American professor Holden James viciously assaulted by youth for questioning whether ancient Egyptians were black

What the fuck? How can you Americans sit idly by while your own professors are brutalized by negros?

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They were sentenced. Fuck off outrageyid.

Nice slide, but this faggot worked at a university and more than likely spent most of this life promoting diversity. Tried to correct some nogs about their incorrect facts and now he's brain damaged for the rest of his life and the nogs get three years in jail to make up for it.

sage and report for fake news

Do we have any Egyptologists here to answer the question of Blacks Ruled Egypt also pics of ballWashers on Pyramids walls😁

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shoulda stuck with the (((official narrative)))

Jews don't exist

You know you're dead, right juden?

Libshit got what was coming to him. No sympathy for whites that continue to be active in jewish institutions.

Holden James


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Who cares about the pigments of people long dead? I want cuttlefish skin, dagnabbit.

Three years? How the fuck is this not a hate-crime?

Actually, that link doesn't even work so this is probably bullshit. OP is a faggot.

How long before 'questioning' becomes 'denying'?

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yeah, for 3 years; thats barely more than a slap on the wrist considering that they ruined a guy's life over >WE WUZ
its to be expected of britanistan, though; if that guy was islamic, those niggers would've gotten beheaded if they didn't get life

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What the fuck happened to this place?

fake link, CIAnigger thread

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googling will show this is obviously fake and gay. OP once again is a faggot

reporting for spam

OP here. 4chan was faster at detecting this bullshit story.
Here is the real article.
Work on yourselves and stop being so gullible. I'll be back later for more tests.

lol this was my first thread

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yeah? within 2 or 1 posts? nigger

how does it feel to be retarded?

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I'm not sure. Perhaps you should consult yourself for the answer.

me shitposting != blatant inability to see reality

tell me

Get rid of all Jewish institutions.
Then who's turn is it to be attacked? Black institutions?
Merry go round of ignorant shits never stops.
Someday it Your turn.

Google is fake and gay.

Why making up a fake story about nigs beating up some white dude when this happen for real every ten seconds ??? Faking makes it look like it never happens…

Also, where the fuck does this black ancient Egyptians thing come from ??? It's almost as stupid as "ancient Egyptians were space traveling aliens because they were able to build pyramids with very heavy stones !!!".
By the way, still today nigs aren't even able to build their fucking shed by themselve, whites have to do it for them…

Put a semi-auto in your mouth and pull the trigger until it goes click. Kill your family too.

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The guy is not Holden, he is a kike named Kohler, and was actually attacking in the fucking UK by a POLISH gang.

Also, the guy literally shook his attacker's hand after said attacker's imprisonment. Retarded faggot kike apparently "forgiving" to whatever degree.

He was not attacked by blacks over Kangz shit, and OP is either engaging in fucktarded poor quality trolling, or genuinely was trolled himself (likely former).


Same thread and shitty lying was created on 4chan as well, I have discovered. Just a pathetic troll, methinks.

Should be sentenced in a court of law to be hanged by the neck until dead.

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Oh. Then hang him too.

Try thinking for 3 seconds in your life

So I go to try to read the article. Nothing but a home page.
Thinking I might verify if OP is a faggot or not so I search.
Search for 2 seconds and what the fuck is this?

its like a pastebin of this thread lol. #fakeforums Im not sure who's pasta is whos

What about not owning guns now?