circumcision is kike marking of their goyim slaves. They also do it to hide amongst us, cause guess how you play spot the kike for the pogrom? you show dick, faggot. Dumping anti-circumcision memes. This wedge is one of the most important, the fact that dirty snaggle toothed rabbis suck baby dick is one of their most well hidden secrets. Tell the boomers and watch the rage.

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How many times you going to post these pics schlomo?

let me get this straight, you rat faced kike. I, the one railing against circumcision as male genital mutilation and think every jew, like you, should swing from a tree, am the real jew? How's the weather in tel aviv?

Until you're burning alive, Chaim.

Here, you lot don’t really have to be miserable and bored forever. Here’s something more interesting to help rehabilitate you lot: www.bbc.com/future/story/20190213-the-dramatic-hunt-for-the-fish-pirates-exploiting-our-seas

The BBC is a great news site. There’s even a recent review about the decline and fall of practically everything. You can be happier people than liars batting around the same stale tale of “defiant” submission to the state. It’s not like any of you lot would actually be in charge of that.

Get out commie. This isn't a place for you.

Same. So I started foreskin restoration (it's basically just stretching your penile skin – similar to how people can stretch ears with gauges).

Fortunately for me my penile skin was already pretty loose. (I think it's somewhat common for penile skin to be loose enough even on circumcised penises to be pulled up to fold over at least some part of the glans). So I am already able, with the help of an O-ring, to fully enclose my glans with an O-ring binding the skin.

When I first was able to stand up and walk around with my glans protected by skin, it was the strangest (comfortable) sensation — it literally gave me an involuntary shiver throughout my whole body (in a pleasant feeling type of way).

I supposed it was because my glans was finally being covered/protected from the elements and external contact/stimuli for the first time in my life.

Having my glans covered was physically and psychologically comforting. I can touch the skin covering my glans and have all external stimuli to the glans be dramatically dulled.

I am not yet able to have my glans covered all the time like this, but just being able to experience it once was a minor epiphany like "Oh my god, this is what its supposed to feel like."

I can only imagine what the consequences of this are for the circumcised male — never being able to be 100% comfortable in your own body because the most sensitive tissue in your body is constantly being exposed to external contact and stimuli.

Anyway, I suggest to all to look into manual foreskin restoration methods. And yes, I know reddit is gay, but this is the best resources I have found on answering questions and explaining a good method:

reddit .com/r/foreskin_restoration/wiki/methods/andres-method

The primary reason MGM persists is pure ignorance as a result of mass brainwashing.

Rural white Americans have a birthrate of 2.6 yet they have no foreskins. Germany, England, France etc. all have below replacement birthrates, yet they have foreskins. I'm not seeing the issue.