I have recently cried while listening to German Marching songs. It angers me how humanity can fall so far from greatness. Germany was right, everyone is just too scared to admit it. The hypocrisy of democracy, the bureaucracies, it all overwhelms me. I have created a strong connection to the German peoples, despite my Finnish heritage and I feel disgusted with myself. Long live the Fatherland. I don't know what to do with myself so I just came to display my thoughts

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… but I feel your feels, bro.
I don't know you but we share a spiritual connection through our shared race and oppression under the jew.
Take care user.

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I don't the Wehrmacht ever carried National Socialist standards into battle like that, did they? Anyone have pics of that?

>I recently cried

Hitler was not only fighting for Germany, he was fighting for all of us. People who see it as national-chauvinism have understood nothing.

Nah, ever read Odysseus?

Men cry when they lose great warriors to vanity.

The Odyssey*

Great concept to say what it isn't.

Pride in your people is not chauvinism.

Eventually you get tired of the bullshit, and just start telling people what you really think.

Honestly, i was kidding. I too have moments where i feel hopeless but i dispel them immediately and avoid crying. Keep your boots on stay vigilant. Redpill everyone you know IRL. Never give up.

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Personally, im very optimistic because im making great progress with people i know. Even a left leaning cuck at work is starting to show progress. Its amazing.

Plenty of discouragement shills will say otherwise, but we're in the middle of a great awakening. It will never be enough for some, of course.

I'm not even white (not black or indian or chink). Yet I hope all jews get exterminated.

in my time I'v seen several grown men moved to tears by this realization. the die flut kommt video is especially powerful.

You must understand that some live in the lost territories - ground zero of the Great Browning, if you will. It can be a challenge to remain positive. I find it pathetic that the OP, a Finn, is crying when he still has his country.

Mestizo? Arab? Pinoy? Churka?

Blog post but hailed for honestly. We’ve all been there user.

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fuckoff faggot, you don't come here to blog post because your support group cancelled at short notice.

self >>>/bog/ for missing the sage


Optimism isnt crazy

Do not despair.

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Shouldn't be its own thread bro, but yea.

look at this fag

How could anyone not cry over the loss of something so profound? Having the audacity to make fun of someone who’s willing to admit it makes you a fucking kike. Empathy is inately white. If you’re not deep enough for it that kys because you’re more useful that way.

We’ve all been there, fren

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being nazis is the only thing fingols acomplished in their entire "history", I'm not surprised

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They're just little boys playing machismo like niggers.

I think the picture is romanised. Roman military had done numerous times, am I correct? I am not an expert on ancient histories.

I am meant to reply to

Heil Hitler. Had he not stood up and fought we wouldn't be here fighting again.
I don't think it is a coincidence we're back here at this exact time.
Kali yuga ends in 6 years or so and I just learned how to project myself on an astral plane with minimal, but steadily improving control.

listen with ear buds and try to sleep on your back for higest comfort.

The password to this post is nazis are fake

c’mon, take it up

what are you afraid of?

make it the new thing

the new way to make people feel bad

by deleting your posts, hahaha!

There is hope.

Not if Afrimerica. But there is hope for the world.

I know what you whole of Zig Forums knows what you feel even if we are doing better than in our life and doing well one can't help and feel sad how civilization and our fellow brethren and what's worse people like rockwell, hitler, pierce and more Were the last ones to fight this banking system except frogs of recent not one leader gives a shit about us, hitler loved his people and probably viewed them as his children. None of us gotten close to that. Now I have been watching wrestling promotions and playing wwe on vidya just to ease the pain. Shit bros….. It's depressing.

I don't remember them being national socialist at all where did you got that from?

Mind telling where I can find this info?

I literally cant go fucking ANYWHERE on the internet besides here without running into fucking hardcore anti-right anti-white leftists.

I don;t even have to start the conversation. Anytime there is an opportunity to even discuss any sort of history, culture, geography, anything at all that could possibly lead to discussing conflicts, wars, religions, etc. there is a few fucking antifa type faggots going off about Nazis and racism.

There's is literally no fucking avenue of discussion on the internet outside of here and The_Cuckold where open commies aren't fucking monitoring 24/7.

The time for the flashpoint was fucking 2 years ago, it feels like we're stuck in mutual hatred limbo now.

It was far more than pride in your people, it was the idea of the Superman. Germans, other Europeans, even the few friendly non-whites who understood the idea.

I'm starting to believe that some of us are the incarnation of the members of the Order. We had to be born in unexpected environments, scattered all over the world, otherwise we would be eliminated before we came to the realization. But our task is even more difficult than the one which Hitler and his knights had, as we are much deeper in Kali Yuga. It's accelerating and devouring all except the strongest souls.

You are probably followed by JIDF or their subhuman golems, they have various tracking methods. Even if we exclude various gov agencies, companies like Google, most network analytics and ad companies/platforms are owned and ran by kikes. Their shills gang-up on you in order to create a fake consensus and demotivate you.


This one and Horst-Wessel-Lied moves me.

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I remember having dreams about the Third Reich when I was a kid. Some of the first dreams I remember. Just vast parades, marching and I remember hearing loud thunder in the distance.

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Addressing the world without hatred requires a kind of humility that has become taboo. Humility, in turn, is not submission. People who refuse to kill on the orders of others are not being arrogant, but humble. Humility does not mean agreement. It means listening to what others say, and remembering such things as the intrinsic dishonesty of hatred, so that you are not taken in by people who lie about nazi sympathies.

The password to this post is humility defiant.

Chin up m8. we're not dead yet.

“How come everybody is impassive? How come we do nothing? These are problems of conscience that weigh upon us, which bother our souls, upset our lives. We know that in no way will we find our peace but in battles, in suffering or in graves. Our silence covers us with cowardice and every minute of delay seems to kill us.”
For My Legionaries. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

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I believe that the thing so many white men desperately need is not so much a change of society, that comes secondary.
What millions of young white men need is duty, a purpose, a role to play in history and in the preservation of their people. Liberalism and materialism fundamentally rob this from you because it denies even the possibility of duty, and those duties that are imposed on you are either destructive to the future of your people, or so completely hollow and meaningless as to render them little more than mundane chores.
No matter the hardship, no matter the struggle, no man can truly be unhappy who has a duty to perform and a role to play.

In 1945 Hitler made a few speeches that briefly outlined his life's struggle, the situation he was presented with and why he did what he did. You can certainly argue from a purely rational point he was wrong and it failed, but in terms of what it meant on a larger scale, in terms of the greater struggle, his justifications made sense.
Towards the end of his final public speech he asked his people, roughly translated

"I therefore appeal in this hour to the entire volk, to arm themselves with an even greater, hardened spirit of resistance. Until, as once before, we can lay on the grave of the dead of this mighty struggle a wreath with a bow inscribed "And yet you were victorious". "

I take those as his final orders.

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The only duty we're given today is to vote. How pathetic!


Have you watched TGSNT?